/bootleg/ Sunshine (S)Miles

Jun 21st, 2018
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  1. >be some anon in a shithole country
  2. >you are so fucking poor that you couldn't afford an original brand new pony so you have to settle for one of those Chinese knockoffs
  3. >can't even afford one of the main cast so one of the background ponies would do
  4. >it took almost all of your savings but you keep telling yourself that the snuggles would be worthy
  5. >the day she arrived you were so fucking nervous that you even forgot to eat just so you can wait at your door
  6. >those videos of deliveries where the guy just toss the package at the door makes you uncomfortable
  7. >the waiting was killing you but finally you received the package from the delivery guy who was watching you like if you were some sort of psycho
  8. >inside your house you take your time in opening the box of your new pony waifu
  9. >when you finally get her out in your living room you can't believe what you see
  10. >you expected something bad but nothing That bad
  11. >she has the same colors as the cartoon but a lot more pale, her mane is a mess, one of her front legs is longer than the other one so she stands in a funny way and on top of that has a missing Tooth
  12. >with a sigh you take the charger from the box and turn her on right on the spot
  13. >she opens her eyes and a flash comes out of nowhere startling the shit out of you
  14. >after your eyes adjusted again to the light you see her smiling at you
  15. >you cringe a little at her missing tooth
  16. >”hello there my name is sunshine miles nice to meet ya
  17. >now you're living with sunshine smiles or sunshine miles like she told you
  18. >the first time she addressed herself you couldn't resist a chuckle
  19. >even as a knockoff you wish you payed more attention to the site where you buy her
  20. >she told you that it would take a while to fully charge her battery so you leave her in the living room
  21. >you are a busy person after all and you couldn't stop staring at the little hole in her teeth
  22. >that night you're shitposting on your favorite board and winning an argument against some illiterate fag when one video catch your attention
  23. >the faggot in the video has one of those expensive ponies
  24. >they are doing some cute shit and having a good time she is even making him breakfast
  25. >her fur seem so pristine and her mane has those vibrant colors
  26. >it looks so fucking perfect that almost feels like an advertisement
  27. >you Grit your teeth and close that shit with a sigh removing your headphones at the same time
  28. Wish I had something like her…
  29. >a little gasp caught your attention and you quickly turn your head
  30. >you froze as you saw the little pony sitting behind you
  31. >tears begin forming on her eyes as she slowly lowers her head
  32. >shit for how long has she been there
  33. >”my battery is fully charged now..I didn't wanna interrupt you… i'll just go back to the living room”
  34. >after that she leaves the room without looking at you
  35. >you swear you even heard a whimper
  36. >you sigh again and toss your headphones to the side
  37. Shit…
  40. >...
  41. >......
  42. >....loading operating system….
  43. >windows ponyVista activated…
  44. >”uuh wha.. What's going on”
  45. >All sensors engaged…
  46. >Preparing to take first photograph...ready…
  47. >your eyes open in a quick motion and a bright light comes out of them
  48. >suddenly a photo of a very surprised human appear on your right eye
  49. >confirm ownership with the person on the picture….
  50. >you see the human in front of you who is now cursing and rubbing his eyes
  51. >you smile at the sight of that and wait for him to compose himself
  52. >when he opens his eyes again you can see he is clearly upset so you try to sound as cheerfully as possible
  53. >”hello there my name is sunshine miles nice to meet ya”
  54. >sweet he smiled a little, now time for that question
  55. >“umh excuse me but are you my owner?“
  56. >he seems a little thoughtful at first but slowly nod his head in an affirmative movement
  57. >the picture on your right eye disappears with a little animation of a lock and a new question appears
  58. >name…
  59. >you see the human again and smile as wide as possible, he flinched a little
  60. >“sooo what's your name“
  61. My name is… Anon
  62. >with that said another lock appears on your right eye and your vision comes to normal again
  63. >now you can see your new owner perfectly, he looks so tall and cute, you even have to look at the ground so he can't see you blushing
