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  1. Song:
  2. Instrumental:
  4. Born down in an invaded town
  5. I killed my first alien when I hit the ground
  6. It looked like a frog that's been beat too much
  7. Two arms and two legs - it was just like us
  9. Serve in the EDF,
  10. I did serve in the EDF
  11. I did serve in the EDF
  12. Serve in the EDF
  14. Got caught in the invasion plan
  15. So they put a rifle in my hands
  16. Sent me off for our motherland
  17. To go and kill the giant ant
  19. Serve in the EDF
  20. I did serve in the EDF
  21. I did serve in the EDF
  22. I did serve in the EDF
  23. Serve in the EDF
  25. We were sent to protect a town
  26. Phobos team destroyed it and all around
  27. Went to the EDF base
  28. Sarge said "there is no safe place now"
  30. I had a squad in Europe fighting off the spider horde
  31. It's still there, they are all gone
  32. I had a woman from Spritefall
  33. All it took was an accident call
  35. Downed hundreds of alien ships
  36. And killed half of the ayy lmao shits
  37. Slayed their god in a giant robot
  38. All that's left is a ravaged world
  40. Serve in the EDF, I did serve in the EDF
  41. Serve in the EDF, I'm known as Storm One in the EDF
  42. Serve in the EDF, serve in the EDF
  43. Serve in the EDF, I'm a cool air raider in the EDF
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