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  4. ============================================================================
  5. == General guide for new/shitters that are new to wargrind/want to git gud ==
  6. ============================================================================
  8. If there's something wrong in this pastebin reply to the thread's OP and it'll be fixed.
  10. Content:
  11. 1. General Warfarm info
  12. 2. Warframes
  13. 3. Weapons
  14. 4. Companions
  15. 5. Archwing
  16. 6. EXP farm etc
  17. 7. Other useful shit
  19. ============================
  20. == 1. General Warfarm info==
  21. ============================
  23. ==1.1 Newfriend info
  27.     Excalibur is a solid frame with strong scaling due to exalted blade and radial blind being a decent CC ability.
  28.     Is usually the most picked by beginners, is also the posterboy for Warframe.
  30.     Mag is a decent pick, before she was only useful against shields, but her tools have been slightly updated and she can
  31.     better tackle armored targets. Her magnetize is her best ability, it allows her to lock down choke points while providing
  32.     a little bit of protection.
  34.     Volt is good for going fast and defending objectives, his damage isn't the best as he is more of an utility frame than
  35.     anything else since his shield gives bonus damage for the squad shooting through his shield.
  40.     Bows are mostly useless in this game.
  42.     Most Shotguns are viable now.
  44.     Some Snipers are pretty good.
  46.     Full auto and semi auto weapons will be your bread and butter even vs high levels, useful pretty much everywhere. Stick
  47.     to them if you want a nice and relaxing grind experience.
  50. >I GOT 50 PLAT. WHAT DO I BUY ?
  52.     NEVER use your starter plat for capes, shitty armor pieces, kubrows (god forbid), icons or other useless shit. That cape               
  53.     isn't worth it. Use your starter plat on a frame slot and 4 weapon slots this will allow you to have 3 warframe slots and
  54.     12 weapon slots. In the end the only thing preventing you from actually getting more frames/weapons are the slots which
  55.     can only be acquired via plat.
  59.     Rhino is one of the earliest frames you can get, due to his drops being on Venus. With iron skin he can survive a lot of
  60.     shit until high levels.
  62.     After that if you prefer to melee more you can pick Valkyr off Jupiter's boss. Unlike Rhino she has high base
  63.     armor to mitigate damage and Hysteria makes her quite tanky. Neither of these are good for soloing defenses and similar.
  65.     If you like avoiding damage rather than just taking it up the ass then there are Nova and Loki, off Europa and Neptune
  66.     bosses. Nova can slow down enemies to a crawl and make them take double dmg and Loki can be invisible or completely disarm enemies.
  70.     There is absolutely no reason not to play public if you just started. With the way affinity(that's exp) sharing works it's
  71.     best to play with 4 people as much as possible than trying to steamroll through it alone with MAYBE spy missions being
  72.     the only exception because pubs can be pretty fucking retarded there.
  76. is your best friend. No reason not to use it, it has everything from mod
  77.     drops to frame drop locations. Check there also for more information and scaling of frames abilities.
  81.     You use void relics to acquire rewards at the end of Void Fissure missions.
  82.     Void Fissures are how you get the good stuff (prime warframes, weapons, etc).
  83.     There are 4 relic tiers (eras) and each tier has a few relics, each with their own rewards.
  84.     To increase the chance of getting what you want you can "refine" these void relics with "void traces", boosting
  85.     the % to get good stuff. If you complete a mission with a void fissure with a group of 3 people and you all have relics
  86.     equipped at the end you get to choose from 3 different rewards.
  87.     NO void relic = NO rewards.
  91.     Close up void fissures, even if you don't have a relic equipped you can still farm them.
  92.     The amount of Void Traces is also capped to 100 + (Mastery Rank × 50).
  96.     The "rotations" are your rewards from doing defense/survival/interception/excavation missions past a certain point.
  98.     Rotation A:
  99.     5 and 10 mins of survival
  100.     5 and 10 waves of defense
  101.     1st and 2nd successful excavations
  102.     1st and 2nd rounds of interception
  103.     Rotation B:
  104.     15 mins of survival
  105.     15 waves of defense
  106.     3rd successful excavation
  107.     3rd round of interception
  108.     Rotation C:
  109.     20 mins of survival
  110.     20 waves of defense
  111.     4th successful excavation
  112.     4th round of interception
  114.     The cycle goes 'AABC', after C you return to A and it starts over.
  116.     You do not lose rewards from earlier rotations for continuing on, they add up.
  117.     Only if you fail the mission will you lose everything.
  119.     You can probably guess what makes the game have such tedious grinds at this point. All rotation rewards are clustered
  120.     with useless crap and such low drop chances that DE hopes it will force you into just buying it off the market with plat.
  121.     Note you can still get lucky but mostly you should get ready to grind more.
  125.     Vault runs refer to running orokin derelict missions and searching for the vault which can contain extremely useful mods.
  126.     These mods are the bread and butter to every good build and you'd want to do them as soon as possible once you unlock
  127.     their blueprints off the dojo clan research. Do note that you need 10 void traces to craft the dragon key which
  128.     you'll use to unlock the vault. Run with other players each having a separate key to guarantee an open vault with each run.
  129.     Somewhat recent change made it so you can equip all keys yourself and solo vault runs.
  133.     Fusing mods is how you "level up" weapons, frames and shit. Even if you level up a weapon its damage doesn't actually
  134.     increase with it but you get additional mod capacity so that you can fit an extra rank of Serration into it.
  135.     To level up mods you use Endo. Endo can drop from enemies and also mission rewards. Endo fusion cost increases per level
  136.     and depending on the rarity of the mod you're fusing.
  140.     Useless. Don't bother with it unless you have 90 million credits and over 500 duplicate rare mods to waste.
  142. >SELLING MODS ?
  144.     While not worth a whole lot, selling certain mods (like the sentinel mods you will get thousands of) can
  145.     help boost your credit count.
  149.     Welcome to grindframe. At this point you probably joined some random clan that has its own dojo and built their key so
  150.     now you can start trading. The trade here is user controlled and prices may vary between regions and time of day. Do
  151.     vault runs in the derelict with other people for the corrupted mods the good ones (overextended, narrow minded, blind  
  152.     rage, fleeting expertise, heavy caliber) can easily sell for at least 1 frame slot worth of plat.
  153.     Or if you are looking for bigger game you can try maxing a rank 10 mod and selling it.
  155.  bookmark this shit and use it often
  157.     Keep in mind that 1 plat = 500 credits for tax so if you want to sell a vitality for 100 plat you'll need 50000 credits.
  158.     Other than that you can sell prime parts that drop from the void for plat too. And again regions and different times of day might
  159.     change plat prices so keep an eye on the trade chat.
  164.     Work on ranking up your rare mods, getting good weapons and formas because you will need those if you don't want to get
  165.     carried anymore.
  166.     Finish all the missions on the star map. Do nightmare missions for shred, lethal torrent and other mods.
  167.     Get more weapons for 10o points to increase your mastery rank.
  171.     NEVER buy weapons or frames off the market. They are piss easy to get normally and it would be cheaper to: rush all parts, buy a
  172.     slot AND a potato for it.
  173.     Market prices are retardedly high and never worth spending any plat on it. ESPECIALLY resources since you can just grind them out
  174.     in a good squad.
  177. ==================
  178. == 2. Warframes ==
  179. ==================
  181. Every warframe has 2 uses: dealing damage or being utility (or support if you will) some of them can be a hybrid of both or a bad version of all of them. Note that all builds except for select few will require you to have over 100% power efficiency if using blind rage or 175%( which is the cap for efficiency) without.
  182. On toggleable abilities the total energy drain after the efficiency scales with your duration, the lower your duration the faster the energy train will tick and the higher it is the slower it will drain your energy.
  183. Balance between the 2 if you plan on using toggleable abilities.
  185. For a chart on how to minmax channeled abilities efficiency see:
  186. >
  188. Note: You always want to be in the light green areas of that chart (or at least as close as you can get)
  189. the balance of duration/efficiency you use to get there will depend on the frame/build you're using.
  191. ===============================================================================================================================
  193. Note: All the builds hinted below are their general uses. There are different more specific builds out there for different shit.
  194.       Don't take this all around general guide as the final say in everything.
  195.       For more detailed info (numbers, %s, etc) use the wiki.
  197.      == Also take a look at the "Frames and Modding" pastebin in the OP ==
  199. ===============================================================================================================================
  202. ======================
  203. == Ash | Damage
  204. == Atlas | Damage, CC
  205. == Banshee | CC, Damage, Buff
  206. == Baruuk | Survivability, CC
  207. == Chroma | Survivability, Damage, Credit Farming, Buff
  208. == Ember | Damage, CC, Clearing DEAC, Buff
  209. == Equinox | Damage, CC
  210. == Excalibur | Damage, CC
  211. == Frost | Defense, CC, Buff
  212. == Gara | Defense, CC
  213. == Garuda | Survivability
  214. == Harrow | Energy, Survivability, Team Survivability, CC
  215. == Hydroid | Farming, CC
  216. == Inaros | Survivability, CC
  217. == Ivara | Survivability, Damage, Utility
  218. == Khora | CC, Damage
  219. == Limbo | Utility, CC
  220. == Loki | CC, Survivability, Speedrunning
  221. == Mag | Damage, Utility
  222. == Mesa | Damage, Survivability
  223. == Mirage | Damage, CC
  224. == Nekros | Farming, Tank, Utility, CC
  225. == Nezha | CC, Survivability, Speedrunning, Utility
  226. == Nidus | CC, Survivability, Damage, Buff
  227. == Nova | CC, Buff, Damage, Speedrunning
  228. == Nyx | CC, Defense,Survivability  
  229. == Oberon | Support, Buff, Survivability
  230. == Octavia | Damage, Utility, Buff
  231. == Revenant | CC, Survivability, Damage
  232. == Rhino | CC, Survivability, Buff
  233. == Saryn | Damage, Buff
  234. == Titania | Damage, CC
  235. == Trinity | Infinite energy, Survivability, Team survivability
  236. == Valkyr | Survivability
  237. == Vauban | CC  
  238. == Volt | Defense, Speedrunning
  239. == Wukong | Survivability
  240. == Zephyr | Survivability/Defense, Damage
  241. ======================
  245. == Ash
  247.     The ninja frame often considered the go to frame for maximum edge.
  248.     Roles: Damage
  252.     Passive: Bleed Procs dealt by Ash from any source are 25% deadlier and last 50% longer.
  254.     His 1 (Shuriken) throws out shuriken that deal damage and leaves a DoT.
  255.     His 2 (Smoke Screen) makes him invisible for a while, while stunning nearby enemies. stealth damage multiplier on melee attacks.
  256.     His 3 (Teleport) teleports him to his target and opens them up for a finisher. (can teleport to allies)
  257.     His 4 (Bladestorm) marks enemies you aim on up to 3 times, each mark takes up energy. Press 4 again to send clones to
  258.         damage marked enemies. You can use your Teleport on marked enemies to join your clones.
  260.     Frame that deals surprisingly good DPS with Bladestorm. Because of its Finisher damage type that ignores shields and armor,
  261.     Bladestorm scales well into endgame, capable of one-shotting regular enemies, though it falls off against high-HP heavy units.
  262.     Unfortunately, Ash has no use outside of Bladestorm.
  264.     There is one build:
  266.     -Smoke Screen/Bladestorm build that runs high duration, high strength, and high range - yes, it needs everything now.
  267.     Because Bladestorm is no longer so easy to use, you actually need high duration for Smoke Screen to stay alive.
  268.     Go Invis, mark enemies, Bladestorm them, watch as you get outdamaged by any other frame with a good gun.
  269.     Mod your melee weapon with Fury/Quickening to speed up the animation and Body Count/Drifting Contact to increase damage.
  270.     Other melee mods don’t carry over. Note that Bladestorm's Finisher damage type goes through shields and most importantly armor,
  271.     making it better for augmented armor sorties.
  273.     Don't use Ash in Infested missions. Bladestorm can become animation-locked against Ancient Disruptors (which have 90% resistance
  274.     to ability damage), and other units if an Ancient Healer is present. Not only will you become animation locked, Bladestorm's
  275.     invincibility mechanic also means your allies won't be able to kill the Ancients.
  278.     Augments:
  279.     1(Seeking Shuriken) your shuriken temporarily reduces enemy armor.
  280.     2(Smoke Shadow) your smoke screen also makes nearby allies invisible. (very small range)
  281.     3(Fatal Teleport) makes your teleport cast an instant finisher on the target with an additional damage multiplier, refunds half
  282.     energy cost if target dies.
  283.     4(Rising Storm) increases melee combo counter when blade storm is used. (Augment made pointless by melee mod 'Body Count')
  285.     The other while not popular builds include:
  287.     The armor removal build which uses the seeking shuriken augment with ~160% power strength to completely remove armor of
  288.     enemies.  Only ever used in the simulacrum for weapon testing;
  290.     And the standard full duration build for invisibility with the optional augment if you are playing with fellow edgelords.
  292. == Atlas
  294.     'Brawler/Rock' warframe.
  295.     Roles: Damage, CC
  299.     Passive: Can't be knocked down while on the ground.
  300.              Rubble drops from petrified enemies and rumblers. It heals Atlas and also boosts armor(decays over time).
  302.     His 1 (Landslide) punches an enemy and nearby targets, press 1 again to combo into another one for reduced cost/more damage.
  303.         Scales with certain melee mods equipped.
  304.     His 2 (Tectonics) puts up a small rock wall in front of you, press 2 again to change it into a charging boulder.
  305.     His 3 (Petrify) turns enemies to stone in a cone in front of you.
  306.     His 4 (Rumblers) petrifies nearby enemies and summons 2 rock elementals to fight for you.
  308.     While he's mostly useless, he can be quite resilient as he has high armor and can get some big numbers using his 1 (landslide)
  309.     if built right. Shouldn't really use him unless you like him and want to have "fun".
  311.     Augments:
  312.     1 (Path of Statues) Landslide leaves a trail that petrifies enemies for a short while.
  313.     2 (Tectonic Fracture) Lets you make more rock walls but you can't turn them into boulders. (Poor man's Frost)
  314.     3 (Ore Gaze) causes enemies turned to stone to be scanned into the Codex and have a chance to drop extra loot.
