The Deep Down Relaxation Treatment (Anon [per]version)

Sep 17th, 2014
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  1. >Be Anon in Equestria. Again.
  2. >You had a minor disdain for the Ponyville Spa.
  3. >No, it wasn't that it was girly as fuck over there.
  4. >No, it wasn't because the quality was bad. It was a much better quality than any spa you had ever been to, even on Earth.
  5. >Not that you've been to any others.
  6. >No, it was because it was expensive as fuck on your income.
  7. >But somehow, Rarity convinced you to tag along on a Sunday. Her complaining helped her case even if it was whining
  8. >The two of you walked down towards the spa.
  9. >"Hey Rares, heeeeeeeey Anon!"
  10. >"Hello there, Rainbow."
  11. >"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, where are you two headed?"
  12. >Fucking Rainbow Cunt
  13. "Ponyville spa."
  14. >"The spa? Heh, sounds nice! Getting all freshened up for once, Anon?"
  15. "Shaddup."
  16. >"Was just asking, sheesh."
  17. >She starts to check her surroundings.
  18. >"Well, uh, okay, I gotta get going. I need to do the...thing with the clouds."
  19. >She goes off to apparently do the thing with the clouds.
  20. >Whatever that was.
  21. >"We're here, Anon! I'll go check in at the front desk."
  22. "Alrighty."
  23. >You sit down in the waiting room. You look at the two spa ponies, Aloe and Lotus.
  24. >You never knew if anyone else worked there, it was always just those two.
  25. >Damn, were they cuties, 8/10 would poke with your stick, but you felt kinda bad for them for working on their own.
  26. >"...No, that can't be right. We never discussed this."
  27. >"I'm very sure he called over the phone to set up our appointment."
  28. >Appointment?
  29. >"Well, I never! This throws our plans for a loop."
  30. "Whoa, whoa, what's this 'appointment' I'm hearing about?"
  31. >Rarity and Lotus notice you had stood up.
  32. >"Oh, Anon, so modest~"
  33. >You give the blue spa pone a weird look.
  34. >"Lotus here is telling me you called last night to set up a spa appointment with her for today."
  35. "Oh, really? I might've been drunk, if I can't remember it. Can you jog my memory?"
  36. >"Yes, it says here you're scheduled for a Deep Down Relaxation routine at 12:00PM."
  37. > were certain you weren't drunk.
  38. >If you were drunk, you probably wouldn't have set up an appointment at the spa.
  39. >You were weirder than you already are when drunk, but you were still relatively sane.
  40. >Not that that's saying much.
  41. "...the Deep Down Relaxation Routine?"
  42. >"Yes. It's, incidentally, one of my better treatments at the spa."
  43. >Hoo boy. What were you getting into.
  44. "Well, I..."
  45. >"Oh, Anon, you sly dog, you," Rarity smirked.
  46. >This was not a good smirk.
  47. >You liked to think you could read faces. You were dead certain that this was one of those faces which accentuated appreciated smut.
  48. "Okay...I need to know how much this is going to cost. I'm working on a budget, and-"
  49. >"Well it says you've already paid it off in advance."
  50. >Oh jeez. So you didn't set it up.
  51. "...okay?"
  52. >"Please come on to the backroom."
  53. >You nodded, and walked over with Lotus to the back room.
  54. >It suddenly occurred to you that you never saw the back room.
  55. >It also occurred to you that you didn't know what the Deep Down Relaxation routine actually was.
  56. >"You know, Anon, it's very rare that anypony chooses the Deep Down Relaxation routine. The last time anypony tried it was in the Spring of last year."
  57. "Interesting."
  58. >"As I'm sure you're aware, it's not a well-regarded option for most ponies. What with the age restriction and all."
  59. >Age restriction. You should've known.
  60. >"I've done some practicing for it with my sister ever so often, in case anypony wanted to try it, but please forgive me if I'm a little rusty."
  61. "Not a problem. Hey, uh, okay I probably was drunk and didn't do my research, but..."
  62. >"Oh, sorry."
  63. "No it's okay, but I kind of want to know, what's the Deep Down Treatment?"
  64. >"Well you'd be forgiven for not knowing what it is, but it's a more risque treatment involving erotic hypnotherapy."
  65. >WELL.
  66. >Erotic hypnotherapy.
  67. >If you had known about this, you would be conflicted.
  68. >Keep your cool together.
  69. >'even if it is kinda hot.'
  70. >Shaddup, boner.
  71. "Well, I can see why this wouldn't be well-regarded."
  72. >The two of you enter the back-room.
  73. >Inside is another spa-tub. On the side, you see an assortment of toys that you knew were for sex.
  74. >Was that a dragon dildo in that box?
  75. >"So since you haven't looked into the specifics of the Deep Down routine, I guess I should explain."
  76. >"We have two parts to the routine - one where I bring you to 'relaxation', and the other where you bring me to a similar 'relaxation'. Me and Aloe like to use a special brand of shampoo and ointment for this treatment."
  77. >She points to the bottle of shampoo on the table.
  78. "Deep Down lotion?"
  79. >"It's a homegrown brand."
  80. "Ah."
  81. >Figures.
  82. >"Recipe's a secret, so no being a sneak, but what it does is bring the innermost pleasures to your mind as you relax to give the spa associate an idea of what you enjoy most. Just so you're aware."
  83. >"Anon, you're sure you want to do this, correct? Because I can offer you a full refund if you're uncomfortable with it."
  84. >You pause for a moment. You ARE uncomfortable with this, you did not sign up for this.
  85. >Some cunt just paid to get you hypnotized into who fucking knows, to do what the fuck, and to quite probably a toy to you don't even know.
  86. >And after that, you would be in charge of doing the same to her.
  87. >You've read all the smutty hypnofics to know where this might lead.
  88. >You could back out now and get a whole refund.
  89. >But...the guilt in your heart knows that you didn't pay for it, and you'd be robbing some pony of their hard-earned cash, ill-intended as it was.
