Week 2 - 2.14 Challenge

suewalters Apr 26th, 2019 81 Never
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  1. print("Hi, I am the bot that Sue created.")
  2. print("Let's get started.")
  3. users_name=input("What is your name? ")
  4. print("Welcome "+users_name)
  5. addsub=input("Please press a if you would like to add, s if you would like to subtract, m if you would like to multiply, or d if you would like to divide. ")
  6. input1=input("Number 1> ")
  7. input2=input("Number 2> ")
  8. number1=int(input1)
  9. number2=int(input2)
  10. if addsub=="a" or addsub=="A" or addsub=="plus" or addsub=="Plus" or addsub=="add" or addsub=="Add":
  11.     result=number1+number2
  12.     output=str(result)
  13.     print(input1+"+"+input2+"="+output)
  14. elif addsub=="s" or addsub=="S" or addsub=="minus" or addsub=="Minus" or addsub=="subtract" or addsub=="Subtract":
  15.     result=number1-number2
  16.     output=str(result)
  17.     print(input1+"-"+input2+"="+output)
  18. elif addsub=="m" or addsub=="M" or addsub=="times" or addsub=="Times" or addsub=="multiply" or addsub=="Multiply":
  19.     result=number1*number2
  20.     output=str(result)
  21.     print(input1+"*"+input2+"="+output)
  22. elif addsub=="d" or addsub=="D" or ddsub=="divide" or addsub=="Divide":
  23.     result=number1/number2
  24.     output=str(result)
  25.     print(input1+"/"+input2+"="+output)  
  26. else:
  27.     print(addsub+" is not a valid answer. I do not know if I should add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Please Try again.")
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