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  1. [img][/img]
  2. [divbox=white]
  3. [b]Date:[/b] 26/MAR/2019
  4. [b]Deployment Hours:[/b] 40m
  5. [hr][/hr]
  7. [list][b]Type of Deployment (delete as appropriate):[/b] Active [/list]
  9. [list][b]Participating Operatives:[/b]
  10. [list=]
  11. [*] S.W.A.T. Master Sergeant - Commander – Marco Davis
  12. [*] Senior Operative - Sergeant II – Harry Davis
  13. [*] Operative - Police Officer III – Mary Davis
  14. [*] Operative - Police Officer III - Ryan Torres
  15. [*] Operative - Police Officer II – Richard Langston
  16. [/list]
  17. [/list]
  19. [list][b] Types of Incident encountered:[/b][i]Armed Pursuit, Transport of Government Official, Hostage Situation, shootout etc[/i]
  20. [list=][*]Drug lab raid[/list][/list]
  22. [list][b]Suspect(s) Involved:[/b] N/A
  23. [i]Names of suspect(s) involved in the incident; put John Doe (male) or Jane Doe (female) if unknown[/i][/list]
  25. [list][b]Deployment Incidents:[/b]
  26. We got called in by a detective for an active drug lab, accompanied with heavy weapons, shots fired and a possible murder alongside a lot of criminal gang activity. 4-D-7 (Officer Torres) went and remained overhead of the scene. As ground units arrived, they reported that there’s only vehicles in the area. The suspects apparently disappeared before our arrival. An active drug lab was found and destroyed. Units found one woman who was injured on the scene. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it.
  27. Multiple people then started getting their vehicles up from the drug lab, it looked as if they were hiding from the SWAT team the whole time. No one was taken in.
  29. [i]Note down any dangerous events that may have occurred. (Also submit a description of the incident) [/i][/list]
  31. [list][b]Deployment Outcome:[/b]  [highlight=green][b]Successful[/b][/highlight]
  33. [/list]
  34. [/divbox]
  35. [img][/img]
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