  64. Hey.. Are you ok?
  65. >you feel a big hand on your mane and you lift your head quickly
  66. >”yeah its just that I… I… “
  67. >another message appears on your right eye indicating That your battery is low
  68. >”it's just my battery, it's very low so I have to shut down for a moment”
  69. Oh ok
  70. >he looks a little sad about that and you can't help feeling a bit guilty
  71. >”but don't worry it'll be fully charged in about seven hours”
  72. >he looks surprised to hear that
  73. Wow..thats a lot of time I'll be in the other room if you need something
  74. >He tells you pointing at a nearby door
  75. >you nod and proceed to shut down your system
  76. >”see you soon… Anon”
  78. >... Battery at full capacity… Initiating system…
  79. >opening your eyes again this time you see there is no one in front of you
  80. >you scan the room but it's so dark you can't see much
  81. >you stand up from where you were sitting and feel and odd sensation
  82. >why is this room crooked
  83. >taking a few steps a little tug makes you lose your balance, turning your head you see the cord of the charger and unplugged it with your teeth
  84. >”how weird, I couldn't grab it at first”
  85. >you try to walk a little but you keep bending to the side, trying your best to walk straight you fell to the ground after like six steps
  86. >you pull up again and check your legs
  87. >odd, one seems larger than the other three
  88. >you try to walk again but one leg doesn't respond and you fall again
  89. >what's happening… My leg won't move, I can't move my leg!
  90. >you start to panic but suddenly your leg starts moving again, you sigh in relief and lift yourself up once more
  91. >adjusting your gaze you see a full body mirror near the door of anon’s room so you walk carefully to Check yourself completely before you meet him again
  92. >you see yourself walking funny because of your leg and giggle a little at the sight but you close your mouth immediately after seeing your teeth
  93. >getting closer to the mirror you see that black spot in your smile, inspecting your body a little more you can see that your fur is unkempt and brightless and your mane is… well at least you have one
  94. >you lower your ears and look at the ground remembering how disappointed anon looked when you first meet him
  95. >but suddenly you hear a big laugh from the other side of the room
  96. >that's anon, he is happy
  97. >then more cheerful thoughts start coming to you
  98. >”that's right he bought me, there is no reason for him to dislike me, even if I look a little odd he chose me, I'm a bad pony for thinking so bad about him, maybe he was concerned about me and not disappointed, silly me, besides this is not so bad I can fix myself a little bit”
  99. >with one of your hooves you try to fix your mane and fur, after a couple of minutes you are ready to meet anon again
  100. >you knock on his door but he didn't answer so you let yourself in
  101. >his room is a little messy but looks comfortable, looking at your right you find him looking at a screen and giggling like a mad man
  102. >you watch him for a moment and try to speak but there is something blocking his ears so you decide to wait
  103. >that screen is big enough for you to see all sort of things
  104. >it makes you smile how he is complaining about something and typing away some curses at some “faggot”
  105. >you decide this is a great moment to record him so he can watch himself later and have a good laugh
  106. >anon smiling.3gp
  107. >you start laughing along with him but suddenly a new window pops up
  108. >there is a human and a pony
  109. > she looks so beautiful and clean, both are smiling and playing and now she is making breakfast for her owner, you smile at that and look at anon but he stopped laughing
  110. >maybe he expects the same from you
  111. >you want to take a step closer but suddenly he close the video and take off his headphones
  112. Wish I had something like her
  113. >the recording stops when you hear that and a gasp escaped from your lips
  114. >you see him turn around and you meet that same look of hours ago, concern, no.. disappointment
  115. >your whole heart is shattered to pieces and a little animation of water starts running in both of your eyes
  116. >you look at the ground trying to keep calm but deep inside you wanna cry
  117. >he didn't choose you, he doesn't even like you
  118. >before you break right in front of him you find the courage to speak
  119. >”my battery is fully charged now…
  120. I didn't wanna interrupt you… I'll just go back to the living room”
  121. >you turn around and start walking towards the door, you feel your leg lose strength but manage to not fall to the ground with great difficulty
  122. >you close the door behind you and run to your spot near your boxes
  123. >can't even manage to get halfway when your leg completely lose strength sending you to the ground with a loud thud
  124. >suddenly the last part of the video starts playing announcing that it has been saved
  125. Wish I had something like her
  126. >those words broke what's left of you and putting your only functioning hoof over your eyes you begin to cry louder
  128. >After she closes the door you hear the sound of her hooves and then a loud thud
  129. >What just happened?
