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  1. <align=center><size=30><b><color=#ff0000>Gory</color><color=#ff0000> Gaming</b></size></color></align>
  4. <color=#add8e6ff>Use this link to join our discord! </color>
  5. <align=center><size=20><color=#800080ff><link="">!Click Me!</link> </color></size></align>
  7. <color=#ffa500ff>No harassment, racism, homophobia, Nazism.</color>
  8. <color=#a52a2aff>No Teasing, annoyance e.g. closing doors on team mates, shooting them now and again.</color>
  9. <color=#ff00ffff>Don't take matters into your own hands.</color>
  10. <color=#add8e6ff>No Mic Spam, playing music over the intercom loudly and/or frequently.</color>
  11. <color=#008000ff>No advertisement.</color>
  12. <color=#008080ff>No disrespect of staff and listen to what they say, if you have a warning don't argue just join the discord can see if you can get it revoked.</color>
  13. <color=#00ffffff>No Friendly Fire! (Accidental Friendly Fire won't be punished)</color>
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