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  1. You can use an XML DOM validator, or you can use the functions.  Alternatively, I found a very easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial, provided by Microsoft:  It tells you how to validate your XML documents in visual studio, and I was able to run it against the example code at RRUZs' link.
  3. Here's what it says at the link, in case the link ever dies:
  5. > **Use the XDR Schema to Validate the XML Document**
  6. >>1. Modify your application so that XmlTextReader loads ProductWithXDR.xml as follows:
  8.     XmlTextReader r = new
  9.     XmlTextReader("C:\\MyFolder\\ProductWithXDR.xml");
  11. >>2. Set the ValidationType to XDR so that the validating reader performs XDR validation:
  13.     v.ValidationType = ValidationType.XDR;
  15. >>3. Build and run the application. The application should report that the XML document is valid.
  16. >>4. Modify ProductWithXDR.xml to invalidate it.
  17. >>5. Build and run the application again.
  18. >>You should receive a validation error.
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