[MOM] Big dumb Raven romance thing

Feb 9th, 2017
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  1. A little greentext thing I made in the momlestia thread. The idea is that child-Anon gives Celestia's assistant, Raven, a Hearts and Hooves day card on (you guessed it) Hearts and Hooves day. Someone then said "Raven romance when Anon gets older when?" and I tried to write something that would be good enough. I may or may not have succeeded. Christ, I'm rusty.
  4. >"Prince Anonymous-"
  5. "Anon," you croak, squeezing Raven's hooves with your now-grownup hands, "It's 'Anon'."
  6. >Raven nods, too choked up to speak properly.
  7. >You can see drying (and fresh) tear tracks streaking down Raven's cheeks.
  8. >"A-Anon... I... We can't."
  9. "Say's who?"
  10. >"I'm old, now."
  11. >You let go of one of her hooves and stroke her cheek.
  12. >You can barely see the wrinkles beginning to form crows feet around her eyes, and laugh lines around her muzzle.
  13. >She nuzzles into it as you brush away some of her tears with your thumb.
  14. "Not a day over forty."
  15. >Raven lowers her eyes and smiles a self-deprecating smile.
  16. >"It may as well be fifty. Sixty, even. You need somepony - somepony young - who can give you foals."
  17. >You open your mouth to object, but she interrupts you with that stern, "I'm talking now"-look that you saw so many times when you were just a boy.
  18. >"You need to carry on the Royal bloodline."
  19. >You snort, releasing her other hoof and wrapping your arm around her back.
  20. >She doesn't object as you pull her against your chest.
  21. "Dash the bloodline," you whisper, "we can adopt if it comes to that."
  22. >Raven grimaces and closes her eyes.
  23. >"The nobles wouldn't like it."
  24. >She sounds like she's trying her best to convince herself not to believe your words.
  25. "The nobles don't like ANYthing," you snort, "And since when have I ever cared about what the nobles thought?"
  26. >"They own a lot of businesses in Canterlot."
  27. >You quirk an eyebrow.
  28. "And I have a lot of investments in other countries."
  29. >Raven leans forward and rests her head on your chest, burying her muzzle in your neck.
  30. >"I'm not even one of the brides Princess Celestia selected for you..."
  31. >You plant a kiss on top of her head.
  32. >You rest your cheek on top of her head so that your mouth is right next to her ear.
  33. >Close enough for you to whisper.
  34. "You didn't need to be."
  36. "Mom?"
  37. >Celestia puts down her book and pops the last little piece of cake into her mouth.
  38. >"Mnyess, 'ear?" mumbles Celestia around her mouthful of pastry, spraying you and Raven with crumbs
  39. >You sneak a peek at your bride-to-be and notice that she's stock-still with a look of shock on her face; assistant or not, she's probably never seen your mother like this.
  40. >With an audible gulp, Celestia swallows down her cake.
  41. >She blushes with her eyes land on Raven, having probably not seen her until just now.
  42. >"O-Oh, excuse me. What can I do for you, sweetheart?"
  43. "You wanted me to get back to you about selecting a bride, right?"
  44. >Your mother's face lights up and she clops her hooves together in delight.
  45. >"Oh, honey! You've finally chosen somepony?"
  46. "I have," you reply, gulping nervously.
  47. >Celestia looks around you and peers at her closed door.
  48. >"Well? Where IS she?"
  49. >You take a half-step towards Raven and rest your hand on her back.
  50. >You can feel her relax under your touch.
  51. >Celestia notices the subtle gesture right away - she raised you, after all - and smiles cheerfully (if innocently) at her assistant.
  52. >"Oh! Miss Raven, are you going to bring the lucky young mare in?"
  54. ------------------------------------------------------------
  56. >You are Raven, and you can't decide whether or not to feel terrified or furious.
  57. >After Princess Celestia pieced together that Anon intended to court you, she had sternly ordered her son out of the room.
  58. >After staring you down for a few minutes, the princess began grilling you on your motivations for marrying Pri-er, Anon.
  59. >"You're too old. A pregnancy might not take."
  60. >Celestia's tone was as chilly as her glare.
  61. >You clear your dry throat and try to find your voice.
  62. "Ah-Anon and I-"
  63. >"PRINCE Anonymous" corrects Princess Celestia cooly.
  64. >You instinctively open your mouth to correct yourself, but you stop at the last second.
  66. >No, Anon is more than just a prince to you.
  67. "ANON," you say forcefully, making Celestia's eyebrows raise in surprise, "and I can always adopt a foal who has lost his or her parents."
  68. >Celestia says nothing for a long time.
  69. >"You've helped raise him since he was young," she says accusingly, "Is that how you managed to ensnare his heart?"
  70. >You have to stop yourself from taking a step back in surprise.
  71. >How dare she!
  72. "Absolutely not! I've seen him grow up and I was proud to watch him turn into a passionate, respectful young man!"
  73. >You begin to pace back and forth in front of the princess, your anxiety forgotten and boldness gained as you work up a head of steam.
  74. "If anything, helping to raise Anon allowed HIM to ensnare MY heart."
  75. >You feel a weight lift off your shoulders as you finally admit that out loud.
  76. >The princess tilts her head and observes you, seemingly unaffected by your answer.
  77. >"You aren't even of noble blood. What could you possibly-"
  78. >You never found out what Celestia wanted to you what you could "possibly" do.
  79. >Before she could finish her sentence, you exploded at her.
  80. "It doesn't matter what blood I have! I know Anon better than almost any other pony in Equestria and I can genuinely say that I l-love him just as much as YOU do! And if you can't accept that, then you can go.... can go...!"
  81. >Your cheeks puff up as you struggle to think of what, exactly, Celestia can go do.
  82. >Just as you're about to say something very rude to her, Celestia suddenly grins happily at you.
  83. >Her glare drops and she rushes over to you, sweeping you up into a hug.
  84. >"I'm so sorry, my little pony," she coos into your ear, rocking you back and forth like you were a foal, "But I had to make sure you really felt this way about my little prince."
  85. >Celestia continues to apologize and mutter promises of making it up to you, and you just sit there in confusion.
  86. >What just happened?
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