  90. >What do?
  91. >...
  92. >No this was a rhetorical question. Of course you'll do it. The Writeslut is not a total faggot.
  93. "I'll be fine."
  94. >"Alright, let me get the water heated up, and I'll get you right in~"
  96. >Actually, no it doesn't, but the water is heating up and bubbles are rising from the spa tub.
  97. >Regardless of what's rising, you enter the bathtub, with all clothes off.
  98. >It's a spa-wide rule.
  99. >You didn't like it all that much.
  100. >But man was that water warm!
  101. >"Here we go, Anon, let me apply the shampoo..."
  102. >She starts to apply the 'Deep Down' lotion onto your head.
  103. >It is, as you expected, very aqueous, but you did notice it actually...felt kinda nice.
  104. >Like a burden was slowly being lifted from you. A burden that you didn't know you had.
  105. >"Now, Anon, this lotion is going to rest on your head and sink deep down into your mind, but don't worry about that."
  106. >"What you do want to know is that you want to keep a steady breath going."
  107. >Your breaths start being noticeable. They are steady. Just like she asked.
  108. >"That's right...let it all out...and suck it back in. Just like that. Keep breathing deeply, Anon."
  109. >In. And out. Yeah, that helped with keeping calm and shit.
  110. >"Just breathe in...and breathe deeply out. That's right...and of course, you know, breathing deeply in and out will help with keeping calm, and it will help in becoming relaxed. And of course you want to be relaxed for this, don't you, Anon?"
  111. >Relaxed. That feeling seemed so good to you right now. You were stressed all week about life. Ponka pulling a prank on you, Twilight doing 'research' on felt good to just be relaxed, right?
  112. "Yeah.."
  113. >"That's right. Being relaxed is a great thing, one that I personally believe others should realize. But c'est la vie, and getting back to you, as you breathe in and out, I feel the need to point out that your eyelids are starting to get heavy."
  114. >You hadn't noticed that. But true to her word, they were getting heavy. And it was getting harder to keep them open.
  115. >Just as she said.
  116. >"You're not in any need to focus on anything, are you?"
  117. "No."
  118. >"Well, that's how it should be. So it's perfectly alright to just let them drop..."
  119. >Just like that, your vision and eyesight was abandoned, near-impossible to open them again.
  120. >"And, of course, you don't want to open them again, it's detrimental to your relaxation."
  121. >"And you, of course, want to be relaxed, so just let them close, and let them keep shut..."
  122. >You nodded. At least, you thought you nodded.
  123. >"Keep breathing, innn and ouuut. Now, Anon, I feel you should know this, but you're going to start losing focus on pretty much everything in a bit."
  124. >Everything?
  125. >"Everything. Almost; you'll still hear my voice, this voice that's making you feel relaxed, this voice that's bringing you Deep Down...but soon it won't just be my voice. It'll also be yours. This voice you're starting to get attached to will also be your own, the voice that lies inside your head."
  126. >Inside your head?
  127. >That's right...the voice you're starting to accept is starting to become yours, one you keep for yourself, one you trust...and you trust it, right?
  128. "Yes..."
  129. >That's good to hear. Losing all track of everything now, Anon. Everything except my voice, and the voice inside your head, and of being relaxed, and of being Deep Down...
  130. "Deep Down..."
  131. >Yes, Anon, you say the words, but your shrinking perception keeps you from truly understanding what being Deep Down means...and keeps you from knowing of the world around you, from understanding anything except being relaxed. And that's okay, because being relaxed is the only thing you want to understand, and that is what being Deep Down is...
  132. "Deep Down...relaxed.."
  133. >You're a fast learner, Anon...and that's understand what it means to be relaxed, what it means to be Deep Down...and now, it is time for you to Sleep...
  135. ---------------------
  137. >Be Lotus.
  138. >You could tell from Anon's pokerface that he was very uncomfortable with the Deep Down Relaxation treatment.
  139. >But he was here to relieve that discomfort, was he not?
  140. >You smiled as you lathered the lotion upon his head.
  141. "Sleep....Sleep. Good Boy."
  142. >You were tempted right there to say "colt" or "mare". He was not a pony, but you weren't sure how to address a human in this situation.
  143. >You just decided to use one of those fancy "human" words he used at some point.
  144. >He responded to it decently enough.
  145. >Easy part's over, now for the more interesting stuff.
  146. "Now, you fully understand Deep Down, Anon...just a very relaxed Boy, a very calm and quiet Boy, and a very blank Boy.."
  147. "And to be blank is not to be relaxed, but rather, to be blank is to be malleable, to be a canvas that an artist would use to paint on...and there are many ideas to paint onto you."
  148. "To be blank is a serene thing, but it is also a pitiable thing. No canvas would want to remain a white slate, would it?"
  149. >"No...."
  150. >You smile. Things were about to get personal.
  151. "And so I will paint you, into a creation my own, a masterpiece that you want to enjoy...but you cannot be forced into being anything you do not wish to be..."
  152. >You saw his grimace. You could tell he was not looking forward to the questioning.
  153. "Tell me, Boy, what is it that you most fear of becoming?"
  154. >"..A-a...a bimbo..."
  155. >He shuddered at the fetish he listed. You remembered the entire fiasco involving Twilight and a spell misfire.
  156. >Neither of you mentioned it afterwards.
  157. "And you shall not become one. I won't force you to become a thing you hate or fear."
  158. "But that still leaves you a white canvas, and I can not let you remain one..."
  159. >This was about to get good.
  160. >You loved to hear this part.
  161. "You trust me, Anon, as much as you trust your own voice...and you can be open with your voice, can't you?"
  162. >"Yes...."
  163. "So tell yourself...from the deepest, darkest parts of your heart, what do you wish to become the most?"
  164. >He stirs a moment before answering.
  165. >"I...I w-want to b-be..."
