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Sep 26th, 2013
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  1. However, a few things before I go.
  3. XSI, you are decent but you take your job too seriously, please don't be creed 2.0.
  5. Creed, you were also decent but took your job too seriously to the max, please learn that this is only a game sometime soon. This is why you were deheaded.
  7. (also, Creed always had his own personal agenda and had and still has it out for:
  9. TWN
  10. Penny
  11. Urist
  12. Erro
  13. Agouri
  14. Legality
  15. LJ82
  16. Hornygranny
  17. Mario
  18. Rosen
  19. Euronumbers
  20. SpoofEdd
  22. and others, and has told me many times that they would be deadminned on his authority (even though they never were!)
  24. If you ever felt like this was the case, feel free to add yourself to the list because I must have forgot about you.
  26. He has admitted this to me countless times. Talking about how one day he'll deadmin them, about how shit they are, ect. Seriously, chill the fuck out dude.)
  28. HerpA, you are not headmin material nor were you ever. You are a decent administrator, but again, not headmin material.
  30. Scaredofshadows, you host the server and work to keep it up and I appreciate that, but you need to stop getting yourself involved with administrative actions because you are terrible in that respect.
  32. Deuryn, you are great but you need to get your IRL issues sorted out or at least keep them out of 2dspacemen.
  34. FatmanFive, best admin.
  36. TWN, cool guy but secretly abuses for his own personal gain (once he meteor'd me after I called him a name or something when I was a nuke op, and he was like HAHA THAT WAS YOU? Other examples but i'm too lazy to recall)
  38. Ted, used to be decent, now is downright shit and abuses every possible chance that he gets.
  40. Teamsleep, cool guy.
  42. LJ, you are pretty cool, you've done some disagreeable shit but nothing over the top. No problems here.
  44. Fateweaver, you are a dirty liar but still a cool guy. (old man my ass)
  46. Hornygranny, Quar, Lasty, and Kor, you all know exactly how ss13 works and you would all be perfect candidates for head administrators, but this will never happen unfortunately.
  48. Legality, you are a decent guy but should not be an administrator.
  50. Rosen Ritter and Agouri, you are both decent guys but you don't take your positions seriously enough, and you should change this.
  52. Vekter, you are a semi-decent administrator and should get better in time. I lied to you at some point, but I forget where. Sorry!
  54. Urist, I have no words for you. Definitely not the best head coder, but I have no quarrel with any of your decisions at all.
  56. Muskets, NEO, errorage, and all of the other coders, thanks for making 2dspacemen better and more enjoyable every day.
  58. Euronumbers, shitty admin, shitty coder, asshole all around.
  60. Mport, where did you go?
  62. Pinku, your server will never be popular but we still love you.
  64. Tsaricide and Burer, it's been fun.
  66. Everyone who is a decent player,
  68. Image
  70. Adhesive and Beardbeard, I love you but stay banned.
  72. Dezzmont, Crag, Fal, shut up.
  74. Garrus, thanks for coming to your senses and apologies for all of the trouble I have apparently caused you.
  76. Conot, terrible admin.
  78. Reisyn, not admin material either.
  80. SpoofEdd, decent guy, not admin material.
  82. Petethegoat and TLE, A+.
  84. Penny, you were deadminned because nobody liked you. That's it. To this day you are still the laughingstock of adminbus. Also, you are a man.
  86. Brotemis, whine more.
  88. Noize, I like your map.
  90. Hwoosh, cool dude, pro admin.
  92. Calas, cool dude.
  94. Padoi, uh. No words here.
  96. Matt Hoff, get banned.
  98. TheTerbs, Invisity, Jacough, D Clark, and anyone else who patrols the forums to shit on uhangithreads, whine more.
  100. Mario, sorry for being a shit.
  102. Jane Luc, decent HoS, but shit OOCly.
  104. Kel, pro admin.
  106. Dixbfloppin, shut up.
  108. Scottzar, you are not robust.
  110. Icepacks, wait for me.
  114. Atherman, you win.
  116. There is no "admin conspiracy". There is however administrators who constantly bitch and moan about players behind their backs, and definitely give special treatment to certain players, positive or negative.
