MagiReco Yakumo Mitama story translation

Apr 22nd, 2018
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  3. I want to know!
  5. 1.1
  6. [at the Adjuster's]
  7. Ayaka: "Well, we're here!"
  8. "By Shizuku-chan, for Shizuku-chan, this is Shizuku-chan's..."
  9. "Japanese Archipelago Survival Trip!"
  10. Shizuku: "It's not really about survival though..."
  11. Ayaka: "This time, the one we're having throw the darts is..."
  12. "Who might it be, but..."
  13. "The Adjuster, Mitama-san!"
  14. Mitama: "Hi~ This is the Adjuster, Yakumo Mitama."
  15. Shizuku: "It's always Mitama-san though..."
  16. Ayaka: "Well, let's get down to deciding our destination!"
  17. Shizuku: "You didn't listen..."
  18. Ayaka: "What'll we encounter this time? A Habu!? A Mongoose!?"
  19. "Or perhaps an Okinawa Rail?"
  20. Shizuku: "Why all from Okinawa?"
  21. Ayaka: "Well then, perform the throw of fate!"
  22. Mitama: "Okay..."
  23. "Here I go!"
  24. "One, two, and..."
  25. [fade to gray]
  26. "..."
  27. "..."
  28. Ayaka: "That's---!"
  29. [insert image of Mitama, Ayaka, and Shizuku]
  30. Ayaka: "And here we have it!"
  31. "A come-from-behind bases loaded home run!"
  32. Mitama: "Yess, how many points?"
  33. Shizuku: "It's not that type of game..."
  34. Ayaka: "The dart landed on..."
  35. "The Japan Trench!!"
  36. [fade to gray, with Mitama]
  37. Mitama: *The Japan Trench... A kinda deep area in the Pacific Ocean. At the deepest, it goes 8020 meters below sea level.* [note: English Wikipedia says it's 10,554 but Japanese wikipedia says 8020.]
  38. [back to the Adjuster's]
  39. Mitama: "So then, Shizuku-chan, this time we're heading to the bottom of the ocean."
  40. Shizuku: "..."
  41. *snap*
  42. "I'm leaving."
  43. Ayaka: "Ehhh!? Shizuku-chan!? Why, why, whyyyy!?"
  44. Shizuku: "..."
  45. "Having fun deciding on a destination, aimlessly wandering around is fine..."
  46. "For me, doing that has meaning."
  47. "However..."
  48. "If make fun of me, I'm not going to be in a good mood..."
  49. Ayaka: "Ah~~~... This isn't good! I think she's actually angry!"
  50. "And I was hoping we'd be able to have a trip in good spirits!"
  51. "At this rate, we're going at full steam but spinning our wheels up in the air!"
  52. Mitama: "You can't get up in the air if you're just spinning your wheels though."
  53. Ayaka: "You're right!"
  54. "Wait, I gotta go follow her!"
  55. Mitama: "..."
  56. [fade to gray]
  57. Mitama: *Shizuku-chan is searching..."*
  58. *For a place she'd be happy to live the rest of her life, a place where she fits perfectly...*
  59. *I understand her feelings a little.*
  60. *I too don't have anywhere I feel comfortable.*
  61. *But for me, rather than not having anywhere I belong...*
  62. ***It was stolen from around me.***
  63. *And so while I empathize, it's slightly different..."
  64. [back at the Adjuster's]
  65. Felicia: "Hmm, it was stolen from you?"
  66. Mitama: "!?"
  67. "A-ah, Felicia-chan. When did you get here?"
  68. Felicia: "Just now."
  69. "You were mumbling to yourself or something."
  70. Mitama: "Hehe, I'm sorry. Here for an adjustment?"
  71. Felicia: "That's what I came for, but..."
  72. Mitama: "What is it?"
  73. Felicia: "That reminds me, I was wondering, who *are* you, Mitama?"
  74. Mitama: "Huh?"
  75. Felicia: "I know where all the others go to school, for example."
  76. "But you're full of mysteries."
  77. Mitama: "T-that's because, you know."
  78. "Isn't it cooler to have mysteries about?"
  79. Felicia: "Hmm..."
  80. "Hmm?"
  81. "Suspicious..."
  82. Mitama: "The mysterious Adjuster with an unknown origin..."
  83. "Doesn't that sound cool?"
  84. Felicia: "I wanna know though!"
  85. Mitama: "W-well, that's enough about me."
  86. "Come on, let's get you adjusted."
  87. Felicia: "What the heck? Don't dodge the question!"
  88. "Mnrgh..."
  90. 1.2
  91. [We see Mitama in a Daitou Ward school uniform in some kind of apartment]
  92. Mitama: "Yesterday, Felicia-chan..."
  93. "She probably won't give up on figuring me out..."
  94. "Ah, oh well."
  95. [at Yachiyo's house]
  96. Iroha: "Felicia-chan, you should probably stop..."
  97. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  98. "If someone doesn't want to tell you something, then you shouldn't go investigate it."
