Jun 2nd, 2013
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  1. >Day Transformation in Equestria, be Anon, and be chillin at Sweet Apple Acres with Big Mac, and Applejack.
  2. >The three of you sit by the fence, and kick back some cider and soda, after a long day of work. Big Mac sighs, and gets up.
  3. “Callin it a day?”
  4. >”Eeyup, Applejack, be home by nightfall.”
  5. >”Sure thing, big brother.”
  6. >With him walking away, you and Applejack make eye contact, and smile.
  7. “So, what’d ya get him for his birthday?”
  8. >Proudly, Applejack lifts her head up, and smiles, ”Same as every year, a new harness.”
  9. “Wow, more stuff to do more back breaking work, how do you live with yourself?”
  10. >”Ah you wouldn’t know, never growin up on a farm. Keepin it in order, comes before all else.”
  11. “Well I got him something he’ll actually like.”
  12. >”And that is?”
  13. “A record player and a couple of records I know he liked.”
  14. >”Anon! Those things cost a fortune!”
  15. “Relax, I would never spend that much on his ass, I got it all used, pretty sweet deal.”
  16. >”How’d ya do that?”
  17. “Cranky Doodle died.”
  18. >”What!? When!?”
  19. “I’m kidding, I got it at a dying music shop in Canterlot.”
  20. >”Mus everythang be a joke to ya?”
  21. “Yup.”
  22. >Suddenly, a purple flash erupts before the two of you, Twilicorn in all her glorious winged form, stands before you.
  23. “We have this great new thing, its called walking. You should try it some time.”
  24. >”Sorry Anon, no time to explain, come with me, also Applejack, nice seein ya.”
  25. >Twilight lifts you into the air, and teleports you back to her library home.
  27. >Letting you go, you land on your feet, and shake off the grogginess.
  28. “Ugh, I’m never gonna get used to that.”
  29. >Twilight walks up to you, and hands you an amulet, “Anon, hold this.”
  30. “What is it?”
  31. >”It’s a magic morphing stone, with it; I can change the one who wears it, into just about anything.”
  32. >You drop the stone, and back away.
  33. ”No god damn way.”
  34. >”Anon, it’s perfectly safe. C’mon, haven’t you ever wanted to be something else? I made Spike here into a teenage dragon, though I don’t know why he chose an older version of himself.”
  35. >You look to the side, and see a tall, slender dragon, making muscles to himself at the mirror, “Wait till Rarity gets a load of this.” He says to himself before flexing.
  36. “I think I have an idea.”
  37. >The stone comes floating back to you, and into your hands, “So what do ya say?”
  38. “I always did want to be a monster.”
  39. >Twilight retches back, clearly disturbed by the strange openness, “A monster?”
  40. “Yeah, like a fucking xenomorph or some shit. I always wanted to scare the shit out of kids. Can I scare the shit out of kids?”
  41. >”Maybe I need another test subject.”
  42. “C’mon I promise not to hurt anybody; I just wanna scare at least a few stallions.”
  43. >”I don’t know Anon, I’d rather not accidentally let loose a monster, and have to explain all that to Princess Celestia, she just gave me this stone and all.”
  44. “Hey, you called ME, remember? Besides, it will be a great opportunity for you to study another previously, nonexistent creature.”
  45. >Twilight mulls this over, and after hitting her sweet spot for science, she nods, “That would be the chance of a lifetime, who knows how many creatures you can turn into for me to study.”
  46. “Awesome, I think I’ll turn into a werewolf first, bitches love werewolves. So how does this work exactly?”
  47. >”Its simple, hold the stone, and think about what you wanna turn into. Just leave the rest to me.”
  48. “Got it.”
  49. >Closing your hand, you simply look, and wait, “Um Anon?”
  50. “Yeah?”
  51. >”You need to close your eyes, and this is very important, stay solely focused on..” Twilight goes over what you need to do, but your imagination is starting to seconds guess being a werewolf, “Do you understand?”
