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fluffstory Mar 28th, 2020 171 Never
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  1. FoxHoarder, February 15, 2015; 06:08 / FB 29736
  2. =======================================================================================================================================
  3. >You are a fluffy. You live in the park and are looking for nummies.
  4. >You see a pretty lady sitting on a bench, eating what appears to be cookies.
  5. >Cookies are yummy! Maybe the nice lady can give you cookies too!
  6. >You waddle over to her and ask nicely: "Pwease nice wady, giv fwuffy nummies?"
  7. >She looks down at you and thinks for a while.
  8. >"Are you a stallion?" she asks.
  9. >You're pretty sure you are, but check your no-no before answering in case you forgot. "Yea, fwuffy am stawwion!"
  10. >Her expression lights up. "Do you want a cookie? I'll let you have one if you let me test something."
  11. >You jump from joy so high that both your front hooves lift off the ground. "Yay! Fwuffy wuv cookie!"
  12. >This is the bestest lady ever!
  13. >She lifts you up. You try to give her huggies, but she holds you in one hand away from her body.
  14. >You don't know what she's up to, until you see her other hand coming up. She's going to give you bellyrubs!
  15. >She brings her hand closer and... Wait a minute! No! That's not your belly she's rubbing!
  16. >"Dat no no pwace!" you exclaim, trying to cover yourself with your rear legs. She didn't seem to hear you because she's still touching you.
  17. >"Nu touch no-noes! Nu touch- AAAGH!"
  18. >She's giving your no-noes squeezy hurties! "Nuu! No-noes nu fow huwties!" you exclaim, flailing your little leggies in the air.
  19. >You don't know what no-noes are for, but you know hurties are never a good thing!
  20. >She smiles a little and keeps rubbing your no-noes between her fingers. It hurts so bad you have a poopy-accident, but luckily your poopy-place was pointing away from her.
  21. >You frantically try to struggle free, or at least make her notice your discomfort, but she's just looking at your no-noes and squeezing harder!
  22. >"NUU! NU GIV NO-NOES OUCHIES! NO-NO PWACE HAF WOWSTEST OUCHIES!" you yell between pain-yells and sobs. It's hard to make words when your no-noes are hurting so bad!
  23. >She squeezes harder and harder until one of your special lumps goes pop and stops being a lump. It hurts more than anything ever! Even more than the squeezing before! You try to scream but no sound comes out.
  24. >You suddenly feel sleepy, but luckily the lady finally stops hurting your lumps and puts you down.
  25. >You still have the biggest hurties though. Your no-noes hurts too much to stand and you flop on the ground when she lets go of you.
  26. >You curl up and cry. If only there was someone to hug the hurties away...
  27. >The lady stands up above you. "So that's how fragile they are. Thanks little guy, now I'll know how rough is safe when getting kinky in the bedroom."
  28. >She puts something next to you. "Here. You still have one ball left, so here's half a cookie."
  29. >You don't remember having a ball before. You'd be happy about it but you're way too hurt to play.
  30. >The lady puts the rest of her nummies in a bag and walks away. You stay on the ground, sobbing in pain.
  31. >After forever time has passed, your no-noes are still having hurties. You open your eyes and see the cookie nummie in front of you.
  32. >You pull it next to you and hug the cookie. It tastes good.
  33. >You spend the rest of the day right there, doing nothing but crying, hugging and eating.
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