  130. >You call her but she doesn't respond
  131. >You quickly get up of your chair and open your door
  132. >Turning the lights on you found her in the center of the living room lying on the floor
  133. Hey are you ok?
  134. >You say while rushing to her side
  135. >One of her hooves is covering her eyes and she seems to be crying
  136. Shit… hey did you hurt yourself, can you get up?
  137. >she peeks from under her hoove but she rapidly covers her eyes again
  138. >You try to touch her but she moves away
  139. >”Im fine I just… tripped”
  140. >You sigh in relief
  141. Can you get up, do you need help
  142. >She rubb her eyes and then tries to stand up
  143. You see fear in her eyes and notice that one of her legs is not moving
  144. >So you grab her by her sides and help her to get up
  145. let me see your leg
  146. >Hearing that she recoil a little
  147. Did you hurt yourself when you trip, can you move your leg?
  148. >she just lowers her head
  149. >You sigh and her tears flow again
  150. >”please… I.. I can be better just give me a chance… I'll learn how to be like the pony in the video… I'll make things for you so please dont give up on me, I can do better”
  151. >You see her getting more agitated with each sentence
  152. Sorry…
  153. >she calms a little after hearing you
  154. >”what?”
  155. sorry… for what I said I really shouldn't said that
  156. >She stops her crying and look at you
  157. >”aren't you mad at me for not being like her?”
  158. >She asks, you just stand there and said nothing and her ears fall down
  159. Im not mad I just didnt expect you to be so….
  160. >You can't find the right word so she speaks again
  161. >”ugly”
  162. unique, I was going to say unique
  163. She turns her head
  164. >”Dont lie to me anon, that's not nice”
  165. I dont, really
  166. >She looks at you again
  167. >thats a lie i clearly hear you said you wanted a pony like the one in the video
  168. >Now you are the one looking at the ground
  169. >I knew it…. Since I looked at myself in the mirror.. I knew it
  170. >You look at her again feeling the sadness taking over you
  171. >She look away
  172. >I knew that something was wrong with me, not only my looks but my inner parts too
  173. >You keep staring whitout saying a word
  174. >I'm damaged and I'm sure you dont want somone like me, I wont blame you If you want to return me
  175. sorry… But I don't want to
  176. >”what?”
  177. I'm sorry for what i said early… I wont blame you if you dont want to forgive me but I just wanted you to know
  178. >She looks at you and then to the side
  179. I'm not very good at talking with people, I tought It would be different with a pony, but I just keep scrweing things up
  180. >She looks at you for a moment and then tried to said something but she doesnt
  181. >You feel like the most horrible person in the world and just stay there, finally you hear her again
  182. >”we… we can start over if you… really want to”
  183. >Those words put a little smile on your face and you agree
  184. >She look at you and smiles a little bit too
  185. >hi there mi name is sunshine miles nice to meet ya
  186. hi my name is anon its a pleasure
  187. >Both of you share a smile, but she remembers her tooth and close her mouth instantly
  188. you know,that smile its kinda cute
  189. She blushes and look away from you
  190. >”liar”
  191. well I think its better to have a hole in your mouth than to be an asshole
  192. She laughs at that and turns to you
  193. there it is, you look better when you smile
  194. >”are you shure it doesnt look that bad
  195. >You smile again and you put your hand in your mouth
  196. >she looks puzzled at this, then you bring out a piece of metal whit two tooths
