(FR) Filters and hot purple flank (B-)

Dec 7th, 2012
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  1. >Day fags in Equestria
  2. >You finally did it after multiple weeks of convincing arguments
  3. >Let's not mention that those arguments all involved begging, pleading, groveling, and... certain favors
  4. >Anyway Twilight finally agreed to research the spell you cried non-stop for 24 hours about
  5. >Once applied the spell will filter Fluttershy out of existence whenever she has intent to rape or a question about your fetish
  6. >As per Twilight's absurd compromise the spell will not activate if Fluttershy is being friendly and non-harassing towards you
  7. >You reluctantly agreed because you're a big baby and Fluttershy was the first pony to warm up to you
  8. >Once she had cast the spell on you it was time to test it out
  9. >You return home to wait for... her
  10. >She was always punctual for some weird reason, you assume it was because she always put forth her best effort to claim you
  11. >Rather cute if it wasn't about Hot Monkey Dick as she called it
  12. >Ah, there's that ever so kind knock
  13. >Sounds like another fetish attempt
  14. >After the first knock you felt a small sensation and the sounds stopped
  15. >Opening the door you find absolutely nothing before you and hear zero questions regarding your fetish
  16. >Teasing her a little, you pretend like you don't know she's there and act like you were confused about a knock on the door with nobody present
  17. >Deciding enough time has passed for you to assume nobody was at your door you close it
  18. >Sticking next to the door you listen closely as her hoofsteps can be heard again trotting away sadly
  19. >Suddenly you get the strange sensation to thank Twilight "properly"
  20. >That bitch! She fooled you, not that you care because you need purple flank NOW!
  21. >Fucking Twilight
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