MagiReco Main Story 9 - Everyone

Oct 20th, 2018
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  1. Everyone
  3. 9.22 Everyone 1
  4. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  5. Iroha: "Sana-chan, Yachiyo-san, Momoko-san... Everyone's here..."
  7. 9.22.1 (from 9.21.1 Momoko 6)
  8. [in the entrance of Hotel Fendthope]
  9. Mifuyu: "Now we have all four secured."
  10. [we see the long blonde haired white feather and the braided and long-haired black feathers]
  11. blonde ponytail white feather: "Are you alright?"
  12. long black black feather: "Yes..."
  13. brown braid black feather: "u...ugh..."
  14. [Kanagi appears]
  15. blonde ponytail white feather: "..."
  16. Kanagi: "..."
  17. blonde ponytail white feather: "Nanami Yachiyo... Izumi Kanagi..."
  18. Kanagi: "You, you're from the east..."
  19. blonde ponytail white feather: "Kanagi-san..."
  20. "You of all people should know the reason why we cling to release... So why?"
  21. Yachiyo: "Why even ask?"
  22. "Do you really think Kanagi could overlook the way you're doing this?"
  23. blonde ponytail white feather: "Big words from someone from the west!"
  24. "You have no idea the hardship we've been through!"
  25. Yachiyo: "Hardship?"
  26. blonde ponytail white feather: "First off is the fate of magical girls we must bear."
  27. "Next is the burden of being born in Daitou."
  28. "You privileged westerners would never understand this feeling."
  29. Yachiyo: "..."
  30. blonde ponytail white feather: "Our very lives are debt that we, as well as Kanagi-san, must bear..."
  31. "Because of the debt accumulated over the years, even before we were born..."
  32. "And the perception of us that was determined long ago..."
  33. Yachiyo: "That has nothing to do with getting other people caught up in what you're doing."
  34. blonde ponytail white feather: "That is exactly what pisses me off."
  35. "If you've known Kanagi for a long time, you should know..."
  36. "That in Daitou, there are many people whose hearts have grown bitter..."
  37. "From being treated like the baggage of Kamihama, or from being used!"
  38. Kanagi: "Right, I understand how you feel."
  39. "We from the east are always having rumors spread about us..."
  40. "We're seen as dangerous because of some unknown sin, and their words sting us even further."
  41. "We aren't treated as individuals."
  42. "The administration is the same."
  43. "The bid for the amusement park back when we were young was just a PR campaign."
  44. "The people who were relying on there being new jobs only suffered more as a result."
  45. "The east has been injured by the public's bad impressions, and had salt poured in our wounds by the greed of politicians."
  46. Yachiyo: "Kanagi..."
  47. Kanagi: "But the desire to be saved doesn't justify doing whatever you want."
  48. "Those of us who were born with such a heavy debt..."
  49. "Are only further burdened by the actions of people like you."
  50. blonde ponytail white feather: "Kanagi-san, I really can't be as strong as you..."
  51. "When Kyubey appeared before me, I thought that would be a turning point in my life."
  52. "I figured that all the suffering would be repaid as a miracle."
  53. "But this is how that turned out..."
  54. "I want to be released from at least one hardship."
  55. "It's okay to feel that way, right!? You'd forgive me for that, right!?"
  56. [we see the black feathers]
  57. blonde ponytail white feather: "...Let's go."
  58. long black black feather: "Yes..."
  59. brown braid black feather: "Understood..."
  60. [we see Yachiyo in place of the black feathers]
  61. blonde ponytail white feather: "Remember this."
  62. "You are trampling on many people's feelings."
  63. "Those of people who had their sisters killed, of people trying to protect their friends..."
  64. "Of people just trying to live quietly outside, and of people trying to run away from hardship..."
  65. Yachiyo: "But I can't overlook..."
  66. "That Magius think it's okay to hurt others for the sake of their own salvation."
  67. "That they would hurt bystanders or other magical girls."
  68. blonde ponytail white feather: "Even so, countless thousands of magical girls from now into the future might be saved."
  69. Yachiyo: "Even though you yourself may be sacrificed? We may never agree..."
  70. blonde ponytail white feather: "Don't think that you're representing justice here."
  71. "It's a battle between our selfish desires and your selfish desires."
  72. Yachiyo: "If you're going to call it selfish, then I will be as selfish as it takes."
  73. [the white feather leaves]
  74. TO: 9.23.1 (Everyone 2)
  76. 9.23 Everyone 2
  77. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  78. Yachiyo: "I already knew that the feathers had more to worry about than just seeing release..."