  52. “Yeah, yeah, stay focused, and don’t think about anything else.”
  53. >”All right, are you ready?”
  54. “Ready.”
  55. >You close your eyes, and the moment things go black, you can feel your body getting warmer, “How are you feeling?”
  56. “Shut up, I’m trying to stay focused.”
  57. >You keep that visual image of the werewolf, but then you think about Dracula, that could work. But then you tried to remember that one monster, from that one movie, he looked cool, but you never remembered his name.
  58. >”Anon stay focused! I can see all kinds of images swirling around in there!”
  59. >You go to thinking about Timber Wolves, those things looked pretty badass. All right, your set on Timber Wolf. Now you wait…..
  60. >…….
  61. >………..
  62. >…………..
  63. >……………….
  64. >…………………..
  65. >Magical energy flows all around you, but your eyes want to open. After waiting for what feels like forever, you finally feel the heat start to dissipate.
  66. >Slowly you open your eyes, and you look over at Twilight, when she notices you looking, her look goes grave, “You weren’t supposed to..”
  67. >WHAM! A sudden black force knocks you out cold, and before you know it, you are waking up in bed.
  68. >The only thing you can see, is a ceiling.
  69. >”Uhh where am I?”
  70. >This voice, it was not your own, it was soft, it was pleasant, it was the kind of voice you would hear from, as you look over your hands, you realize they are hooves now.
  71. ”Oh my god I’m a pony!”
  72. >You pull off the sheets, and see nothing there.
  73. “And I’m a mare too!”
  75. >You lay on the bed of Twilight's holding your marehood, just trying to at least will your testicles back.
  76. >Panic sets in, but Twilight is there trying to be the voice of reason, "Its all right Anon! Just calm down! You'll turn back to normal soon!"
  77. "How long!?"
  78. >"In a few minutes, we just need the..wait, where is the stone?"
  79. "The what?"
  80. >"The stone Anon! The stone you were holding!"
  81. "I dont know, its not like I have hands anymore to hold em!"
  82. >Twilight looks around the bed, before bolting out her door. You look over your new body, and try to take it all in.
  83. >From what you can see, this body has a soft white coat, and light green mane. Aside from that, you cant see much else.
  84. >Twilight comes back in, her face is covered in sweat, "Ok, dont panic, but I cant find the stone."
  85. "What does that mean?"
  86. >"Well, it wont be able to change back until I do."
  87. "Great."
  88. >Getting off the bed, you slowly walk over to Twilight, and hit her.
  89. >"Ow! What was that for?!"
  90. "Thanks for nothing, now because of you, I'm stuck being a fucking mare!"
  91. >"Its only until I find the stone, it wont take that long you ungrateful jerk!"
  92. "Whatever."
  93. >You stumble out the door, and downstairs, "Where do you think your going?"
  94. "Where else? Home, I'd rather be comfy there, then be here. And dont go tellin everyone that I'm a mare now either, or I'll ram Spike up your ass."
  95. >Walking out, you head back home.
  97. >It took a few, but you finally reached your place. Thankfully there is never any real crime here, so you leave the place unlocked. Coming in, you head to the couch, and toss yourself on it.
  98. >Despite just waking up a few minutes ago, you quickly fall asleep again.
  100. >The next day, you rub your eyes, and get off the couch. Breakfast is to much of a hassle, all things considered, so you head out, to buy breakfast.
  102. >Sugar Cube Corner seems like as good a place to grab a bite, even though Pinkie can be an irritating mare at the best of times.
  103. >With your stomach set, you head over. Things are never far out of reach here, so it only took about 4 minutes to get there.
  104. >Swinging open the door, the little bell on top chimes. Pinkie naturally is the first face you see, "Gooood morning~"
  105. "Hey, can I get.."
  106. >"I know what YOU need~"
  107. "You do?"
  108. >She trots over, and wraps a hoof over you, "Why sure silly, you need, a welcome party!"
  109. "Pinkie, I don't need a welcome party, I just want some breakfast."