  315.     4 (Titanic Rumbler) instead of 2 rock elementals you summon 1 that's bigger and stuff.
  317. == Banshee
  319.     Sound themed frame.
  320.     Some people consider her fun.  Most people are not that kind of person.
  321.     Roles: CC, Damage, Buff
  325.     Passive: All weapons are treated as silent.
  327.     Her 1 (Sonic Boom) is a quick shockwave that knocks back enemies in front of you in a cone.(don't use it for damage it's laughable)
  328.     Her 2 (Sonar) puts weak spots on enemies and marks them on the map, shooting the spots makes you do more damage.
  329.     Her 3 (Silence) briefly stuns enemies within a radius and makes everything deaf.
  330.     Her 4 (Sound Quake) makes her quake the ground in a radius, enemies in range take damage, are staggered and/or knocked down.
  332.     Augments:
  333.     1(Sonic Fracture) makes her sonic boom temporarily reduce enemy armor.
  334.     2(Resonance) shooting and killing on the weakspots casts another Sonar in a radius around the target.
  335.     3(Savage Silence) while silence is active enemies affected by it take extra % finisher damage.
  336.     4(Resonating Quake) turns Quake into a one time cast shockwave that deals more damage near the center.
  338.     -Quake (CC) Banshee that runs max range and enough duration to hit Sound Quake's efficiency cap. Dump stat is power strength.  
  340.     -Resonance Banshee that runs the Resonance augment and builds for high duration, high strength, and high range
  341.     (yes, it needs everything). Recast Sonar to stack weak points. Only good for extremely long endless runs.
  342.     For the vast majority of the game (including sorties), damage is not a problem with good weapons/damage frames/CP.
  344. == Baruuk
  346.     Monk frame.
  347.     Roles: Survivability, CC
  350.     Passive: "Restraint" provides up to 50% damage resistance when meter is depleted.
  351.               Using abilities erodes meter.
  352.               Using his 4 refills the meter until full.
  354.     1 (Elude) dodges all incoming projectiles while not attacking, in a cone in front of you.
  355.             Buffs range of his 3 while active.
  356.     2 (Lull) spreads a wave around him that slows down enemies and puts them to sleep. Resets enemy alert state when they wake.
  357.     3 (Desolate Hands) summons daggers that him give damage reduction.
  358.             Daggers will fly out, damage and disarm enemies if they are close. They can also jump to allies.
  359.             Can be recast to restore daggers.
  360.     4 (Serene Storm) Exalted Fists. Empowers fists similar to excalibur's Exalted blade, and valkyr's hysteria.
  361.             Attacks send out energy waves where you aim, they also have a lot of punchthrough and decent crit chance/damage.
  362.             Staggers/Ragdolls enemies. Provides damage reduction while active.
  363.             Each combo has some different properties (levitate enemies/pull them in/etc).
  364.             Does not use energy, instead uses his Restraint meter.
  366.     You can use him similar to Excalibur, build up his 4 then go crazy.
  367.     Unlike Excalibur however, his 4 will ragdoll enemies all over the place if it doesn't kill them,
  368.     which can be more annoying than helpful.
  370. == Chroma
  372.     Dragon themed frame.
  373.     The king of gimmick builds.
  374.     Roles: Survivability, Damage, Credit Farm, Buff
  378.     Passive: Changing his energy color changes his abilities' properties.
  379.         >Red, magenta, brown, orange and bright yellow - Heat
  380.         >Blue and purple hues - Electricity
  381.         >Green, lime, teal and dark yellow - Toxin
  382.         >White, grey, black, and some faded colors - Cold
  384.     His 1(Spectral Scream) fires a breath of the element you picked.
  385.     His 2(Elemental Ward) emits an aura around himself and nearby allies
  386.         Heat - Health buff + heat dot around you.
  387.         Electricity - Shield buff + converts damage taken and zaps a nearby enemy.
  388.         Toxin - Increased reload and holster speed + toxin dot around you.
  389.         Cold - Armor Buff + reflects damage back at enemies.
  390.     His 3(Vex Armor) emits an aura around himself and nearby allies, taking shield hits increases armor, taking health hits
  391.         increases your weapon damage. Buff is based on Chroma taking hits. Can be recast to keep buff.
  392.     His 4(Effigy) makes him shed his dragon pelt which then acts as a sentry, it attacks nearby enemies and stuns them and
  393.         boosts credit drops in a small radius around it. While effigy is up you run faster but have reduced armor.
  396.     Augments:
  397.     1 (Afterburn) after you cancel spectral scream you shoot a projectile that deals damage for each second the scream was up.
  398.     2 (Everlasting Ward) allies retain your elemental ward buff after getting out of range.
  399.     3 (Vexing Retaliation) taking damage causes a burst around you, shield hits proc puncture, health hits proc blast.
  400.     4 (Guided Effigy) hold 4 to move your effigy to a location, doing damage to enemies in path.
  403.     For general soloing:
  405.     Ice Chroma is tankiest Chroma, building high/max power strength, max duration.
  406.     Dump stat is range. Efficiency isn't as important because Vex Armor and Elemental Ward are all you'll be using and each
  407.     one last 50s+. With Vex Armor and Elemental Ward active, you become increasingly tankier and deal increasingly
  408.     more damage the more you get hit; the effective HP from Steel Fiber and Vitality thus become significantly magnified.
  409.     You still need some way to regain health from chip damage. Medi-Ray is the best and easiest way to do so, but bringing
  410.     along another source of healing is a good idea, e.g. Magus Elevate, Lifestrike, lifesteal Furis, Syndicate proc.
  411.     Bring along a self-damaging weapon with Toxin if want to hit Fury's (Vex Armor Damage buff) cap quickly.
  413.     Word of caution: Tank Chroma requires multiple high-ranked r10 mods and forma to become good.
  414.     Chroma is not recommended for new players.
  416.     Meta for Eidolon Hunts.
  418. == Ember
  420.     The fire frame.
  421.     Roles: Damage, CC, Clearing DEAC, Buff
  424.     Passive: Receiving a Heat Status effect will regenerate energy for the duration of the Status effect (10 energy per second) and
  425.     increase Power Strength by 35%.
  427.     Her 1(Fireball) shoots a fireball that does damage on impact and around the area hit.
  428.         Can charge the fireball for extra damage and leaves fire at target location.
  429.     Her 2(Accelerant) stuns enemies in a radius, enemies affected by her 2 take extra Heat damage. Also makes her cast faster.
  430.     Her 3(Fire Blast) slams the ground, creating a wave of fire that damages enemies and leaves a ring of fire around her.
  431.          Shooting through the ring adds fire damage.
  432.     Her 4(World on Fire) causes fiery explosions around her that hit nearby enemies while it's active.
  433.          Range decreases/damage increases after being active for a while.
  435.     Augments:
  436.     1 (Fireball Frenzy) casting fireball on allies gives them extra % heat damage on all attacks.
  437.     2 (Flash Accelerant) gives a cast speed buff and extra % heat damage to allies.
  438.     3 (Fire Fright) enemies that walk into the ring of fire left by fire blast have a chance to become panicked.
  439.     4 (Firequake) makes your World on Fire also knock down enemies.
  441.     -WoF build that runs high power strength, high range, and enough duration to hit WoF’s efficiency cap.
  442.     You still want to hit 75% casting efficiency if you want to spam Accelerant. Ember has minor use as CC using the Firequake augment
  443.     and Accelerant (which stuns enemies on cast). However, Firequake is subpar CC because it can only hit a maximum of 5
  444.     enemies/second. WoF also innately procs fire (which stuns enemies).
  446.     For augment buffing you want to run maximum power strength and duration and as for accelerant you'll need to slap in some
  447.     range as well.
  449.     She's good for some afk farming in missions where World on Fire takes care of everything and to quickly rush exterminates.
  452. == Equinox
  454.     Yin-Yang/Day & Night frame
  455.     Was Male(day)/Female(night) frame but the trap jokes were too much for DE.
  456.     Roles: Damage, CC
  458.     This frame has 2 forms, Day form is more damage focused while Night form is more of a support role.
  462.     Passive: Picking up health orbs gives you a bit of energy, picking energy orbs gives you a bit of health.
  463.              Starts mission in Day or Night form depending on your energy color.
  464.              Bright colors = Day Form
  465.              Dark colors = Night Form
  466.     Her 1(Metamorphosis) Switches between forms. Switching to Night gives you extra shields and armor, switching to Day gives you
  467.          a weapon damage boost and you run faster - all of these effects are temporary and fade over time.
  468.     Her 2(Rest & Rage)  Rest(Night Form) puts targeted enemy and nearby enemies asleep, while they sleep you can use a finisher.
  469.                         Rage(Day Form) enrages target enemy and nearby enemies, move and attack faster but also take extra damage.
  470.     Her 3(Pacify & Provoke) Pacify(Night Form) - Emits an aura around you that reduces enemy damage.
  471.                             Provoke(Day Form) - Emits an aura that buffs nearby allies Power Strength.
  472.     Her 4(Mend & Maim)  Mend(Night Form) - Emits an aura that stores hitpoints with each enemy killed, when deactivated it distributes
  473.                                            stored hitpoints evenly to health and shields of you and allies.
  474.                         Maim(Day Form) - Emits an aura that damages enemies and stores damage with each enemy killed within range,
  475.                                          when deactivated it releases a burst of damage based on how much was stored up.
  478.     Augments:
  479.     1 (Duality) when using metamorphosis you spawn a specter of your opposite form that deal lingers for a bit and does extra damage.
  480.     2 (Calm & Frenzy) enemies killed under the effect of Rest or Rage spread the effect to nearby enemies.
  481.     3 (Peaceful Provocation) Pacify(Night Form) turns damage done to your allies into a slow aura. 
  482.                              Provoke(Day Form) turns damage done to enemies into extra Power Strength.
  483.     4(Energy Transfer) keep 4 charge while switching forms.
  487.     Her Night Form sleep is an 'alright'CC, her damage reduction aura isn't anything too crazy, most of the time you'll probably
  488.     be in Day form buffing allies and storing your Maim for giant bursts of damage.
  490.     Good for specific frames because her damage buff gives power strength rather than damage.
  492.     There are a few builds:
  494.     -Maim build (Day form) that builds max range with enough duration to hit the efficiency cap.
  495.     Dump stat is power strength (strength is good on buff builds but you will very rarely run a buff Equinox).
  496.     Press 4, let damage store, press 4 again. The amount of damage you want to store before popping depends on the mission, but it
  497.     doesn't take a lot of kills. Natural Talent is very good to speed up Maim's 2s cast time.
  498.     Maim is ineffective against armored units unless you bring multiple CP.
  500.     -Low-level Maim build that builds max range and high strength, with enough duration to hit the efficiency cap.
  501.     Instead of relying on Maim's stored damage you'll be relying on its initial Slash proc to deal damage.
  502.     The slash damage it'll do is poor and only works on low levels (<20), but this build is very efficient for low levels.
  503.     Particularly good against corpus, use it to farm some relics on Io, Jupiter.
  505.     -Peaceful Provocation build (Night form) that uses the slow part of Peaceful Provocation (PP), building for high power strength
  506.     (ideally 200% to hit the slow cap) and high range. Dump stat is duration; some people like to add duration for Sleep,
  507.     but mod space is very limited. PP's slow takes a long time to build up, especially for a competent team that has ways to
  508.     mitigate damage. Self-damaging weapons alleviates this problem. Even then, slow is not a hard disable like Stomp or Bastille.
  509.     Note that although this ability drains energy, it is not a channeled ability; Zenurik/Energy Siphon still work through it.
  511.     -Rest build (focus farm) - Max duration and range, putting everything to sleep and kill them.
  514. == Excalibur
  516.     Swordsman frame
  517.     Roles: Damage, CC
  519.     The poster boy of Warframe was behind many nerfs and buffs over the updates. Currently he is sitting in a pretty high
  520.     spot as one of the few frames that actually has abilities that scale off your weapons making him pretty good despite
  521.     being available for everyone even from the start.
  525.     Passive: Attacks faster and does a bit more damage with:
  526.             Longswords
  527.             Dual swords
  528.             Nikanas
  529.             Rapiers
  531.     His 1(Slash Dash) dashes between enemies in a cone while cutting them down with his exalted blade.
  532.     His 2(Radial Blind) raises his blade and blinds enemies in a radius, blinded enemies take extra melee damage.(Needs line of sight)
  533.     His 3(Radial Javelin) slams down his blade on the ground, launching javelins towards his enemies.
  534.     His 4(Exalted Blade) summons an energy blade and puts you in melee mode, attacks launch energy waves (can be aimed).
  537.     Augments:
  538.     1 (Surging Dash) enemies hit by slash dash increase your melee combo counter.
  539.     2 (Radiant Finish) enemies affected by radial blind take extra % finisher damage.
  540.     3 (Furious Javelin) temporarily increases melee damage done for each enemy hit by radial javelin.
  541.     4 (Chromatic Blade) makes exalted blade work like Chroma, energy color changes its status type and boosts status by 50%.
  543.     Radial Blind's Line of sight requirement makes it unreliable as CC, though the damage amplification it gives is good.
  545.     -EB build is by far the most popular build. If you want to go pure EB, all you need is power strength, but most of the time there’s
  546.     enough mod space to add range and duration for Radial Blind. Using Radial Blind is in fact encouraged since it's not just CC but
  547.     also a DPS increase via the stealth damage multiplier; against high-level enemies using Radial Blind is a must.
  548.     An equally important part of this build are your melee mods.
  549.     Slap on Condition Overload and as much damage as possible through elementals, also grab the Chromatic Blade augment.
  550.     EB has mediocre crit stats, but modding for crit + Berserker will still give you the highest DPS. Mod for Corr/Blast.
  552.     -Radial Blind build that goes for max range and duration. Dump stat is power strength.
  553.     Pure Radial Blind builds are unpopular because the line-of-sight restriction makes its CC unreliable;
  554.     you can get shot at from an enemy less than 5 feet away if he's around a corner.
  556. == Frost
  558.     King of defense missions. Recent changes to him added a bunch of shit to his arsenal but in the end you'll still be sticking to
  559.     your good old trusty globe. Loved vs things that shoot but absolutely hated on missions that feature infested.
