-The Get Chapter 3-

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. -The Get Chapter 3-
  3. In silence, you try to make the most of what you have. The futon has been dragged into a corner under the window and you start making a 'nest' with fabric scraps. Looking around, the storage room is roughly the same size as your old bedroom, though feeling larger due to the lack of furnishings. The mirror on the wall opposite the futon has a golden frame, easily recognized as the same style as the rest of the mirrors scattered around the Carousel Boutique. Taking a look, you're reminded that the dressing gown and PJs are now the only clothes in your possession. At least living with Rarity might pay off in that regard.
  5. After an hour or so of lying on the futon reminiscing, boredom begins to bite. With no indication of time except the slowly dying sun, you decide to leave the room. Screw Rarity's orders.
  7. Slowly pushing the door open, you inspect the hallway. To your right, a big door. That must be Rarity's bedroom. In front of you is presumably the bathroom door, with the left leading down the stairs. Upstairs must be the living quarters, downstairs being dedicated to shop floor and creation.
  9. Sneaking down the stairs, you hear the clicking of a sewing machine, accompanied with some low-tone mutterings from Rarity.
  11. "Oh but Rarity! You've been chosen, isn't that great! I wish it was me!" she says, in a sarcastic mock of - you assumed - Twilight.
  13. "Oh yes it's just so fantastic! A stranger in my home and business-" she suddenly turns round.
  15. Your eyes meet.
  17. -
  19. Rarity lets out a soft scream which roots you to the spot.
  21. "And just WHAT are you doing?" she demands, turning her sewing machine off and getting into an aggressive stance.
  23. "I just wanted to look around, being kept prisoner is sorta boring".
  25. You had chosen the wrong words.
  27. "P-prisoner!? PRISONER? You think YOU'RE the prisoner here?"
  29. Was she always this melodramatic? Yes, actually, she was.
  31. "Look," you say, hastily trying to find a new subject, "Thanks for this dressing gown."
  33. She pauses, before giving another "Hmph".
  35. "I didn't make it for you, I made it for the first Poster who lived with AJ. I just recycled the clothes pattern. It's so out of date now that frankly it suits someone as barbaric as you."
  37. Oh right, so Celestia was feeding you twisted words before? With a mouth full of spite, you retort
  39. "I see. That explains the cheap stretching fabric then."
  41. This statement apparently confuses Rarity.
  43. "Cheap, stretching fabric? But that's made from Equestria's finest cotton! It's practically impossible to stretch."
  45. Yeah, nah, this gown was getting looser by the hour.
  47. "Whatever you say, Ms. Perfect. Listen, I have a... request" you say, with extreme softness on the last word as Rarity seems to be stewing in anger.
  49. "Would it be possible to make me some... proper clothes? I can't wear this gown forever."
  51. Surprisingly, her pupils expand in what can only be excitement.
  53. "You mean design you some clothes? I... I suppose that's reasonable."
  55. -
  57. Before you know it, Rarity is attacking you with measuring tape, taking notes for the lengths of your arms, waist and legs. In spite of herself, she does seem quite enthusiastic.
  59. "So can you make clothes for humans? Just like that?" you say, rather taken aback.
  61. Rarity gives you a rather impatient look. "Of course. It's all in the measurements. I love a challenge, even for something as foul as you."
  63. Before you can make a comeback, she magically unties the gown and places the cold tape measure on your chest. You shudder.
  65. "I can easily design and make a pattern, but you're going to be the one to make it. I might as well put you to SOME use with those long... things on your hooves"
  67. "What, you mean these?" you say, wiggling your fingers. Rarity's the one who shudders now.
  69. "Enough of that! I need to draw up some designs. I suppose you can LOOK around, but do not TOUCH." her emphasis being pretty clear.
  71. Rarity toddles off into another room, and you begin to scope out the ground floor. Your exploring shows there's a kitchen area, shop floor, fashion stage and various work rooms. In all honesty, it's nothing mind-blowing. Your tender feet begin to hurt, and before you decide to head back upstairs something pink catches your eye. Fluffy slippers.
  73. Shiftily, you check for Rarity. No sign of her.
  75. You sneak the slippers on to your feet. This comfort is nothing short of unfiltered euphoria. They fit surprising well, hugging your feet perfectly. Yoink.
  77. -
  79. After heading back upstairs, the bathroom door is ajar. Might as well view the one place you were "officially" allowed access.