  118. I honestly don't know why I was never banned before. Was it because I knew too much? To me it was because I never have done anything worth it really. Oh well.
  120. I left because the community was shit and could no longer stand administrating for you guys. I was not deadminned, nor was I asked to be.
  122. Admins are never actually banned or punished, nor will they ever be. If you are told that an admin will be reprimanded, they will just be told "Don't do that so we don't have to deal with the whiny players".
  124. Creed refused to ban 2beard, even though he acknowledged that he should be banned. I guess they were butt buddies or something.
  126. Might wanna look at these,
  134. That's it, i'm outta here.
  136. Mar 22 16:05:46 <XSI> Kor
  137. Mar 22 16:05:49 <XSI> "ADMIN LOG: KorPhaeron/(Kor Phaeron) unbanned: theterbs"
  138. Mar 22 16:05:55 <XSI> Excuse me, what?
  139. Mar 22 16:06:02 <XSI> Did I not make my stance clear on this?
  140. Mar 22 16:06:15 <XSI> Or did you simply not remember what it means?
  141. Mar 22 16:07:09 <XSI> I want an explanation before the end of today.
  142. Mar 22 16:07:15 <XSI> And it better be good.
  143. Mar 22 16:11:16 <scaredofshadows> I like it when XSI gets like this
  144. Mar 22 16:11:29 <scaredofshadows> theterbs has been a shithead from what I've seen too
  145. Mar 22 16:11:42 <scaredofshadows> need sleep, night night
  146. Mar 22 16:11:46 <muskets> night
  147. Mar 22 16:11:48 <XSI> Goodnight SoS
  148. Mar 22 16:11:52 <Durandan> night
  149. Mar 22 16:12:55 <AuntieTaoka> is "someone who doesn't admin ever showed up once and actually said 'no lol I'm not an admin' and banned a guy for a week for drawing a symbol that resembles the nazi's even though he was actually actively using it ingame for religious purposes" a good reason
  150. Mar 22 16:13:12 * An0n3 has quit ()
  151. Mar 22 16:13:16 <AuntieTaoka> (terbs is totally a shithead though)
  152. Mar 22 16:14:22 <dezzmont> He also mentioned because we allow so much borderline shit, which I agree with on a ploicy level if not a "Lets undo what erro did so that terbs gets off after directly challenging xsi" level