  99. Felicia: "But, don't you want to know!?"
  100. Yachiyo: "!?"
  101. "..."
  102. "No."
  103. Felicia: "What was that pause?"
  104. Yachiyo: "I'm interested, but I'm not going to force it out of her."
  105. Iroha: "That's right, I don't think we can decide to just go investigate her."
  106. "And also, we have to go to school. We can't just play hooky."
  107. Felicia: "I get it."
  108. "Then..."
  109. Sana: "Eh?"
  110. Felicia: "Let's go, Sana!"
  111. Sana: "Pyai!?"
  112. [they run away]
  113. Iroha: "F-Felicia-chan, where are you going!?"
  114. Felicia: "To investigate Mitama!"
  115. Yachiyo: "sigh... Good grief..."
  116. [in a classroom]
  117. Mitama: (Huh?)
  118. (I knew it, she showed up.)
  119. *whisper whisper*
  120. *whisper... whisper whisper*
  121. [in the hallway]
  122. Felicia: "So she goes to Daitou Academy."
  123. Sana: "She's always been in Shinsei Ward, so I never realized..."
  124. Felicia: "Right?"
  125. Sana: "But, Felicia-san."
  126. Felicia: "Hm?"
  127. Sana: "What happened since then?"
  128. Felicia: "This is what we're trying to find out."
  129. Sana: "A stakeout, huh..."
  130. "But aren't there things other than her school that we want to find out about?"
  131. Felicia: "We might find out about the secrets of the Adjuster."
  132. "Like maybe how to adjust ourselves. That'd be awesome if we could find that out."
  133. "We wouldn't have to give her grief seeds or such anymore!"
  134. Sana: "Ah, that's right!"
  135. Felicia: "I'm feeling smart today!"
  136. [fade to gray; the bell rings]
  137. Mitama: "Sighhhhh..."
  138. "..."
  139. [she closes her eyes]
  140. teacher: "Oi, Yakumo."
  141. Mitama: "Yes?"
  142. teacher: "Help me prep for the next class."
  143. Mitama: "Alright."
  144. [in the hallway]
  145. Felicia: "Nothing's happening..."
  146. Sana: "Normally, we're also just ordinary students as well..."
  147. Felicia: "But you're invisible, so you're not ordinary."
  148. Sana: "That's true..."
  149. [the bell rings again]
  150. [in the classroom]
  151. teacher: "On our latest test, Yakumo alone got full marks, once again."
  152. Mitama: "Much obliged."
  153. teacher: "I'm glad you're so smart, but I'm worried about your attendance..."
  154. Mitama: "I just don't feel like coming, tehe"
  155. teacher: "Is that supposed to be an excuse!?"
  156. "You were once Daitou's shining star, right? Do things more properly."
  157. Mitama: "Alriiiight."
  158. teacher: "What a halfhearted response..."
  159. [in the hallway]
  160. Felicia: "sighhhhhaigh"
  161. Sana: "Nothing to do..."
  163. 1.3
  164. [the school bell rings]
  165. [in the classroom]
  166. Mitama: (Oh my...)
  167. (Those two tailed me quite well...)
  168. (That's quite cute, but I kinda want to leave now...)
  169. [in the hallway]
  170. Felicia: "Now that it's come to this, Sana..."
  171. "Turn invisible and look through her bag."
  172. Sana: "Ehh!? T-that's not going to help at all!'
  173. "That would be a violation of privacy!"
  174. Felicia: "It's too late to worry about that."
  175. Sana: "Ehhh..."
  176. Mitama's voice: "Stop that!"
  177. Felicia: "Wha!?"
  178. "Abyah!"
  179. Sana: "Hahyun!"
  180. Mitama: "Who are these bad girls sniffing around?"
  181. Felicia: "Eeeek! She spotted us!"
  182. Sana: "She brought me here... I'm sorry..."
  183. Mitama: "Hehe, just kidding."
  184. Sana: "Huh?"
  185. Felicia: "Wha..."
  186. "Y-You scared me..."
  187. Mitama: " Hehe, I had the feeling you'd pull this after yesterday."
  188. "But I didn't expect you to tail me all the way until lunch."
  189. Sana: "We were that obvious, huh..."
  190. Mitama: "So, have you figured out anything you wanted to know about me?"
  191. Felicia: "I wanted to know the secrets of Adjusting, but we didn't learn anything..."
  192. Mitama: "Well that's a matter of your individual magic."
  193. "I wouldn't be able to teach you or Sana-chan."
  194. Felicia: "What, this was all a waste?"
  195. Sana: "Well, we learned what school she goes to and that she's smart..."
  196. Felicia: "Well, that's true..."
  197. Mitama: "Let's leave things here for the time being. Go back to school after lunch."
  198. Felicia: "Okayyyy..."
  199. Mitama: "hehe"
  200. [back in the classroom]
  201. Mitama: (Well, the two of them have left...)
  202. (I don't get any tests back this afternoon...)
