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  1.     7. God's Will.
  2.     Sydoru is the person who is responsible for the instant destruction of the 570 ton human transporter with a single wave of its hand, it's also what the human call as the "Protoss" race, even if it was 20 human transporters they would still perished under his powerful ionic storm. The Protoss use and understanding of energy can not be imagined by all the other civilization in the Milky Way. However, the worried Dr. Chermon did not know that Sydoru is the only Protoss on this planet.
  3.     Sydoru is an the son of a Noble who is on the run from the Dastarc Protoss Empire, the past few month encountered more than ten times with the Empire's soldier demanding his head, jumping through star-gates he was constantly on the run, at last with the help of a Dark Templar who used to serve his household, found a long-range star-gate to a planet outside the Empire's expansion domain, and find him self on this planet with more than 200,000 light-years away from the Dastarc planetary belt.
  4.     It was not known how the noble family had enraged the Emperor, but in the blink of an eye, the Sydon family was ransacked and hunted, with everyone related fleeing for their lives. Sydoru's anger formed a small cyclone in the surrounding air, he vowed to the Milky Way that he would start an Empire of his own and find the Dastarc Empire for revenge.
  5.     Protoss is an arrogant and strong-willed race. After the disappearance of fatigue, Sydoru immediately began working on establishment of a base. This planet is rich in Silicon Minerals, and through the Protoss huge interstellar trading network selling these minerals is a great way to raise funds. After establishment of the first Stargate, he directed a large number of small-scale mining robot and began to mining Silicon Minerals for trading in the black-market network for soldiers and weapons.
  6.      The first group of black-market Zealots came through the the Stargate, once those soldiers are on the ground they shouted: "For Sydoon!" showing allegiance to their new master. In less than two days, a small armed Protoss force have been established. Various type of construction and countless Pylons transmitted energy across the reddish-brown desolate planet. Sydoru have also started to look for more Silicon Mineral fields to expand his business.
  7.     Lazko and Lazto are brothers, born as slaves, they were sold to the interstellar mercenary center, after several years of training and intelligence module reorganization, became the Protoss warrior: Zealots. The Zealots was the Protoss armed pirates in the ancient times with energy shield to provide strong self-protection, hands helding high ion energy blades with destructive close-combat fighting performance. These low-cost Zealot has once again become a pioneer in the interstellar hegemony of the Protoss force.
  8.     Lazko and Lazto searched towards the north of the base for Silicon Minerals according to orders. Their master Sydoru have told them, on this planet there are metal armor wearing low-level mechanical civilized species, the species can fire weapon by chemical reaction with explosion on long-range weapons as their main characteristics. So when they saw a dozen Zerglings run towards them, figured they were mere low-level native species and did not pay attention.    
  9.     The Zerglings however, did not come to a halt. They believed that these Zealots were new face of human arms and carried out attacks instantly, Some Zerglings were even excited that the expected high-explosive bullets did not come, until their bodies were sliced apart by the high energy ion-blades.
  10.     Lazko and Lazto defended against the organized attacks, their body shield rapidly decreased upon impact of the claws of these "low-level species". Finally after cutting 9 limps off of these "low-level specie", met the total destruction of the end. They never could of thought that these "low-level species" would have claws so much more tough than harden titanium.
  11.     The warrior career they prepared 7-years for ended within 15 minutes, and on this desolated planet bled for the first time the ethereal blue blood of the Protoss.
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