  197. >Her eyes open wide and now you are the one blushing
  198. Yeah I know Im….
  199. >”like me”
  200. >She said looking at you with a big smile on her face and you respond with your own
  201. >A moment pass and a growl comes out of your stomach
  202. So… I was planning on getting something to eat do you want to come with me
  203. >She rise up but then looks a little worried as she look at her hooves
  204. Dont worry I can carry you let's go
  205. >Whit that said you pick her up and put it on your shoulder, it helps a lot that she is fairly small
  206. >”wow anon you're so big”
  207. For you
  208. >That exchange of words put a big smile on your face and she looks puzzled
  209. >It's a joke I'll explain that to you later
  210. >”Yeah”
  211. You pick off your keys and head to the streets with your new pony
  212. >”so anon what do you like to eat? ”
  213. >You think for moment and then look at her
  214. You know, I shouldn't but who cares I'm in the mood for some tacos would you like some
  215. >She look at you and replied
  216. >”you know I cant eat right”
  217. Yes but what kind of monster I'll be if I didn't offer you some tacos
  218. >You both laugh and she takes a deep sigh
  219. >”anon you…”
  220. >She tries to speak but you interrupted
  221. Look they're still open let's hurry
  222. >You pick up your pace and aproach to the stand, making your order both of you wait
  223. >you keep praising this place as one of your favorites
  224. >as she listens carefully to anything you said
  225. >when its ready you pick up your stuff and head for your house again
  226. >”I tough we'll be eating at the place”
  227. Yeah no… I like eating at home, I don't like crowded places, and this way we can talk peacefully and know each other better
  228. >”I like how that sounds”
  229. Yup, and you can tell me what things you like and maybe we can watch a movie later…. I was thinking of batm…
  230. >But suddenly you feel someone pushing you from behind sending you to the ground
  231. what the fuck! …
  232. >You look at the ground and see your tacos all over the paviment
  233. Shit, sunshine are you ok…. Sunshine
  234. >”Anooooooooooooooon !!!!!!”
  235. You see her being taken by some prick who is running like crazy
  236. ok… now I'm pissed
  237. >You begin chasing that prick down the street
  238. >he is fast but you managed to keep his pace >after seven blocks he turns on a corner and into and alley
  239. >you follow him there and find another guy
  240. >with a knife
  241. >”stupid shit you let him follow you
  242. >”that bastard is fast, too bad for him anyway
  243. Listen I dont want any troubles, I just want my pony back
  244. >The guys start laughing and one of them throws sunshine in a box
  245. >”anon! I'm scared help me please!”
  246. >It's the only thing she can say before the lids of the box are closed
  247. >”there are people who will pay a lot of money for something like this, we know how much this costs
  248. >You take a step forward but the one with the knife stop you
  249. >now easy… we dont want to hurt you right
  250. >He closes the distance betwen the two of you and pushes the knife towards your chest
  251. >you manage to grab his hand but the knife still scratch you
  252. >with one quick movement you lock his arm
  253. >and with your free hand you push his elbow upwards
  254. >breaking his arm
  255. >the thief starts screaming but you hit him hard enough to knock him down
  256. >You begin walking towards the other guy
  257. >Your fist still bleeding from your own blood and his partner
  258. >He take a step back in fear
  259. >”you stay away from me! … take that stupid pony back and leave
  260. >When you hear that you take one step forward
  261. >and with a quick snap from your shoulders you punch him on the chin
  262. >he falls back completely unconcious
  263. >After that you open the box again and a terrified pony jumps at your arms
  264. >”Anon I was so scared, are you ok?”
  265. Yeah dont worry
  266. >but then she looks at your hand
  267. >”He attacked you with a knife and you're bleeding we need to do something!”
  268. wait, did you see what happened?
  269. >She looked a little worried and then said
  270. >That box has a hole I saw everything you… are…
  271. Ohh I see… dont worry lets go home I have everything we need there
  272. >you are about to turn to leave that place
  273. >when you hear some rustling behind you
  274. >you turn around ready to fight again but didn’t see anything
  275. >you take sunshine in your arms once more and head to your house
  276. >“anon, won´t you call the police”
  277. Nah, they’ll just set them free in less than 24 hours, the beating they got it´s more than enough for now
  278. >she looks a little doubtful at that but finally agrees
  279. >the walk to your house is uneventful
  280. >sunshine from time to time looks behind you to see if there’s any danger
  281. >this put a smile on your face
  282. >you have dealing with thieves like those before
  283. >they were just junkies trying to get something for their drugs not a real threat
  284. >that’s why it was so easy to defeat them, well not that easy really
  285. >you come across another store and buy some water and something to eat
  286. >after all that you finally arrive to your home
  287. >with a little grunt you open the door to your house and let yourself in
  288. >after leaving sunshine and your food on the table of the kitchen you go to your room
  289. >some time later you came back with a little box
  290. >“what’s in the box anon?”