  203. (I've been present long enough, so maybe I'll go back to the Adjuster's.)
  204. Kanagi's voice: "...Yakumo."
  205. Mitama: "!?"
  206. "...Kanagi."
  207. Kanagi: "I'll stop by tonight."
  208. Mitama: "Ah, alright."
  209. [at Yachiyo's house]
  210. Yachiyo: "..."
  211. [flashback]
  212. Yachiyo: "If someone doesn't want to tell you something, then you shouldn't go investigate it."
  213. Felicia: "But, don't you want to know!?"
  214. [back to the house]
  215. Yachiyo: (It's Mitama, after all, of course I'd be curious...)
  216. (No, no.)
  217. (Then I'd be just the same as them...)
  218. "Well, I should get dinner ready, and forget all about that."
  219. [battle]
  220. [at the Adjuster's]
  221. Kanagi: "It seems like you were being investigated. Are you okay?"
  222. Mitama: "You're always worrying about me."
  223. "It's fine even if they know where I'm from or what school I go to."
  224. Kanagi: "But if people know where you're from, then you might get customers looking for you outside of the Adjuster's."
  225. "It'll be a pain."
  226. Mitama: "There aren't many magical girls in Daitou right now..."
  227. "So you don't have to worry about me that much."
  228. "I don't think everyone's going to come all the way to school to get me."
  229. Kanagi: "Hm, if you think so, Yakumo, then I won't bring it up any further."
  230. Mitama: "That's right, no need to worry."
  231. "So, have you come here for an adjustment?"
  232. Kanagi: "Of course, I have, but I thought you might like someone to practice with."
  233. "You've become at least a little able to use your own magic to fight."
  234. Mitama: "Yeah, that's right!"
  235. "I've finally figured out a way to use my magic outside of adjusting."
  236. "This is just one of the ways you've really helped me out, Kanagi."
  237. Kanagi: "I see. You don't have to thank me, though."
  238. "We're two of a kind, after all."
  239. Mitama: "I'm glad you think that."
  240. "But it might be dangerous to stay with me anymore."
  241. Kanagi: "How so?"
  242. Mitama: "My magic resembles a curse. It doesn't work on witches..."
  243. "But because I can use it to manipulate other people's magic, I've had plenty of time to polish my skills."
  244. "And so, I decided to make use of that."
  245. Kanagi: "You can apply your ability to manipulate magical girls' magic to attack?"
  246. Mitama: "That's right."
  247. "To put it simply, I just need to intentionally fail to adjust."
  248. "While I attack, my magic infiltrates the opponent and destroys their insides."
  249. "Something like that."
  250. Kanagi: "I see, it's true that you can only try that out in a real fight."
  251. Mitama: "Yeah."
  252. Kanagi: "But, you know.."
  253. Mitama: "What?"
  254. Kanagi: "You sure are a unique magical girl, Yakumo."
  255. Mitama: "Oh, that's not true."
  256. "I'm just an ordinary girl."
  257. [insert image of Mitama, Ayaka, and Shizuku again]
  258. Mitama: *I'm Yakumo Mitama. I'm an energetic 17-year-old who grew up in Daitou Ward and goes to Daitou Academy. My attendance is barely enough, but I always have a perfect score on tests. That's the sort of girl I am.*
  262. It is a rumor at school!
  264. 2.1
  265. [at the Adjuster's]
  266. Felicia: "Hmf! Hmf! Hmf!"
  267. Mitama: "What are you doing, Felicia-chan?"
  268. Felicia: "Hang on just a bit."
  269. "Lemme put this here... Alright, it's finished!"
  270. Mitama: "What's this?"
  271. [fade to gray]
  272. *WANTED*
  273. *People who know all about Yakumo Mitama, please tell it to Mitsuki Felicia.*
  274. *Anything about the secrets of adjusting, or anything else.*
  275. *Will pay in Decagon Ball Bald Hermit stickers.*
  276. [back]
  277. Felicia: "Whaddaya think?"
  278. "This is sure to strip you naked."
  279. Mitama: "Oh no, you're trying to investigate me again?"
  280. Felicia: "Of course!"
  281. "You'd better be prepared, I've got my eye on you!"
  282. Mitama: "Even if you tell me that..."
  283. "I could end it all just by taking down this poster..."
  284. "Hmm..."
  285. "Well, it's cute."