  166. "Take your time...there is no need to rush."
  167. >"I wanna be...I just wanna be a slave..."
  168. >Hoho! This was surprising, from how arrogant he usually was.
  169. "Do tell."
  170. >"I-I want to be a good slave not have any worries, to not have to think or feel, to just be obedient to her master or mistress...for the owner to use as he or she wishes..."
  171. >"I-It's been a dark fetish of mine for a while now..."
  172. >Oh dear. This was going to be a fun session.
  173. "Well, you know, I can give you what you want."
  174. >The human nodded.
  175. "And it is entirely possible for you to become a good slave, as you desire."
  176. >Anon nodded once again, shuddering in bliss at the thought.
  177. "But you will have to cooperate with me, and you will have to be accepting of the changes I am going to make with you. Do you understand?"
  178. >"Y-yes, Lotus..."
  179. "And the first thing that will change is that you won't think of me as 'Lotus', but rather as 'Mistress'. To you, the slave, I am not an equal, but a 'Mistress'. Do you understand?"
  180. >"...yes Mistress."
  181. >Now the real fun begins.
  182. "Now, slave, I want you to listen to my words carefully.."
  183. >Anon nodded, his smile widening.
  184. "You want to be a slave, but to be a slave is to be obedient."
  185. "And being obedient gives you great pleasure, obeying my words brings you great bliss."
  186. >You smirk at his acceptance of this incredibly humiliating experience.
  187. "And feeling pleasure makes you more and more obedient. A natural cycle of a willing slave."
  188. >"Obedient...pleasure..."
  189. "The cycle is that obeying brings pleasure, pleasure brings obedience. It builds on itself. Now, slave, you want to feel pleasure, don't you?"
  190. >"Pleasure....yes Mistress."
  191. "And so you will obey to feel pleasure. It makes you happy feeling this pleasure, and it makes you even happier obeying my words and commands..."
  192. "Then, of course, you willingly obey my words, and you obey the voice in your head telling you to obey, and you, therefore, obey me, your Mistress."
  193. >"Yes...Mistress."
  194. >You put another batch of Deep Down lotion on his head, to start reinforcing these thoughts of obedience you were planting in his head.
  195. "And in obedience, there is nothing I can command of you that you won't obey. Things that make it hard for you to live, and by extension make it hard for you to relax, will not be affected. You will not stop breathing deeply, not even if I ask it of you. You will not harm yourself if I ask it of you."
  196. "But if I ever ask it of you, your body is mine. I can allow or deny you pleasure, I can allow or deny you orgasm, and I can allow or deny you the privilege of thought. In fact, you will not even be able to cum without my permission."
  197. >"Without your permission..."
  198. "My word is divine to you, slave, and My word trumps almost all."
  199. >"Your word...trumps all."
  200. "Yes, in fact it does, slave. And of course, Anon, you willingly obey my commands. But let's get into who you are."
  201. >Anon's- no, Slave's smile widens.
  202. "From your fetish alone, you know the basics of hypno-slavery are that the slave cannot think to obey. A regular hypno-slave will not and can not think, and only obeys. But you are not a regular hypno-slave, Girl, for you are a special hypno-slave, for you are My hypno slave-Girl."
  203. >"Your...hypno slave-Girl..." His words echo your instruction.
  204. "And My slave-girls will be able and allowed to think. However, My slave will choose to think only of how better to serve and obey Her Mistress, for even the mere thought of obedience brings tinges of pleasure to your body and soul..."
  205. >"Thinking....of obedience....ohhh"
  206. "And although free thought is a privilege, I think I can trust you enough to allow it. You want to think only of obeying me, correct?"
  207. >"Yessss Mistress.."
  208. >You smile.
  209. "Good Girl...My words bring you bliss. My words bring you joy. You love to listen and obey my words, because you know they make you feel good.."
  210. >"Make me...feel good...Mistress.."
  211. "Now, Slave-Girl, the scope of what you are asked to do is near limitless, and to fully be obedient you will want to fulfill any and all commands I ask of you."
  212. "If I ask you to put on clothes that you are not used to wearing, you wear them without question or resistance, for it brings you happiness and relaxation to wear it for your Mistress."
  213. "If I ask you to submit your whole body to my perverse interests, you will do so without me asking twice, for it brings you bliss to give yourself up to your Mistress."
  214. "If I ask you to submit your whole body to the pleasures of another, you do so without question, for you can fully trust anypony that your Mistress trusts..."
  215. "And you understand this all, right, Slave-Girl?"
  216. >"Yesss, Mistress."
  217. >His vacant stare and smile is a tell-tale sign that he's enjoying this.
  218. "Very good, Slave..."
  219. >And now, you prepare for the finishing touches.
  220. >His hair is non-existent, what with him being a weird green variant of human.
  221. >But that can easily be fixed. You put on a light-purple wig on him, a wig usually reserved for mares.
  222. >It's the perfect size.
  223. >You remember that the maid outfit you have on standby is not made for a human. You'll have to ask Rarity about that later.
  224. >But you'll make do.
  225. "Now...I want you to prove to me your obedience.."
  226. >"Anything for you, Mistress."
  227. "I want you to feel an intense buildup in your nether regions, a great pleasure where your pussy lies."
  228. >The 'Slave' starts to breaths more intensely from the pleasure.
  229. >"Ohhhhh...."
  230. "Enjoying it, Slave?"
  231. >"Yessssssss....Oh, Mistress, it feels sooo goood~"
  232. "I'm glad you like it. That feeling will only grow."
  233. >"Ohhh..Mistress, I think I'm gonna-"
  234. "No, you're not. I won't allow you to cum."
  235. >"B-But Mistress...I want to cummmm, I neeeed to cummmm~"
  236. "And I can let you cum, but first, I want you to repeat a few things for me..."
  237. >"A-Anything for you, Mistress, I need toooo~"
  238. >You smirk as you go in for the finish.
