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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. Dysthéne: uhh
  4. Dysthéne: yes
  5. In-Game
  6. Dysthéne: its a remake
  7. Dysthéne: dont get your hopes up
  8. Dysthéne: thought you said brand was coming back
  9. Dysthéne: what a waste of my time
  10. Dysthéne: retard
  11. Dysthéne: lee is trash
  12. Dysthéne: you legit had a free jungle level 1-4 and did nothing with it
  13. Dysthéne: outganked and outfarmed by an 0-3 kayn
  14. Dysthéne: T
  15. Dysthéne: R
  16. Dysthéne: A
  17. Dysthéne: S
  18. Dysthéne: h
  19. Dysthéne: only 2 feathers hit me
  20. Dysthéne: lee has done nothing with his free jung through level 1-4 and sion cant ever save his ult for a tf
  21. Dysthéne: but yea
  22. Dysthéne: Im toxic
  23. Dysthéne: ur gold 5 sion
  24. Dysthéne: that aint good either
  25. Dysthéne: you're still trash
  26. Dysthéne: there is no difference between bronze 5 and gold 5 tbh
  27. Dysthéne: everyones trash
  28. Dysthéne: STUCK SILVER
  29. Dysthéne: XD
  30. Dysthéne: Yea dude
  31. Dysthéne: stuck
  32. Dysthéne: got this acc from bronze 2 to sivler 3 in a day
  33. Dysthéne: but yea
  34. Dysthéne: hardstuck
  35. Dysthéne: just report sion and lee for not remaking
  36. Dysthéne: thanks
  37. Dysthéne: im legit first timeing a champ and still outdoing all of you
  38. Dysthéne: but yea
  39. Dysthéne: trash dude
  40. Dysthéne: check this acc
  41. Dysthéne: i
  42. Dysthéne: legit played yasuo once on this one and twice on my main
  43. Dysthéne: 2-7 lee
  44. Dysthéne: huh
  45. Dysthéne: yea 2v8
  46. Dysthéne: how about you focus less on typing and actually start playing the game
  47. Dysthéne: report sion and lee for wasting 40 mins of my life
  48. Dysthéne: ty
  49. Post-Game
  50. Dysthéne: choke in your sleep
  51. Dysthéne: pathetic
  52. Dysthéne: "brans coming back omg guys we can win"
  53. Dysthéne: STUCK
  54. Dysthéne: LMAOP
  55. Dysthéne: YEA DUDE
  57. Dysthéne: DIPSHIT
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