  562.     Roles: Defense, CC, Buff
  564.     Passive: Melee attacks made against Frost have a chance to freeze the attacker.
  566.     His 1(Freeze) shoots an icy blast at a target, direct hits freeze enemies otherwise they slow.
  567.         Can shoot the ground to put up patches of ice that slow enemies walking through.
  568.         Can also be used to pop unwanted Snow Globes, just aim at one and fire.
  569.     His 2(Ice Wave) sends a wave of icy shards in a cone in front of you, enemies hit are also slowed.
  570.     His 3(Snow Globe) puts down a protective snow globe (can have up to 4). Can shoot from inside but not from outside it.
  571.     His 4(Avalanche) summons an avalanche that freezes enemies(reduces their armor while frozen) and damages them.
  574.     Augments:
  575.     1 (Freeze Force) casting freeze on allies gives them extra % cold damage on all attacks.
  576.     2 (Ice Wave Impedance) casting ice wave will leave behind a trail of ice that slows enemies walking over it.
  577.     3 (Chilling Globe) enemies that enter snow globe have a chance to be frozen.
  578.     4 (Icy Avalanche) gives you and allies a coat of ice that absorbs 60 damage per target hit by Avalanche.
  581.     Not much needs to be said about Frost, use him to protect objectives or downed allies while you revive them.
  582.     He has some 'decent' CC in the form of freezes and slows.
  583.     Due to his recent changes to globe not requiring duration you can now run range and nuke if you want it.
  584.     Casting Snow Globe again while inside one will add up both their hp, good for having healthy globe.
  586.     -Snowglobe builds are versatile. The core of any Snowglobe build is high power strength and decent range (at least Stretch) so
  587.     explosives/Napalm doesn't splash through Snowglobe. Beyond that, some people only care about globe HP, in which case adding
  588.     more power strength and Steel Fiber is good (globe HP scales with armor).
  589.     Some people prefer higher range via Cunning Drift/Overextended; the loss in globe HP can be made up for by simply stacking globes.
  590.     Dump stat will generally be duration, but many people like to add duration for the Chilling Globe augment;
  591.     duration also makes Avalanche more effective as CC. No matter which build you use, Snowglobe is great for Defense, Mobile Defense,
  592.     Excavation, and camping. Plop it down and sit inside. Make sure to use your CC when needed.
  593.     Most people consider using Frost in Infested missions to be a mistake.
  594.     Snowglobe is significantly less useful against melee units and also stops your team from hitting anything inside it.
  595.     For any mission, make sure to pop Snowglobes if they’re in the way.
  598. = Gara
  600.     Glass frame
  603.     Roles: Defense, CC
  605.     Passive: standing in light has a chance to blind enemies.
  607.     Her 1(Shattered Lash) shoots out a glass sword that deals damage and knocks enemies back.(puncture dmg)
  608.          Holding the button causes her to do a sweeping cut instead, doing damage and ragdolling enemies.(slash dmg)
  609.          Damage scales with your melee mods. Can use 1 to break her 4 (does AOE damage).
  610.     Her 2(Splinter Storm) forms glass around her/ally/enemy. Allies take a reduced % damage and do damage over time around them.
  611.          When cast on enemies they take an increased % damage taken from weapons/abilities.
  612.     Her 3(Spectrorage) spawns spinning mirrors that cause nearby enemies to attack it (like Loki's decoy), when the mirrors break
  613.          they deal a burst of damage to enemies inside.
  614.     Her 4(Mass Vitrify) sends out a wave of expanding glass that forms a wall at the end.
  615.          Enemies hit by it are crystallized over time and take increased damage. Wall health is increased by health and shields of
  616.          enemies it glassed over, as well as power strength and armor.
  617.          Can press 4 again at any point to stop the wave.
  618.          Immune to everything while casting.
  620.     Most of Gara's abilities interact with one another in different ways. Check the wiki.
  622.     Augment:
  623.     2 (Mending Splinters) for each target affected by her 2(splinter storm) heals 3hp/s.
  625. == Garuda
  627.     blood/gore frame
  630.     Roles: Survivability
  632.     Passive: Less health=More damage up to 100%.
  633.     1 (Dread Mirror) pounce at an enemy, doing damage and knocking them down. Executes enemies at 40% or below.
  634.             Conjures a mirror in front of her after the cast. Mirror is invulnerable and faces camera direction.
  635.             Blocks everything. Damage absorbed is multiplied into the Dread Heart that hovers above the mirror.
  636.             While the mirror/heart is active, hold 1 causes you to grab the heart(draining energy/s) to increase its damage.
  637.             Release 1 to throw it and damage enemies.
  638.     2 (Blood Altar) charge an enemy and impale it. Impaled enemies give an aura that heals you and allies in range.
  639.             Can have up to 3 altars up. Hold 2 while aiming at an impaled enemy to cancel the ability early.
  640.     3 (Bloodletting) Sacrifice health to generate energy.
  641.     4 (Seeking Talons) channels blood and sends her talons flying at enemies and mark them.
  642.             Hold 4 to expand the ring and FoV of the ability. Talons will seek out enemies(goes through walls).
  643.             Attacking marked enemies grants a 50% chance to cause a slash proc.
  645.     Can sustain herself for long.
  646.     Prime candidate for Quick Thinking since you always have health/energy to play around with.
  648. == Harrow
  650.     Priest frame
  653.     Roles: Energy, Survivability, Team Survivability, CC
  655.     Passive: Has more overshields than anyone.
  657.     His 1(Condemn) sends a wave forward that immobilizes enemies and gives shields/overshields for each enemy hit.
  658.     His 2(Penance) sacrifices all shields to gain a boost in weapon fire rate and reload speed.
  659.         Also converts damage dealt while active into healing for allies in affinity range.
  660.     His 3(Thurible) charges energy while holding the ability key to generate a buff.
  661.         While the buff is active, getting kills restores energy. Headshots restore 4x the energy.
  662.     His 4(Covenant) makes him and allies immune to everything for X seconds.
  663.         Any damage absorbed while immune will then convert into a crit chance bonus buff. Headshots getting 4x the bonus.
  665.     Augment:
  666.     3 (Warding Thurible) allies take less damage while channeling and gives more energy when damaged.
  667.     4 (Lasting Covenant) headshoots increase crit chance buff duration.
  669.     Support frame that needs to get kills for 2 of his "support" abilities to even work,
  670.     in a game where other frames can kill off everything with 1 cast.
  671.     Decent solo frame.
  672.     Meta for Eidolon hunts.
  674. == Hydroid
  676.     Pirate/water frame. Used for farming resources and AFKing certain missions.
  679.     Roles: Farming, CC
  682.     Passive: Every Melee Ground-Slam has a 50% chance to lure a Tentacle that will last 15 seconds.
  684.     His 1(Tempest Barrage) calls down a barrage of watery blasts on targeted location, enemies in the area are knocked down.
  685.         Multiple casts can be up at the same time. Can also hold the button to increase damage and duration, at the cost of energy.
  686.         Can be cast during Undertow.
  687.     His 2(Tidal Surge) turn into a water wave that rushes forward, damages enemies taking them with you or pushing them to the side.
  688.         Can use Undertow mid dash to stop at location. Can be used in Undertow to move pool.
  689.     His 3(Undertow) transform into a pool of water, makes you immune to damage while transformed.
  690.         Enemies that walk over the pool will sink and take DoT until you reemerge or they die.
  691.         The DoT they take is a % of their max health. Damage increases based on number of enemies inside pool.
  692.         Allies can shoot into pool to contribute 50% of their total damage from weapons and abilities, split to submerged enemies.
  693.         While in pool form you can aim and shoot at enemies to pull them into the pool.
  694.         Can move around in pool form, but very slowly. Use tidal surge to move around. 
  695.         Every other ability works during pool form.
  696.     His 4(Tentacle Swarm) summons watery tentacles that spawn from various surfaces and wreak havoc in an area.
  697.         Enemies hit by or walking into the tentacles will be grabbed by them and take damage over time. (Can be recast)
  698.         Can hold the cast button to increase number of tentacles and range, at the cost of double energy.
  699.         When cast during undertow tentacles will spawn in the pool and do 200% damage.
  702.     Augments:
  703.     1 (Corrosive Barrage) projectiles from Tempest Barrage cause a corrosive proc.
  704.     2 (Tidal Impunity) your tidal surge clears procs from you and allies in your path and makes you immune to them for a short while.
  705.     3 (Curative Undertow) allies can stand on your pool to heal over time.
  706.     4 (Pilfering Swarm) Enemies killed by tentacles or killed while grabbed by one drop extra loot.
  708.     His kit is mainly about CC, he can keep multiple areas or chokepoints under lockdown on his own with his 1/3/4.
  709.     He's more often used for farming ever since his Tentacle Swarm augment.
  711.     Great for solo farm but in groups you may want to get an actually organized group. Run full strength, no range and negative
  712.     duration. With the augment you should still have enough energy from double drops to keep you up and running while you spam
  713.     tentacles at every group of enemies you see. Keep spamming it and enjoy loot.
  714.     Alternatively you could build for duration on your Tentacle Swarm so you can pop it in a tight space and then afk
  715.     in pool form while shit keeps running at you and dying to tentacles.
  718. == Inaros
  720.     Mummy frame
  722.     The first real tanking focused warframe DE bothered to make.
  725.     Roles: Survivability, CC
  728.     Passive: Instead of bleeding out on the floor when downed he enters a sarcophagus.
  729.              While on it you can aim at enemies or allies to steal some hp to get himself back up. (can target companions)
  730.              Performing finishers restores 20% of his health.
  732.     His 1(Desiccation) throws some pocket sand in a cone in front of him that blinds and damages enemies.(opens them up for finishers)
  733.     His 2(Devour) traps the target in quicksand making them unable to do anything.
  734.         Inaros and allies can approach the enemy and 'devour' it to regain hp.
  735.         Holding down 2 while aiming at an enemy will pull them to you and automatically devour it.
  736.         If an enemy is killed while being devoured they will spawn a clone (Sand Shadow) that fights for Inaros.
  737.     His 3(Sandstorm) spins around and becomes a whirlwind that lifts enemies and does damage over time.
  738.         You move slower while it's active but also take reduced damage.
  739.         Enemies affected by Devour that are killed by Sandstorm spawn a Sand Shadow.
  740.     His 4(Scarab Armor) converts his health into scarab armor which boosts your armor. (Hold down 4 to charge it up)
  741.         If you have scarab armor active you can press 4 again to launch it at an enemy which will send a swarm at them, it panics them
  742.         and deals damage over time and also spreads to nearby enemies, keeping them locked in place.
  743.         Enemies affected by the swarm emit an aura that heals you and nearby allies for a bit of the damage being dealt.
  745.     Utterly useless for dealing damage but can tank a shitload of damage with his EXTREMELY high hp and health regeneration. When he
  746.     dies he can consume a nearby enemy to revive with full hp. Has alright CC with most of his abilities namely his pocket sand (1) and
  747.     his scarab armor swarm (4).
  749.     Augments:
  750.     3 (Elemental Sandstorm): Your sandstorm has a chance to inflict status effects based on your melee weapon mods.
  751.     4 (Negation Swarm): your swarm protects you from status effects, using up 3% bonus armor every time.
  753.     There is one build:
  755.     -CC Inaros that builds max range and high duration for pocket sand. Dump stat is power strength.
  756.     Vitality + Steel Fiber are necessary; Rage is also good for infinite energy sustain.
  757.     Bring a dagger with Covert Lethality for finishers. You want to start almost every mission by building up Scarab armor to max.
  758.     Blind enemies with pocket sand, shank them to regain health.
  761. == Ivara
  763.     Frog/Archer frame
  764.     Mostly supportive/stealth frame
  767.     Roles: Utility, Survivability, Damage
  769.     Passive: Innate radar that detects enemies within 20 meters and shows them on minimap.
  771.     Her 1(Quiver) press to switch between 4 arrow types, hold to fire.
  772.          Cloak Arrow - Fires an arrow that creates an energy bubble, anything inside will be cloaked.
  773.                        cloak arrow can be attached to allies, enemies, objects, and terrain.
  774.                        (doesn't cloak cryopods, excavators or power cores)
  775.          Dashwire Arrow - Forms a zipline between from your feet to the point of impact.
  776.          Noise Arrow - Fires an arrow that attracts enemies to the point of impact.
  777.          Sleep Arrow - Fires an arrow that puts enemies in a radius asleep, also opens them up for a melee finisher.
  778.     Her 2(Navigator) allows you to take control of the next projectile you fire or one already mid flight also increases it's damage.
  779.     Her 3(Prowl)   Makes you invisible while active, can steal loot from nearby enemies and buffs your headshot damage.
  780.                    Running, sliding or bullet jumping while prowl is active will deactivate it.
  781.                    Firing a non-silent weapon will temporarily deactivate prowl.
  782.     Her 4(Artemis Bow) pulls out her powerful bow, each shot will fire multiple arrows.
  783.         Shooting normally will fire a spread of arrows vertically, charging the bow fires them horizontally.
  784.         While having the Artemis Bow out you can use the secondary fire to instantly fire one of the arrows from her 1 (Quiver).
  785.         While Artemis Bow is out Ivara can't melee attack.
  789.     High-utility frame that offers good damage, survivability, and cheese potential.
  790.     Artemis Bow (AB) scales off of rifle/bow weapon mods and gives her good DPS.
  791.     Has built-in survivability with Prowl, making her a good solo frame, and Prowl’s slowness can be mitigated by rolling everywhere;
  792.     the Infiltrate augment also has fringe use in cheesing Spy missions. Navigator provides insane damage bonuses that is often
  793.     overkill and generally not worth the time/energy investment. Quiver provides tons of utility: Cloak arrows are great and your
  794.     team will love you for it, while Sleep arrows provide good CC in a small AOE. Dash arrow occasionally has its uses.
  795.     Noise arrow is useless 99% of the time but has its niche in soloing.
  796.     She has a good set of tools on her, can make her work in a few different scenarios.
  797.     Sorties, rescues, intercept solos and others. Go crazy with her.
  799.     Augments:
  800.     1 (Empowered Quiver) dashwire gives 100%crit damage and cloak arrow prevents status effects.
  801.     2 (Infiltrate) While prowled you can move through laser barriers and gain 25%movement speed.
  802.     3 (Piercing Navigator) each enemy hits increases the projectiles crit chance by 10% up to 50.