  81. As expected, it was nothing short of perfection. Spotless, there's various perfume bottles and makeup accessories neatly placed. There's a bathtub and toilet similar to those at Canterlot castle, with accompanying shower. Miles ahead of your place on Earth.
  83. Sitting on the edge of the bath, you begin to wash your raw feet in an attempt to soothe them. Walking over dirt, stones and grass all day wasn't the best thing for them. The amount of muck that comes off is pretty revolting, and after drying them off, you hear a grumpy calling from behind.
  85. "Y-you!" Rarity stammers, apparently not brave enough to open the door.
  87. "What's up? I'm busy trying on your perfume at the moment" you reply sarcastically.
  89. "You WHAT?" she screeches before slamming the door open. You laugh as a blundering Rarity tries to attack you with magic, using a forehoof to cover her eyes.
  91. After a few seconds, the obvious lack of perfume in the air makes her stop.
  93. "How DARE you!" she accuses.
  95. "How dare I what?" you sneer. Rarity baiting was your new favorite hobby.
  97. She removes the hoof from her face before looking at you. Just as her rage is building again, she spots the pink slippers you've got on. Her jaw drops.
  99. "Are- are those...?" she stammers. You nod. "Yeah, mind if I borro-"
  101. Before you know it, you're being dragged via magic into the storage room.
  103. -
  105. After receiving a huge telling-off for touching Rarity's possessions and being made to swear not to do it again, you decide to stay in your miserable room. At least the pink slippers belonged to you now because "they were ruined".
  107. The view from your window was nothing compared to Canterlot's, but it was still fascinating. In the distance the Everfree forest stood dark and eerie; the streets below filled with ponies coming and going as the sun sank lower coloring the sky a deep red. It starts to remind you of Celestia, your heart giving a little pang thinking about her.
  109. Before you can investigate that feeling, there's an abrupt thumping at your door. Reluctant, you stand up and open it. It's Rarity again.
  111. Wordlessly, she thrusts a plate into your stomach with magic before closing the door again. Blinking, you look down to see a sandwich. Do these ponies ever eat protein? Regardless, hunger makes you take a hesitant bite. Eating before checking it was a bad idea.
  113. You gag, spitting sandwich everywhere before ripping the top slice of bread off. What the fuck, are those weeds? Did she actually expect you to eat a dandelion sandwich? Ugh.
  115. Tipping the weeds onto the floor, you settle for the pitiful bread. At least she tried, you suppose.
  117. It's dark when you finally give up thinking about hunger and how your life was ruined, and start to think about sleep. Already lying in your futon, you attempt to snuggle into a comfortable position with a sigh.
  119. -
  121. The night passes uneventfully. No dreams, no disturbances.
  123. With morning blooming through the small window, you are slowly awoken. It takes a minute for your brain to process where you are. Feh. Why bother getting up if there's nothing to do? It's not like anyone would care, and you won't get in trouble for it. Though now that you think about it, a bathroom visit wouldn't be so bad.
  125. Sitting up, you suddenly yelp in pain. Sleeping on the floor seems to have done a number on your muscles which are painfully burning and cramping all over like you've done a serious workout. The gown you were using as an extra blanket slips to the floor as you awkwardly rise.
  127. Stiffly and painfully, you waddle out the storage room and across the hall and into the bathroom. A long soak in the bath is what you need. As you turn the taps causing the clear water to flood the basin, you look around for soap. Do ponies use soap? Seems like one of those things you might need to ask permission for. Reluctantly, you go to ask Rarity.
  129. You poke your head out the bathroom door just in time to see Rarity appear from downstairs. Her sleeping mask is covering her horn and she's wrapped in a elegant royal purple dressing gown. The upturned nose that greets you was becoming a normal occurrence.
  131. "Morning... D-do I have your permission to use soap?" you say rather pathetically.
  133. It's obvious she wasn't too happy about it, but she didn't argue. A good enough answer for you.
  135. -
  137. The bubbling, steaming bath is filled, and not a moment too soon as your limbs ache badly. Locking the door to prevent any unwanted ponies, you strip and quickly glance in a mirror.
  139. Yeesh, all this weak pony food was taking it's toll. Your gut was looking a bit skinnier since you last checked. Hair was, if possible, even messier than it was after your Canterlot arrival. Maybe that explained Rarity's upturned nose?
  141. Slipping into the hot scented water was absolute bliss. Back home you never had time for baths, instead making do with the shitty pressure from the shower. As your joints and muscles relaxed, you sank deeper into the aromatic water. It was such a sensual experience that you forgot all your worries.