  286. "Hehe"
  287. Tsukuyo: "Mitama-san!"
  288. Tsukasa: "Good afternoon!"
  289. Mitama: "Ah, it's the tooty flut— ahem, the twins. Welcome!"
  290. Tsukuyo: "You were about to say the Tooty Fluty sisters!"
  291. Tsukasa: "I didn't think even you would start calling us that."
  292. Mitama: "I'm sorry, I picked it up from other people."
  293. Tsukasa: "There are that many people who call us the Tooty Fluty sisters?"
  294. Tsukuyo: "That makes me feel sad."
  295. Mitama: "Right?"
  296. Tsukasa: "Ah, don't steal that!"
  297. Mitama: "So, are both of you here today to be adjusted?"
  298. Tsukuyo: "Ah, no, rather..."
  299. Mitama: "Then, to buy the Necessities for a Fighting Girl?"
  300. Tsukuyo: "We're just here to check in and see how you're doing, Mitama-san..."
  301. Mitama: "Umm, what exactly do you mean?"
  302. Tsukuyo: "We heard that some people have been sniffing around about you lately..."
  303. Mitama: "Sniffing around?"
  304. "Ah, this poster?"
  305. Tsukuyo: "Ah!"
  306. "So it was Mitsuki Felicia!"
  307. "That makes me even more worried!"
  308. "Mitama-san, are you alright?"
  309. Mitama: "There's nothing they could learn by asking that I'd be troubled by."
  310. "So I'm totally fine."
  311. Tsukuyo: "Is that really so?"
  312. Mitama: "Tsukuyo-chan?"
  313. Tsukuyo: "..."
  314. "There are still some people who remember you at Mizuna Girls' Academy..."
  315. "If you continue to leave her alone, it'll become known..."
  316. Mitama: "Ah, I see..."
  317. "After all, you were once a classmate of mine, Tsukuyo-chan..."
  318. Tsukuyo: "Yes... I still remember what happened back then."
  319. "Are you sure you don't want to stop her?"
  320. Mitama: "..."
  321. "Tsukuyo-chan, do you believe the story that literary magazine printed?"
  322. Tsukuyo: "No, I don't believe it..."
  323. Mitama: "Then it's fine."
  324. "There are people who still believe in me despite knowing what happened."
  325. "That's enough for me."
  326. Tsukuyo: "..."
  327. Mitama: "Ah, that's right."
  328. "In that case, I have something I'd like to ask you, Tsukuyo-chan."
  329. Tsukuyo: "W-what might it be?"
  331. 2.2
  332. [on the grounds of Mizuna Girls' Academy]
  333. girl A: "Hey, do you know about that incident two years ago?"
  334. girl B: "Ah, I've heard about it. One of the upperclassmen at my club was talking about it."
  335. "It's become a trendy topic lately, huh."
  336. girl A: "It seems like the perpetrator at the time has become resentful."
  337. "To the point of cursing the school, they say..."
  338. Tsukuyo: "..."
  339. "Mitama-san... Is this really alright?"
  340. [flashback]
  341. Mitama: "In that case, I have something I'd like to ask you, Tsukuyo-chan."
  342. Tsukuyo: "W-what might it be?"
  343. Mitama: "If you want to help, I'd like you to bring back my story at Mizuna Girls' Academy."
  344. Tsukuyo: "Do you intend to fan the flames again with your story?"
  345. Mitama: "Rather than have the story be warped by embellishments..."
  346. "We might as well spread it ourselves."
  347. "Also, it's about someone who isn't there, so it'll conclude quickly."
  348. [back to the school]
  349. Tsukuyo: "Gossip lasts just 75 days..."
  350. "Well, I sure hope that that's true..."
  351. "A curse by the perpetrator..."
  352. "I ended up adding a small embellishment of my own..."
  353. [in a hallway
  354. Manaka: "Ami-senpai, Kozue-senpai! Have you heard?!"
  355. "It seems there's a rumor going around about Mitama-san."
  356. "Somehow, the rumor goes that the school is cursed..."
  357. Ria: "Yeah, I heard..."
  358. Mayu: "I heard it too..."
  359. Manaka: "Ah, huh?"
  360. "What's with that reaction?"
  361. "I'd have expected you to bite hard on that, Ami-senpai."
  362. "Or maybe you'd be frightened by it."
  363. Ria: "Who's frightened here!?"
  364. "Evil spirits or curses are no match for me, Ami Ria."
  365. "I'll knock them out in one hit."
  366. Mayu: "That's right, Manaka-chan."
  367. "Ria-chan isn't that weak!"
  368. Manaka: "Umm..."
  369. "I don't know how you'll knock out a curse..."
  370. "But I was surprised that you suddenly went quiet."
  371. Ria: "Well, that's true..."
  372. Mayu: "I see, you weren't in this school yet at the time, Manaka-chan."
  373. "Of course you don't know."
  374. Manaka: "About what?"
  375. Ria: "Well, if we had the literary magazine from the time, this would go quicker..."
  376. Mayu: "In that case, there are back numbers in the AV room."
  377. Ria: "My, I'm surprised you know that, Mayu-san."
  378. Mayu: "The art club's supplies are kept there, so I only know of it by chance."
  379. Manaka: "So I'll understand once I see it?"
  380. Ria: "Well... hmm..."
  381. Manaka: "Come on, what's with this weird reaction again!?"
  382. "Both of you are being so gloomy about this."