  803.     4 (Concentrated Arrow) fire a single arrow, has more crit chance on headshots and explodes in a radius. Removes punchthrough.
  805.     -AB/Prowl build that builds high power strength for Artemis Bow with enough efficiency/duration to hit the efficiency cap for
  806.      AB/Prowl. Dump stat is range. Bring a primary weapon modded for crit. Fire rate mods such as Vile Acceleration are recommended
  807.      to take advantage of Artemis Bow’s horizontal fan.
  809.     -Hybrid build that’s essentially the first build but sacrifices power strength for range/duration, allowing for more utility
  810.      through Cloak arrows. Good general all-purpose build for when you still want utility but don’t trust your allies enough to
  811.      dedicate yourself to supporting them. Don't worry about AB's damage; even a low strength AB with Prowl can kill lv100 enemies.
  813.     -Cloak build that builds high range and high duration for Cloak arrows. Dump stat is power strength.
  814.     Spam Cloak arrows on allies and on yourself. Cloak is especially useful for sortie defenses to keep the operative alive.
  815.     For missions with object-type defenses e.g. Mobile Defense, Cloak will NOT protect the objective.  
  817.     -Noise arrow build that builds max range and enough efficiency for Prowl.
  818.     Duration for Sleep arrow (+Covert Lethality) is recommended. Dump stat is power strength. Ever only used to solo Interception
  819.     missions. Stay in Prowl and use Noise arrow to lure enemies away from towers, which causes them to stand around doing nothing.
  820.     Once you have all 4 towers captured and enemies are in a permanent state of doing nothing, you can afk in Prowl and do something
  821.     else until the end of the round. Be careful that sometimes a stray enemy will still cap towers.
  823.     -Solo Survival build that builds max duration (so Prowl steals quicker) and 100% power strength to get max steal chance with Prowl.
  824.     Range is also desired but not as important. Entirely used to solo Survival missions for hours, using Prowl to steal life support
  825.     and a Covert Lethality dagger to kill enemies with Sleep arrow.
  828. ==Khora
  830.     Cat lady
  832.     Roles: CC, Damage
  834.     Passive: Venari is khora's cat that's always there, you get a speed boost while the cat is alive.
  835.              You can mod it/edit appearance in the arsenal.
  836.              If it dies it'll respawn after 45 secs, or you press your 3.
  838.     Her 1(Whipclaw) whips where you're aiming, doing damage in a radius and knocking around enemies.
  839.         Scales with melee mods and rivens.
  840.     Her 2(Ensnare) binds targeted enemy in metal disabling them. Will spread to nearby enemies, disabling them as well.
  841.         Ensnared enemies take take 200% extra damage from your 1 and your cat. Hitting them with your 1 also causes the
  842.         ability to spread out again.
  843.     Her 3(Venari) makes your cat focus on an enemy. Holding the button makes it switch Heal, Protect and Attack postures.
  844.         Pressing 3 if cat is dead will revive it.
  845.     Her 4(Strangledome) makes a dome of chains that snares enemies.
  846.         Enemies in the chains take damage over time and 200% extra damage from weapons and abilities.
  847.         They also take damage from other enemies.
  848.         Hitting an enemy inside the the dome with your 1 causes all of them to take half of the damage.
  850.     Augment:
  851.     1 (Accumulating Whipclaw) hitting 3 enemies gives a stacking 35% damage buff to Whipclaw casts, decays after 10s.
  853. == Limbo
  855.     Magician/M'lotus/Za Warudo - Occasionally used for defense sorties or to cheese an event or whatever through the rift mechanics.
  858.     Roles: Utility, CC
  860.     Passive: Rift Plane, an alternate dimension that Limbo can send people in and out of.
  861.              While in the rift gets energy regen, enemies killed inside give 10 energy.
  862.              Stuff inside the rift cant interact with whatever is outside it and vice-versa.(Warframe powers don't care about the rift)
  863.              Shift (roll) to get in and out of the rift. This also leaves a fissure your team can walk through.
  864.              You can stay as long as you like in rift, allies will eventually be brought back out.
  866.     His 1(Banish) sends allies or enemies in a small radius to the rift. Allies in the rift get a passive energy regen.
  867.         Banish targets must be in the same Plane as Limbo to be affected.
  868.         Enemies sent there get damaged and suffer a knockdown on cast.
  869.     His 2(Stasis) completely freezes enemies in the rift plane. Can be toggled on/off.
  870.     His 3(Rift Surge) charges nearby enemies, charged enemies that leave the rift get banished back in and pull in
  871.         nearby enemies with them. If a charged enemy dies outside the rift they transfer the charge to nearby enemies.
  872.     His 4(Cataclysm) blasts a Rift Sphere at the target location, anything inside the sphere will be in the rift.
  873.         The sphere’s final collapse deals damage to enemies both in and out of the sphere, and scales based on the
  874.         average health and shields of ALL enemies in the Rift. The sphere shrinks over time.
  875.         Bonus damage further scales with Cataclysm's current range/duration, dealing 25% of its total when at its
  876.         maximum and up to 100% when at its minimum.
  880.     Augments:
  881.     1 (Haven) Allies banished to the rift have a portion of their health restored.
  882.     3 (Rift Torrent) Gives you a damage buff for every enemy affected by Rift Surge.
  883.     4 (Cataclysmic Continuum) Increases duration of cataclysm for each enemy killed inside.
  886.     Try to build for high duration and range (add some power strength if using rift surge augment).
  887.     Banish a few enemies, jump into the rift and kill them/surge them and send them back out to gather more enemies in a small radius.
  888.     You can also just pop Cataclysm over an area and put everything in Stasis then melee it all to shit.
  889.     Alternatively you can just cast it and pop it immediately, since damage is based on number of enemies and their health/shields
  890.     it will more than likely kill everything, provided there are enough enemies for it to scale properly. (nerfed to shit)
  891.     Heavily armored enemies will give you a harder time doing this.
  894. == Loki
  896.     Trickster frame
  897.     A beast of a warframe who is one of the few that is usable everywhere regardless of what level or content it is,
  898.     although nowadays not many use him.
  901.     Roles: CC, Survivability, Speedrunning
  903.     Passive: 10x Wall-Cling duration.
  905.     His 1(Decoy) deploys a holographic decoy of Loki that shoots and draws enemy attention (does no damage).
  906.     His 2(Invisibility) makes him invisible (who knew?), while invisible loki gets stealth damage multipliers to melee attacks.
  907.     His 3(Switch Teleport) makes loki switch places with his target. (works with his decoy and allies)
  908.     His 4(Radial Disarm) sends out a wave of energy that permanently disarms enemies in a radius, making them go into melee mode.
  909.         Causes damage to certain enemies.  
  911.     Augments:
  912.     1 (Savior Decoy) if Loki takes fatal damage, decoy absorbs the dmg and switches places with him. Increases Decoy cast speed.
  913.     2 (Hushed Invisibility) makes your weapons silent while using invisibility.
  914.     3 (Safeguard Switch) makes allies targeted by your Switch Teleport invulnerable for a short period.
  915.     4 (Irradiating Disarm) enemies hit by Radial Disarm are confused for a while and attack each other.
  918.     He has 2 builds one which focuses invisibility while the other disarm:
  920.     For invisibility you go for maximum duration,optional hushed invis.
  922.     For disarm you go for maximum range with natural talent making every dumbass enemy forget how to shoot a gun in a split
  923.     second.
  926. == Mag
  928.     Magneto wannabe
  931.     Roles: Damage, Utility
  933.     Passive: Vacuum effect on every Bullet Jump.
  935.     Her 1(Pull) pulls enemies in line of sight to her while dealing damage.
  936.         If an enemy is Magnetized they take extra damage and if they die they may drop an energy orb.
  937.     Her 2(Magnetize) roots the target in place and deals damage over time in a bubble around it.
  938.         A percentage of the damage of absorbed bullets/projectiles/shrapnel will be used to increase the DOT.
  939.         Up to 4 targets can be Magnetized at this time.
  940.     Her 3(Polarize) sends a wave out in a radius around her. Targets with shields will take shield damage, while targets
  941.         with armor take health damage and a permanent armor debuff.
  942.         Targets will emit a piece or two of shrapnel which can be used to create synergies with Mag's other abilities.
  943.     Her 4(Crush) suspends her victims in the air and forcefully compresses their bodies, dealing damage over 3 ticks.
  944.         Magnetized enemies take extra damage.
  947.     Augments:
  948.     1 (Greedy Pull) Pulls pickups to you, requires line of sight.
  949.     2 (Magnetized Discharge) can manually burst the bubble.
  950.     3 (Counter Pulse) jams enemy weapons and disables robotic enemies for a set duration.
  951.     4 (Fracturing Crush) gives Crush the ability to reduce enemy armor as well as temporarily immobilize survivors.
  953.     After her rework, Mag is no longer the Corpus-slaying machine she was, but in return she's gained more versatility across
  954.     all three factions. Magnetize is her new go-to skill; its damage is infinite-scaling and it also doubles as (okay) protection.
  955.     The best weapons by far to use with Magnetize are AOE explosive weapons (e.g. Tonkor, Kulstar); weapons such as Lanka,
  956.     Miter, Mara Detron, etc. also deserve mention because their projectiles can bounce inside Magnetize.
  957.     Using any other weapons will be underwhelming.
  958.     The protection offered by Magnetize is decent but you shouldn't depend on it entirely.
  961.     -Magnetize Mag that builds high/max range and high power strength. Negative duration (play around with Transient Fortitude/Fleeting
  962.     Expertise/Continuity to see what works for you) is preferred because it shortens the delay in the explosion damage.
  963.     Because you'll be spamming Magnetize so often, Natural Talent is a good choice to speed up Magnetize's cast time.
  964.     Cast Magnetize, shoot your gun in its general direction, kill everything inside, and the explosion damage will take care of
  965.     the rest. Magnetize works best when cast at choke points.
  967.     An alternative to this build is to get duration, Magnetize an enemy, unload on the bubble and then alt tab.
  970. == Mesa
  972.     Cowgirl frame
  974.     2nd best hips and ass in warframe.  
  975.     All you'll ever do with her is sit in a high spot and masturbate while she shoots at every grineer stupid enough to get in sight.
  976.     Getting her includes some of the most mindnumbing and retarded grindwalls yet 2nd only to Vauban.
  979.     Roles: Damage, Survivability
  981.     Passive: +10% fire rate with dual wielded sidearms.
  982.              +20% reload speed for one handed sidearms.
  983.              +50 health when a melee weapon is not equipped.
  985.     Her 1(Ballistic Battery) stores up damage you done by your guns, when used again it uses the stored up damage in the next shot.
  986.     Her 2(Shooting Gallery) buffs your weapons damage and jams nearby enemy weapons. This buff shifts between your team members.
  987.     Her 3(Shatter Shield) casts an energy shield that reduces incoming bullet and projectile damage and reflects it back.
  988.     Her 4(Peacemaker) pulls out her Regulator pistols, hold your fire button to shoot at targets within the targeting circle.
  989.         The damage and firing speed ramps up over time. (Benefits from secondary weapon mods)
  991.     Augments:
  992.     1 (Ballistic Bullseye) makes the ballistic battery shot have an increased status chance.
  993.     2 (Muzzle Flash) makes shooting gallery blind enemies for a short time before switching to a teammate.
  994.     3 (Staggering Shield) makes reflected shots have a chance to stagger enemies.
  995.     4 (Mesa's Waltz) allows you to move around slowly while in Peacemaker.
  998.     Excellent damage frame with good survivability. Shooting Gallery staying on her means you now have a permanent 60%+ damage
  999.     increase. Peacemaker scaling with secondary mods is absolutely huge, allowing PM to deal good damage even into sorties.
  1000.     While Shatter Shield's 95% damage reduction is certainly useful, there are many things that go through it, e.g. explosives.
  1001.     Fortunately, she can often kill enemies quick enough that they can't even hit her.
  1003.     -Damage/tank build that runs high duration and high power strength. Dump stat is range. Vitality can also be used if you
  1004.     want more survivability. Use Peacemaker to mow down waves of enemies, but be careful of standing still for too long.
  1005.     You want to recast PM often anyway so the aiming reticule isn't so small. Your secondary mods are equally important;
  1006.     use the standard crit secondary build.
  1009. == Mirage
  1012.     Roles: Damage, CC
  1014.     Passive: Faster bullet jump and maneuver speeds
  1016.     Her 1(Hall of Mirrors) summons holograms around you that mimic every move. Holograms draw enemy attention and do a bit of damage.
  1017.     Her 2(Sleight of Hand) booby traps nearby interactive objects and places jewel where you aim. Enemies touching the jewel will
  1018.          cause it to to explode doing either damage(light) or blinding them(in the dark).
  1019.          Booby trapped objects have various effects on enemies (blind, stun, knockdown).
  1020.     Her 3(Eclipse) gives you a weapon damage buff if you're standing in light, or damage reduction if standing in shadows.
  1021.     Her 4(Prism) summons a disco ball that flies in the direction of your camera, damages enemies hit by beams of light.
  1022.         Pressing the ability again or if the ability ends it blinds enemies in range for a bit, making them take extra melee damage.
  1025.     Augments:
  1026.     1 (Hall of Malevolence) makes your holograms do more damage for each enemy killed.
  1027.     2 (Explosive Legerdemain) turns all pick ups in range into proximity mines.
  1028.     3 (Total Eclipse) shares your Eclipse buff with your teammates.
  1030.     -DPS build that builds max power strength and max duration. Dump stat is range and efficiency.
  1031.     Efficiency isn’t needed because you’re only casting two abilities every 50s. Uses Hall of Mirrors with the augment and Eclipse
  1032.     to deal massive damage. Surprisingly, this build has a decent degree of survivability because her illusions draw enemy
  1033.     fire (and also because she kills enemies so quickly).
  1035.     -Prism build that builds max range and duration. Dump stat is strength. Must have Natural Talent because Prism has a very long
  1036.     cast time. Useless on closed maps with lots of LoS obstruction, but still provides passable CC on large, open maps.
  1038.     If going for a buff build with the augment build max duration and strength, no need for efficiency. Works same for self buffing
  1039.     only.
  1042. == Nekros
  1044.     Increases loot in a game about grinding. Everyone is all over his dick in survivals, this nigga runs this shit.