  80. 9.23.1 (from 9.22.1 Everyone 1)
  81. [in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope]
  82. Mifuyu: "Iroha-san, here's your soul gem."
  83. Iroha: "Thank you."
  84. Mifuyu: "It's a miracle we've all come together here, huh."
  85. Iroha: "..."
  86. "Um, is this really for the best?"
  87. Mifuyu: "Is what?"
  88. Iroha: "The feathers have all sorts of worries."
  89. "Same with you, Mifuyu-san, and Tsukuyo-chan and Tsukasa-chan..."
  90. "But..."
  91. Mifuyu: "Even if we are saved, I cannot follow Magius as they are now."
  92. [the Amanes come in]
  93. Tsukasa: "Yeah, we feel the same way."
  94. "So we decided to join up with you."
  95. Tsukuyo: "Yes."
  96. "We won't be able to put our conflict behind us so easily..."
  97. "But we would like to fight alongside you from now on."
  98. Iroha: "I'm glad you feel that way."
  99. "But are you alright about working against release?"
  100. Tsukuyo: "We will think of another way to reach happiness..."
  101. Tsukasa: "Yeah, we were in support of release rather than the Magius themselves..."
  102. Mifuyu: "But even if they succeeded at that, they might have continued taking advantage of us."
  103. "Now that they've crossed a line, we can't think of them as optimistically anymore."
  104. Tsuruno: "But listening to what the feathers had to say, it makes me feel a bit sad..."
  105. Mifuyu: "It's tough precisely because you can sympathize."
  106. "But I've washed my hands of that."
  107. "Tsuruno-san, do you side with them?"
  108. Tsuruno: "Uwaaah!? No way!"
  109. "I don't want the Magius to be in control of the future!"
  110. [screen wipe]
  111. Sana: "Um, Iroha-san, here..."
  112. Iroha: "Thank you, Sana-chan, for finding it."
  113. [Iroha puts her uniform's ribbon back on]
  114. Sana: "No, don't worry about it!"
  115. "If it weren't for this ribbon, we wouldn't have been able to follow you..."
  116. Kyouko: "I also thought that was a great idea."
  117. Iroha: "Thank you too, Sakura-san."
  118. Kyouko: "I already had both feet in the boat. I just helped out because I wanted to."
  119. Sana: "I'm so glad you're okay..."
  120. Kanagi: "Yeah, I'm delighted that we were able to reunite."
  121. "That said, why were those feathers dragging you off somewhere?"
  122. Yachiyo: "Didn't you read their minds before?"
  123. Kanagi: "I didn't have the time to read down to the details."
  124. Sana: "Um..."
  125. "The feathers were ordered to by the Magius, it seems!"
  126. Yachiyo: "I figured that would be why."
  127. "Do you know where they were headed with her?"
  128. Sana: "Yes! To where the Magius are!"
  129. "I'm pretty sure the feathers said they were contacted by Alina!"
  130. Tsuruno: "Hoh! So that means that right now..."
  131. "We're close to where the Magius are!?"
  132. "After all, we were following the feathers!"
  133. Sana: "Ah, yeah! Probably!"
  134. Felicia: "With this many of us, we should be fine against any number of enemies!"
  135. "Even if the Magius show up there should be nothing to be afraid of!"
  136. Yachiyo: "That's right. We should be glad that we managed to get near them with this timing."
  137. "We've retrieved the soul gems and managed to meet up with Iroha-chan."
  138. "There's only one thing left to do."
  139. Iroha: "Stop the Magius's plan."
  140. Yachiyo: "Yeah, let's concentrate on this."
  141. Iroha: "Yeah!"
  142. "..."
  143. "I, Yachiyo-san, Tsuruno-san..."
  144. "Felicia-chan, Sana-chan, Kanagi-san..."
  145. "Momoko-san, Rena-chan, Kaede-chan..."
  146. "Mifuyu-san, Tsukuyo-chan, and Tsukasa-chan."
  147. "And Sakura-san too..."
  148. "With all of us together, I'm sure we can beat Magius..."
  149. [she transforms]
  150. TO: 9.24.1 (Everyone 3)
  152. 9.24 Everyone 3
  153. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  154. Iroha: "All that's left is to go to where the Magius are. There's nothing to fear!"
  156. 9.24.1 (from 9.23.1 Everyone 2)
  157. [in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope]
  158. Kyouko: "So, it's all good that we're heading to where the Magius are..."
  159. "But how are we going to find it?"
  160. Mifuyu: "I have an idea."
  161. Yachiyo: "Where is it, Mifuyu?"
  162. Mifuyu: "It's in the underground chapel."
  163. "I fear that there, the Magius are..."