  110. >"Hey! Nop0ny has ever guessed my name before, how did you know?"
  111. "Uhh....We've met before."
  112. >"Are you sure? I would've remembers a mare like you, where did we meet?"
  113. "At that place...with that thing."
  114. >She gives you the third degree, as she looks deep into your eyes, as though trying to see if you are truthful.
  115. >Suddenly she backs away, and smiles, "That sounds about right, did we become good friends?"
  116. "Yeah sure, now can you take my.."
  117. >She jumps on you, and brings you into a tight bear hug, "I KNEW IT! I knew we were good friends! Now as my good friend, it's my duty to introduce you to eveyp0ny in town! Lets get going missssss?"
  118. "Ann-an"
  119. >"Miss Annon!"
  121. >Pinkie drags you out of the shop, and instantly runs into a mare, "Hey Tiger-Lilly! Have you met my pal Annon!?"
  122. >"Umm, no, I haven't, nice to meet you."
  123. "Hey."
  124. >Without even waiting, she drags you off again, to a stallion nearby, "Hey Oak! Have you met Annon!?"
  125. >"No I haven't, nice to meet you."
  126. "Hey."
  127. >In this way, she drags you all around town, introducing you to ponies you already knew. Twilight was especially fun to meet again.
  128. >With everyone done, she drags your dying, and exhausted body to the outskirts of town.
  129. "We already met Zecora! I'm not going I there!"
  130. >"Dont be silly, I know that, but you haven't met the Apples yet."
  131. >She points to the farm, a hundred feet away, "So less uh-ohs, and lets make with the Hellos!"
  133. >Hungry, crabby, and irritated, Pinkie brought you right to the door, and knocks with all her might. It's a miracle this mare hasn't gotten her ass kicked yet.
  134. >The door slowly opens as Applejack looks at her friend, before noticing you, "Mornin Pinkie, who's yer friend?"
  135. >"You mean who's YOUR friend, and to answer your question, this is Annon, your newest bestest best friend!"
  136. >She moves aside to present you better, and even throws confetti, and streamers around you.
  137. >But all she sees, is a grumpy, irritated, and overall ordinary looking mare, "Ah think ye..our best friend looks hungry, ya want sumthin tah snack on?"
  138. "Oh thank god, yes."
  139. >"God? Now I only know one pony who thanks that pagan thing, ah didn't know ya knew Anon."
  140. "Oh...yeah, right. Yeah, we're good friends."
  141. >"Well any friend of ol Anon, is a friend of mine, come sit a spell, we'll get ya fixed up."
  143. >Being escorted in, she leads you to the kitchen, and sits you down, "Now just have a seat here, and I'll get ya sumthin tah eat."
  144. >While she clanks, and fiddles with the stuff, Big Mac comes walking in, notices you, and turns back around.
  145. >Pinkie catches him before he can go, "Hold on Big Mac, ya havent even said hello!"
  146. >She brings him closer to you, and presents you to one another, "Big Mac, this is Annon, she's a friend of Anon apparently." Big Mac nods with his usual strong and silent type persona, before tries to walk off again, "Leaving so soon?"
  147. >"Eeyup."
  148. >Big Mac pushes himself through, and heads out, while Applejack sets a plate in front of you, "Ol Big Mac is just rather shy with new ponies is all, let him be, he'll come around. Well, dig in."
  149. "Thanks."
  150. >Some time has passed, and you sit at the table listening to the two mares prattle on about surprisingly interesting topics. Shit you had thought was boring before, suddenly seems really interesting.
  151. >Every so often, you lap up the food on your plate that is now ice cold.
  152. "Wow, so you got all that for 15 bits?"
  153. >"Honest truth, I mean, I'm never gonna wear the dang dress, but its nice tah have options, ya know, in case I meet the right one."
  154. >So Applejack DOES want to meet a guy, thats a relief, at least she isnt as married to the farm as you had thought.
  155. >When you look at the clock, you realize how late it is.
