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  1. 1. Scan - no scan plugin is being used
  3. Calendar
  4. Incorrect date ordering in the search list
  5. Filter (past/upcoming) not applying when selected, only when exited and going back
  6. Search must not ever be restricted by date (when date has no events/promotions/reservations)
  7. During edit of events/promotions/reservations do not restrict times/dates for start/end
  8. Touch targets in edit (dates/times) increase to whole rect
  9. Artist no assignable
  10. Repeat - by default = once
  11. Scrolling past January is stuck on January
  12. When creating an event/promotion/reservation set start/end date/times to work hours of the calendar date
  13. Add tabs for start/end date/times
  14. Reservation - phone number not editable, table number - must be textbox
  15. Reservation guestlist - first entry must be the owner of the reservation
  16. Guestlist count - do not limit to 1-10, must be textbox
  17. Reservation guestlist - not showing any members
  18. When editing guestlist for reservation it must not say "Click to add"
  19. When viewing reservation it says "13 guests", while editing the guestlist there's nothing there
  20. Expanding button in calendar - hides appointments
  21. Clicking on next month dates goes to a weird current date
  22. Appointment starting and ending same date must show start and end time only, no date
  23. Midnight must be saved as 23:59:59 instead of 12:00:00
  25. Guestlist
  26. Broken paste icon (missing)?
  27. Counter broken?
  28. Search - ?? 22 results for blank
  30. History, VIP, Ban lists
  31. Very slow
  33. Contacts
  34. No difference between artists and promoters lists
  35. Starts with G ?? not A
  36. No searching
  37. Odd letters at the bottom
  38. No back button during edit
  39. Phone number chars filtering
  41. Live reports
  42. X axis is all jumbled up
  43. Hide entries in live reports that do not have any values at all for the period
  44. X axis shrinks
  45. Live report - set to 2 hour period
  47. Scan tag part - make it whole box, not just + button
  50. Provide list of changes (ten days ago)
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