  239. "'I am a slave-girl, whose purpose is to obey her Mistress.' Say it."
  240. >"I-I am a slave-girl, wh-whose purpose is to obey h-her Mistress."
  241. "Repeat."
  242. >"Oh God...I am a slave-girl, wh-whose purpose is to obey her M-Mistress please I need to cum~"
  243. "'I willingly and knowingly obey only the commands of my Mistress.' Say it."
  244. >"I w-willingly and knowingly obey o-only the commands of my Mistress..please I need to~"
  245. "Repeat."
  246. >"I willingly and knowingly obey only the commands of my Mistress..."
  247. "Repeat."
  248. >"O-oh I willingly and knowingly obey only the commands of my Mistress!"
  249. "'When I become obedient I feel pleasure, and when I feel pleasure I become more obedient.' Say it."
  250. >"When I become obedient I feel pleasure, and when I feel pleasure I become more o-obedient~"
  251. "Repeat."
  252. >"When I become obedient I feel pleasure, and when I feel pleasure I become more obedient!!"
  253. >"P-Please, Mistress, I need to cum! I beg you!"
  254. "'I will be a perfect slave girl for my Mistress, and I won't rebel against her.' Say it."
  255. >"I will be a perfect slave girl for my Mistress, and I won't rebel against her. Please, Mistress~"
  256. "Repeat."
  257. >"I will be a perfect slave girl for my Mistress, and I won't rebel against her."
  258. "Repeat."
  259. >"I will be a perfect slave girl for my Mistress, and I will n-never rebel against her."
  260. >You smirk.
  261. "Good."
  262. >"P-please Mistress"
  263. "And you will always, Deep Down, be a good slave-girl for your Mistress. Is that right?"
  264. >"Y-Yes, Mistress, pleeeease.."
  265. "Very good. Such a good slave."
  266. >"Y-Yes Mistress oh Godddd..."
  267. "You may now cum."
  268. >His orgasm is the biggest he would have ever had, and it was her Slave that got to feel it for the first time.
  269. >The explosion that 'She' felt ensured that 'She' would never disobey you.
  270. >At least, not until you woke Him up.
  271. >For now, you decide to have a little fun with your new little 'Girl'.
  272. >His breathing, after his orgasm, was starting to become more steady.
  273. "Stand, slave."
  274. >Immediately, 'Slave' stood.
  275. >Okay, she's responsive.
  276. "Actually, wait. Kneel and wait for further commands."
  277. >"Yes mistress."
  278. >'Slave' got down on his knees. A very quick learner, you noted.
  279. >This was going to be very interesting. Best if you have someone to back you up.
  280. "Wait there, slave."
  281. >"Yes mistress."
  282. >You go outside to retrieve Aloe. Perhaps she has something in mind for your new 'Slave'.
  283. >You search for Aloe in the main Spa room
  284. >And there she was, tending to their regular customer, Rarity.
  285. >You scanned the area. Only two other ponies were there.
  286. >You recognized the ponies. They had applied for jobs over here, and today was their first day.
  287. >But enough about them. You poke Aloe.
  288. "Hey, sis, have a minute?"
  289. >"Sure! Excuse me for a second, Rarity."
  290. >"Oh, it's no problem at all, Aloe."
  291. >The two of you step aside, away from the others.
  292. >"What's up?"
  293. "Well, I told you about the reservation that Anon placed last night, right?"
  294. >"For today? Yeah, I remember. So is he...?"
  295. "He's under trance at the moment. You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff he wanted to be."
  296. >Aloe tries to stifle a giggle.
  297. "But I wanted to ask you something - when you're done training the new recruits, would you mind helping me with him?"
  298. >She looks back at the new recruits.
  299. >"That's actually not a problem, Sis. They seem to know what they're doing right now."
  300. >Okay. Thank Celestia that these weren't like the last two ponies you hired.
  301. >"So I think I can help you now, if you want."
  302. >You put on an impish grin.
  303. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it."
  304. >Aloe gestures to the new applicants.
  305. >"L'oreal, Suave, would you two mind taking care of Rarity for me? I'm going to help my sister in the Back Room. Just knock if you want to see me."
  306. >"Got it!"
  307. >"Sure, sure.."
  308. >With this minor distraction taken care of, the two of you head to the Back Room to visit the new 'Slave'.
  310. -----------------------------------------
  312. >Be Slave
  313. >At least, that was what you responded to.
  314. >You had a name, but in being obedient you did not remember what it was.
  315. >It was not important to you, nor was it important in serving your Mistress.
  316. >Your Mistress was a kind and caring mare.
  317. >You loved serving your Mistress.
  318. >You knew this for a fact.
  319. >You kneeled in the room, waiting for your Mistress to return with any further commands.
  320. >Commands that you would eagerly obey.
  321. >The door to the room opens.
  322. >To your joy, Mistress entered, and brought another pony with her.
  323. >You loved your Mistress with all your heart.
  324. >"Slave, I would like to introduce you to somepony. This is Aloe."
  325. >Aloe...the pink-coated pony looked nice.
  326. >"I trust her as much as I trust you."
  327. >If Mistress could trust her, you could trust her.
  328. >"From here on out, you will know and address her as 'Ms. Aloe', and you will do anything she asks of you that I would also ask of you. Do you understand?"
  329. >You understood. You would eagerly obey Ms. Aloe, just as you would your Mistress.
  330. "Yes mistress."
  331. >"Good girl. Come here."
  332. >You stand up and start to walk over to your benevolent Mistress-
  333. >"Ah ah ah, I never said to get up."
  334. >You freeze. You had disobeyed your Mistress.. Disobedience brought pain to your heart. You kneel in defeat.
  335. >"Slave, I want you to crawl to your Mistress, like the low-life you are."
  336. >Your heart was at ease. You crawled over to your Mistress, just like a Good Slave would.
  337. >Mistress held something in her hoof. You wondered what it was.