  1045.     Can also be used for some solo with his shadows.
  1048.     Roles: Farming, Survivability, CC, Utility
  1050.     Passive: Enemy death within 10 meters of Nekros regenerates a 5 Health.
  1052.     His 1(Soul Punch) punches the enemy's soul. Single target ability that does damage and knocks down an enemy.
  1053.     His 2(Terrify) makes enemies shit themselves and run away for a bit, also reduces their armor for the duration. (can be recast)
  1054.     His 3(Desecrate) puts up an aura that makes enemy corpses within range drop extra loot.
  1055.     His 4(Shadows of the Dead) summons copies of enemies recently killed by you. The copies retain their original level and stats.
  1056.         They also get a damage/shield/health buff but lose health over time, cast it again to replenish health and summon new shadows
  1057.         to replace dead ones. If shadows are over 30 meters away from you they get teleported to you.
  1059.     Augments:
  1060.     1 (Soul Survivor) makes your soul punch be able to revive downed allies but drains your energy.
  1061.     2 (Creeping Terrify) slows enemies hit by Terrify.
  1062.     3 (Despoil) makes your desecrate cost health instead of energy.
  1063.     4 (Shield of Shadows) makes your shadow copies take some of the damage meant for you.
  1065.     -CC Nekros that runs the Creeping Terrify augment with high/max range and decent strength (120-150%).
  1066.     Duration isn't as important since Terrify lasts incredibly long, but don't dump duration entirely; 50-80% works well.
  1067.     Creeping Terrify is decent CC but is bogged down by its subpar range and unit cap.
  1069.     -Desecrate build that runs max range. Dump stats are strength and duration. Generally runs the Despoil augment with Vitality
  1070.     for easy upkeep, but if you have Zenurik or an EV Trin you can skip Despoil (despite being a toggle, you still gain energy
  1071.     through Desecrate). Some people like to use the Soul Punch augment for instant revives (with Despoil,
  1072.     there's nothing you use energy for). For a hybrid build, add Creeping Terrify and as much strength as you can fit;
  1073.     you won't hit the slow cap, but it'll be enough to be useful and allow you to help your team as CC in addition to being a lootbot.
  1075.     -SotD/Desecrate hybrid build that runs the Shield of Shadows (SoS) augment, Despoil, Vitality, base/high duration, high range,
  1076.     and high strength (ideally 214% to hit SoS's DR cap, achievable with max Blind Rage + Power Drift). Yes - this needs almost
  1077.     everything. Dump stat is efficiency because Equilibrium exists, which allows for infinite health/energy sustain using the Despoil
  1078.     loop. Many people also like to use Health Conversion for extra tankiness. The core of this build is using SoS to achieve high
  1079.     damage reduction, while Despoil and Equilibrium give you infinite sustain, and all the while your Shadows are drawing aggro and
  1080.     you're Desecrating more loot/health/energy for allies. This is the most popular build for Nekros, but be careful of investment;
  1081.     Health Conversion and Equilibrium can be difficult mods to acquire/level (Equilibrium is an uncommon r10), and these mods are not
  1082.     used on any other frame. Your Sentinel also needs investment in order to not go down easily, because you are relying heavily on
  1083.     Vacuum to suck up health orbs.
  1085. Note: Desecrate works well with slash damage weapons, which can dismember corpses into several parts. Each part can roll additional loot.
  1088. == Nezha
  1090.     China warframes 2nd frame.
  1093.     Roles: CC, Survivability, Speedrunning, Utility
  1095.     Passive: Dude slides a lot.
  1098.     His 1(Fire Walker) makes him run faster and leave behind a trail of fire that does damage to enemies and removes procs from allies.
  1099.     His 2(Blazing Chakram) throws a ring of fire that deals damage+debuffs and ricochets around.
  1100.         Killing debuffed enemies drops a health orb and has a chance at dropping an energy orb.
  1101.         If pressed again while the ring is mid flight you will teleport to it.
  1102.         If Fire Walker was active when you teleported it will do a burst of damage at the location.
  1103.     His 3(Warding Halo) summons a fiery ring around you that reduces damage taken by 90% and makes you immune to status effects until
  1104.         the ring's health pops. You'll be invulnerable for a few seconds after the damage shield pops.
  1105.         The shield's health scales with your armor, power strength and damage taken during the initial seconds of its cast.
  1106.         While the ring is active you do slash damage to enemies you walk into.
  1107.     His 4(Divine Spears) summons spears from the ground that impale enemies, press ability again to slam them on the ground.
  1108.         Hitting impaled enemies with your 2 spawns another Chakram.
  1111.     Decent frame for general use. Runs fast, makes enemies take extra damage, spawns hp/energy orbs and has great survivability.
  1113.     Augments:
  1114.     1 (Pyroclastic Flow) stores damage done by fire walker, can then detonate it.
  1115.     2 (Reaping Chakram) each enemy hit increases damage by 2x and increases chance to drop health orbs on death.
  1116.     3 (Safeguard) Warding Halo can now be cast on allies, with 50% effectiveness.
  1118.     For general-use Nezha builds, see Rhino’s builds. Build Warding Halo as you would Iron Skin (strength + armor) and
  1119.     Divine Spears as you would Stomp (range + duration + Natural Talent).
  1121.     -Speedrunning build that uses all the sprint, slide, and parkour mods. Nothing else is needed.
  1122.     You can mod duration/efficiency for Firewalker but it's not necessary.
  1123.     Not recommended on lv60+ enemy missions because you will die very quickly.
  1126. == Nidus
  1128.     Infested frame
  1130.     Roles: CC, Survivability, Damage, Buff
  1132.     Passive: Mutation stacks, for every 5 enemy hits with your 1(Virulence) or 4(Ravenous) you get a stack of mutation (capped at 100).
  1133.     The stacks increase the damage of your 1 and 4.
  1134.     If you are killed with at least 10 stacks they will be consumed, you'll get 5 seconds of invulnerability and get back to 50% hp.
  1135.     Also has passive HP regen since he has no shields.
  1137.     His 1(Virulence) slams a wave of infestation forward that damages enemies and gives back some of the energy used.
  1138.         This ability gets stronger the more stacks of mutation you have.
  1139.     His 2(Larva) summons an infested pod that pulls enemies into itself and keeps them there. Enemies are stunned for the duration.
  1140.     His 3(Parasitic Link) creates a link between you and your target.
  1141.         If it's an ally it'll give you both a damage buff, if it's an enemy it'll redirect damage take you take to them.
  1142.         If you use his 1 while Linked, a second wave will fire from your linked target.
  1143.     His 4(Ravenous) covers the ground in infestation and spawns maggots.
  1144.         The maggots benefit from your mutation stacks and give stacks as well when they're hitting enemies.
  1145.         Standing in the infestation also increases your health regen.
  1147.     His 1 can do some pretty good damage if you're getting your stacks high and he has decent survivability with his passive hp regen
  1148.     plus the regen from his 4 aswell and the bit of armor he has. His 2(larva) is pretty decent at keeping shit bundled up and stunned.
  1149.     His 3 damage redirection caps at 90%.
  1151.     Augments:  
  1152.     1 (Larva Burst) lets you detonate larva, doing more damage for every enemy grabbed.
  1153.     4 (Insatiable) 60% chance to get an extra Mutation stack while standing in your infestation.
  1156.     -Virulence build that runs high/max range, high/max power strength, and as much duration as you can fit (for Link).
  1157.     Vitality is also recommended for extra tankiness. Dump stat is efficiency because Virulence refunds your energy, and with
  1158.     smart usage can even gain you energy; however, some people like to use Rage because of his high health and regen.
  1159.     The core of the build is spamming 1 to build stacks and deal damage, with the occasional Larva if enemies are more spread.
  1160.     You should run a Link up at all times, not only for the survivability/buff but also for Virulence's double-cast.
  1161.     Once enemy density is high enough, Ravenous should also be used frequently because it's essentially free.
  1164. == Nova
  1166.     Design Council frame
  1168.     Roles: CC, Buff, Damage, Speedrunning
  1170.     Passive: When Nova is knocked down, she will knock down enemies in a 6 meter Radius and deal damage.
  1172.     Her 1(Null Star) summons small particles that float around her and fly out to nearby enemies.
  1173.     Her 2(Antimatter Drop) summons an antimatter particle that can be steered with the reticle, it absorbs damage done to it
  1174.         and explodes when it comes into contact with a solid object. (You can shoot it for a big damage boost)
  1175.     Her 3(Worm Hole) creates a worm hole in front of nova that she and allies can use to travel a short distance.
  1176.     Her 4(Molecular Prime) unleashes a wave of energy that spreads out slowly across the map, enemies hit by the wave are slowed
  1177.         and take double damage, when they die they also explode which can trigger a chain reaction of explosions.
  1179.     Thanks to her Molecular Prime ability she like Loki can fit everywhere regardless of mission or
  1180.     level. Want to do those shitty infested missions faster? Go speed, want more CC? Go slow. All this while
  1181.     doubling all damage your squad does.
  1183.     Augments:
  1184.     1 (Neutron Star) recasting Null star makes remaining particles explode in an aoe.
  1185.     2 (Antimatter Absorb) gives antimatter drop an absorb field to absorb incoming fire and boost its damage potential.
  1186.     3 (Escape Velocity) using the worm hole gives you and your allies a short speed boost.
  1187.     4 (Molecular Fission) restores Null Star charges when Primed enemies are killed.
  1189.     -Slowva build that runs max duration for MP with just enough power strength to hit the slow cap (145%, achievable with max
  1190.     Intensify + Power Drift). Dump stat is range. Standard build.
  1192.     -Speednova build that runs max duration for MP with minimum power strength (max Overextended). Because MP’s slow scales with power
  1193.     strength, having less than 100% power strength will actually make enemies go faster.
  1194.     Why is this good? Because this speeds up the mission. Preferred build for grinding Defense missions.
  1197. == Nyx
  1199.     Mind control frame, female excalibur.
  1202.     Roles: CC, Defense/Survivability
  1204.     Passive: Enemies have a chance to miss Nyx more often.
  1206.     Her 1(Mind Control) takes control of targeted enemy and makes them fight for you.
  1207.         During 4 secs after casting, any damage you do to MC target is absorbed and converted to increase its damage.
  1208.     Her 2(Psychic Bolts) sends out bolts that seek out enemies and debuff them.
  1209.         Strips armor/shields or slows down enemies, depending on faction.
  1210.         Intensify is enough to completely strip armor.
  1211.     Her 3(Chaos) causes all enemies within a radius to see each other as enemies, they will fight whoever is closest.
  1212.     Her 4(Absorb) forms an absorb shield around herself that absorbs all incoming damage, can be deactivated to release stored damage.
  1213.         Absorbed damage also gives you a damage buff.
  1216.     Decent utility frame. Chaos is okay CC, but is ultimately unreliable and overshadowed by Irradiating Disarm.
  1217.     Absorb with the Assimilate augment makes you literally invincible and offers an alternative to Frost for defending objectives;
  1218.     unfortunately, its low range means that unlike Snowglobe, you won't be able to protect allies. Several things (e.g. grenades)
  1219.     also go through Absorb, and Assimilate's movespeed penalty makes it much worse if you're not camping.    
  1222.     Augments:
  1223.     1 (Mind Freak) your mind control targets gets a big damage boost.
  1224.     2 (Pacifying Bolts) enemies affected by bolts are confused for 10 secs.
  1225.     3 (Chaos Sphere) creates a circular radius in which enemies that enter its range are affected by Chaos. Circle shrinks over time.
  1226.     4 (Assimilate) can move while casting Absorb but the area is reduced in half.
  1228.     -Standard Chaos Nyx that builds max range and high duration. Dump stat is power strength.
  1229.     Note that recasting Chaos does not refresh its duration on units already affected.
  1231.     -Minimum-duration Chaos Nyx that builds minimum duration (Transient Fortitude + Fleeting Expertise) instead of high duration.
  1232.     Natural Talent is a must. Minimum duration allows you to chain one Chaos right after the previous one ends.
  1233.     This allows you to take advantage of Chaos's initial stagger, which is better CC compared to Chaos's Radiation effect.
  1234.     Unfortunately, this means your entire gameplay consists of pressing 3 every few seconds.  
  1236. == Oberon
  1238.     Heralded as a "paladin" warframe when is more of a druid.
  1240.     Roles: Support, Buff, Survivability
  1242.     Passive: Allied pets receive Health, Armor and Shield buff. In addition your pet receives 1 instant revive per mission.
  1244.     His 1(Smite) bursts energy out of his target, projectiles then fly around looking for new targets.
  1245.     His 2(Hallowed Ground) puts an energy carpet on the ground, standing in it gives an armor boost and status immunity.
  1246.     His 3(Renewal) sends out a healing wave that heals you and allies as long as its active.
  1247.         Gives an armor boost if allies are standing in hallowed ground.
  1248.     His 4(Reckoning) raises enemies up in the air then slams them down. Enemies that survive will be blinded for a short while.
  1249.         Enemies standing in hallowed ground will receive an armor debuff.
  1250.         Enemies affected by Radiation take extra damage from Reckoning.
  1251.         Enemies killed have a chance to spawn a health orb.
  1254.     Supposedly a jack-of-all trades frame, but he actually can’t do anything well and doesn’t even have any niches like some other
  1255.     bad frames. His only passable ability is Reckoning, which is okay for DEAC nuking and can function as CC by spamming
  1256.     it over and over. Some people like to use Hallowed Ground for Radiation sorties, but even then there are better CC/utility options.
  1257.     For some reason DE devoted time to making a kickass skin for a frame nobody liked.
  1259.     Augments:
  1260.     1 (Smite Infusion) casting smite on allies gives them extra % radiation damage on all attacks.
  1261.     2 (Hallowed Eruption) casting hallowed ground again while another one is up causes the first one to explode.
  1262.     3 (Phoenix Renewal) allies taking fatal damage under Renewal will instead be healed to a certain health.(90 sec cooldown)
  1263.     4 (Hallowed Reckoning) enemies damaged by reckoning create small hallowed ground fields.  
