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  1. -Byond Key: Boxghost~ <3
  3. -In Game Name: Shallota
  5. -Discord Name:...Boxghost.
  7. -Race: Saiyan
  9. -rank/tech/item: Primal Saiyan
  11. -Alignment: A complex character that won't be defined by your norms ok D:< Can I do me?! CAN I?! HMMMM?! (Idk, Chaotic Neutral)
  13. Roleplay:
  14. KRACK---BOOM--BANG -A violent cacophony filled the seemingly deserted grasslands in an instant! What was once a murky yet empty sky now filled with frantic fleeing winged creatures! Certainly the chaotic state of the environment spurred them into a frenzy- and it wasn't hard for anyone observing the situation to see---It would be just their luck that a team of alien scouts got to witness it all firsthand.
  16. Green pillars of translucent light streaked across the skyline, toppling the heads of trees and striking down the poor native beasts indiscriminately in a violent almost apocalyptic display. It was awe inspiring really; watching the once lush and still jungle grow louder as large portions of it were obliterated. Aboard a scout vessel that had breached the planet's atmosphere a group of onlookers spoke among themselves, habitually pausing as the distracting bellows from the planet's surface breached their safe space.
  18. "There's no way something down there is doing that-- that can't be the source! Who would even be out this far anyway?!" a scrawny alien choked out as he removed a pair of peculiar looking goggles from his face. The others in the small group turned to him before solemnly looking back out of the window. "Put those back on...You'll want to know whenever something with a notable powerlevel is barreling your way down there, kid." an important looking alien finally replied. Almost as if the planet itself wanted to respond, no sooner than when he finished speaking a geyser of green light burst beside the window and towered into the stars beyond!
  20. "This is crazy...W-What are we even getting for this?! Th-That's gotta be a monster down there! Some sorta demon!" the young alien shouted back-- his voice cracking. The others in the group seemed far less steadfast now, one by one removing their strange goggles- all except for the important looking one. "We're looking for intelligent life out here in the stars and we've picked up on a faint S.O.S coming from this planet. If someone's had a catastrophic vessel failure and ended up stranded out here-- they're probably running the hell away from whatever that is down there. Look, I'm not asking you guys to fight whatever that is-- I just need more sets of eyes down there on the surface to help me find what we're looking for. If we stick to protocol and follow our directive we shouldn't even have to fire a single shot." His words hung in the air as the ship evened out again in the sky. After a few tense moments, an alien dressed in long flowing dark fabrics crossed their arms after re-equipping their eye wear.
  22. "When ya put it like that it's far less daunting...don't mean I ain't intimidated though." he spoke in a low growl. 'BRRRRR-DING!', the peculiar device chirped on his face before cracking and exploding! The other members on board flinched and gasped as their devices did the same shortly after, barring the important-looking passenger! "W-What the hell?!" the scrawny alien barked as he pressed himself against a wall of the ship's interior. The scouts had frantically began to look at the fallen shrapnel and useless technology in disbelief, cursing and mumbling to themselves. "These damn things cost so much!--Defective units?! Really?!" one of them could be heard grumbling. The important alien took slow trembling steps toward the window furthest from him as he caught onto the eerie silence from the planet. His goggles began to chirp too- first a slow ringing as his steps neared the tinted glass- then a nearly mind numbing steady screech as he could make out a figure in the clouds.
  24. " rising?!" the man uttered in disbelief before his goggles burst into flame and shot glass and metal away from his face in a puff of smoke. He turned back to his team of subordinates and tried to shout- but his voice was eclipsed by something right outside. A banshee-like screech shook the ship and put everyone on board on high, they all saw the mysterious watcher in the clouds. "G-G'damnit! Everyone get down!" the cloaked figure shouted before a thin ray of green energy cleaved the ship- once horizontally, and again diagonally. The attack lacked any individual target- but it had claimed a casualty all the same. The superheated green ray nearly welded the scrawny alien to the segmented panels of the ship, and what had once been whimpering escaping his lips had been replaced with a sickening gurgling noise as he took his last breaths. His team wouldn't have much time to mourn though, as yet another bizarre battle-cry filled the air. The remaining scouts scampered about, ducking behind seats and loose cases of rations and supplies in order to reach their docked weapons.