  383. "Just one person being left behind leaves you all hazy feeling?"
  384. "Please show me!"
  385. [in the AV room]
  386. Mayu: "Umm, it's this issue..."
  387. Manaka: "The source of the curse is written in here?"
  388. Mayu: "Hmmm... I don't think there's any curse, though..."
  389. "But the story at the origin of this rumor is written here..."
  390. Manaka: "Well, here I go..."
  391. Ria: "Don't come to me if you regret this."
  392. Manaka: "..."
  393. "..."
  394. "Eh..."
  396. 2.3
  397. [outside the gates of Mizuna Girls' Academy]
  398. Sana: "pant... pant... wheeze..."
  399. "I didn't make it in time for your bentou today either, Kurumi-san..."
  400. Manaka: "Well, I left one aside especially for you, Sana-san."
  401. Sana: "Ah, thank you, Kurumi-san."
  402. [fade to gray]
  403. *munch munch...*
  404. *nom nom...*
  405. [at the field]
  406. Manaka: "Umm... Have you heard, Sana-san?"
  407. Sana: "About what?"
  408. Manaka: "The rumor about Mitama-san."
  409. Sana: "Rumor?"
  410. Manaka: "You haven't heard it!?"
  411. Sana: "I don't really talk to anyone in class..."
  412. "Because nobody can see me..."
  413. Manaka: "Ah, I'm sorry. Excuse me for that."
  414. Sana: "But, why would there be a rumor about Mitama-san in Mizuna?"
  415. (She's a student at Daitou Academy, right?)
  416. Manaka: "Actually, Mitama-san was once a student here at Mizuna."
  417. Sana: "Eh?"
  418. Manaka: "She apparently withdrew before we enrolled in the school..."
  419. Sana: "With...drew?"
  420. Manaka: "Yeah, she..."
  421. [screen wipe]
  422. Sana: "That's..."
  423. Manaka: "That's what was written in the literary magazine..."
  424. "But I Kozue-senpai and Ami-senpai said they don't believe that..."
  425. "Even if we take the article at its word, it feels way too malicious..."
  426. Sana: "I don't believe it either..."
  427. "I can't imagine Mitama-san doing that normally..."
  428. "But... if... that's the reason for her leaving school..."
  429. [flashback to the hallway at Daitou Academy]
  430. Mitama: "So, have you figured out anything you wanted to know about me?"
  431. [flashback to Yachiyo's house]
  432. Felicia: "A WANTED poster for Mitama!"
  433. "I put a Bald Hermit sticker on it, asking people for information!"
  434. Sana: "That's not what a wanted poster is for..."
  435. [back to the field]
  436. Sana: "I've gotta stop Felicia-san..."
  437. Manaka: "Did she do something?"
  438. Sana: "Lately, Felicia-san has been wanting to know about Mitama-san."
  439. "So she put up a poster at the Adjuster's, and a bunch of other stuff..."
  440. "Maybe she's the reason why the story is spreading around at Mizuna..."
  441. Manaka: "That's way too convenient!"
  442. "I might be overthinking this, though..."
  443. Sana: "Even so, we can't leave this alone..."
  444. "This might end up picking at Mitama-san's old scars..."
  445. "What should we do, Kurumi-san... I'm complicit too..."
  446. "..."
  447. "sniff... sniff..."
  448. Manaka: "Ah, please don't cry..."
  449. "Even I pressed Kozue-senpai and Mayu-senpai just out of curiosity..."
  450. "We're both equally at fault..."
  451. [battle]
  452. [in a witch labyrinth]
  453. Momoko: "This is the last one!"
  454. [the labyrinth dissolves]
  455. [at the Adjuster's]
  456. Momoko: "Well, that's that."
  457. Mitama: "Yay, thank you, Momoko!"
  458. "As expected from the Adjuster's guardian. I'll indulge myself as thanks."
  459. Momoko: "Anyway, it's about time you should be able to at least take care of a familiar by yourself..."
  460. "If I hadn't come, what would you have done?"
  461. Mitama: "But I had expected you to come at that time."
  462. Momoko: "Pfft, what the heck?"
  463. "And so, though I just finished a job..."
  464. Mitama: "What?"
  465. Momoko: "Are you not going to take down that poster?"
  466. Mitama: "Isn't it cute?"
  467. Momoko: "..."
  468. "Even if you have nothing painful to hide..."
  469. "If you play around too much, you'll get hurt..."
  470. Mitama: "..."
  471. "You don't have to worry about that."
  472. Momoko: "But..."
  473. Mitama: "Do you believe it?"
  474. "That I did that to my classmate?"
  475. "One who I hated?"
  476. [fade to gray]
  477. Mitama: *That I pushed her down?*
  478. [back]
  479. Momoko: "Well."
  480. "All I believe in is the Adjuster I know."
