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  1. I asked Rossweisse-san.
  3. “There’s not gonna be any problem even if the guys who target Ingvild show up here, right?”
  5. It was quite a challenge to bring her to the sea as her Sacred Gear was related to the sea and the people who wanted to abduct her might show up again. Rossweisse-san said.
  7. “Yes. I’ve set up a magic barrier that will forcefully transport them to the Grigori’s research institute if they do really come and target her. Our plan was originally to bring her here once she settled with us after all.”
  9. True DxD Volume 1, Life 3
  11. Ingvild was cowering painfully! It must be because Nyx ordered the activation of the brainwashing technique that was cast upon Ingvild! Was the reason behind the forceful transportation not activating because of the power of a primordial God!?
  13. True DxD Volume 1, Life 3
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