  1266. == Octavia
  1268.     Bard frame
  1270.     Roles: Damage, Utility, Buff
  1272.     Passive: Briefly regen energy for you and allies when abilities are used.
  1273.     Can make your own music that affect her abilities. (In her Appearance tab> Mandachord)
  1274.     The step sequencer is divided into Melody, Bass and Percussion. Each affects a different ability.
  1276.     Her 1(Mallet) throws a ball that when it lands makes enemies in the radius attack it and also damages them.
  1277.         Damage done to it by enemies will in turn buff the Mallet's damage. Damage is dealt in rhythm of your Percussion track.
  1278.         Requires line of sight with the enemy to deal damage.
  1279.     Her 2(Resonator) throws a Roller that moves around, damages and charms enemies into attacking it.
  1280.         If you have a Mallet active it will try to pick it up, making your Mallet mobile.
  1281.         Damage is dealt in rhythm of your Bass track.
  1282.     Her 3(Metronome) gives buffs to you and allies if certain actions are performed in sync with the Melody track.
  1283.         Timed jumps give a speed buff;
  1284.         Crouching gives a stealth buff;
  1285.         Shooting gives a multishot buff;
  1286.         Melee attacks give a melee damage buff.
  1287.         You also gain armor for the duration of her skill.
  1288.     Her 4(Amp) throws a ball that gives you and allies in range a damage buff and also doubles the damage and range of nearby Mallets.
  1291.     Build for high duration, range and power strength.
  1292.     She provides your team with quite a few helpful buffs and can keep enemies distracted for a long time.
  1293.     Her Mallet can deal pretty good damage if it absorbs enough damage. Think of it like Nova's antimatter drop,
  1294.     except it deals damage over time instead of blowing up, only absorbs enemy damage tho.
  1295.     Overall pretty decent frame.
  1297. == Revenant
  1298.     Eidolon/Sentient themed frame
  1300.     Roles: CC, Survivability, Damage
  1302.     Passive: Immune to magnetic night waters in Plains.
  1303.              Mesmer skin immune to certain Eidolon attacks.
  1304.              4 can kill vomvalysts without Operator.
  1305.              When shields deplete, emits a radial blast that knocks down enemies.
  1306.              (Bunch of useless shit.)
  1308.     1 (Enthrall) converts an enemy into your thrall. Converted enemies can spread this up to 7 thralls.
  1309.             On death, thralls leave an energy pillar for 10 secs.
  1310.             It deals damage in a small radius and generates homing projectiles that seek out enemies.
  1311.             Costs no energy when cast on an enemy stunned by his 2(Mesmer Skin).
  1312.             Pillars can be exploded by his 4(Danse Macabre)
  1313.             Thralls can be damaged by you or allies at any point.
  1314.     2 (Mesmer Skin) shields you with Sentient energy. Reflecting up to 6 attacks(scales with Strength) for 100% of the damage.
  1315.     3 (Reave) dashes through enemies as a wall of energy. Leeches health/shields from enemies, drains more on thralls.
  1316.             Will restore Mesmer Skin charges per thrall when you dash through them.
  1317.             Passing through allies will give them a stack of Mesmer Skin.
  1318.             Half cost during his 4.
  1319.     4(Danse Macabre) spins around shooting lasers that deal damage (damage based on enemy type).
  1320.             Hold fire button to increase laser damage/status chance and energy drain.
  1321.             Damage taken during 4 buffs damage output.
  1322.             Deals Corrosive against armor. Magnetic against shields. Gas against Infested.
  1323.             You can move around freely while spinning.
  1324.             Enthralled enemies killed by 4 drop Overshield pickups.
  1325.             Damage reflected by his 2 also buffs damage.
  1328. == Rhino
  1330.     Most players' first frame. With iron skin he can reduce dmg to him and ignore obstacles such as laser doors and just plow
  1331.     through it.
  1334.     Roles: CC, Survivability, Buff
  1336.     Passive: Fast falls will make Rhino discharge a shockwave on landing that deals damage and knocks down nearby enemies.
  1338.     His 1(Rhino Charge) charges forward while doing damage, can quickly be cast again for more damage and range.
  1339.     His 2(Iron Skin) hardens his skin, making him immune to damage and status effects while the iron skin still has health.
  1340.         Using Rhino Charge with Iron skin active gives the charge a 100% blast proc. (Knockdown)
  1341.     His 3(Roar) grants all allies in range increased damage bonus.
  1342.     His 4(Rhino Stomp) stomps the ground with force, doing damage and temporarily putting enemies in stasis.
  1344.     Widely regarded as a noob frame, but actually he does many things decently. Iron Skin is a passable tank ability that falls
  1345.     way short of literal invincibility other frames have and will not protect you in endgame.
  1346.     Roar is a good team buff ability and you generally activate it whenever you can.
  1347.     Stomp is good CC but has two weaknesses: its low duration and its inability to be refreshed on affected units.
  1350.     Augments:
  1351.     1 (Ironclad Charge) temporarily increase armor based on how many enemies hit by charge.
  1352.     2 (Iron Shrapnel) recasting Iron Skin allows you to detonate it, dealing its remaining health as damage and knocks down enemies.
  1353.     3 (Piercing Roar) Using roar causes a puncture proc on nearby enemies.
  1354.     4 (Reinforcing Stomp) Iron skin is replenished by 80 for each target affected by Stomp.
  1356.     -Tank Rhino that builds for high/max power strength and armor for Iron Skin. Dump stat is duration (unless you want to use Roar).
  1357.     The Ironclad Charge augment is surprisingly decent; Ironclad Charge + Steel Fiber provides a significant boost to Iron Skin,
  1358.     but it's probably not worth the effort. The Iron Shrapnel augment is a must-have for the sole purpose of being able to re-cast
  1359.     Iron Skin. Even still, don’t expect to be invincible endgame. If you want to tank, Rhino is a suboptimal frame for it.
  1361.     -CC Rhino that builds for max range and high duration. Dump stat is power strength. Natural Talent is recommended to speed up
  1362.     Stomp's cast time. You’ll mostly be using Stomp, and unfortunately Iron Skin's tankiness and Roar's damage will suffer as a result.
  1364.     -Hybrid build. All-purpose general build. Basically a CC Rhino that trades duration/range for power strength so Iron Skin/Roar
  1365.     isn’t gimped. Probably the most popular build.
  1367.     -Buff Rhino that builds max strength and max duration for Roar. Range is less important, but adding range helps to make sure you
  1368.     don't miss allies with Roar. Only ever used in Berehynia runs. Rhino is the best buffer to use for Berehynia because he buffs all
  1369.     damage, compared to elemental buffers who can't buff abilities like Spores/Quake.
  1371.     Rhino gets bonus points for being newbie-friendly. He’s easy to mod for and easy to roll through low-level content with.
  1373.     Even though he might seem he is FUCKING INVINCIBLE he isn't. High level enemies will chew through iron skin like popcorn.
  1375. == Saryn
  1377.     Gas queen/fart frame
  1380.     Roles: Damage, Buff
  1382.     Passive: Status chance effects last longer (25%)
  1384.     Her 1(Spores) infects a target with spores if spores are popped they spread to other enemies.
  1385.         Spores have no duration and will keep spreading and increasing in damage as long as there are enemies to spread to.
  1386.         They also do corrosive damage which will shred enemy armor over time with its procs.
  1387.         Pressing 1 again will pop your spores.
  1388.     Her 2(Molt) sheds her skin and leaves behind a decoy and giving you a speed boost. Decoy can explode and deal toxin damage.
  1389.         The decoy will absorb some of the initial damage taken and convert it into health.
  1390.     Her 3(Toxic Lash) adds toxin damage to your weapons. 2x on your melee weapon.
  1391.     Her 4(Miasma) releases a poisonous mist that does damage over time to enemies in a radius.
  1392.         Procs viral (halves enemy HP for the duration of the proc).
  1393.         Does extra damage to enemies with Spores.
  1395.     Former Queen of DEAC, and actually she's still good for DEAC after her rework. Spores is her new go-to ability.
  1396.     Miasma's damage is okay but falls off hard lategame and is overall inefficient compared to Spores, though its stagger can be useful
  1397.     as emergency CC. Molt is unreliable at drawing aggro, and endgame enemies kill you and Molt too quickly for Regenerating Molt's
  1398.     heal to be useful.
  1399.     Unlike most other damage frames, Saryn lacks survivability.
  1401.     Augments:
  1402.     1 (Venom Dose) casting Spores on allies gives them extra % corrosive damage on all attacks.
  1403.     2 (Regenerative Molt) casting molt lets you regenerate health over time.
  1404.     3 (Contagion Cloud) enemies killed by toxic lash leave behind a gas cloud that does toxin damage.
  1406.     You want to prioritize max range, then max power strength, followed by as much duration as you can fit.
  1407.     Dump stat is efficiency; you'll only be casting Spores, which lasts forever as long as it can spread.
  1410. == Titania
  1412.     Fairy frame
  1414.     Roles: Damage, CC/Utility
  1416.     Passive: +25% Bullet Jump distance. Bullet jumping creates a cloud that lasts 5 seconds and
  1417.     grants +25% Bullet Jump distance to allies in an area.
  1419.     Her 1(Spellbind) throws some fairy dust on enemies, causing them to be levitated and ragdolled.
  1420.         Also makes surrounding allies immune status effects.
  1421.     Her 2(Tribute) suspends the soul of an enemy, touching it gives 1 of 4 possible buffs.
  1422.     Her 3(Lantern) levitates up to 4 enemies, mesmerizing nearby enemies towards it, while taking damage from a swarm of butterflies.
  1423.     Her 4(Razorwing) shrinks her and puts her in archwing mode. Weapons are replaced and scale with rifle and melee mods.
  1425.     Spellbind is subpar CC that suffers from extremely low range (tied for lowest range of any CC) and a long cast time.
  1426.     Tribute's buffs require a lot of effort to acquire and only one buff (Dust) is useful: Thorns and Full Moon are flat-out useless,
  1427.     while Entangle's small 10m slow range also makes it close to useless.
  1428.     Lantern is okay CC when it chooses to work, but suffers from a tendency to float off.
  1429.     Razorwing gives you decent damage and mediocre survivability.
  1431.     Augments:
  1432.     3(Beguiling Lantern) attracted enemies take more melee damage.
  1433.     4(Razorwing Blitz) Flight speed and fire rate increased by 25% for 8s when using abilities, stacks up to 4.
  1435.     -Razorwing build that builds high power strength and enough duration/efficiency to hit the efficiency cap. Dump stat is range,
  1436.     though you can mod for range/Natural Talent if you want a hybrid build to use her other abilities.
  1437.     The archgun is quite flexible and can be built many ways: crit, status, damage via pure elementals, and/or fire rate.
  1438.     No matter how you build it, it has good damage, but because of its single-target nature, it gets out-damaged by other damage frames
  1439.     and arguably isn't even as good as some top-tier guns. The melee is flat-out bad; it has awful crit stats, mediocre status, and
  1440.     furthermore lacks the AOE potential of other melees. You'll also rarely be able to use melee, because Razorwing's 50% evasion
  1441.     doesn't even come close to being good survivability, especially when the razor butterflies go down.
  1442.     Razorwing also disables your companion and you can't interact with objects.
  1444.     -CC Build that builds max range and high duration. Dump stat is power strength.
  1445.     Natural Talent is highly recommended to speed up her slow cast times.
  1446.     Don't use Razorwing for damage, because a negative-strength Razorwing is inferior to regular guns.
  1448. == Trinity
  1450.     Her abilities are fully utility so she is best used as the supportive roll of sucking the enemies dry of their energy
  1451.     and giving it to her squad. Hated by DE on all accounts.
  1454.     Roles: Infinite energy, Survivability, Team survivability
  1456.     Passive: Revive fallen allies faster from further away.
  1458.     Her 1(Well of Life) lifts an enemy into the air and marks them with a green aura, shooting the marked enemy restores health.
  1459.     Her 2(Energy Vampire) marks an enemy and makes him pulse energy to nearby allies, if killed enemy will release all energy left.
  1460.     Her 3(Link) links her to nearby enemies, reducing incoming damage and transferring it to linked targets.
  1461.     Her 4(Blessing) restores allies' health and shields and gives damage reduction buff.
  1463.     Decent support frame, though past nerfs hit her hard. Blessing being capped at 75% damage reduction makes it significantly less
  1464.     useful, because there is a world of difference between 75% and 99% damage reduction - and this is without taking into account its
  1465.     range being limited to 50m now. Her EV build remains unchanged and still provides infinite energy to your team, but EV by itself
  1466.     isn't anything to get too excited about.
  1468.     Augments:
  1469.     1 (Pool of Life) marked enemies drop a health globe on death with a chance at dropping an energy one as well.(who even uses this??)
  1470.     2 (Vampire Leech) excess energy will replenish shields and boost into overshields.
  1471.     3 (Abating Link) reduces armor of all linked enemies.
  1473.     -EV build that prioritizes max range, then max power strength. You want minimum duration (Fleeting Expertise + Transient Fortitude)
  1474.     to shorten the time between energy pulses. Dump stat is efficiency. Often runs the EV augment.
  1475.     EV Trin is most useful if you don't have Zenurik focus, and her usefulness decreases significantly if you do.
  1476.     Make sure to use Blessing to heal if anyone gets low.
  1478.     -Blessing build that runs max duration to make sure Blessing lasts as long as possible, with at least 50% power strength to hit the
  1479.     damage reduction cap. Dump stat is range, though you can add range for better EV capabilities; although time between pulses is long
  1480.     and range is shit, you can simply EV the target, gather around it, and then kill it, which will release the remaining energy
  1481.     charges (this is why going over 50% power strength may be useful).
  1482.     Tank Trinity builds should also use Link, which grants an additional 75% damage reduction on top of Blessing's 75%,
  1483.     in which case you should also mod some more range for Link.
  1485.     Meta for Eidolon Hunts.
  1487. == Valkyr
  1489.     The "berserker" warframe.  Outclassed by both chroma at being more durable and excalibur at being the better melee
  1490.     focused frame.
  1493.     Roles: Survivability
  1495.     Passive: Recovers from knockdowns faster and doesn't have to wait for landing animation when she falls.
  1497.     Her 1(Rip Line) fires a grappling hook, if it hits terrain she will launch herself in that direction.
  1498.         If it hits an ally or enemy they will be pulled to her, enemies taking damage.
  1499.         Can be cast again shortly after for extra damage and reduced energy cost.
  1500.     Her 2(Warcry) boosts allies attack speed and armor and reduces enemy movement speed.
  1501.     Her 3(Paralysis) unleashes her shields in front of her damaging and stunning enemies. Stunned enemies are open to finishers.