  338. >"This is a collar, and is the mark of a Good and Obedient Slave. It is yours to keep."
  339. >She puts the ring on your neck. You automatically knew it was something you would enjoy.
  340. >"Do you like it, Slave?"
  341. >You absolutely love it.
  342. "Yes mistress, thank you for giving me this!"
  343. >Ms. Aloe walks over to a sort of glass window. You wonder what kind of window it is.
  344. >"Slave, can I see you for a moment?"
  345. >You crawl over to Ms. Aloe and the window of your attention.
  346. >It is a glass-stained window, one that is used in many a work of art.
  347. >"This is a donation from an upper-classmare from Canterlot, for our work at the Spa. We hold it in relatively high regard."
  348. >"And it is starting to get rather dusty."
  349. >Ms. Aloe points to a bucket of water and a washcloth.
  350. >"I want you to clean it, Slave, until it's spotless. Do you understand?"
  351. >You nod in adoration.
  352. "Yes, Ms. Aloe."
  353. >You take the cloth and start to wash the glass window as Ms. Aloe had asked.
  354. >You take time to see the water shimmer on the stained glass.
  355. >You were not an artist, but you loved the window.
  356. >After all, if Ms. Aloe held it in high regard, why shouldn't you?
  357. >After you had completely washed it off, you knelt at the window and waited for another command.
  358. >Your Mistress walked over and admired the work you had done.
  359. >"Very good, Slave."
  360. >The word 'Slave' made you feel good. You loved being called what you were.
  361. >"Now, I have another task for you. I want you to give Ms. Aloe a hoof massage, Celestia know she needs one."
  362. "Yes mistress."
  363. >You crawl over to Ms. Aloe, and start rubbing her front hooves.
  364. >You could hear her moan from the massage. You took this as a good thing.
  365. >"Ohhhh, Slave, thank you..."
  366. >Your smile widened. You loved it when you made others happy for Mistress.
  367. >A couple of minutes later, she asked you to stop. And so you did.
  368. >"Slave. Come over here."
  369. >You respond to Mistress' voice.
  370. "Yes mistress."
  371. >And you crawl over to her side.
  372. >"I want you to repeat for me the following statement. 'I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus.' Do not stop until I say so."
  373. "Yes mistress."
  374. >You know immediately that Mistress wants you to speak that sentence to make sure you accept it as fact.
  375. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  376. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  377. >And you knew it, too. You were a good slave for your Mistress.
  378. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  379. >Your obedience brought you to a state of bliss that only Mistress could grant.
  380. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  381. >You loved serving Mistress, and it felt so right to obey her.
  382. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  383. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  384. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  385. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  386. >You would repeat those words until the end of time for your Mistress. You had long ago accepted them as fact, but your devotion to Mistress had you repeat them for the sheer pleasure of obedience.
  387. "I am a good and obedient slave girl for Mistress Lotus."
  388. >"Stop."
  389. >You silence your mouth.
  390. >"Thank you, Slave. You seem eager to obey, are you not?"
  391. "I am, mistress."
  392. >"That's a Good Girl...and Good Slaves willingly follow their Mistress' orders."
  393. >"And now, I want you to do something for me."
  394. >You wait in attention for the commands of your Mistress.
  395. >"You are to bring me into my own state of pleasure. Slave, I want you to offer your body to me and allow me to, for lack of a better term, fuck you."
  396. >Your spine tingled at the thought of better serving your Mistress.
  397. "Yes, Mistress. Anything for you."
  398. >You lied in anticipation of bringing pleasure to your Mistress.
  399. >She walked over to you, obviously deciding on how you could accomplish your goal.
  400. >Then, she tackled you to the ground.
  401. >You could only shudder as Mistress started to sensually 'fuck' you.
  402. >Her pussy grinding against what the ponies called a 'cock', a shameful sign of what you had been before.
  403. >Her tongue slithering against your neck, giving your throat so much ecstasy...
  404. >"Tell me how much a good slave you are.."
  405. "I-I am obedient, I a-am submissivvvvve..."
  406. >"And you love to obey me, slave, don't you?"
  407. "Y-yesss Mistress, I looove to obeyy.."
  408. >You feel the wetness build up in your nethers. It was a feeling all too familiar to you.
  409. "O-oh God...Mistressss"
  410. >"Ah ah ah, Slave, I'm afraid I can't let you come just yet..."
  411. >Her pussy grinding against your former manhood, her tongue against your neck. It was almost too much for you to bear.
  412. >But you had to bear it, for your Mistress.
  413. >"You will always be my good know this to be true, right, Slave?"
  414. "Ohhhhhhh GOD, yes Mistressssssss~"
  415. >You needed to cum, the pleasure was too much to bear, but you couldn't let it out.
  416. >You needed to keep it in, until your Mistress allowed you release.
  417. >But God you wanted to cum
  418. "Mistressssssss"
  419. >"Tell me, will you always obey me?"
  420. "Y-Yes, Mistresssss I willl alwaaays obeeeey I need to cum Mistressss"
  421. >"Very good."
  423. >"Come."
  424. >The release, the joyful escape from orgasm kept in, is outstanding. You shudder in ecstasy at the orgasm, and put on a vacant smile.
  425. >You knew, forever and always, you will be a good Slave Girl for Mistress Lotus.
  427. -----------------
  429. >Be Lotus
  430. >You were trying to catch your breath after your very sexy encounter with your Slave
  431. >You could tell that Slave had enjoyed every bit of it.
  432. >You were almost tempted to take 'her' in and keep 'her' as your own.
  433. >But unfortunately, the allotted time was running short, and you had to wake him up so you could switch sides.
  434. >Which is why you had Aloe on hoof.
  435. "Slave, kneel."
  436. >"Yes mistresssss"
  437. >He knelt, as a Slave always did.
  438. >You grabbed a washcloth and made yourself decent once more, and looked at Aloe.
  439. "Hey, Sis, can you do me a favor?"