  291. >you put the little box on the table and take from it some bandages and a bottle
  292. This is my first aid kit
  293. >sunshine looks very carefully at every movement you are doing
  294. >luckily the cut it´s not that deep so you won’t need stitches
  295. >you soak some cloth with the liquid in the bottle and put it in your open wound
  296. >the shit stings like hell and you let a loud grunt that startled sunshine
  297. >“anon are you ok?”
  298. >she says with a lot of concern in her voice
  299. Don’t worry sunny I had it worse
  300. >you see her visibly blush at that nickname you just use
  301. >with your free hand you try to put on the bandage but you fail and let it fall to the table
  302. >she takes it with her mouth and come close to your hand
  303. >with some unexplainable dexterity she uses her hooves to start wrapping your hand
  304. >“At least let me do this for you anon”
  305. >everything up until now seems like a disaster
  306. >but this little pony gives you a little hope
  307. >you look at her with a smile and feel something deep inside your heart
  308. >you haven´t feeling like these in years
  309. >now you don’t feel so lonely
  310. >“ok anon I think it´s done”
  311. >you look at your hand and see the bandage wrapped in circles around your hand in just one place
  312. >making a big bulge
  313. >you laugh at this and after some explanations from you
  314. >and some blushes from her
  315. >your hand is wrapped properly
  316. >after all that you start eating with sunshine
  317. >she keeps looking at you with her big blue eyes and finally she speaks again
  318. >“so… about earlier”
  319. You raise an eyebrow at that but keep munching
  320. >“the way you fought with those guys was… incredible! was that karate or something?”
  321. You almost spit your food hearing that
  322. >she looks very excited tough
  323. Nah, I tried karate once but I got my ass kicked
  324. >she looks puzzled
  325. Apparently the crane It´s not very effective in real life
  326. >“the crane?”
  327. Haha I´ve got to show you so much little sunny
  328. >she smiles hearing that and you continue
  329. >no, that was a mixture of various disciplines we call it mixed martial arts I… used to be good at that
  330. >you feel a little pained at those last words
  331. >she notices this and feels ashamed
  332. > “sorry, I didn’t want to…”
  333. It´s ok, now that’s in the past so It´s no big deal
  334. >she lowers her ears in shame and you try to break the sad mood
  335. Hey! You wanna see that movie I told you earlier
  336. >she answers with a loud yes and you clean the table immediately
  337. >picking her up you head to the living room
  338. >you put her on the couch and search for the movie online and play it
  339. >the minutes pass and after some action scenes and scary parts
  340. >now you have sunshine hiding under your arm
  341. >maybe It´s all the hardware inside her but she feels warm
  342. >you can’t help it but feel a little sleepy
  343. >After the movie ends she tries to ask something
  344. >But at this point you can only mumbling some words
  345. >She smiles deeply and raises her head giving you a little kiss on the cheek
  346. >then she snuggles against you taking a deep breath
  347. >you hold her tight with your bandaged arm and both of you fell asleep
  349. >Knock…knock…
  351. >… reinitiating system…
  352. > “anon? What’s that sound?”
