[ Lee Yeona ]

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  1. [ INFO ]
  3. Name: Lee Yeona
  4. Stage name: Yeona
  5. Birthday: 08/20/02
  6. Age: 17 | 18
  7. Height: 160cm + 5.24934ft
  8. Weight: 45kg + 99.208lbs
  9. Blood type: A+
  10. Nationality: South Korean
  11. Ethnicity: Chinese-Korean
  12. Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  15. [ TRAINEE LIFE ]
  17. Background: her father’s a Korean and her mother’s a Chinese. She has two younger siblings who are both twins; Yeon Min (Female) and Yeon Jin (Male) who are both younger than her by 4 years. She was born in Seoul, South Korea before her father wanted to expand his business to Singapore as he heard that the economic status there is doing financially well when she was about 2 years old. After spending a decade there, they finally moved back to Seoul to take care of Yeona’s paternal grandparents
  18. Predebut: not much other than being a backup dancer in Jennie’s Solo MV and appearing in one of the many boy groups’ MV which she forgot the name of
  19. Training facts: she juggles between school and training. She often practices on her vocal and dancing skills, more than her rapping skills. She would sometimes do small jobs like being a child model for a brand or a child actress for a Korean drama
  20. Audition:
  24. [ SKILL RANK ]
  26. Vocal: 9/10
  27. Dance: 7/10
  28. Rap: 8/10
  29. Visual: 8.7/10
  30. Leadership: 5.5/10
  31. Charisma: 9/10
  33. Main skill: vocal
  34. Sub skill: rap
  37. [ CHARACTER ]
  39. Personality: Yeona is a bubbly and cheerful person, always smiling and attempting at making others around her smile. She’s an innocent and cute little bean who’s an expert at doing aegyo, she can literally just use her charms to persuade people. Often she acts cute because she feels like it. She’s very affectionate and loves giving hugs and cuddles, often dubbed the gayest member of the group. Occasionally she’d give the members and probably just run off in embarrassment. Because of her adorable personality, she is well-loved by everyone. She can be lazy at times and would just lie on her bed doing nothing. She is also very charismatic and can charm anyone with just her looks and one wink. Yeona can be quite funny at times but yet can be very careless. Most of the time when you hear her whining in pain, it’d be because she accidentally knocked herself onto an object. She can be very blur at times too. Yeona is very innocent which results in her probably having a handful of protection squads and is not aware of it. Despite her innocent personality, she can be quite savage at times too and can change how she perform on stage to whatever concept she’s given. She is not afraid to stand up for the one she loves and she’d win if she was in debates.
  41. Character: often described as the cute little bean who acts really gay around the other members. Even so she has a dual personality, she can also be quite motherly if needed to or even be savage. Overall, she is that one person who is smiling all the time and is just too cute to resist.
  44. -Animals
  45. -pastel colours
  46. -performing
  47. -water
  48. -cute things
  49. -gaming
  50. -food
  51. -sleep
  52. -anime
  53. -karaoke
  54. -noodles
  55. Dislikes:
  56. -Insects
  57. -heights
  58. -thunder
  59. -the dark
  60. -toxic people
  61. -mean girls
  62. -loud places
  64. Trivia:
  65. -Her best subject is Math
  66. -can wink really well
  67. -can speak English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and a little bit of French and Spanish
  68. -She learns ballet
  69. -Has her own Youtube channel where she posts videos of her playing mobile legends, identity v, PUBG and sims 4. Occasionally do asmr vids, vlogs and mukbang videos.
  70. -the highest record of the amount she can eat for one meal is 6 packets
  71. -is a self proclaimed otaku
  74. [ EXTRA ]
  76. Instagram + profile pic: @/yeonana
  77. Scandals: maybe love scandals? But that’d be in the future, I’m also ok with any other scandals
  78. Future love: Dongpyo X1
  79. Group name ideas: Mirage, Crystalline (lol I have zero ideas)
  80. Fandom name ideas: hehe idk lol, crystal(s)?
  81. Message to u: hewooo uwu
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