  440. >"Sure, what do you need?"
  441. "I want you to stay here to make sure Anon does not do anything that breaks our rules."
  442. >"Well....okay, but I wanted to ask you something."
  443. >You blink. What was she thinking?
  444. "Suuuuure?"
  445. >"I kinda, um, wanted to...erm, be the subject this time."
  446. >Oh. You remembered practicing the routine with her. She was a very good subject, but she admitted to not being a good hypnotist.
  447. "You sure? Because I think you can-"
  448. >"I'm sure, I just love the feeling."
  449. >You sigh.
  450. "Alriiight, but I'll remain on hand."
  451. >Your sister squees in delight, and you turn to Anon to wake him up.
  452. >You saw him there, trying to lick up the cum off the floor.
  453. "Slave, I know how much you love to obey, but our time is nearing is end."
  454. >His grimace is pitiable.
  455. "I am going to give you a phrase, one that your subconscious will remember, even if your waking mind won't. It will bring you back to this state of Obedience, it will make you a Slave once again. 'Good Slave Obeys' is your phrase."
  456. "And when I and ONLY I say 'Good Slave Obeys', you will return to your current state of obedience. When anypony else says it, you will not change. Only when I say 'Good Slave Obeys' will you become mine once again."
  457. >He nods. Good, he's catching on.
  458. "But for now...Sleep...Sleep..."
  459. >His slumber is as deep as the big blue ocean.
  460. "Very good...but now it is time for you to awaken."
  461. "Your waking mind will not remember anything that has happened while you were a Slave. In fact, all you will remember is that it was a great experience."
  462. "I will count from one to five, and on the count of five you will wake up, refreshed and awake and alert."
  463. >You could not tell from Anon's face, but it seemed like he understood.
  464. "One...two...three..."
  465. >With every count, he started to stir. Good, he's coming to.
  466. "Four..."
  467. >This was it. He would no longer be a slave. At least, not unless he decided to return. All for the better, he was Anon and he had his work to do.
  468. "Five."
  470. --------------------
  472. >Be Anon
  473. >You just woke up from whatever the fuck just happened.
  474. >And for the life of you, what happened back there was a distant memory.
  475. "Ughhhhhh..."
  476. >"You okay there, chief?"
  477. >You look up and see Lotus, and you remember - you were hypnotized into doing something.
  478. "Yeah...I was sound asleep back there."
  479. >"You sure were."
  480. >You did remember that this was an 'erotic' hypnosis session, but it was hard to remember WHAT they had you do.
  481. >You hoped to the alicorns that they didn't record it.
  482. "Well, I guess that's over with."
  483. >You start to head out the door, before Lotus stops you.
  484. >"Hold up, Anon, that was the first part."
  485. >Wat
  486. "What do you mean 'first' part?"
  487. >Then you remember. You were going to do the same to her.
  488. "Oh wait."
  489. >You were dense.
  490. "Yeah. Okay, I'm not a good hypnotist, but I'll work it out."
  491. >"Sounds good. Anon, I'm sure you've met Aloe."
  492. >She gestures to the pink spa Pone.
  493. "Yep. I guess she's here to keep me from going overboard with you."
  494. >She smirks. That was not a good sign.
  495. >"Oh, no, quite the opposite. I'm here to keep you from going overboard with her."
  496. >Hoo boy. This was not part of the deal.
  497. "Wait, am I going to-"
  498. >"At her request. I would have taken her place, but she insisted."
  499. >Okay instead of hypnotizing Lotus, you're going for Aloe instead. Interesting...
  500. >Aloe trotted over to the spa which you rested at earlier.
  501. >You walk up by her with Lotus.
  502. >"So, Anon, what you want to do is apply the lotion on her head, and start to lather it. Then, you have to induce her into a sleep-like trance, which I'm sure you know how to do, correct?"
  503. "I think so, yeah."
  504. >"And you are going to want to have her be open about what she wants and doesn't want; she'll be more willing to pull off something she likes. I'll help you through the rest if you need it."
  505. >A thought crosses your mind.
  506. "Question. If she wants to be something I myself am not comfortable with, can I have her be something else?"
  507. >"I don't suggest it, but again you're in charge, so.."
  508. "K, that's good."
  509. >The immediate memory of Bimbo Fiasco 2014 makes you shudder. Never again.
  510. >Lotus turns to her sister. "Alright, Sis, you all settled in?"
  511. >"Yep! Anon, I'm ready whenever you are~"
  512. >Fucking sing-song voices.
  513. >You sigh, and grab the bottle of Deep Down lotion. This was going to be a wild ride.
  514. >You start to apply it on her mane.
  515. >And notice that her body almost immediately shivers at the coolness of the solution.
  516. >"Ahhhh...that feels nice..."
  517. >Your hand twitches at her receptiveness, but you forge on regardless.
  518. >Time to get busy.
  519. "Alright, Aloe, I haven't a clue about what your daily life is like, but right now I don't want you to worry about any of that. I just want you to relax, to relax and breath deeply in and deeply out.."
  520. >As you lather the shampoo on her head, you start to notice her breathing is becoming very slow and steady. In fact, you could even hear it go in and out.
  521. "That's good...just keep a steady breath going, Aloe. Because to become relaxed means you have to keep calm, and breathing deeper and deeper will help with that. You know this, right?"
  522. >Her response was dull.
  523. >"Yes..."
  524. >Years of experience from reading and looking at hypnofap material manifested itself in your technique.
  525. "Okay, now as your breathing deeply continues, you notice that each breath you take makes your eyelids heavier and heavier, and with each breath you take, it becomes harder to keep them open."
  526. >You notice here yes start to flitter down. You can tell she's trying to keep them open.
  527. "By all means, though, try and keep them open. Prove me wrong."
  528. >Her attempts to keep her eyes open are slow and unfruitful.
  529. "That's right. It's hard to just keep them open. The easier way to go about this is just to not fight it, to just let them close tight..."
