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  1. Influ used to be a bounty hunter. That was until he started feeding the enemy team and his legend as a noob lord has started.
  3. He is now a full-fledged god, a powerful leader who doesn't have to wait for his team. But his story isn't over yet. The first stage of his story begins now. And you can be the hero of this new world.
  5. The world's the same as in the old one, but the environment is different. The story takes place in the country that the gods once ruled. The heroes are the same: a hero named Odin, a mysterious woman named Freya, and a mysterious old man named Loki. But they all have changed. Now the gods are a different type of enemy. The old heroes have been replaced with powerful new ones. You'll need to learn and develop new skills and skillsets as you play the game.
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