  26. SLAM!
  27. The ominous figure outside of the ship shoulder tackled the vessel as their harsh shrieking escaped their lips once more. Had it not latched onto the side of the previously safe-for-flight spaceship it would've spiraled toward the ground in a freefall! The passengers of the ship yelled in a panic as the force from the blunt budge knocked them off of their feet. BANG! BANG! SCREEEEEEE-- Large parts of what remained to serve as the 'roof' of the vehicle had now been dented, no doubt as a result of strikes from the strange attacker. "Ready your weapons men! Monster or not, whatever the hell that thing is won't be able to take fire from all of us!" the important alien shouted as he laid prone and aimed toward the latest dent on the roof. His subordinates followed, the cloaked alien gearing up his blaster for a killshot and two other standard scouts setting their beams to 'stun'. The rumbling and pounding stopped for a moment as the riders stood in tense disbelief. Their eyes darted around at each other before simultaneously locking back onto the ceiling. "KWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"- a loud bellowing erupted from above as an unstable streak of green energy evaporated a large portion of the roof and streaked toward the planet's surface!
  29. "F-Fire! Fire!" the important alien shouted before sending a volley of shots toward the source of the death-laser. At his behest all of his followers did as they were told- becoming an impromptu firing squad! As the laser petered out, their shots finally had a clear target! A golden-eyed feral woman?!
  31. The sparking lasers hit and sprung off of her skin with relative ease-- but they were effective! The woman had grimmaced and flinched with each shot, and it wouldn't be long before she momentarily lost her grip on the ship. The damaged vessel no longer had the ability to fly, and sure enough it began to plummet at an alarming rate! The passengers had no options, they had to abandon it! One by one they left the ship through the makeshift openings and descended into the overgrown jungle below. Quietly, they had regrouped and set their sights on their attacker again, the shrieking woman in the sky that had caught up to and suspended the ship again! In horror they watched the beast-like native tear off chunks of the ship like panels of a cardboard box and raze the inside with plumes of unstable green breath-beams until there was nothing left except free-falling smoking debris!
  33. "In over our over our freakin' heads!" the cloaked alien whispered under his breath to their important-looking colleague. "The guns were set to stun and kill--It looks like they barely even tickled her!" one of the followers replied. "....8 thousand and rising..." the ring-leader said with a scoff. "KWAHHHHHH!!!!!"- a familiar cry shot through the surrounding area as if it were a declaration to coincide with her observer's statement. The green laser breath swept overhead and cleared a large portion of the nearby brush before being followed up with a delayed chain of explosions, further scarring the landscape. "D-Did you!" a lesser follower barked back in a hushed tone. "Those goggles said the strongest of us only barely passed 267!"
  35. A dead silence befell the group as their surroundings grew more and more displaced and disjointed. "Gentlemen. That was our only mode of transportation off of this rock-- and without those scouters the chances of us making contact with anyone we know are slim to none...We're going to die here." the important alien said plainly. "We saw her- that was a person! Th-They can be reasoned with!" one follower exclaimed. "And d'you wanna be the one to go say hi to that monster?!" the cloaked alien retorted. SQUELCH! CRACK- CRACK! The sounds of flesh being peeled and pummeled filled the air as a native beast whined and gargled. The visitors on the planet's surface watched as the primitive surface dweller beat on their prey's flesh before hurling it into the air and incinerating it with a ball of green light. Satisfied grunts escaped her chest as she stomped to and fro, kicking up dirt and exhaling plumes of green smoke.
  37. "Sh-She just attacked that thing too?" The cloaked alien asked aloud as if he hadn't understood what just happened. "I-Is she doing this for sport? I-I don't get i--" The woman's form hunched down before she lunged toward the sound of the speaker's voice at supersonic speed! As she got in range-- she would body-check the cloaked alien with a chest-bump, cloaking the two in green light before ejecting her target! The man had no time to scream, rocketing through the air like a ragdoll and careening through several trees and boulders hundreds of meters away. His cohorts had opened fire on the woman at close range, trying their best to subdue her with their blaster fire, but at this range- it was painfully obvious that her resistances were far too high! With a spinning lariat she would sweep one of the scouts off of their feet, ensnaring their chin between the joint of her arm! The force would've blown the head off of any creature this much weaker than her- but her lethality seemed to cease for a moment! Her victim had been swung in the way of blaster fire- his body a swirling meat shield against her attackers. Bits and chunks of his body were zapped off as the lasers pinged and ricocheted off of his limbs. His screams were brief and pained as the woman angled herself to turn this lariat into a full on choke-slam. With her victim now planted firmly into the ground she roared loudly as she raised her fists over her head before slamming them down onto the barely breathing explorer.