  530. >Her eyelids shut down as soon as you said that.
  531. "That's right, just let them close tight. You're closer now, ever closer to being relaxed. Keep breathing deeply now, in and out, out and in. You're feeling very relaxed now, and in fact, you're so relaxed that everything is starting to become a blur."
  532. >"A blurrr..." she repeats.
  533. "Yes...everything is a blur now, everything except my voice. This voice of mine which tells you what you're starting to understand. Only now, you're starting to realize, it's also part of your thoughts. In fact, my words are slowly becoming your own thoughts.."
  534. >"My own thoughts..."
  535. "That's right, relaxed now, knowing that my voice is what's keeping you so relaxed, but also making you sleepier with every syllable I relaxed and sleepy.."
  536. >"Soooo relaxed and...sleeeepy.."
  537. >She can barely pay attention. It's weird and wonderful.
  538. "But don't worry, it feels good to be relaxed, and you'll feel better if you just...Sleep."
  539. >With that, her body slumps down in the spa, her body and mind fully asleep...
  541. -------------
  543. >Be Aloe
  544. >Your mind floats in an abyss of relaxation.
  545. >It is as empty and asleep as your body.
  546. >You could trust the voice in your head. You could trust Anon's voice.
  547. >You knew that Anon's voice was all that mattered right now.
  548. >And you could hear him talking. Questioning. Inquiring about you as a mare.
  549. >He asked of what you most wanted to be at that time.
  550. >And you wanted- no, you lusted to become a toy right there and then.
  551. >Just a doll for anyone to play with, a thing without a name, mind, will, or question.
  552. >A thing for its owner to do with as it may please.
  553. >And the voice understood. It could give you that relief.
  554. >And so your life would change in that moment.
  555. >Your thoughts started to cloud up in your relatively empty head.
  556. >Bit by bit, piece by piece, those thoughts that once ran like liquid through your brain started to evaporate.
  557. >They were becoming very foggy and unreadable, and as with any gas those thoughts floated away.
  558. >And you gave them freely away, with nothing in return.
  559. >Those thoughts were gone from you, never to return..
  560. >And with those thoughts gone from you, you could now better focus on Anon's words.
  561. >They seemed like drops of pure heaven with every syllable he stated.
  562. >And he spoke once again.
  563. >He had a chain and lock. He was stripping you of your memories.
  564. >The memories of your sister, Lotus, vanished instantly from your mind.
  565. >The memories of the Ponyville spa, the work that you did to earn your keep, gone from your head.
  566. >The friends and enemies you've made over the years. All made completely irrelevant to your mind.
  567. >And with every memory gone from it, your head was becoming emptier and emptier.
  568. >No thoughts or memories lingered in your mind.
  569. >Only you, Aloe, and the voice of Anon.
  570. >And now he spoke to the pony called Aloe.
  571. >He knew that you were becoming a new being, turning slowly into a doll created for play.
  572. >And Aloe was not that being. He came to whisk her away.
  573. >To you, Aloe was gone. Vanished, along with your memories and thoughts.
  574. >All that remained was you, and the voice.
  575. >The voice spoke once more.
  576. >And the voice told you that you could trust him.
  577. >You could trust him with anything.
  578. >There was no need for you to question him.
  579. >You could merely do as he asked.
  580. >That was all there was to you, his doll.
  581. >Doll.
  582. >The word rang around your empty head.
  583. >It was a beautiful word to you. It fully described what you were.
  584. >You could not think for yourself. You had no need to.
  585. >You could not remember your past. Dolls had no past.
  586. >You did not know your name. Dolls are nameless.
  587. >But you were Doll.
  588. >And Dolls loved to be played with.
  589. >So you would let your owner play with you.
  590. >No questioning him, no thinking about anything else.
  591. >Just Doll, and its owner..
  592. >Be Anon
  593. >And with those last words, Aloe was Doll.
  594. >You noted her vacant and blissful stare.
  595. >Boner be damned, this whole thing was turning you on.
  596. >And it was also turning Lotus on, for some reason.
  597. >Not that Aloe knew that.
  598. "Sooooo, she's pretty much out for the count."
  599. >"Yuuup."
  600. "I-I don't know what to think about this. There's a couple of possibilities I could work with here."
  601. >"Why don't you tell her to say things to confirm she can hear you?"
  602. >You nod, and speak to Aloe.
  603. "'I am a pretty little doll.' Say it."
  604. >"I am a pretty little doll."
  605. >Her voice was incredibly monotone. She was no longer thinking about what she was saying, or how she was saying it.
  606. >It was very arousing, but it didn't fit her new form.
  607. "Doll, you will now only speak in a very feminine squeaky voice."
  608. >If she heard you, she didn't show it. You tried to have her talk again.
  609. "'I am a pretty little doll.' Say it."
  610. >She spoke again, in the very feminine voice Anon had requested from her.
  611. >"I am a pretty little doll."
  612. >Yep, she heard you.
  613. "'I am happy and empty as a Doll should be.' Say it."
  614. >"I am happy and empty as a Doll should be."
  615. >Now to see how physical she would get.
  616. "Doll, I am Owner. The pony in front of you is Lotus. You trust the both of us and listen to everything we say."
  617. >Her stare never wavered. You gestured towards the blue spa pone.
  618. "You will hug Lotus."
  619. >Almost automatically, Aloe got up and gave her sister a hug. In return, Lotus gave one back.
  620. >"Okay, Doll, you will now stand at attention."
  621. >Without hesitation, Aloe ended her hug and did as her sister asked. All with that vacant stare intact.
  622. >Yep. Aloe's empty as a can of cola.
  623. >Hmmmmmmm
  624. "I'm gonna try something, hold on."
  625. >"What are you planning, Anon?"
  626. "Something. Gonna see if this works."
  627. >You walk over to the attentive body of Aloe.
  628. >You notice she's still breathing. Okay, that's good.