  156. "Oh shit its late, thanks for the meal and all, but I gotta go."
  157. >You clean off your mouth, and get up, "Aint no problem sugar, thanks for comin by, twas real nice tah meet one of Anon's friends, between you and me, I didn't think he had any other friends."
  158. "....."
  159. >"I know right? He never socializes with anyp0ny."
  161. >Even though they weren’t talking shit about you, something about their words cut deep. You could feel your stomach go into knots as they continue to talk about just how awkward and unpleasant you are.
  162. >Biting your lip, you look around desperately for a way out. “Ya all right hun? Ya don’t look so good.”
  163. “I..I gotta go.”
  164. >You trot as fast as you can to the door, but Pinkie tries to pull you back in “Hey wait Annon! Don’t you want to hang out? Maybe get a makeover or something?”
  165. “No. Leave me alone.”
  166. >You keep on forward, and out the door, before slamming it. “What was her problem?”
  167. >”Ah know that look in her eyes, she musta had tah use tha bathroom really bad. She’s probably just to shy to ask fer mine.”
  168. >Pinkie runs to the door, and swings it open, before waving at you trying to get your attention and screaming “Annon! Applejack said you could use her bathroom! She doesn’t mind! You don’t have to be so modest!”
  169. “Oh my god.”
  170. >Not looking back, you run even faster.
  172. >Finally at home, you force yourself through the door, and slam it closed. For some reason all of the bothered you, the gossip, them thinking you had to use the bathroom, everything.
  173. >Little things you normally wouldn’t give a fuck about, are now weighing on you. Suddenly you hear a commotion in the upstairs, like hoofsteps coming down. Tensing up, you think its robbers or some shit.
  174. >Big Mac comes walking down the steps, and when he notices you, he can’t hide his surprise.
  175. “What are you doing in here?”
  176. >”…I was lookin fer Anon.”
  177. “H..he’s not here; I’m uhhh house sitting for him, till he gets back.”
  178. >”Sorry, I’ll be on muh way then.”
  179. “Yeah whatever, that’s cool.”
  180. >He walks to the door while you let him pass. He tries to be sneaky, and get a look at you, but you make eye contact with him, and he darts his gaze away.
  181. >Closing the door, you sigh and go to the couch. Tossing yourself onto it, you roll over and frown.
  182. “That bitch better find that fucking stone.”
  184. >Back at Twilight’s, she tears apart her house, “I have no idea where that bucking stone is!” Spike keeps flexing in front of the mirror, while Twilight frantically keeps looking around, “Spike! Will you help me already!? You’ve been looking at yourself for hours!”
  185. >Spike rolls his eyes, and groans, “Why do I gotta help you?”
  186. >”Don’t you roll your eyes at me mister.”
  187. >He does it again, but adds a little snark at the end, “I’m just saying why should I help you fix your problems?”
  188. >”What? What about being my number 1 assistant? What happened to that Spike?”
  189. >”That’s lame. I’m not a baby anymore Twi, I’ve grown up.”
  190. >”You were a baby like 2 days ago! Oh no….you didn’t just change psychically, you changed emotionally to…that means…I gotta warn Anon. He’s a ticking time bomb of hormonal havoc, and if he does something stupid, he could end up carrying some stallions foal!”
  191. >Outside of your home, Twilight glides down, and rushes to the door, before smacking the crap out of it, “Anon! Anon are you home!?”
  192. >She turns the knob, and it gives. Rushing in she looks around, but doesn’t see you, “Anon! I have something important to tell you!”
  193. >Looking high and low, she can’t find anything, other than a few porn magazines, “Where in Tartarus is he!?”
  195. >At a dark, broody bar, you sit at a little table in the corner, nursing your 2nd drink of the night. Despite only having two watered down drinks; you can already feel light headed.
  196. >Setting it down, you look over to the other side of the room, and see Big Mac glancing over at you. He hasn’t budged an inch, and just sits there looking over at you. But he wasn’t the only one; all the other stallions in the bar keep looking over too.