  39. SQUELCH! S-SPLAT! The sound of wet exposed flesh sticking to and peeling from her fists as she hammered away at her victim sickened the final two survivors. "O-Oh god....Oh God!" the unremarkable traveler yelped as he spun from his position and took off to the sky to abandon his well-dressed colleague- dropping his blaster in the process. The feral woman stood dominantly over the meaty paste that used to be a scout and let off her signature deathbreath to evaporate what remained. The important alien stumbled backward, all the while firing at the woman as his blaster allowed him-- now far less frequently thanks to overheating. Still releasing that unstable heat-breath, the woman whipped her head back, sending the laser haphazardly across the ground before it arced into the sky at the fleeing alien. A direct hit. A delayed green explosion went off and brilliantly lit the sky like a dirty firework, now only leaving the panicking alien in her clutches! The woman turned, a lumbering amazoness towering over the man. Her chiseled and scarred body had been caked in dirt sweat and foliage, and the heat it emanated was beyond distracting. The man shook in awe, even urinating himself as he fell backward onto the slick uneven ground below. The woman drew closer, hunching down like a regular Earth-ape. The static seemed to leave her hair as her eyes reverted to a dull black color, she had now basically been straddling the man as her face neared his neck. "W-Whaa--Wh-Who...Who are--??" His question failed to escape his lips as the woman began sniffing him and roughly moving his head about with her hands. As out of place as it seems to say-- she seemed....gentle? Innocent almost? The woman was nothing like the frenzied bloodthirsty predator the man had expected to react to him by now. His blaster pinged-- it had been ready to fire again!-- but the noise caught the attention of the primal woman! She effortlessly ripped the blaster off of the man's wrist and inspected it-- a strange foreign device she would have no use for. She had attempted to bite it, peel it open-- all of this while still pinning the man down. Atleast he was safe.
  41. "I'M TAKIN' YOU WITH ME!!!!" a voice screeched from above as blasterfire pierced clouds and rained onto the slouching Saiyaness. "N-No!" The captain of the scouts exclaimed as fire caused the woman to shriek and thrash about in agony. She tumbled off of the important looking alien onto the mud and whined, kicking about and clawing at the dirt while the bloodied and barely conscious cloaked alien landed near his captain. "G-Get up...We can take her out now...C'mon!" he barked as the captain kept his eyes trained on the stranger. "I--n-no..." he muttered as he rose to his feet. The cloaked alien opened fire, pelting the downed woman repeatedly with superheated shots of plasma. "We can talk about it later-- She was going to eat you!" he shouted over the sound of his repeated shots. He'd kick his colleague's blaster to him while keeping pace with the fire but slowed down as his blaster began to overheat....his Captain hadn't joined him either.
  43. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'?! WE GOTTA WIPE HER ASS OUT NOW, THERE AIN'T NO SAVIN'--" His cries were eclipsed by a sickening yet familiar guttural roar from his target. The captain simply fell back to his knees as the woman stood upright again, bathed in that horrifying green light. Around her eyes had darkened as her previously soft features sharpened and grown more angular. Her body pulsed and popped as her heartbeat became audible- it was unlike anything they had seen before! This...transformation...This...change...was instant, it was night and day-- it was...evolution! A being that had devolved so much that it had ascended far beyond destiny's original design for unmatched beast as far as these explorers could tell. The cloaked alien's fire slowed to unimpressive clicking from his blaster as it finally overheated-- yet he kept pulling the trigger, trembling and petrified. The woman took a step forward as her tongue spooled from her mouth. The Captain remained kneeled, staring at the stranded woman's feet, unable to move. When she finally reached the cloaked alien-- she gripped his hand adorned with the blaster and squeezed it, breaking all of his fingers around the trigger and steel that kept it in place. With a swift motion she yanked, pulling the alien's arm from his torso! The victim's head whipped back as he yelled to the clouds, only to be met with a palm over his mouth. A green sparkle trickled into the man's throat before his body expanded and exploded violently, leaving a crater where he once stood! No clothes or viscera splattered around the area-- the obliteration had been clean and absolute and a terrifying display of her power!
  45. The captain had began whimpering again, certain that his fate had been sealed-- and he was correct. The feral woman placed a heel on the back of the alien's head softly and tilted her neck to get a better look at her prey. This weakness...this submission. She had been hunting! What fun was prey that no longer wanted to run?! She raised her foot into the air before slamming it down onto his head with deafening force-- The slam so powerful trees were uprooted and blown back! The man had gone limp-- surely there was nothing left of his head-- but just in case; she stomped again....and again....and uneven growing laughter escaping her lips as she celebrated yet another successful hunt! She needn't feel pity for creatures that looked like her-- they had entered her territory! It was only fair--and now, she had the prettiest one to feast on. None of the beasts of the jungle were this shiny or sparkly...these colors on this one's body were unique! The woman would hoist what remained of the battered and lifeless husk onto her shoulders and retreat to a cave she had made her dwelling. Like a predator ready to pick at their spoils, she had prepared herself for a meal like no other...maybe birds from the sky would bless her with prey like this in the future?
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