Tiny but still your princess (TinyTwixAnon, fluff, edging)

Nov 24th, 2017
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  1. >>no tiny Twilight Sparkle to lounge on your ballsack like a beanbag chair and use her magic to edge you all day long
  3. >She's been doing it for two hours
  4. >You can't take it anymore
  5. >So you beg
  6. >Again
  7. >And she giggles
  8. >Again
  9. >You tried to take care of it
  10. >You tried to overpower her magic
  11. >But you can't, you can barely move
  12. >She has you pinned down
  13. >She only lets you squirm as her magic strokes you, closer and closer
  14. >And groan as she stops
  15. >As she turns around and wrap her hooves around your shaft to hug it and pepper your head with kisses as it starts to soften, once again
  16. >And then you feel her magic surge inside of you
  17. >And not twenty seconds later, you're back at full mast, throbbing and moaning her name as more and more pre forms on your tip
  18. >And you throw your head back as she leans forward to suckle and lick your slit clean
  19. >And you call her name as you feel her tongue prod at the entrance, as she makes sure there's nothing left, as she tells you how delicious you taste
  20. >And you whine as you see her move, preparing to take back her place on her 'throne' as she calls it
  21. "Please, Twilight, let me come, I love you, please--"
  22. >"Awww, I love you too!"
  23. >Your heart soars at her words
  24. >Yet it doesn't stop her from ignoring your request
  25. >And you wince as the mixture of pain and pleasure shoots up from your balls being squeezed by her weight
  26. >They're at least twice as big as they were when you started
  27. >Her magic's doing, certainly
  28. >They're also way, way more sensitive
  29. >And an animalistic grunt escapes your throat as her magical grasp reaches your head in its upward stroke
  30. >You should've came from it
  31. >You can feel it
  32. >You can feel the valves opening, you think you can even feel your cum accumulate at the bottom of your canal
  33. >But you don't
  34. >She doesn't want you to, not yet
  35. >But you can't take it, so you call out to her
  36. "Twilight? Princess? My princess?"
  37. >But she ignores you, the book she was reading is already floating back in front of her
  38. "Please, I-I can't take it anymore, I feel like I'm losing my mind!"
  39. >The book opens up and she resumes reading it
  41. >Should you use the safeword?
  42. >That's what it's for, right?
  43. >But...
  44. >She'll be disappointed in you
  45. >Would she hate you for it?
  46. >Would she stop loving you?
  47. >You don't want that, you don't want any of that
  48. >But you want to cum
  49. >So bad
  50. >But she doesn't want you to!
  51. >Fuck
  52. >Fuck fuck fuck
  53. >But the relentless feel of her magic around your shaft has very soon reason of your resolve
  54. >It's okay
  55. >She'll understand
  56. >You'll tell her you love her and you'll say that you're sorry and you'll try harder next time
  57. >So you part your lips, and say the word
  58. "Lavend--"
  59. >But her own voice cuts you off
  60. >"Mmh... it's true that we've been at it for a while now..."
  61. >How?
  62. >Was it part of her plan?
  63. >Did she know you were at your limit?
  64. >Is she reading your mind?
  65. >Like a book...?
  66. >...The book? THAT book?
  67. >The strokes don't stop, but her magic keeps spreading down until it completely engulfs your balls in its warmth
  68. >And it pulses
  69. >It doesn't really hurt this time
  70. >There's only pleasure as she lifts them, ever so slightly
  71. >As if she was weighing them
  72. >"And you've got so much prepared for me~,"
  73. >She turns, and her gaze finds yours
  74. >But she doesn't say anything for a while
  75. >She only looks at you, as her magic keeps working on you
  76. >Slowly, slower than before, but it's still there, keeping you on the edge and taunting you
  77. >"Tell you what, I'm going to release the spells stopping you from moving and the one stopping you from climaxing,"
  78. >You perk up at that, and hope fills your every thoughts and very being
  79. >"But..."
  80. >Annnnd it's gone
  81. >"If you can last another, say... five minutes--"
  82. "Ughhh!"
  83. >"Okay, three minutes, then I'll give you a very, very nice reward, how about that?"
  84. >You don't know
  85. >Three minutes?
  86. >One hundred and eighty seconds?
  87. >Such a short amount of time, and yet...
  88. >But a reward...
  89. "Okay, okay, I can do it, I'll do it,"
  90. >And her loving expression disappears as soon as the words leave your mouth, and a mischievous one takes its place
  91. >"That's my Anon~,"
  92. >You gulp
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