  197. >You roll your eyes, and go back to looking at the wall. Suddenly you feel a presence to the side, when you peek over; you see a brodude type stallion.
  198. >He sits across from you, and sets his drink to the side, “Hi there.”
  199. “Sorry, not interested.”
  200. >”Hey, I had no intentions; I just wanted to talk to you.”
  201. “Well I’m not in the mood for talking.”
  202. >”Something wrong?”
  203. “I just don’t feel like talking. It’s not that big a deal.”
  204. >”Well all right, I’ll just finish my drink, and be on my way.”
  205. >The silence at the table is thick, but he does just that. He takes sips from his drink a few times before, “So what’s your name anyway?”
  206. >You reach over, and knock his drink off the table.
  207. “Woops, sorry. Guess you finished your drink.”
  208. >He mutters some pony curses, before getting up, and walking away. At that time, another stallion approaches you, “Was he giving you problems.”
  209. >You sigh exhausted, before getting up, and walking over to Big Mac.
  210. “Big Mac! Hi! I didn’t see you there!”
  211. >Like magic, you can feel all the interest in you die out. Taking a seat across from him, you can see him swallow whatever he had in his mouth, before clearing his throat, and trying to make himself as small as possible.
  212. >You lean in and whisper to him.
  213. “Do you mind if I sit here? I don’t like those assholes trying to flirt with me.”
  214. >He nods as you get comfy, and sigh tiredly. Neither of you say anything, Big Mac on account of being nervous as fuck, and you not wanting to spill any info that might give away your big secret.
  215. >You slowly look over at him, before looking at the bartender.
  216. ”So what do you want to drink? I’m buying.”
  217. >”M..muh cider is fine.”
  218. “All right, don’t say I never offered.”
  219. >Again silence. It’s both great, and excruciating. On one hand you just wanted to drink your problems away, on the other, Big Mac was a cool dude, and it sucked not having anything to talk about.
  220. >“How long ya known Anon?”
  221. ”Hmm? Ummm..I don’t know, childhood friends?”
  222. >”He’s never mentioned ya before.”
  223. “He’s really private about his stuff, but he’s mentioned you a few times.”
  224. >”Oh.”
  225. “So I heard you like hoofball? What did you think about that bullshit with Nimotaur leaving for the Crystal Cardinals?”
  226. >”Yah like hoofball?”
  227. “Love it.”
  228. >Big Mac gets the dorkiest smile on his face, before he thinks about the question, “Ah think it was the right move fer his career.”
  229. “God you’re kidding me.”
  230. >Much later in the night, you and Big Mac come walking out of the bar laughing. Some booze and coincidental shared hobbies really loosened things up.
  231. >Walking side by side in the moonlight, you look up at him, “Ahm havin a party fer mah birthday this weekend. Ya’ll want tah come?”
  232. “Yeah, I still have to give you my present.”
  233. >” did ya know it was muh birthday?”
  234. “I mean it was from Anon, it was HIS gift, he just told me about it.”
  235. >Big Mac takes this as truth, and nods, “Well, ya aint gotta get me sumthin. Just come over and have fun.”
  236. “Yeah.”
  237. >Reaching a halfway point, you begin to head back home, “Ya don’t want me tah walk ya home?”
  238. “Pfft, I can handle it.”
  239. >”Well all right then, good night Annon.”
  240. “Night Big Mac.”
  241. >It was for a moment, but you gave him a smile, it wasn’t a “see ya around” kinda bro smile, but a “I appreciate you” kind of smile.
  242. >Big Mac seemed to have noticed, and bashfully looked away, before going on his way. With a little spring in your step, you hum along back home.
  244. >Entering your home, you hum a little song to yourself. Doing a little dance, you stride over to a lamp, and flick on the light.
  245. >Its then you realize that the kitchen light is on, and somebody is coming out of it. When you get a good look, you see its Twilight eating a sandwich.