  1502.     Her 4(Hysteria) imbues her with energy and rage, unleashes energy claws and she becomes immune to damage.
  1504.     RIP sweet princess. Hysteria got gutted by the energy nerf and is now impossible to permanently sustain
  1505.     (while also restricting you to melee). Her only usefulness - survivability - got gutted with zero compensation.
  1506.     She still lacks any sort of utility or CC. All her other abilities are awful, although Warcry is a decent melee buff
  1507.     (especially with the augment, which causes it to last the entire mission). If you want to tank, there are loads of better options.
  1509.     Augments:
  1510.     1 (Swing Line) after an initial rip line succesive uses of rip line while airbone cost no energy.
  1511.     2 (Eternal War) melee kills increase Warcry's duration.
  1512.     3 (Prolonged Paralysis) increases paralysis's stun duration and slowly pulls enemies towards valkyr.
  1513.     4 (Hysterical Assault) use secondary fire to lunge at enemies.
  1517.     -Hysteria/melee build that builds high power strength and high duration for Eternal War. Range is your dump stat.
  1518.     If you plan on staying in Hysteria as long as possible, you will need efficiency, though you'll still have to constantly enter and
  1519.     exit Hysteria because the drain is so unsustainable; Rage/Zenurik can help you sustain.
  1520.     In fact, some players don't like to rely on Hysteria post-nerf and instead opt for a tank melee build, in which case
  1521.     you don't need efficiency as much. For both builds, Vitality+Steel Fiber can help you survive out of Hysteria.
  1522.     Mod your melee for crit, because Hysteria’s claws have a whopping 50% crit chance; many players also like to run
  1523.     Life Strike and/or Prime Reach. Hysteria struggles against Nullifiers and flying enemies.
  1525. == Vauban
  1528.     Roles: CC
  1530.     Passive: Other Warframes within 20 meters give you 25% bonus armour.
  1532.     His 1(Tesla) launches a grenade that sticks to any surface and zaps nearby enemies.
  1533.     His 2(Minelayer) - Cycles through 4 specialized mines
  1534.         Bounce- deploys a launch pad that sticks to any surface, allies and enemies that step on it are bounced.
  1535.         Trip Laser- deploys a laser trip wire, enemies that cross it are either stunned or knocked down.
  1536.         Shred- deploys an explosive landmine that does damage and reduces enemy armor for a short while.
  1537.         Concuss- deploys a concussive landmine, when an enemy is close it detonates, stunning them. Affected enemies suffer a rad proc.
  1538.     His 3(Bastille) launches a grenade that releases an energy based containment field, holds enemies in stasis.
  1539.     His 4(Vortex) launches a grenade that creates a powerful force of attraction pulling enemies to the center of it.
  1541.     The other King of Defense. Particularly good for Infested missions.
  1542.     Bastille is his best ability, granting spammable CC in a huge area. Vortex is good, but generally you'll be spamming Bastille
  1543.     more than Vortex. His different mines are fun but also useless when Bastille exists.
  1544.     Fills the same niche as Frost for Defense, camping, etc. with the upside that he’s useful in Infested missions.
  1545.     Downside is that unlike Frost, Vauban is less effective against guns (especially in wide-open maps),
  1546.     requires more maintenance, and gets fucked over by Nullifiers.
  1548.     Augments:
  1549.     1 (Tesla Link) creates an energy link between Tesla grenades that deals damage to enemies crossing it.
  1550.     3 (Repelling Bastille) Repels new enemies from bastille once it reaches the maximum amount of enemies it can hold.
  1551.     4 (Perpetual Vortex) increases its duration for every other vortex thrown into it.
  1553.     There are two builds that build differently but play identically:
  1555.     -Standard Bastille build that builds for duration, range, and power strength (yes, it requires all three stats AND efficiency).
  1556.     Each stat is important, and almost any combination of stats works as long as one of them isn't super low.
  1557.     Spam Bastille and watch enemies float in the air.
  1559.     -Repelling Bastille that uses the Bastille augment, building for max range and high duration. Dump stat is power strength.  
  1561.     For both builds you’re going to be spamming Bastille everywhere. Maintain as much coverage as possible.
  1563. == Volt
  1565.     Sanic.
  1568.     Roles: Defense, CC, Speedrunning
  1570.     Passive: Moving on the ground gives a stackable Electric damage buff to your next melee strike.
  1572.     His 1(Shock) shocks a target and chains to nearby enemies, stunning for a little bit.
  1573.         Causes targets affected by his 4(Overload) to AOE burst.
  1574.     His 2(Speed) gives him and allies a movement/melee attack speed boost.
  1575.     His 3(Electric Shield) creates an energy shield in front of him.    
  1576.         Shots fired through the shield gain extra electricity damage and a crit damage boost.
  1577.         Casting 1(Shock) on the shield will charge it, making enemies that touch it take damage.
  1578.         The Shield can also be picked up and carried in front of you. (This drains energy)
  1579.     His 4(Discharge) spreads out a wave that turns enemies into 'Tesla Coils' that zap nearby enemies.
  1580.         Damage is dealt to the enemy-turned- Tesla Coil and its targets.
  1581.         Casting Shock on Tesla Coil causes an AOE burst.
  1583.     Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none frame. Despite DE trying to buff him with a rework, his power level has not changed much.
  1584.     Electric Shield is still a good defensive ability with the added benefit of being able to pick up the shield, but has several
  1585.     downsides when picked up. Speed is still a good ability for speedrunning, and the reload speed buff it received means that it
  1586.     works best with weapons that reload frequently. Overload received the biggest change and is inarguably buffed.
  1588.     Augments:
  1589.     1 (Shock Trooper) casting Shock on allies gives them extra % electricity damage on all attacks.
  1590.     2 (Shocking Speed) enemies touched by you or allies while sprinting get zapped.
  1591.     3 (Transistor Shield) allies can pick up your shields.
  1592.     4 (Capacitance) converts a percentage of damage done by Discharge into shields, split between you and allies.
  1594.     -Shield build that runs max duration. Dump stat is range and power strength, though there's often enough mod space to
  1595.     add power strength for Speed. Best used with crit guns. Shield is a good defensive ability but outshined by Snowglobe since
  1596.     you need to constantly maintain multiple shields for full coverage, which is made more difficult by the shield limit.
  1597.     Picking up the shield is cool but not reliable since enemies can still shoot you from the back/sides.
  1599.     -Speed build that runs high/max strength, high duration, and high range (yes, everything). Press 2 and turn your team
  1600.     into racecars. For solo play, Volt still lacks the survivability of Loki (the other top speedrunner) with his Invis.
  1602.     -Discharge build that runs high/max range. The other attributes are trickier to mod for. Because of Discharge's damage cap
  1603.     mechanics, no combination of strength/duration will give you a consistent, long duration stun; Discharge will almost
  1604.     always last significantly shorter than the ability states, especially on light units, and furthermore cannot be refreshed
  1605.     on affected targets.
  1607.     Meta for Eidolon Hunts.
  1609. == Wukong
  1611.     China warframes 1st frame.
  1614.     Roles: Survivability
  1616.     Passive: Melee combo counter lasts 2 more seconds.
  1618.     His 1(Iron Jab) extends his iron staff (kinky) in the direction of the target reticle, damages an enemy and knocks down.
  1619.     His 2(Defy) upon taking fatal damage returns him to more stable health but loses a percentage of his current energy.
  1620.     His 3(Cloud Walker) makes wukong disappear into a cloud (basically invisibility). While in the cloud he can move in any direction.
  1621.     His 4(Primal Fury) has him summon his Iron Staff as a melee weapon that increases range with each attack.
  1622.         (Melee ult like valkyr/excalibur)
  1624.     Literally invincible with Defy.
  1625.     Primal Fury is an okay Exalted weapon with better range than a regular melee weapon, though in terms of DPS it can fall
  1626.     behind due to its inability to use Blood Rush + Body Count. Good solo frame but provides little to a team.
  1628.     Augments:
  1629.     1 (Iron Vault) aiming your 1 at the ground launches you in the air and makes your next slam attack do 500% more damage.
  1630.     3 (Enveloping Cloud) allies within range of cloud become invisible for 14 secs.
  1631.     4 (Primal Rage) killing enemies increases your crit chance by 10% and decays 1% over time.
  1633.     -Pure Defy build that runs max efficiency and max duration. Strength and range are dump stats.
  1634.     You must run Rage + Vitality to keep your energy pool up; Medi-Ray also helps. Very easy to mod.
  1635.     Literally invincible; just make sure to bring a good gun.
  1637.     -Defy/Primal Fury build that builds similar to the previous build, except you fit in as much strength as possible along
  1638.     with the Primal Rage augment. Range has minimal effect on Primal Fury. Equally important are your melee mods;
  1639.     mod for Crit and/or status. Prime Reach is also very good to increase his stick's initial range. The biggest problem with this
  1640.     build is mod space on Wukong: Vitality/Rage/Primal Rage doesn't leave much space for strength mods, and like Exalted Blade,
  1641.     it can be outdamaged by weapons using Blood Rush + Body Count.
  1643. For either build, remember to recast Defy every couple of ‘deaths’ to reset your heal percentage.
  1646. == Zephyr
  1648.     While being at the same tier of uselessness as Oberon she can still do some hard CC and go fast on her own.
  1651.     Roles: Survivability/Defense, Damage
  1653.     Passive: Improved aerodynamics, being able to move mid-air more flexibly and faster
  1655.     Her 1(Tailwind) propels her up(if grounded) or facing the reticle(if airborne), nose dive(aiming down).
  1656.          Can charge up her 1 from the ground, causing her to hover and making next tailwind free to cast.
  1657.     Her 2(Air Burst) shoots out airbursts that AoEs on impact, ragdolling enemies. Shoot at Tornadoes makes them bigger.
  1658.     Her 3(Turbulence) creates a whirlwind shield around her that redirects incoming projectiles.
  1659.     Her 4(Tornado) creates multiple tornados that lift up enemies.
  1660.         Tornadoes can be shot with certain element to change its damage type and damage enemies in it.
  1662.     Her most useful ability by far is Turbulence, which is a good survivability ability that can also function as AOE protection,
  1663.     but be careful that several things (e.g. sapping ospreys) go through it. She has minimal CC potential with Dive Bomb and Tornado
  1664.     (Tornado can in fact hurt your team by making enemies harder to hit). Her best endgame build is her Tonkor gimmick build.
  1666.     Augments:
  1667.     1 (Target Fixation) each enemy hit increases Tailwinds damage by 50%, until landing.
  1668.     3 (Jet Stream) gives zephyr and her allies additional movement speed and projectile speed.
  1669.     4 (Funnel Clouds) spawns more but smaller tornadoes and doesn't pick up enemies.
  1671.     -Turbulence Zephyr that builds high duration and high range. Jetstream and power strength are less necessary
  1672.     but can still be good for going fast.
  1674. ===============================================================================================================================
  1676. Note: All the builds hinted above are their general uses. There are different more specific builds out there for different shit.
  1677.       Don't take this all around general guide as the final say in everything.
  1678.       For more detailed info (numbers, %s, etc) use the wiki.
  1680.     == Also take a look at the "Frames and Modding" pastebin in the OP ==
  1682. ===============================================================================================================================
  1688. ==============
  1689. ==3. Weapons==
  1690. ==============
  1693. There are 2 combinations that you'd ever want to use.
  1694. Corrosive + heat for DEAC shit and vs infested. Corrosive will help against the armor while heat provides a decent dps boost.
  1695. Viral + heat for post-DEAC shit. Once you strip their armor via 4x corrosive projection corrosive damage stops doing anything. At this point viral, heat and slash are better, ~90% of the enemies in the void are weak to both viral and heat. Viral is generaly good because it cuts their hp by half. It's also great vs corpus. Viral heat ends up better than using magnetic poison on them.
  1697. For void or vs grineer: If you are going solo or in a squad that doesn't have 4 corrosive projections it's better to use corrosive+heat as that gets a huge boost to damage vs armored targets, procing its status will also reduce their armor. If you don't have 4 corrosive projections in the squad then the chances are you won't go too high to even worry about armor completely reducing your damage to single/double digits.
  1698. If you are going in a squad with 4 corrosive projections then viral heat are objectively the best elements as corrosive does not get a damage boost vs enemies with no armor on and you cannot reduce their armor in the negative.
  1700. For corpus it's best to use viral heat vs them, or toxin since it can bypass their shields and go straight into their usually lower health pool.
  1703. Elemental damage chart for the void:
  1705. Builds:
  1706. =======
  1708. The main 3 mods for all your primary weapons will be: Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber/Vigilante Armaments. No matter what weapon these 3 mods must be used.
  1710. The elements you want to use are either viral + heat (in a party with four corrosive projection auras) or corrosive + heat
  1712. After that you are looking at the status of the weapon.
  1714. Does the weapon have shit status(at or under 15%) or is it a weapon that benefits from crits/very high damage per shot rather than status? Use pure elemental damage mods.
  1716. Does the weapon have decent status (over 15%) and does it have a decent fire rate? use the damage+status event mods instead.
  1718. Primary build for most/almost all primary weapons in the game
  1720.     Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber/Vigilante Armaments, poison elemental damage mod, cold/electric elemental damage mod, heat elemental damage mod, Shred (if applicable). The last slots are more or less utility slots where you will either put; Point Strike + Vital Sense, Vile acceleration or a Syndicate mod if applicable. You'll have to either: drop shred or heat in order to use it on a crit weapon build.
  1724. They only increase that one physical damage type while elemental damage mods scale off its TOTAL damage. ie: fanged fusillade/sawtooth clip only increases the weapons slash damage by 120%/30% while an elemental damage mod will add 90% of its total damage as that element.
  1725. Unless the weapon is purely that physical damage type elemental damage mods will ALWAYS give a better benefit.
  1729. With more damage mods you'll have less to worry about ammo because you'll be killing stuff in less shots.
  1730. If you're running out of ammo bring ammo restores.
  1734. Extremely situational/useless. Still better to use vile acceleration which will increase your dps or even another elemental mod.