  153. Mar 22 16:15:23 <XSI> Also, if any of you see terbs, the ban is to be re-applied.
  154. Mar 22 16:15:31 <XSI> Let him appeal it if he wants it removed.
  155. Mar 22 16:15:35 <Durandan> He's online right now
  156. Mar 22 16:15:37 <Durandan> What's the length?
  157. Mar 22 16:15:58 <dezzmont> Looking up now
  158. Mar 22 16:16:04 <LJ82> A week
  159. Mar 22 16:16:15 <LJ82> Minues a dayish I think.
  160. Mar 22 16:16:17 <dezzmont> 10080 minutes
  161. Mar 22 16:16:26 <dezzmont> minus 5 hours
  162. Mar 22 16:16:37 <XSI> And if you see Kor, tell him he has until I log off today to contact me on the matter.
  163. Mar 22 16:16:43 <XSI> He appears to be afk in here
  164. Mar 22 16:17:36 <Durandan> Hm, Terbs logged at the end of last round it seems.
  165. Mar 22 16:18:07 <dezzmont> Var edit in the ban IIRC
  166. Mar 22 16:19:04 <XSI> Doesn't matter. Just next time you see him on
  167. Mar 22 16:19:14 <XSI> It doesn't have to be placed right away
  168. Mar 22 16:20:28 <Durandan> Ok, can do.
  169. Mar 22 16:25:09 * Tsaricide ( has joined #adminbus
  170. Mar 22 16:29:17 <Kor> He didn't even make a nazi symbol. He made a symbol that has been in use for twelve thousand years as a positive religious symbol. Because some guys who commited war crimes used the symbol mirrored and rotated for 10 years means nobody can use anything similar ever again? Should we ban all use of circles because the Japanese flag had one? The xenophobic nation that raped and murdered their way across china and conducted horrible experiment
  171. Mar 22 16:29:17 <Kor> s on the people?
  172. Mar 22 16:29:36 <XSI> Not the point.
  173. Mar 22 16:29:38 <Kor> Should we ban someone for using something that reminds you of nazis but let our own admin play a blonde character named Henriech Himmler
  174. Mar 22 16:29:45 <XSI> Shut up for a moment.
  175. Mar 22 16:29:55 <Kor> I'm not done though, I'm just gonna
  176. Mar 22 16:29:56 <Kor> say it all at once
  177. Mar 22 16:30:00 <XSI> Did you or did you not remove someone else's ban?
  178. Mar 22 16:30:04 <Kor> I did
  179. Mar 22 16:30:17 <XSI> And you are aware of what my stance on this is?
  180. Mar 22 16:30:19 <Kor> A horribly hypocritcal ban motivated by Erro's own admitted biases
  181. Mar 22 16:30:38 <XSI> Stick to the questions.
  182. Mar 22 16:31:17 <AuntieTaoka> Does it really count as someone else's ban if the person in question has stated they do not administrate?
  183. Mar 22 16:31:30 <Kor> Yes your stance is "nigger, a word that has represented hundreds of years of hate, racism and slavery" is okay and only offensive if you let it be, but a religious symbol that was mis-used by the nazis is holocaust denial ding dong bannu end of rine
  184. Mar 22 16:31:33 <XSI> Yes, it does. It was placed by someone else.
  185. Mar 22 16:31:58 <XSI> Okay. So, you both removed a ban placed by someone else, and you know my stance on it.
  186. Mar 22 16:32:04 <Kor> Yes
  187. Mar 22 16:32:08 <XSI> Why did you do it?
  188. Mar 22 16:32:48 <Kor> For all of the above reasons, the ban was motivated by personal biases, the stance is hypocrital, the symbol wasn't even a nazi one
  189. Mar 22 16:32:55 <Kor> IT's not like I love nazis, or TheTerbs for that matter
  190. Mar 22 16:33:10 <Kor> Last time someone spawned as Adolf Hitler LJ82 and I killed him ingame as time travelling assassins
  191. Mar 22 16:33:16 <Kor> but we didn't ban him for a week without warning
  192. Mar 22 16:33:36 <Kor> And again: We have an admin who plays a character named after an SS officer
  193. Mar 22 16:33:43 <XSI> Okay then. Let me put it like this
  194. Mar 22 16:34:47 <XSI> As you can not be trusted to keep bans in place, have not contacted the person that placed the ban, and knowingly defied the one important rule I have for admins.
  195. Mar 22 16:34:49 <Kor> Himmler, who was the overseer and organizer of the camps
  196. Mar 22 16:34:53 <XSI> You are no longer an admin.
  197. Mar 22 16:34:54 <XSI> Out
  198. Mar 22 16:34:54 * Quarxink (~loss.prev@make-it.rain-on.touhous) has joined #adminbus
  199. Mar 22 16:34:54 * ChanServ gives channel half-operator status to Quarxink
  200. Mar 22 16:34:57 <Kor> Alright
  203. I must have missed the part where I was told "apologize or you're out"
  205. And as you can see from the timestamps, the first time the possibility of me even being allowed back was mentioned 12 minutes later in XSI's forum post, in response to a riot in adminbus and at least one person threatening to resign.
  207. Yeah I broke rules (though I think the ban was breaking rules in the first place, and that we aren't some inflexible monolithic government agency incapable of doing anything but blindly following guidelines even when we know it's wrong) but can we at least be honest about the circumstances in which I got kicked out?
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