  246. “Twilight? God fucking damn it! Don’t scare me like that! God, I’m gonna start locking my fucking doors!”
  247. >”Sorry, I’ve been waiting here for hours for you to get back.”
  248. “Well what the hell do you want?”
  249. >”Where have you been?”
  250. “I was out drinking.”
  251. >”Are you serious? How careless can you get?”
  252. “Take it easy, MOM, I know my limits.”
  253. >”No you don’t, that’s a brand new body. You can’t possibly know how it will react to alcohol, or other…stimulation.”
  254. “The hell does that mean?”
  255. >Twilight shifts her gaze from one side of the room, to the other, “Anon, this is going to sound really weird, but have you been flirting with any stallions?”
  256. “What?! God no, that’s fucking gross!”
  257. >Twilight sighs relived, and gets off of you, “Thank Celestia, now Anon, listen to me. This is something very important for you to know. “
  258. >Twilight was not the type to fuck around, this had to be serious.
  259. “I’m listening.”
  260. >“With every day that passes, you’re going to become more, and more like a mare.”
  261. “What do you mean?”
  262. >”I mean that at this rate, you will no longer retain anything that makes you a male. You will think like a mare, and act like a mare. Not like a male, trapped in a mare’s body.”
  263. “….”
  264. >”You’re going to need to be very careful how you act, and who you talk to.”
  265. “How do you know this?”
  266. >”I’ve seen what it did to Spike, he’s now a mouthy, self-centered, hornhead that has no respect for me. I’m trying to keep him in line, but I can’t keep an eye on you all the time. You’re going to have to start controlling your emotions, and urges. Things can get pretty intense with how we feel things.”
  267. “What, you mean like periods and shit?”
  268. >”Ponies don’t go though that, I’m talking more along the lines of emotion, and attraction. The longer you stay in that body, the more in tune you will become with it. Pretty soon, it’s going to be like you always lived in it. I don’t know how much it’ll affect you to be honest, but it seemed to have taken over Spike pretty quickly. Then again, you are much older, and more in control than he was.”
  269. “W..well that’s good right?”
  270. >”I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket Anon, be careful.
  271. >The only sounds you can hear are her hoofsteps as she walks out the door. The metal doorknob clacks as it locks into place, something about her words sunk in deep.
  272. >A deep swirling cloud of uncertainty, and dread rippled through your stomach as you got ready for bed. Under the sheets, you glare up at the ceiling.
  274. >Morning came so fast, it had to be a virgin. What was worse, you honestly don’t remember sleeping. Rolling off the bed, you go to shower. Fresh faced, you hop along with three legs while trying to dry yourself with the 4th. Multitasking was still getting some used to, but Twilight was right, the body is feeling more natural.
  275. >The thought was terrifying, but not without its uses. With your mane finally dry, you toss the towel into a hamper, and head for the kitchen.
  276. >As you go about your business, Big Mac waits patiently outside. He is hiding in an area out of your line of sight, but in his.
  277. >(“All right Big Mac, ya can do this. Just act casual.”)
  278. >Minutes become half hours, and those become hours. Its not well after 2, and you haven’t come out of the house. Big Mac’s stomach is growling for some sustenance, and even he can not hide his mounting irritation.
  279. >”Dang nabit! She’s worse than Anon!”
  280. >He takes a moment to collect himself, his brilliant plan of forcing a chance encounter like last night proved to be fruitless.
  281. >Back at the barn, Big Mac sits in the kitchen, and continues to sigh depressed. Every so often he taps on the table just for the sake of busywork.
  282. >Applejack comes into the kitchen, and shakes her head, ”Dangit Big Mac, are ya gonna mope around all day? Just go talk tah her.”
  283. >He glances over at her honestly curious as to how she knew, ”C’mon, its written all over yer face.”
  284. >”Aint good with words.”
  285. >”Ya aint gotta be.”
  286. >”She aint interested.”
  287. >”Wont know until ya try.”
  288. >”What if she has somep0ny else?”