  143. After almost an hour of pure relaxation though, your moment was gone. Rarity was banging at the door.
  145. "Honestly! You're not the only one who needs to use the bathroom you know!"
  147. Frustrated, you surface. With aches now all gone, you respond with "All right, keep your hair on". You awkwardly dry and step out the bathroom, towel draped over your body. Rarity averts her eyes and gracefully trots in.
  149. Returning to your room, you're surprised by a small pile of what appear to be clothes. Did... Rarity make these for you?
  151. You eagerly throw them on. While not clothes you'd usually wear, they were certainly suitable. Fancy trousers and some weird sweater. She's even made socks and underwear. Maybe she does care after all?
  153. -
  155. You head downstairs, thinking about breakfast. You need something with protein, not more crappy cupcakes or sandwiches. You open the fridge to discover some eggs. Perfect.
  157. Rarity eventually descends the stairs while you're cooking an omelette. One look at her blood-shot eyes tells you she's about to lose her shit at you for using the stove, but she seems to hold it in.
  159. "Hey, thanks for these clothes. I thought you said I had to make them myself?" you say, teasing slightly.
  161. "Yes, well, I just got too... caught up in the process." she awkwardly replies.
  163. Next thing you know, she's behind you. Horn glowing menacingly, she leers at you.
  165. "What-" but before you even form the question, she's using magic on your hair.
  167. "You can't go around with hair like that! Let me fix it." A comb appears out of nowhere, starting to attack your head.
  169. "Nah seriously it- Ouch!" you whine, as Rarity pulls out some knots. Knots? How long was your hair?
  171. "You really should get this styled you know, it's an utter mess and I won't have it!"
  173. Struggling, you grab the brush and throw it down. "Just... leave it" you say grumpily.
  175. That doesn't really go down well, but you don't care. She'd already ruined your dreamy bath.
  177. Munching on the omelette, you watch a sulky Rarity feed her cat Opalescence.
  179. "So what's the plans for today?" you ask, trying to strike up some conversation.
  181. "I'm going to make you useful and show you how to use a sewing machine. I don't want you in sight of customers."
  183. Fair enough.
  185. -
  187. Shuffling along in your pink slippers, Rarity takes you into one of her workshops. There's mountains of fabric and sewing equipment all rather eerily surrounded by pony mannequins. With test fabric already loaded under a sewing machine's needle, you sit on a tiny uncomfortable stool.
  189. Rarity somewhat patronizingly explains the basics, and after loading the thread spool, you begin. It seems easy enough, and you manage to stitch a neat line. Next, you try to stitch a curve. Simple.
  191. In your haste to show off how easy it was to you, a finger slips and slightly touches the needle. There's no damage, but your heart just about explodes.
  193. "Fuckin' hell!" you shout aloud, jerking your hand back.
  195. At your words, Rarity's ears flop and she looks utterly flabbergasted. Before you react, she pulls the stool from underneath you with magic making you crash on to the ground.
  197. "Hey, what-" you begin, but your voice dies as Rarity stands over you unleashing a tirade.
  199. "You DO NOT use that FOUL language under this roof. Do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?"
  201. "Alright! Fine!" you shout, pretty pissed at getting chewed out by Rarity again. It was like your independence was totally gone now, living with your parents again .
  203. "Promise me you'll never use such filthy language again" she continues, pressing her face up against yours, horn sparking threateningly.
  205. "I promise! Whatever helps you sleep at night."
  207. She withdraws, and you rub your ass from where it met the ground.
  209. -
  211. After that drama, the afternoon went by quickly. Rarity dealt with customers as you practiced in back with the sewing machine. Bar almost sewing your finger, it was a rather uneventful day. Sewing was a rather boring task, you decided. You'd rather be doing anything else, but if it made Rarity shut up...
  213. Evening falls, and finally the Carousel Boutique closes for the day. Rarity checks on your sewing, and seems to be mildly impressed. You didn't want her praise, you just wanted to do something else. Standing up, your back painfully ached and your legs were going numb. You resort to waddling again.
  215. Dinner is a rather pitiful affair. You mentioned to Rarity you won't be eating anymore of her grass-filled sandwiches, so instead you have to make do with fruit. No wonder you were so damn skinny, living here was like extreme dieting.