  481. Mitama: "Hey, it's no fair being all vague like that."
  482. "But, thank you, Momoko. You are really kind."
  483. "However..."
  484. "It's true that I returned to Daitou because of that event."
  485. Momoko: "!?"
  486. "Adjuster..."
  487. Mitama: "However, there was no ill will..."
  488. "That's the truth..."
  489. [insert image of Mitama, Ayaka, and Shizuku again]
  490. Mitama: *I'm Yakumo Mitama. I'm an energetic 17-year-old who grew up in Daitou Ward and goes to Daitou Academy. My attendance is barely enough, but I always have a perfect score on tests. That's the sort of girl I am.*
  491. [insert image of a Daitou student notebook, a Mizuna student ID, and scissors]
  492. *In the past, I attended Mizuna Girls' Academy. Where I grew up I was famous for both my beauty and brains, but after a certain incident I decided to return to Daitou Academy.*
  496. This is me, Yakumo Mitama
  498. 3.1
  499. [at the Adjuster's]
  500. Mitama: "Umm, you don't have to get her to apologize to me."
  501. Yachiyo: "Of course I should..."
  502. "It all started on our end in the first place..."
  503. "Come on, you apologize too."
  504. Felicia: "..."
  505. Iroha: "Felicia-chan..."
  506. Felicia: "Sorry."
  507. Sana: "Um, I'm... sorry too..."
  508. [flashback to Yachiyo's house at night]
  509. Sana: "And so, umm..."
  510. "I was interested in how the rumor I heard at school about Mitama-san spread..."
  511. "I looked into it and ended up at Tsukuyo-san..."
  512. "She said that she had been asked to do it by Mitama-san."
  513. Yachiyo: "Basically, if we follow it back..."
  514. Felicia: "What!?"
  515. "It's not like I wanted Mitama to suffer or anything!"
  516. Yachiyo: "That's why I told you before:"
  517. "If they don't want to talk about it, you shouldn't stick your nose in..."
  518. Felicia: "But..."
  519. Iroha: "You might have went too far when making that poster, though."
  520. Felicia: "Hmm..."
  521. Iroha: "I'll go too, so let's apologize to Mitama-san together."
  522. Felicia: "...Okay."
  523. Sana: "Then, me too."
  524. "Since I was having a little fun doing it..."
  525. "And we ended up inconveniencing her..."
  526. Iroha: "Then, let's all go."
  527. Sana: "Okay..."
  528. [back to the Adjuster's]
  529. Sana: "..."
  530. Mitama: "You really don't have to worry about it."
  531. "That story isn't anything that would fade away so easily."
  532. "It's better this way than it being spread haphazardly and have strange additions tacked on."
  533. Iroha: "Really, though, we're sorry."
  534. Mitama: "I've already said it's okay though."
  535. Felicia: "Umm, Mitama."
  536. Mitama: "Hmm?"
  537. "What is it, Felicia-chan?"
  538. Felicia: "Have this as an apology, a Bald Sage sticker..."
  539. Mitama: "Hehe, thank you, I'll take it."
  540. Felicia: "Now, we're even!"
  541. Yachiyo: "You could be a little less bold abut that..."
  542. Mitama: "Hehe"
  543. [fade to black; near a group of apartment buildings]
  544. Kanagi: "I see, it's finally calmed down now."
  545. Mitama: "Yeah, it somehow sorted itself out for me."
  546. Kanagi: "But you shouldn't be too optimistic."
  547. "You can't really know if the rumor will settle things."
  548. "No matter what happens, only rely on yourself."
  549. Mitama: "Yes, I'll do that."
  550. "But, no matter how much they investigate..."
  551. "Only you will know my true self, Kanagi..."
  552. "If I didn't have you, Kanagi, I would have no peace."
  553. Kanagi: "Yeah, that takes me back..."
  554. Mitama: "It's already been two years, huh..."
  556. 3.2
  557. [gray screen with Mitama visible in her Daitou Academy uniform]
  558. Mitama: *Ever since I was young, I've always been good at both sports and academics, so all the people around be had high expectations for me.*
  559. *While in the Daitou Academy elementary school I took the Mizuna Girls' Academy middle school entry exam on a whim and passed it such that I earned free tuition.*
  560. *Everyone made a fuss about it, but I myself was also proud.*
  561. *However, it seems that some at Mizuna Girls' Academy didn't like me, who had come from Daitou.*
  562. *I spent more than two years working to change the impression of my hometown, softening the attitudes of the people around me.*
  563. *My third year of middle school began peacefully, or so I thought.*
  564. *But I learned that the person who at the time I thought was my closest friend had been merely wearing a mask.*
  565. *Because she seriously tried to push me down the stairs.*
  566. *I managed to evade it by swaying my body, but in doing so I bumped into another classmate behind me and that girl fell down the stairs.*
  567. *I knocked her down...*
  568. *And unfortunately, since I was admitted with tuition waived...*
  569. *That student, a native of Mizuna, was ranked above me.*
  570. *I don't know very well what happened from that point on.*
  571. *Before I knew it, the literary magazine and school newspaper wrote about the incident as if it had occurred due to a grudge of mine.*
  572. *The two years' worth of trust I had painstakingly built up crumbled so easily with this one event.*
  573. *What's certain is that I was recommended to voluntarily leave the school.*
  574. [background image of a street among apartment buildings]
  575. Mitama: *And suddenly, while still in shock, I ended up returning to Daitou Academy.*
  576. [in a hallway at Daitou Academy]
  577. Mitama: "..."
  578. guy A: "You hear about that Yakumo? They say she left and came back."