  164. Iroha: "Underground? Meaning where the jail cell I was kept in was?"
  165. Mifuyu: "No, a separate place."
  166. "The chapel is a very important place for the Wings of Magius."
  167. Kyouko: "You can't be serious... Over there?"
  168. Tsukuyo: "!?"
  169. "That cannot be right!"
  170. Tsukasa: "That's right, Tsukuyo-chan..."
  171. Tsukuyo: "The path to the chapel is sealed!"
  172. Mifuyu: "Yes, that's why I think they're there."
  173. "While we were captured, they must have rebuilt it..."
  174. Tsuruno: "Rebuilt? So easily!?"
  175. Mifuyu: "This place is a rumor created by Nemu's magic. She can rebuild it freely."
  176. "With time, she can continue making additions to the building."
  177. Tsuruno: "She can do it freely with magic..."
  178. Felicia: "I don't get it..."
  179. Tsuruno: "This Hotel Fendthope is built up in blocks."
  180. "At first it was small, but little by little they made it bigger."
  181. Felicia: "Hm?"
  182. "So then did the path to where the Magius are change?"
  183. Tsukuyo: "I do not think that is the case."
  184. Tsukasa: "There shouldn't have been enough time for an extensive reconstruction."
  185. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  186. Rena: "Then this should be simple."
  187. "If it's in the same place, then they just covered it up, right?"
  188. "All we have to do is smash it down."
  189. Momoko: "Though a rumor would pop out."
  190. Rena: "Is there any other way you can think of, Momoko?"
  191. Momoko: "No, not really..."
  192. Mifuyu: "It is exactly as Rena-san says. All we can do is break it."
  193. "They probably have made it so that only the feathers on their side can pass through."
  194. Felicia: "It's like a ninja house."
  195. "But either way, if we can't get through, let's break it already!"
  196. Mifuyu: "..."
  197. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu, is there a problem?"
  198. Mifuyu: "They might have covered it in such a way that we notice it."
  199. "I can't help but think they've set up a trap somehow."
  200. "So we need to go in prepared for that."
  201. Yachiyo: "Got it."
  202. Mifuyu: "Then, leave this to us!"
  203. "Tsukuyo-san, Tsukasa-san."
  204. Amane sisters: "Yes!"
  205. [they attack]
  206. Mifuyu: "Haaaaah!!"
  207. Amane sisters: "~♪~♪"
  208. Iroha: "The wall vanished!"
  209. [there's a flash of white]
  210. Iroha: "What!?"
  211. "Ah, the decorations started moving!"
  212. Mifuyu: "I knew they set something up... Watch out, everyone!"
  213. [fade to black]
  214. Iroha: *Kya!*
  215. [insert image of a giant bear attacking; we hear wind]
  216. Iroha: *W-what's with this wind!?"
  217. Sana: *Iroha-san, stay behind my shield!*
  218. Yachiyo: *Tsuruno, I'll support you, so hold onto me!*
  219. Tsuruno: *Aye Sir!"
  220. Kanagi: *You wild dog! Use your hammer as a wall!*
  221. Felicia: *Ohhh!? Okay!*
  222. Rena: *Ah, I can't, my spear is slipping!!*
  223. Kaede: *Rena-chan, your power is too weak for this!*
  224. Rena: *I can't support all three of us together!*
  225. Momoko: *Well sorry I'm so heavy!*
  226. Kyouko: *What crazy wind... We're gonna be blown away...*
  227. *Or rather, don't grab onto my legs! We're gonna slip, idiot!*
  228. Mifuyu: *I-I'm sorry! My weapon doesn't have traction!*
  229. Amane sisters: *We only have flutes!*
  230. Kyouko: *My spear won't hold... anymore...*
  231. [back in the entranceway, the wind has subsided]
  232. Tsuruno: "Thank you, Master... You saved me..."
  233. Yachiyo: "We managed to hold on somehow. How many of us are still in here?"
  234. Iroha: "Sana-chan and I are here!"
  235. Sana: "Yeah!"
  236. Felicia: "I'm fine!"
  237. Kanagi: "As am I!"
  238. Yachiyo: "And the others?"
  239. [screen wipe; we see nobody]
  240. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu-san and the others were blown away, huh..."
  241. [we see a big bear]
  242. bear rumor: |!!roar(#`ω´)roar!!|
  243. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, the rumor appeared!!"
  244. Yachiyo: "And just when we thought we could all take on Magius together..."
  245. Iroha: "Mifuyu-san was right, it seems..."
  246. Felicia: "Enough about that, let's beat this rumor already!"
  247. Kanagi: "Yeah, let's prioritize our enemy!"
  248. TO: 9.25.1 (Everyone 4)
  250. 9.25 Everyone 4
  251. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  252. Kanagi: "We were blown apart just as soon as we all met up... I need to beat this monstrosity before meeting up with Azusa..."