  217. Night falls, and like the night before, you're lying miserable and hungry in your futon. Loneliness is starting to become an issue too. Sure, you didn't have many friends before, but that's why you enjoyed shitposting to Anonymous people. God, you missed the internet so much. Shivering, you try to get some sleep.
  219. Next thing you know, you're in the Everfree forest trying to escape Ponyville, climbing over branches and logs. It's dark, and you regret leaving the town now. Nervously, you start to sprint. Then run. You trip.
  221. Something approaches. It's big and humanoid shaped. As it steps under the moon, you see it's face.
  223. You yell.
  225. -
  227. The mutant creature begins to swipe at you with hooves, leaving you rolling in the dirt. You frantically crawl away, only to be captured by magic. Helpless now, you're dragged up to a leering face that you instantly recognize. Before you get a chance to confront it though, the magic force begins to squeeze the air out of your chest, twisting and crushing your body, and just before breaking point...
  229. ...Banging brings you back to the world again. It sounds like your door is being beaten alive.
  231. You slowly sit upright, before putting your head in your hands.
  233. "Stop it." you moan into the darkness.
  235. "What were you yelling about?" came the sound of Rarity, sounding more concerned than annoyed.
  237. "Just... go back to bed. I'm fine" you lie.
  239. "Are you serious? After waking me up-" she begins to argue, but you get short-tempered
  241. "Just go. Please."
  243. The familiar "Hmph" resonates from behind the door, before the trotting fades away and you hear a slam.
  245. Sitting in the darkness, you're terrified at what the dream contained.
  247. Dwelling on it for hours, sleep just doesn't come. Nodding off only results in what feels like 5 minutes of blackness before it's apparently morning.
  249. You feel shit. Tired and groggy from a poor night. Going through the morning routine, you barely speak to Rarity despite her questions about the nightmare. She's the last person you want sympathy from.
  251. That half-pony half-human monster in the dream... it had your face. What the hell did that mean?
  253. -
  255. Another meaningless day follows. Pitiful breakfast. Dull sewing practice. Your body aches from sleeping in the futon. You feel miserable about not going outside. You want to, but that dream haunts you. Fuck your life right now. Your clothes are getting looser by the day, probably due to the starving you're putting up with.
  257. Over the next two days, you were getting trapped in a routine of sewing, arguing and sleep. Your mood has improved somewhat at learning Opalescence likes being around someone with fingers. She wasn't too happy today though, as your sore fingers couldn't scratch her properly. Endless sewing practice was likely to blame.
  259. After spending breakfast in silence avoiding Rarity, you head into the back room to continue being a sewing slave. The Carousel Boutique was closed today, but it just meant Rarity would be there to provide "support".
  261. Sitting down on the tiny stool, you knew the routine now. You'd been stitching up some minor things, like your socks. Rarity held true to the "making your own clothes" talk.
  263. Today you were making curtains for your room, a simple but useful tutorial. Folding and cutting the fabric took time as Rarity had to approve every design because it was still "her house".
  265. The sewing begins. You start with the hem of the curtain. Your fingers stiff, you accidentally stitch the top of your loose sleeve to the curtain.
  267. Shit.
  269. "Oh COME on!" Rarity sighs at you.
  271. Before you realize what's happened, you burst into tears.
  273. -
  275. This shocks you as much as it apparently shocks Rarity.
  277. What the hell? You've not cried since you were a little kid. What kind of pussy are you? And yet... You can't stop. Tears are now hopelessly rolling down your face onto the curtain.
  279. Rarity looks absolutely lost, not expecting this kind of behavior from you at all. Her ears begin to droop and she looks at you with sad widening eyes.
  281. "P-please don't cry!" she begins to plea, sounding like she was about to start crying. Using magic, she unravels the stitches holding your sleeve prisoner.
  283. You raise your now-free arm and rub your eyes. The tears kept coming harder, and in all honesty you had no idea why you were crying. It wasn't logical.
  285. Trying to not speak through sobs, you place your head in your hands, elbows on the sewing table. Your heaving chest makes you cry louder. Was this the result of lack of sleep? Lack of food? Loneliness? You felt utterly helpless there, bawling into your hands yet not knowing why.
  287. Next thing you know, Rarity is hugging you. You freeze, sharing the moment by slowly hugging her back.
  289. What the fuck was happening here? You hated her like 5 minutes ago.
  291. A few minutes pass, and you finally break apart. Rarity passes you a handkerchief to clean your face up.
  293. "S-sorry..." you finally mumble. "I... I don't know what came over me."