  579. girl A: "Really, we had great expectations of her. What a disgrace for Daitou."
  580. Mitama: "..."
  581. girl B: "They say she pushed down another student."
  582. guy B: "In the first place, what's with going to a school in the west?"
  583. Mitama: "..."
  584. guy A: "..."
  585. "Maybe she's a traitor who sold out to the west?"
  586. Mitama: "!?"
  587. girl C: "Aren't you frustrated that you were made a fool of? What did you come back for?"
  588. girl A: "It's your fault that our reputation's getting worse again."
  589. Mitama: "Everyone, what... are you saying?"
  590. "Ow...!"
  591. everyone: *You traitor. We had great hopes for you, but you ruined our reputation and came back, you sellout. It's your fault they make fun of us. Go home, you disgrace. I don't want to be associated with you. She doesn't need a seat anymore.*
  592. Mitama: "Why?"
  593. someone: "Don't say whatever you want!"
  594. Mitama: "You were the ones to pin your hopes on me when sending me off!"
  595. "How hard do you think I had to work over there!?"
  596. girl C: "But, look how it turned out."
  597. girl B: "I feel bad for your little sister."
  598. Mitama: "!?"
  599. "My sister has nothing to do with this!"
  600. guy A: "Dunno about us, but what do you think others will do?"
  601. guy B: "You can't know that, huh."
  602. *bam!!*
  603. Mitama: "I can't believe you!"
  604. "Putting someone on a pedestal, and then when they slip up you turn around and stab them in the back."
  605. "And then threatening my family!?"
  606. "If you're going that far, I won't stay quiet!"
  607. "If that's what you believe I am, then I'll really become the biggest disgrace ever!"
  608. "Are you happy now!?"
  609. "First off, who wants to be pushed down and killed!?"
  610. "If not that, then..."
  611. guy B: "A-a fire extinguisher!?"
  612. Mitama: "If I hit someone with this!"
  613. Kanagi: "Stop it!"
  614. Mitama: "Let go! Let me go!"
  615. Kanagi: "I know that you're at the limit of what you can take mentally..."
  616. "But don't give up now."
  617. "Think of it as just mob mentality and only pretend to listen."
  618. guy A: "Izumi Kanagi..."
  619. Kanagi: "Don't disturb order for something so useless!"
  620. "Don't think that one incident with Yakumo would change your reputation."
  621. "People like you who don't judge based on individual merits..."
  622. "Are lower than fleas!"
  623. "If you disagree, then don't base your own value on someone else."
  624. "Leave!"
  625. guy A: "..."
  626. Mitama: "..."
  627. Kanagi: "You did well, Yakumo."
  628. "Despite being in such a crisis, you held on and came back."
  629. Mitama: "Kanagi..."
  630. Kanagi: "Yes..."
  631. "Yakumo... Welcome back."
  632. Mitama: "!!"
  633. "Thank... you..."
  635. 3.3
  636. [in the park in an apartment complex]
  637. Mitama: "I feel empty... Kanagi..."
  638. "Not just Mizuna, but my hometown has also betrayed me..."
  639. "There's nothing there for me to rely on..."
  640. "There's only hatred boiling over..."
  641. Kanagi: "This is not a city where you can accomplish anything by resenting someone."
  642. "In this rapidly developing boom town of Kamihama..."
  643. "Even now, history is becoming firmly rooted."
  644. "Rather than resenting the people, resent the history of this city..."
  645. Mitama: "But words and actions are all things created by people."
  646. "What else can I do but hate individual people?"
  647. Kanagi: "I'm looking at the origin of that."
  648. "They're merely being manipulated by history."
  649. "They take into their framework the relics of history..."
  650. "And lose their sense of self."
  651. "So don't resent them..."
  652. Mitama: "...I see."
  653. [fade to gray]
  654. Mitama: *But sorry, Kanagi... I can't be satisfied by that...*
  655. *Whether it be Mizuna or Daitou, even if it's the history that Kamihama is filled with that's influencing people's actions...*
  656. *I am not calm enough to be satisfied with that explanation...*
  657. *So...*
  658. [on a rooftop]
  659. Mitama: "I hate everyone!"
  660. "Why do they have to treat me like that because I'm from Daitou!?"
  661. "What do they think I did!?"
