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Pool's Closed

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Sep 25th, 2017
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  1. What a rare opportunity!
  3. For once, the indoor pool is completely dead -- and in the middle of winter, no less! This time of night, it should be packed to bursting with your neighbors fighting amongst themselves over the heated basin, and yet, you can't hear a peep coming from inside! You almost can't believe your good fortune; after the day you've had, a long, private soak to wash away your stress sounds like heaven on earth!
  5. Unfortunately, a cursory examination of the glass door reveals a note in frilly handwriting:
  8. π‘œπ“Šπ“‰ π‘œπ’» π‘œπ“‡π’Ήπ‘’π“‡
  11. ...well shit.
  13. Of all the rotten luck. No WONDER it's dead. Cupping your face and your palms against the foggy glass, you bask in the second-hand heat, longing to feel the warm water. From what little you can see, it doesn't even LOOK like it's "out of order". Closed for cleaning, maybe? Eventually you pry yourself loose in defeat, beginning the slow trek out of the lobby and back to your apartment.
  15. It's not until you're halfway up the staircase that a thought hits you out of nowhere.
  17. Would anyone notice if you just... snuck in and took a dip? Nothing long or drawn out, just a quickie?
  19. You take a furtive glance around the lobby just to make sure absolutely nobody is around -- but unless the water cooler, pencil jar, or potted plant are planning on ratting you out, you should be golden. With a charged excitement you haven't felt in ages, you turn around and head back down the stairs towards the pool room, quickly sliding the glass door open to sneak inside before anyone gets back.
  21. It's warm and humid in here -- an absolute breath of fresh air compared to the freezing sleet outside. As for the pool itself, it appears to be fine -- more than fine, actually. The clear, pristine blue water is a temptation too strong for you to resist.
  23. As you survey the room, you realize that in your haste to get here from work, you forgot both a swimsuit and a towel -- let alone a spare change of clothes. Sure, you COULD run back to your apartment, but since you're not supposed to be in here anyway, the last thing you want is to draw further attention to yourself.
  25. Weighing your options, you decide to risk it. Tucking your bag underneath one of the lounge chairs, you begin stripping -- first your shoes, then your coat, then everything else. Making sure your clothes are well outside the splash radius (but close enough that you can get to them in an emergency), you take a deep breath -- and then a deep plunge.
  28. "...oh, WOW," an effervescent female voice enthuses right as you collide with the water.
  31. Oh, SHIT.
  33. Quickly bobbing up to the surface, you look up in a panic as the realization that you're not alone hits you headlights-first.
  35. Seated at the shallow end of the pool is a heavyset girl with skin as blue as the water you're swimming in. Long, tendril-like growths protrude from the top and back of her head, as well as all over her shoulders and arms. You can't help but notice that she's very generously-endowed, especially considering the fact that she's wearing nothing but a sheer orange bikini that leaves precious little of her not-so-little body to the imagination.
  37. "I figured that note wouldn't keep someone from barging in sooner or later, but I gotta say -- I never expected a SHOW," she continues, toothy grin splitting her face even wider. "Does the landlady know you're carrying a concealed weapon like that?"
  39. Now that you're over your initial worry about being "caught" -- if anything she's the one in trouble here, not you -- you take a second to assess your new friend. What exactly IS she? A monstergirl, sure, but compared to some of the more conventional-looking ones you've met, she's a bit more... alien.
  41. "Hi," you reply. "Sorry -- I don't think I caught your name."
  43. "Don't worry about it." She makes no effort to get up, instead just floating lazily in the water. "I'm no good with names either, but I never forget a face. Or a dick."
  45. ...oh really.
  47. "You sure about that?"
  49. "Fair point," she grins. "How about a closer look, just to be sure?"
  52. Fine by you.
  55. Hauling yourself out of the pool, you make a show of shaking dry before picking up your bag and slowly walking around the pool to her, your manhood swinging in time with each footfall. Her pupils begin to shrink as you draw closer. You have a sudden suspicion her bravado might've been a bluff.
  57. "I, uh." She recoils slightly as you set your bag down before stooping to dip your toes in the water, letting your half-chub drop right next to her face. "Oh, ha ha, wow. You're really doing it."
  59. "Something wrong?" you ask casually, reveling in her embarrassment. "You asked for a closer look, didn't you?"
  61. "I-I know." In the quiet of the room, you can hear her audibly gulping. Your dick twitches as you imagine her swallowing again, and again. "Usually I, um, don't get this far."
  63. "Oh, it's HARD to believe that."
  65. "N-no, it's true," she protests, passing up the obvious joke. Whatever charisma she had before has gone up in smoke. You watch, amused, as she hesitantly gives your tip an experimental tap with her finger. "...oh. O-oh."
  67. "Well, hey -- as long as we're getting to know each other, let me help you with this." You reach down past her burning, blushing face and gently grab a hold of her bikini top straps before pulling the whole thing loose. Her huge blue tits quite literally pour out, causing a pair of twin ripples as they slap against the surface of the water. "There we go. That's gotta feel better."
  69. She nervously looks up at you with a face that says she's quite suddenly unsure of her place in the world.
  71. "So, funny thing -- I'm the exact opposite of you," you quip, deliberately shifting your weight as you pull your trusty instant camera out of your bag. "I'm no good at remembering faces, but I never forget a name. Gimme yours so I know what to label this one for later."
  73. "Is thaff -- a cmmera?" she mumbles as you prod her in the lips.
  75. "Like I said," you answer, activating the camera's timer before setting it at the edge of the pool, "I wouldn't want to forget a pretty face like yours."
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