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  1. ------------
  2. Teleport locations list:
  3. ------------
  5. Severograd
  6. Krasnostav
  7. Mogilevka
  8. Stary
  9. Msta
  10. Vybor
  11. Gorka
  12. Solni
  13. NWAFS
  14. NWAFC
  15. NWAFN
  16. BAF
  17. NEAF
  18. ChernoC
  19. ChernoW
  20. ChernoE
  21. ElektroW
  22. ElektroE
  23. BerezC
  24. BerezS
  25. BerezN
  26. Svet
  27. ZelenoS
  28. ZelenoN
  29. Lopatino
  30. Tisy
  31. Novaya
  32. Novy
  33. Grishino
  34. Kabanino
  36. --------------
  37. Commands avaibale for use:
  39. /export               - Saves current gear on admin player as possible load-out to spawn with for players on server
  40. /LoadoutType          - Switches the load out type on spawn: static or randomly generated
  41. /CustomLoadouts       -Enable or Disable custom loadouts
  42. /godmode              -Enable/Diable God Mode
  43. /freecam              -enables freecam, to disable type the command again
  44. /spi itemClassName    -Spawns item in your inventory make sure you leave space after the command then insert item name
  45. /spg itemClassName    -Spawns item around your player make sure you leave space after the command then insert item name
  46. /tpto TownName        - Teleports your player to the town selected (case sensative!) use names from list above!
  47. /tpc 7500 0 7500      - Teleports player to the corrds make sure you leave space after the command and after each value x z y
  48. /debug                - Enables/Disables debug monitor for all players on server. After Disabling players need to relog so the UI goes away.
  49. /nighttime            - Not sure what this command does :P
  50. /daytime              - Not sure what this command does :P
  51. /heal                 - Heals admin only
  52. /tpalltome            - welp, it will TP all players to you :)
  53. /killall              - yep, that ugly ass black screen will show up :P
  54. /kill                 - Suicide is a problem within our society.
  55. /spawncar             - Spawns a blue Hatchback ready to drive right next to you :)
  56. /tpp                  -Tp player to you by name, leave space after command
  57. /tppm                 -tp your player to the player selected by name, leave space after command
  58. /stamina              -Enable/Disable Stamina on the server. Applies to all players.
  59. /updateLoadouts       -Reads and constructs the custom loadouts files.
  60. /strip PlayerName     -Strips the player from thier items (Deletes everything). leave space between command and name
  61. /ammo                 - Reloads and Heals weapon in hand
  62. /SpawnArmed           -Enable/Disable the spawn with gun feature.
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