  662. "I just tried my hardest in sports and in studies, and delivered results!"
  663. "I didn't do anything that should make anyone hate me!"
  664. "What is it that made them not like me!?"
  665. "Is it something that would excuse pushing me down a stairwell!?"
  666. "To hell with withdrawing from school!"
  667. "And now everyone back at home too!"
  668. "Putting their hopes in me!"
  669. "Clinging to me!"
  670. "The first brilliant student in Daitou? Why make such a big fuss!?"
  671. "And now when I come back, I'm a disgrace. Saying that I sold out!"
  672. "And my sister is unrelated to this all!"
  673. "I hate them... I hate them all!"
  674. "If it's history that's the problem, then the history and this city and everything!"
  675. Kyubey: "If that's the case, then what do you desire?"
  676. Mitama: "What are you!?"
  677. Kyubey: "My name is Kyubey."
  678. "I can grant for you any wish you can think of."
  679. "In exchange, I will have you become a magical girl, though."
  680. Mitama: "Any... wish..."
  681. "Hehe, maybe I've gone insane in my rage..."
  682. Kyubey: "You are sane, Yakumo Mitama."
  683. "If you tell me your wish, you'll soon find out whether you are or not."
  684. Mitama: "Hm, if that's the case, then I might as well try it out..."
  685. "sigh..."
  686. "Are you sure that any wish will work?"
  687. Kyubey: "Yes, anything will be granted."
  688. Mitama: "Alright... well then..."
  689. [fade to gray]
  690. Mitama: *I want to become the one that destroys Kamihama.*
  691. [battle]
  692. [at an apartment complex at night]
  693. Kanagi: "I was sure surprised there."
  694. "Before I realized it, you'd become a magical girl."
  695. Mitama: "But to think I wouldn't even be able to fight off a familiar."
  696. "Hehe"
  697. Kanagi: "We can laugh about it now, but it sure made my sweat run cold."
  698. "Maybe it was because your resentment was so strong..."
  699. "Or because your soul gem was quick to become darkened."
  700. Mitama: "Your support has really saved me, Kanagi."
  701. Kanagi: "But at the time, there was a limit to the number of witches in Kamihama."
  702. "I honestly didn't think you would survive."
  703. Mitama: "Back then I also planted resentment in this land."
  704. "I'd think 'Go die' at people and such."
  705. Kanagi: "Well, that was a miraculous meeting."
  706. Mitama: "Yeah..."
  707. [insert image of Mitama with a shadow behind her]
  708. Mitama: *'If you want to live on, then ask me to teach you,' she said.*
  709. *She, as someone in the same position that I was, taught me how to Adjust everyone, as a way to survive...*
  710. *If Sensei hadn't appeared then, perhaps I would have died...*
  711. [back to the apartment complex]
  712. Mitama: "..."
  713. "Ah, I'm sorry."
  714. "I got you all caught up in this reminiscing."
  715. Kanagi: "I don't mind."
  716. "It makes me feel like I've returned to my initial resolution."
  717. "Like how you decided to destroy the city, Yakumo..."
  718. "I too thought that history must be erased."
  719. "Because of our similarity, my spirit was stirred up once again."
  720. Mitama: "Well, I'm glad for that."
  721. Kanagi: "Then, see you tomorrow at school."
  722. Mitama: "I'm not going tomorrow."
  723. Kanagi: "I see. Then don't overwork yourself."
  724. Mitama: "..."
  725. [insert image of Mitama, Ayaka, and Shizuku again]
  726. Mitama: *I'm Yakumo Mitama. I'm an energetic 17-year-old who grew up in Daitou Ward and goes to Daitou Academy. My attendance is barely enough, but I always have a perfect score on tests. That's the sort of girl I am.*
  727. [insert image of a Daitou student notebook, a Mizuna student ID, and scissors]
  728. *In the past, I attended Mizuna Girls' Academy. Where I grew up I was famous for both my beauty and brains, but after a certain incident I decided to return to Daitou Academy.*
  729. [insert image of Mitama with a shadow behind her again]
  730. *Because of my bad history at both Mizuna and Daitou, the scars hidden in the deep ravine created by my resentment made me wish to destroy the city.*
  731. *...*
  732. *But...*
  733. [insert image of Sana, Yachiyo, Iroha, Kanagi, Momoko, Felicia, and Tsuruno]
  734. *Because I began Adjusting, and became able to see everyone's memories...*
  735. *It feels like my heart that was freezing over with anger and hate has begun melting bit by bit.*
  736. [fade to gray]
  737. *After all...*
  738. [back at the Adjuster's]
  739. Momoko: "Hey, Adjuster. Another familiar popped up?"
  740. Mitama: "Everyone's so kind."
  741. Momoko: "Hm?"
  742. Mitama: "Never miiind."
  743. [fade to gray]
  744. Mitama (aloud): "Even if I regret it, I cannot run away from my wish."
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