Please read this if you wish to ERP with me!

Femboyancy Aug 22nd, 2015 (edited) 3,401 Never
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  1. You are reading this because you are interested in becoming someone whom I am willing to ERP with.
  3. Disclaimer: This is only a means for you to gain the possibility of becoming someone I'll ERP with. It absolutely does not ensure that you'll become someone whom I ERP with regularly! Remember, there are other people with the same interests as you! :)
  5. In order to gain this privilege, you 'MUST' agree/accept all of the following requirements:
  6. (If you lie in any of these points, I 'will' find out, and you 'will' be unfriended/blocked!)
  8. 1) You are at least 18 years of age.
  9. 2) You understand that any sexual interaction that you have with me, is entirely fictional, and holds no importance, sway, or meaning, in the real world.
  10. 3) You can confirm that your understanding and capability of the English language(in written form) is of above average quality or higher, and that you can match my skill level in roleplay.
  11. 4) You have read and understood my 6 points of friendship in my Steam profile, and swear to uphold and abide by them!
  12. 5) You understand that you are not the only individual with this privilege, and you swear to be courteous and patient with me.
  13. 6) You acknowledge and understand that I can accept or reject you at any time, for any reason, that I see fit.
  14. 7) You understand and accept that I will never provide any kind of photography or recorded footage of myself in real life for you, nor will I tolerate any request for such.
  15. 8) You swear to not harass, upset, insult, or otherwise negatively engage my established consorts, subjects, or misc. ERP/RP friends for any reason.
  16. 9) You swear never to save any chat logs of our potential ERP/RP session, and never to share these aforementioned chat logs with other people, without my express permission.
  17. 10) You understand that unless I've known you prior to your request, for at least three months, then your request will automatically be declined, as I have not known you long enough to give you the same privileges as long-term friends.
  18. 11) If you have read and understood these points, you must confirm this by writing me a comment on my Steam profile, as follows(Do not include text surrounded by < > ): *Puts my hands on your boobs< Or ass, whichever you prefer >* "You are too sexy not to swear by!". This is a must, and removal of this comment later will result in me revoking this standing, should I have given it to you.
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