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  1. Welcome to Random Blackouts!
  3. As the name suggests, this server is modded to have random blackout events during each session.
  5. Other mods are:
  6. Custom Door Access: You can only leave LCZ with a Major Scientist Keycard. You can only leave HCZ with a Guard, MTF Cadet, or MTF Commander Keycard found around HCZ. The exit gates are only opened with a Guard, MTF Lieutenant, MTF Commander, or O5 Keycard.
  8. Custom 914 Recipes: With 914, you can only go as high as a Major Scientist Keycard
  10. Tranquilizer Gun: There are 2 possible spawn points in LCZ and HCZ. They are spawned with 1 round each, so use them sparingly!
  12. Custom Loadouts: Each class has a custom loadout and a percentage of receiving said loadout. The only exceptions to the chance are MTF and CI which they have a 100% chance to spawn with their loadouts!
  14. Player Preference: Upon entering the server, you can set your player preferences for classes. To open the console command, press the ~ key and enter .prefs help to see a list of commands to use.
  16. Serpents Hand: Serpents Hand spawns as tutorial and is the only team that wins with the SCP's.
  18. Detained Personnel: If you detain personnel and they escape, they will swap over to your team.
  20. SCP-106 Random Exit: If you manage to escape the Pocket Dimension, you'll be randomly teleported to a room in HCZ or Entrance Zone.
  22. This server is made to have long rounds, so if this is something you're interested in then you've come to the right place!
  24. Have fun!
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