  1737. Primary build for all secondary weapons in the game:
  1739.     Hornet strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Pathogen Rounds, Deep Freeze(viral)/convulsion(corrosive), primed heated charge or the regular one, scorch and pistol pestilence
  1741. For more utility like anemic agility replace one of the event mods.
  1744. Primary builds for melee weapons:
  1746.     Pressure Point, Fury, Body Count/Drifting Contact, 2 elements of your choice either viral or corrosive depending, after that you are looking if it's a crit or noncrit weapon, if it's crit add the obligatory crit mods (Berserker, Blood Rush, etc) if it isn't go for more damage with event mods, add a Condition Overload.
  1750. Good only if you have a steady income of energy via trinity or rage with high hp otherwise you'll go out of energy extremely fast on high attack speed weapons.
  1754. Ded
  1756. Note: again, the builds listed may not work for every single weapon in the game. Some like the torid, some syndicate augment supported weapons and bows have very specific builds.
  1759.                                 ====================================================================
  1760.                                 ====================================================================
  1761.                                   For more builds you can always use:
  1762.                                 ====================================================================
  1763.                                 ====================================================================
  1767. ===================
  1768. == 4. Companions ==
  1769. ===================
  1771.     Sentinels, kubrows, kavats and MOAs are going to be your battle companions through the grind.
  1772.     Some are extremely useful while others are extremely useless.
  1773.     All Pets now have Vacuum (Fetch for animal companions).
  1776. ================
  1777. ==4.1 Sentinels:
  1779.     You can get a sentinel by buying its blueprint off the market and crafting it. Nothing else is required. The sentinel itself doesn't need anything for upkeep but it is fragile in combat, regen and at least a rank 6-10 vitality or redirection should be used on it. Every sentinel has its own abilities, weapon and different target range for attack. You can use a Wyrm laser on a Carrier, a sweeper on a Wyrm will shotgun at very long range etc.
  1780.     They will never get targeted by enemy fire and will only proceed get fired at if you get downed but it will still easily die from bombards and other AOE.
  1781.     If you want to keep a sentinels weapon but sell the sentinel you can do so and keep the weapon. You get 4 slots by default and you can get 2 additional slots for 12 plat as every sentinel will use 2 slots (1 for the sentinel and 1 for the weapon).
  1782.     By unequipping the "attack" mod off the sentinel you can make it never attack enemies and only use its abilities.
  1783.     Useful mods for the sentinels include: Vacuum which will pull in loot for you in around a 12m~ radius, Regen which will revive it after it dies once, Guardian which will regenerate your shields to full once every 30 seconds, Medi-Ray which will heal you over time, Animal Instinct which will give you pocket Thief's wit/enemy radar, Coolant Leak which will slow enemies around you and Sanctuary which will put a shield around you when you revive people.
  1786. ===4.1.1 Carrier
  1790. Carrier will convert ammo and increase your ammo capacity.
  1792. It has a shotgun as a weapon with great fire rate and status slap in some event mods for blast+electric,seeking fury and some fire rate mods and it'll keep everything that comes close to you permaCC'd.
  1794. Carrier prime gets a massive hp boost while its weapon gets a very slight damage boost.
  1796. ===4.1.2 Helios
  1798.     The only other useful sentinel that will scan shit for your codex automaticaly.
  1802. As said above it will scan enemies for your codex. The augment allows it to become a pocket banshee that will mark 1 enemy every 10 seconds for a slight damage boost.
  1804. It uses a glaive at medium range as a weapon and needs melee mods for it. Nothing special about it as it cannot crit.
  1806. ===4.1.3 Shade
  1808.     Shade makes you invisible while not attacking.
  1812. As long as there is 1 enemy in its line of sight it will keep you invisible until you attack with a weapon as such it will keep you invisible even if you use your frames abilities. Its weapon is a burst laser pistol at low range.
  1814. ===4.1.4 Dethcube
  1816.     A single target damage dealing sentinel.
  1820. Dethcube has no other use than its vaporize which will deal 900 radiation damage to an enemy that gets close to you. Uses a deth machine rifle which is more of a minigun at high range.
  1822. ===4.1.5 Djinn
  1826. Djinn has a "taunt" ability which will make enemies walk to djinn instead of targeting you or anything else in their range. Will ONLY use it if there are 2 enemies within 24m of it after 10 seconds after which point you'd already could've killed them. Uses a rifle with toxin darts as a weapon.
  1828. ===4.1.6 Wyrm
  1830.     A somewhat defensive sentinel
  1834. Wyrm will knock down enemies around you. Uses an low accuracy rifle at long range.
  1836. Wyrm prime gets a massive boost to shields and a big increase to its weapons crit chance.
  1838. ===4.1.7 Diriga
  1840.     The CC sentinel
  1844. Diriga will permanently stun an nearby enemy with an electricity proc but it won't be able to fire while doing. It also has an aoe electric attack that may proc electricity to everyone around you. Its weapon is a high status,high crit sniper rifle with very long range.
  1847. ===============
  1848. ==4.2 Kubrows:
  1850.     You can get a kubrow once you've finished the Howl of the Kubrow quest rewarded from the Jackal.
  1851. In order to get your kubrow you will have to: grind earth missions and destroy feral kubrow nests until an egg drops, make an incubator and have a free slot.
  1852. Every 24 hours it will lose 10% of its bonus hp starting at +100% hp and ending at 0% (no hp bonus). If the kubrow gets downed in a mission you can revive it as you would other players, if it dies it will lose happiness which will decrease its bonus damage by 10%. You can get it back up by "interacting" aka petting it to increase its damage by 30%, can only be used 3 times a day.
  1853. Getting the incubator upgrade will: decrease the time to hatch a kubrow by a day, will put kubrows into the statis automatically before death and will allow Stasis recovery for free and instant.
  1854. To remove your kubrow you HAVE to "consign" it to the lotus for 25k credits.
  1856. Kubrows are inferior to sentinels because: sentinels have no upkeep and will generaly die only to aoe unlike kubrows that can run off and get themselves killed in the middle of enemies, EXTREMELY costly mods every single one of them is fucking rank 10 and at least uncommon, 2 rank 10 damage mods which will make it deal slightly more damage, will often attack enemies more than use their abilities, no way to make them not attack.
  1858. ===4.2.1 Huras Kubrow
  1860.     The huras kubrow works just like shade giving you invisibility as long as it can get alerted by an enemy. Doesn't seem to need line of sight(?).Your kubrow can attack enemies while invisible but it will become so if it attacks. Its other ability is a charge like ability which will make the kubrow knock down enemies in its path.
  1862. ===4.2.2 Raksa Kubrow
  1864.     Works just like Nekros' Fear ability and the sentinel guardian mod. Will fear enemies once they come into its range slowing them down and making them run away, will replenish your shields once they go out with its other abilitiy.
  1866. ===4.2.3 Sahasa Kubrow
  1868.     One of the more useful breeds of kubrows. When not in combat it will dig, giving you up to 3 pickups be it ammo,health,energy and ocasionally credits. It will always prioritize on what you need the most: if low on hp it will give more leath orbs, if low on energy it will be more energy orbs. Because you cannot make the kubrow not attack it will spend the majority of its time attacking enemies. Its other ability will stun a target while dealing damage to it.
  1870. ===4.2.4 Sunika Kubrow
  1872.     Sunika is the "assasination" type of breed, while in reality it will only chase down capture targets at high speed and pinning them to the ground for you to safely kill and capture them. Its other ability will stun a target while dealing damage to it.
  1874. ===4.2.5 Chesa Kubrow
  1876.     The carrier kubrow. When not in combat it will destroy crates, pick up its loot and drop it near you. When in combat it will pick the loot dropped by enemies and bring it to you. Just like Sahasa kubrows it suffers from attacking more than doing its job. Can only carry a finite number of loot and has a cooldown on the ability. Its other ability will disarm enemies.
  1879. ==4.2.6 Helminth Charger
  1881.     Infested Kubrow Charger thing.
  1882.     How to get it:
  1883.     Ugly looking motherfucker that's actually the most damaging of the dogs.
  1886. ================
  1887. ==4.3 Kavats:
  1889.     The 2nd animal companion to come out.
  1890.     > HOW DO I GET CATS?
  1891.     Kavats are another kind of RNG cancer only DE is capable of.
  1892.     The basics are:
  1894.     >Get segment from hyekka masters as a drop or research in dojo
  1895.     >Recipe requires a new item that's basically cat DNA.
  1896.     >Scan Feral Kavats in Derelict missions with a chance to get said item, shittiest drop rate possible.
  1897.     >After getting 10 and building the Segment you can now breed cats.
  1898.     >Kavat recipe is 10 DNA and a power core.
  1899.     >Every possible grind and wait time is skippable by plat.
  1901. ===4.3.1 Adarza Kavat
  1903.     The Adarza kavat will sometimes increased your group's crit chance for a short duration.
  1904.     It will also reflect attacks back at enemies but with more damage.
  1906. ===4.3.2 Smeeta Kavat
  1908.     The most useful of the cats.
  1909.     Get it if you want to farm shit.
  1911.     The Smeeta kavat can become invisible and leave a decoy that attracts enemy fire, similar to Loki's decoy.
  1912.     It also gives you random buffs with various durations during missions.
  1913.     -Red crits on everything;
  1914.     -Double resource pickups and affinity (pray for this);
  1915.     -Spawn rare resources from the planet you're on;
  1916.     -No energy cost on abilities;
  1917.     -Instant reload;
  1918.     -Reinforced shields.
  1921. ================
  1922. ==4.4 MOAs:
  1924.     MOA pets were added with the Fortuna update. They're the 1st modular companions we have and aren't currently very useful.
  1925.     Despite being robotic pets you can still use "Link" mods and Medi-Pet Kit on them.
  1926.     To build a MOA you need 4 different components:
  1927.     Model (head)- this determines what mod precepts it comes with. It's also the only part that gives Mastery Rank once you gild it.
  1928.     Core (ass)- modifies base stats (hp/shields/armor)
  1929.     Gyro (frontal appearance)- like the Core this also modifies base stats.
  1930.     Bracket (legs)- determines the polarities your MOA will have.
  1932.     Even though every model comes with its own precept mods, after you craft one you can use their mods in any other MOA you build.
  1935. ================
  1936. ==5. Archwing ==
  1937. ================
  1940. =======
  1941. Since there aren't that many archwing mods to begin with, all of them use the same mods pretty much.
  1942. =======
  1945. ===5.1 Amesha
  1949. Healer/Support
  1950. Can heal allies/buff their abilities, can convert damage taken into energy, can also slow enemies and can block damage.
  1953. ===5.2 Elytron
  1957. Heavy Artillery/Bombardment archwing.
  1958. Offensive archwing that sets up big damage zones and blows shit up.
  1959. Also very tanky.
  1961. ===5.3 Itzal
  1965. Stealth/support archwing
  1966. Can blink around, provide stealth for group, and pull loot/enemies in.
  1968. ===5.4 Odonata
  1972. The first archwing you get
  1973. Mix of defense and offense
  1974. Has a frontal shield that absorbs damage and buffs damage when fired through.
  1975. Fires rockets, can use flares to neutralize enemy projectiles.
  1976. Has a big aoe blast that pushes back enemies and immobilizes them for a while.
  1978. Has a prime version.
  1980. ====================
  1981. ==6. EXP Farm etc==
  1982. ====================
  1985. How to easily level up shit:
  1987. >Kill stealing is a public service.
  1990. Sechura(Pluto)/ Akkad(Eris)/ Seimeni(Ceres)/ Hydron(Sedna) depending what you want to level up or want resources along with it,
  1991. Dark Sectors give additional affinity bonuses to your weapons and have increased drop rates.
  1992. Hydron is currently the favoured place by many to level up stuff in.
  1993. With the release of Sanctuary Onslaught(SO) and the Elite version (ESO) many people also go there for affinity/focus.
  1994. Akkad is very easy, safe and fast for warframe and secondary leveling. Sit on top of the crates or on the container up above the cryopod and safely shoot them.
  1995. Berehynia(Sedna) with a long range damaging frame, EV trinity, some random damage buffer.
  1997. If you want to do any of the above places with an unranked frame at least put on a Vitality or something.
  1999. ========================
  2000. ==7. Other useful shit==
  2001. ========================
  2003. Tips and tricks to make your grinding experience a little more enjoyable
  2005. => Kill stealing is a public service.
  2006. => Use to check for Alerts, Daily/Weekly Nightwave challenges, active invasions, void trader appearances, synthesis target progress etc
  2007. => You can skip the liset/jumping out of the vent entry scene by taping space twice
  2008. => You can skip the 10 second "returning to liset" timer by taping space if you are playing Solo
  2009. => Ciphers are keybound to Y
  2010. => You can turn the corpus ciphers the other way by pressing right click
  2011. => To maximize the energy you get from rage on high hp frames, equip the dragon key that reduces your shields
  2012. => Arsenal keybinds: Y to open up your mods
  2013. => You can disable auto vault over obstacles at options => controls
  2014. => Disable bloom and color correction to not make your eyes bleed
  2015. => Enemies are running towards you in defense/survivals, no need to chase them
  2016. => You can remove your frost globe by using your 1 on it
  2017. => You can parry enemies in melee with your weapon by channeling while blocking getting them open for finishers (not really useful)
  2018. => Restores are cheap to make and you can make 10 of them at one time, stock on them and use them regularly
  2019. => Ash can fire Torid and other grenade launchers in between jumps while doing bladestorm
  2020. => You can stack multiple sonars on enemies
  2021. => Chroma's effigy increases credit drop rate and chances in a small radius around it
  2022. => Press shift to get out of Limbos banish
  2023. => Mesa is your deployable affinity turret, stick around her and buff her instead of chasing enemies around corners
  2024. => Nekros can desecrate enemies around him for more loot, stick as a team and kill shit so that he can desecrate more stuff
  2025. => You can boost your allied Novas antimatter drop by shooting at it
  2026. => You can boost allied Nyx's Absorb by shooting at it
  2027. => Trinity can give you a lot of energy, use your abilities without fear of running out of energy
  2028. => Vauban can vortex enemies/render them useless, stay around those instead of chasing enemies around the map
  2029. => Volts shield can increase your damage when you shoot through it, stand around him and use it but don't block other people
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