  289. >”Stop makin excuses! Celestia in the sky, do ya always just assume tha worse? What if she’s waitin on you tah make the first move? Somep0ny has tah make tha first move.” Applejack walks over to the oven, grabs a mouthmitten, and pulls out a tray with a pie on it, “Here, I’ll GIVE ya the icebreaker. Quickest way tah a stallion’s heart is through his stomach, but the quickest way tah a mare’s heart is through her sweet tooth.” She gives him a wink, before leaving the kitchen, “Go get er tiger.”
  291. >At your home, you rub your pony clit furiously on the edge of the bed. You can feel the insides of your mareparts contracting, and pulling inward. You bite down on your hoof trying to stifle your unusually loud grunts, but you’ve been at this for the better part of 10 minutes, and can feel the end coming.
  292. >With that final finish coming up, you push into the bed hard.
  293. “Oooohhh my gawwwwd!!”
  294. >Panting heavily, you look down at the floor and can see fluids on the bedding, and ground.
  295. *sigh* “Whatever.”
  296. >Balling up the sheets, you begin to rub it against the floor and soak up all the liquid you can. Taking it downstairs, you toss into the washing machine. As the machine swishes, and cleans the sheets, you sniff yourself.
  297. “That smells like sex and shame all right.”
  298. >In your normal body you were a compulsive masturbator, this one was no different.
  299. >When the initial shock wore off, and you ran out of things to be angry about, it was back to those same urges.
  300. >Biting down on a towel, you casually walk over to the shower. Outside, Big Mac comes walking along and knocks at the door, pie still being held in his mouth. Hearing the thudding of the door in the shower, you stop for a moment and look where the sound came from.
  301. >Waiting a few seconds there is a knocking sound again. Annoyed, you turn the shower off just as another knock happens.
  302. “COMING!”
  303. >As you try to dry off, you walk over to the door.
  304. >On the other side, Big Mac looks around for a spot to place the pie. Seeing none, he lowers his head, and sets it on the ground. At that moment, you slightly open the door.
  305. “Big Mac? What the hell are you doing?”
  307. >”Uhhh.” Before he can really answer, you open the door and look at the ground.
  308. “Did you bring me a pie?”
  309. >”…Eeyup.”
  310. “Why?”
  311. >”AJ wanted me tah give it tah ya.”
  312. “Oh, well that’s cool.”
  313. >The two of you just stand your ground, neither saying anything. You notice Big Mac is glancing at the towel over your head.
  314. “I was just taking a shower.”
  315. >”…”
  316. “Well, uhhh thanks for the pie, oh and tell Applejack thanks for making it.”
  317. >The words give a quick jump to Big Mac, and like a spaz he leans down and picks up the pie. Mouthing it to you, you reluctantly bite the other side, and pull back. As you are going to close the door, Big Mac tries to take the initiative.
  318. >”Annon, I..” As he nervously tries to ask you out, he inhales too quickly, and chokes on his own spit. Hacking, and coughing violently, he uses his hoof to try and smack his neck free.
  319. “Dude, you all right?”
  320. >He raises a hoof to signal he is all right, before wiping away some of the spittle off his mouth. Panting, he clears his throat “Annon, do..ya’ll wanna go see a movie with me?”
  321. “Sure, which one?”
  322. >Its then he realizes he didn’t think this plan through, “Uhhh, whatever ya wanna see…”
  323. “…k.”
  324. >He still keeps standing in place, unsure of how to end this.
  325. “So I’ll see you tomorrow then?”
  326. >”Sure!”
  327. “Great, I’ll head over around 6, we can figure it out from there. Later.”
  328. >You slowly close the door, and take one last look at Big Mac before the door closes. He has a cute smile.
  329. >With the door closed Big Mac hops along back home, as he does so, he waves, and shouts “Mornin!” to every pony he comes across.
  330. >After passing each one, they all look confused and repeat “Morning? It’s the afternoon.” Big Mac never realizes it.
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