  629. >You take one of her front legs and try to pose it.
  630. >It almost willingly bends for your hands.
  631. >Huh.
  632. >You let go to see what happens.
  633. >It remains in the pose you left it at.
  634. >Okay, that seems to be in order.
  635. "Doll, you will lie on your back for Owner."
  636. >Aloe did not hesitate to comply, and it was very soon that her body was upright on its back, as if she were waiting for a belly rub.
  637. >Which of course you give to her. Her vacant stare does not quiver as your hand scratches her belly.
  638. >You do notice, however, that her breathing has become more noticeable than before.
  639. >"Enjoying yourself there, Anon?"
  640. "Errrr- yes."
  641. >Hoo boy.
  642. >"Well, there are ponies who're waiting on us, so you might want to try and wrap this up soon."
  643. >Of course. Time flies when you're scratching the belly of a hypnotized pone.
  644. >Or whatever the saying was.
  645. "Got it."
  646. >You may not have had that much time to spend with Aloe, but the last thing you do is with the intent of making the most of it.
  647. "You are such a good Doll for your Owner."
  648. >Again, the vacant stare doesn't change.
  649. >You do notice a very faint moan from her.
  650. "You know being a Doll is what you love the most."
  651. "And although you may not be one forever, you can be brought back to this state."
  652. >Her response? Vacant. No shit.
  653. "Whenever your sister and only your sister Lotus says the words 'Play Doll', you will return to this state without hesitation. It will happen naturally and automatically, because you love this feeling."
  654. >You hear another light moan from Aloe. Jesus, she was enjoying this too much.
  655. "But now it's time to awaken you from Doll."
  656. >Welp. Here we go.
  657. "On the count of five, 'Aloe' will awaken, freshened up from her nap. You will not remember what happened when 'Aloe' went to sleep, but you will remember that you had a good time."
  658. >Her vacant stare is still there. Hope it changes sometime soon.
  659. >Even if it was hot.
  660. >Shut up, boner.
  661. "One....two...three...four.....Five."
  662. >And there it was. That vacant stare was gone.
  663. >Replaced by Aloe's face that you could already tell was her waking up.
  664. >"Unnnnghhhh..."
  665. "You okay there, champ?"
  666. >"Yeah...."
  667. >Okay, good. She's awake.
  668. >"That was a niiice nap I had."
  669. >Sure was.
  670. "So, you fully refreshed from it?"
  671. >"Eeeyup."
  672. >God dammit.
  673. >That Big Mac impersonation.
  674. >Boner killed.
  675. "A-Alright. Weeeeeeeeell, that was fun."
  676. >The session's over. Now you can finally go about the rest of your day.
  677. "So, Lotus, where do I pay?"
  678. >Her look of confusion is very noticeable.
  679. >"I...thought you already paid?"
  680. >Wait what.
  681. "I did?"
  682. >Then it hits you.
  683. >You only got into this mess because some cunt snuck you in somehow.
  684. "Oh, right."
  685. >"Sooo, there's no need to stick around, or anything."
  686. "I guess not."
  687. >You could leave right now. This might have gone longer than you planned.
  688. >And Rarity was waiting for you outside probably.
  689. >You could also never do this again.
  690. >...
  691. >Aw, what the heck.
  692. "Though, I'd like to do this again sometime."
  693. >Their faces perk up. Hoo boy, how into this were these goddamn horses?
  694. "Not anytime soon, the future. Maybe."
  695. >"Well, you're welcome anytime, Nonny~"
  696. >With that, you make your departure from Ponyville Spa.
  697. >You meet up with Rarity once more, and set out to do whatever you planned on doing.
  698. >You wondered.
  699. >Not that you minded, but just WHO was the cunt who got you into this?
  701. --------------------------------
  703. >Be Rainbow Dash.
  704. >You had done it.
  705. >Somehow, through working overtime and getting side jobs, you had earned enough for it.
  706. >You knew Anon was headed with Rarity to the Spa today.
  707. >You decided to try get him into the weird Deep Down stuff that was only for adult horses using the spare money you earned.
  708. >You still thought your Anon impression was awesome.
  709. >Go to the Ponyville Spa to check up on Anon and Rarity.
  710. >Surprisingly, Rarity is waiting outside.
  711. "Hey there, Rares."
  712. >"Why, hello Rainbow Dash."
  713. >You take a look inside.
  714. "Sooo, Anon's still in there?"
  715. >"Actually, yes. This wasn't part of the plan, but because of some sort of mix-up he's having the Deep Down treatment plan instead of the 'regular'."
  716. >Yep, went through okay.
  717. "Oh, that? Well..uh, that's...kinda interesting?"
  718. >"I was almost mortified when I heard her say that. It's a rather uncouth option over there, one that I'd rather not try. I can't imagine why he'd want to experience THAT."
  719. "Well you know Anon, always into the weird kinky stuff that he always likes-"
  720. >"Rainbow, come off it, I know it was you."
  721. >Oh buck.
  722. >Were you really that predictable?
  723. >Snrrt
  724. "Pffft."
  725. >"Really, Rainbow?"
  726. "Aw c'mon, he'll probably think it's awesome!"
  727. >A scowl forms across Rarity's face.
  728. "I mean, he's doing it for free, so it's not gonna cost him much."
  729. >That scowl remains unchanged.
  730. "Besides, it's not like he has any weird sort of closet skeletons they'd exploit, right?"
  731. >"You have no idea."
  732. >Wait.
  733. "OMIGOSH, hold on a second!"
  734. >You fly over to where you thought the back room was.
  735. >You can't hear much, but what you do hear is enough.
  736. >"...peat"
  737. >"...perfect....for my Miss..."
  738. >Pfft.
  739. >"...repeat..."
  740. >" a perfect...girl for Mistress.."
  741. >Oh buck, this was golden.
  742. >If only you had a quill and paper to write this down with.
  745. FIN
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