  353. Shhh be quiet sunny, there is someone at the door
  354. >she looks at you in terror as you put her gently on the couch
  355. >you grab a bat that it´s behind the door of your room
  356. >you fear that maybe you’ve been followed by those burglars
  358. >knock… knock… knock
  360. >you squeeze the bat with your good hand and reach for the door with the other
  361. >your heart is beating fast right now
  362. >Sunshine is peeking behind the couch and she grabbed the remote as a weapon
  363. >you slowly turn the knob of your door and open it with a fast movement
  364. >raising the bat ready to kick the shit out of the intruder
  365. >you see nothing
  366. >you feel intrigued but close the door after a moment
  367. >sunshine sighs in relief and you put the bat against the wall
  368. Odd, maybe was some…
  370. Knock… knock…
  372. >sunshine grabs the remote again
  373. >and you take the bat opening the door faster
  374. >this time you are greeted with a scream
  375. >“stooooop!”
  376. >you wince a little and look for the source of that scream
  377. >nothing at your left or your right maybe below….
  378. >what you see left you speechless
  379. >“how rude of you to greet your guests whit that kind of attitude”
  380. a… a… pony?
  381. >sunshine speaks from behind you
  382. >“who is it anon?”
  383. >you turn around and now she can see the little pony in front of you
  384. >“who is she!?”
  385. >you look at her and raise your shoulders
  386. >“you had another pony anon?”
  387. of course not I´m not rich
  388. >you turn to the other pony that is now entering the house
  389. >“no kidding, with a house like this I thought you were loaded”
  390. Hey now that’s just hurtful
  391. >“so, your name is anon
  392. >sunshine takes a few steps after hearing this and then asks the other pony
  393. >“If you don’t know him then who are you?”
  394. >the little pony looks at sunshine and raises her head proudly
  395. >even though she looked a little dirty you could tell she was from an original brand
  396. >My name is Diamond Tiara
  397. So.. you were kidnapped by those guys?
  398. >now you were in the living room again
  399. >diamond was sitting on the table in front of the sofa
  400. >where sunshine and you were looking at her
  401. >the little pony just look at you both with a little hint of sadness in her eyes
  402. >”they stole other ponies from their homes too, they were going to sell me today but they saw you two on the streets and try to take her too
  403. >she looks at sunshine while saying this
  404. >”I thought they succeed when I see her enter the alley, but then you appear and beat them… that was awesome!
  405. >she's getting more excited while saying this
  406. >you can't help but smile
  407. >then she looks at you
  408. >”after that I escaped from the box they put me in, and followed you here
  409. >she takes a step closer to you
  410. >”and after thinking about it I decide to hire you as a bodyguard
  411. >you raise an eyebrow at this
  412. >”my owners are a rich couple if you help me return to them they will give you a lot of money
  413. >you look at sunshine
  414. >she just shrugs
  415. >I can assure you, you will be rewarded
  416. I don't know, maybe if we took you to the police they can…
  417. >”nooo!
  418. >she screams startling you and sunshine
  419. >”I don't trust anyone.. but you seem to be a good person.. Please
  420. >you pondered for a moment
  421. >”the way you risk your life for her was something I've never seen, even if she was of a cheap brand you save her
  422. >”hey!”
  423. >sunshine protested
  424. >she was going to say more but you interrupted
  425. OK I'll help you
  426. >”what!”
  427. >”what!.. Err I mean.. ok.. good
  428. >sunshine looks at you with a worried expression
  429. >”anon we don't know this pony what if she's tricking you or maybe she's with those thieves”
  430. >this infuriated the small filly
  431. >”how dare you put me on the same level of those ruffians you cheap copy!
  432. >sunshine's eyes go wide hearing this
  433. >”ok you asked for it!”
  434. >you see how sunshine tries to grab diamond but her leg doesn't move
  435. >causing her to fall off the sofa
  436. >luckily you managed to grab her before she hit the ground
  437. You ok sunshine
  438. >she nods her head still glaring at the filly
  439. >”looks like she is not only cheap but defective
  440. >now you glare at her and she recoil a little
  441. I won't let you talk to sunshine like that say you're sorry
  442. >she hesitates but finally complies
  443. >“I'm.. sorry
  444. What was that?
  445. >“I said I'm sorry!
  446. Good.. Now it's getting late and I need some rest, you can share the couch tonight and we'll see tomorrow what do
  447. >both ponies glare at each other and then nods
  448. >this is gonna be difficult
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