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  1. <Max_Marz> Have you guys checked blue cherry footage of the camera that was in HVL when it started?
  2. <SparkyProjects> Experimentonome, it is thought that a hot tungsten electrode flew off the srsg onto the mmc and smouldered for a bit
  3. <Experimentonome> like if splatter from the gap hit the mmc, it'd taken visible hold in seconds long before chris would have had time to leave the hvl
  4. <Aussie50> thats a really good point Sparky
  5. <cbtl> I thought it was 30 minutes until the issue was noticed, it could have started immediately but with no human presence in the room it would have taken time to be noticed on the other side of the campus
  6. <Justin> Is the motor completely melted?
  7. <Aussie50> I think you can see the motor on the right
  8. <jasperdett> correct
  9. <Aussie50> with the disk on it?
  10. <Fulsy> The disk is still on it
  11. <Justin> Hmm should be able to see if the electrode is still attached though
  12. <Experimentonome> the motor just needs a new power cord and some grease in the bearings and it'll run again for sure
  13. <Fulsy> lol
  14. <Fulsy> totally
  15. <Aussie50> lol
  16. <Kn1nJa> lol
  17. <Max_Marz> I really wanna know if that blue cherry cam was able to catch any footage of the fire starting
  18. <Fulsy> it's not like the windings were liquified or anything
  19. <SparkyProjects> After  a run, there may always be a glow for a bit (they run white hot), so even if noticed, it could have been thought as normal
  20. <Fulsy> it'll totally run
  21. <SparkyProjects> Max, Rocco said no footage
  22. <Max_Marz> awww
  23. <Aussie50> yeh that is where a heat sensor would come in handy, trigger at 58*c or somthing
  24. <Max_Marz> Why not, just wasnt recording at the time?
  25. <Max_Marz> Thats too bad
  26. <Experimentonome> there is no bluecherry cam in HVL ?
  27. <Max_Marz> yes there is
  28. <Justin> I thought TGG had a bazillion cameras recording all the time. Ugh
  29. <Max_Marz> watch the introduction blog from yesterday
  30. <Aussie50> I have a few in a box somwhere that I want to use in here and the carport
  31. <FunkEngine> it could be that there's no public footage, due to the existing footage being part of the ongoing fire marshal investigation.
  32. <Max_Marz> im not asking to see the footage FunkEngine
  33. <SparkyProjects> no cam in that room, and the others on bc wouldn't have seen it start
  34. <FunkEngine> right, but if they say we have footage but can't release it others won't stop asking.
  35. <Max_Marz> sparky if you watch the blog from yesterday "introduction" theres a camera marked on the map
  36. <SparkyProjects> there are 2 BC cams in HV afaik, one each end
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  38. <jasperdett> there is also the ls in there too
  39. <SparkyProjects> and if rocco says no, then it's no
  40. <Max_Marz> oh ok, I misread what you said
  41. <SparkyProjects> ls cam was not recording
  42. <Max_Marz> Oh well, was worth a shot anyways
  43. <jasperdett> yeah true
  44. <SparkyProjects> Only chance we would have got to see anything was f the ls cam happened to be selected at the time of the fire, but it wasn'y
  45. <Justin> I thought for sure they would have security cameras on a loop. bummer
  46. <Jonny> it's an NPN 50volt 0.36W
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  48. <Max_Marz> I thought the BC system recorded 24 hours of footage from ALL BC cams in the system
  49. <FunkEngine> it needs storage space.
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  51. <Max_Marz> Yeah idunno if they are at that level yet, but I know thats what captain wanted, or said he wanted in old blogs
  52. <SparkyProjects> BC cams record fottage, but rocco said there was nothing to seee, now lets drop this subject
  53. <FunkEngine> (Buy LTO-5 tapes for the tape array that was donated.)
  54. <Experimentonome> if there was footage, it had likely already been overwritten by the time rocco checked it
  55. <Max_Marz> I understand theres no footage sparky, im just learning some more about how things work is that a problem?
  56. <Max_Marz> I suppose with security it would be...
  57. <Experimentonome> btw which of the guys seen in the blogs is rocco btw ?
  58. <Experimentonome> if any of them
  59. <FunkEngine> the one who looks kind of like ron jeremy.
  60. <FunkEngine> without the facial hair.
  61. <SparkyProjects> Bluecherry works like any other security system, records at least 24 hours i think
  62. <Experimentonome> FunkEngine, have no clue
  63. <Max_Marz> Not trying to pry, I will let it go
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  65. <FunkEngine> he's at 58:22 on the 2014 intro blog.
  66. <FunkEngine> does that help, Experimentonome?
  67. <Obliterous> Goth Ron Jeremy... a good description for Rocco
  68. <Cowzoo> HLV mast have a triple 6 in  it  a bad sign
  69. <Kn1nJa> lol
  70. <Justin> Need one of those Problem #1 stickers above the door to HVL.
  71. <FunkEngine> Oh god yes.
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