  254. 9.25.1 (from 9.24.1 Everyone 3)
  255. [in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope]
  256. bear rumor: |!?boo(TωT)hoo!?|
  257. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  258. "Yachiyo-san, let's meet up with Mifuyu-san again!"
  259. Yachiyo: "Yeah."
  260. [Yachiyo senses something]
  261. Yachiyo: "This sensation..."
  262. Felicia: "It's that scary person's magic."
  263. Sana: "Yeah, it's Alina."
  264. Tsuruno: "But this is odd."
  265. "We shouldn't be able to sense any magic here!"
  266. [a barrier shows up]
  267. Tsuruno: "A barrier..."
  268. Felicia: "Not just one!"
  269. [screen wipe; there's nobody there but a barrier, and then another screen wipe, showing a barrier behind Iroha]
  270. Iroha: "She's trying to trap us again..."
  271. [a ring and two brain familiars appear]
  272. Iroha: "This is...!"
  273. Yachiyo: "She's using witches for defense!?"
  274. "It's frustrating to admit..."
  275. "But they prepared pretty well for holing up against an attack."
  276. Mifuyu (offscreen): "Yacchan!"
  277. [we see a split-screen view of Yachiyo inside and Mifuyu outside the hotel]
  278. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu! Do you think you can get back in!?"
  279. Mifuyu: "We've been totally locked out!"
  280. Yachiyo: "Can't you break your way in!?"
  281. Mifuyu: "The fact that we're locked out might have meant that the building itself changed."
  282. "We don't know if its self-repair rate or the strength of the rumors has changed."
  283. Yachiyo: "But like that, you won't be able to get in!"
  284. Mifuyu: "So we'll do what we can from outside."
  285. Yachiyo: "What do you plan on doing?"
  286. Mifuyu: "We'll try to drag the Magius and the Eve outside."
  287. "Right now there aren't too many of us..."
  288. "But with all of the magical girls of Kamihama together, we will have the advantage in magic."
  289. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu, you mean... You're going to..."
  290. Mifuyu: "Yes, we'll blow away Hotel Fendthope and beat the rumor."
  291. "Once this rumor is defeated, our situation will change."
  292. Yachiyo: "But your group is going to be more tired..."
  293. Mifuyu: "This rumor is their home turf. Fighting here would be more dangerous."
  294. Yachiyo: "Okay..."
  295. Mifuyu: "Yacchan, you should hurry on inside."
  296. "And get to the chapel as soon as you can."
  297. Yachiyo: "And avoid getting wrapped up in things, right?"
  298. Mifuyu: "Yeah, we'll wait for the right time and then destroy it."
  299. [back inside]
  300. Yachiyo: "Iroha!"
  301. "In order to draw out the Magius and the Eve..."
  302. "Mifuyu's group will take down the rumor of Fendthope for us!"
  303. "So that we don't get caught up in the destruction..."
  304. "Let's head to where the Magius are in the underground chapel!"
  305. Iroha: "Got it!"
  306. "It seems the witches and familiars were also blown outside and are still causing mayhem!"
  307. "Now's our time!"
  308. Tsuruno: "Felicia, let's get the witches and familiars out of the way."
  309. Felicia: "Yeah, we'll make a path!"
  310. Tsuruno: "Exactly!"
  311. [back to the split view]
  312. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu..."
  313. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  314. Yachiyo: "Be safe."
  315. Mifuyu: "Hehe, you too, Yacchan."
  316. Yachiyo: "Right."
  317. "Then, see you later."
  318. Mifuyu: "Yes, see you."
  319. [on a rooftop helipad in the rain, we see the lavender-haired white feather and a short black-haired black feather]
  320. short black black feather: "If what Tomoe-san said is correct..."
  321. "This wild weather and the coming disaster..."
  322. "Has all been caused by us..."
  323. "Why have the Magius made us do this?"
  324. "How is this going to bring us release?"
  325. "Should we still believe in them?"
  326. "Should we still believe in Magius..."
  327. "Mifuyu-san?"
  328. [we see an overview of the city, shrouded in storm]
  329. *"Due to the rapid intensification of the low pressure, we are issuing a heavy rain and flood warning for the entire Kamihama area."*
  330. *"Record-breaking short-term rainfall has been reported. Regardless of evacuation instructions, all who can evacuate, please move to shelter according to your municipality's instructions as quickly as possible."*
  331. TO: 9.26.1 (Mifuyu 1)
  332. TO: 9.31.1 (Team Mikadzuki 1)
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