Aug 1st, 2012
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  1. Hello fans,
  2. As I'm sure most of you who are reading this now know, I am no longer working for Mojang. It's been a wild series of events leading up to this point. Two years ago around this time I was first introduced to Minecraft, and like many I was hooked immediately. Since then, much has happened. The game is nearing its first anniversary of being released officially, and the 1.3 update brings a whole new experience for both players and the modding community. It is unfortunate that my departure from Mojang comes on the heels of a major release such as this, but unfortunately it could not be otherwise. Creative differences and frequent changes in developmental focus lead to a situation that could not be reconciled between the company and myself. It is with that that I wish Mojang success in the future of Minecraft, and that hopefully it will become as great a game technically as it is conceptually.
  4. As for what I will do, I am unsure at this point. It is likely I will stay involved with the community in some form. I will also continue to live in the United States and seek work here. I will still be available on if anyone has any general questions or leads for me, but I will not say anything more about my departure. Happy playing, and happy modding.
  6. Tahg
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