  295. "That's quite alright, dear." she replies. You take note that this is the 2nd time she's called you dear, probably the first time by will.
  297. -
  299. You spend the rest of the evening with Rarity fussing over you. She makes you hot chocolate, semi-forcing you to divulge all worries. You list them off. Weight Loss; Pains and aches; Clothes barely fitting; Bad dreams; Loneliness; Homesick; Bad attitude from a certain pony.
  301. Once it's all off your chest, you do feel a lot better. Rarity seems to actually be paying attention now, too.
  303. "Listen," she says awkwardly, "you need to understand how this has been tough on both of us. You didn't want to come here, and I didn't really want to share my house with a stranger. What's done is done though. As for the weight loss and dreams... perhaps Twilight might be able to help. I don't really know what a Poster eats, I've been too busy with work to research properly" she tails off, looking guilty.
  305. "I'm sorry" you reply woefully, looking down at your mug. Sadness threatens to engulf you again. Why do you feel so emotional today?
  307. "Oh not at all dear, the damage is done now" Rarity says hastily. "First thing tomorrow, we'll pay the library a visit and research Posters in Equestria. How does that sound?"
  309. You nod, sitting in silence. It's getting dark, and just as you think about heading, Rarity speaks up.
  311. "You know, I was... afraid of getting to know you. AJ has been though this whole mentoring thing before, but has never spoken about it."
  313. You blink. "What happened to her Poster? If I recall, they were the first to visit Equestria."
  315. "No one knows except AJ" Rarity shrugs.
  317. -
  319. After a cheerful "Good night", you return to your storage room. Emotionally drained for reasons you didn't understand, you crawl into the futon. It's a shame you didn't finish the curtain you think to yourself, but as sleep closes in on your mind, you smile that at least you seemed to have repaired bridges with Rarity.
  321. A new morning comes around, your 5th day in Equestria. As soon as you hear the rooster call, you bound out of the futon. You've slept brilliantly, ready to take on the day. Entering the bathroom to start your morning routine, you double-take when you see the mirror. Sure, losing weight wasn't anything new, but there now appeared to be highlights in your hair? The fuck? Was this Rarity's idea of a joke?
  323. You ask her at the breakfast table, but it's news to her too. Apparently she thinks it looks terrible and begs to style you hair. You swiftly tell her no.
  325. Scarfing down another bowl of fruit, you begin nagging Rarity to hurry up. This excitement at going to the library was uncalled for, but you couldn't help it. You were going to leave this Boutique! Go outside! See new ponies! Maybe even get answers?
  327. 10 minutes later, you're making your way through Ponyville with Rarity. Ponies are still gawking at you, but you don't care over how wonderful it is to be outside again. With the Pink slippers equipped, walking is enjoyable.
  329. Arriving at the library, Rarity politely knocks the door, which is opened seconds later by Spike.
  331. "Rarity! Oh, and new guy."
  333. -
  335. Spike swings the library door open, warmly greeting Rarity with a small bow. You get a rather dirty look. He's obviously not wild about you living with Rarity.
  337. Twilight is on top of a large pile of books, looking like she's busy packing things up. As soon as she spots Rarity trotting towards her though, she flaps down graciously meeting you both.
  339. "Hey Rarity! Hey Mr. Poster!" she calls, standing before you both. She's looking bigger now you see her up close, do alicorns grow faster or something? Before thinking about it in much detail, Rarity explains the situation. After getting over the awkwardness of having your worries put out in the open, Twilight adamantly agrees to help.
  341. "I can understand how you feel Mr. Poster. When I first moved here from Canterlot, I felt the exact same way. That was until I met my best friends, anyway!" she beams. You try not to gag, having no interest in friendship lessons at this moment in time. Answers only.
  343. Together, you spend most of the afternoon poring over books. Even Rainbow Dash joins in, after visiting to read some Daring Do. There are so many books that it was difficult knowing where to begin. Encyclopedia of Equestrian biology? Mysterious Events of the Last Century? Mythic beasts of Frozen North?
  345. You settle for a rather disturbing book about Equestria's surprisingly dark history, hoping to find signs of humans.
  347. Suddenly Twilight lets out a small gasp. All eyes on her, everyone sits round as she addresses you.
  349. -
  351. "Mr. Poster, I think I know what's going on" she says, rather hesitantly.
  353. "Well, don't leave me hanging."
  355. "If I understand, your home, that is to say, Earth, is for carbon-based life?"
  357. "Uhh... I believe so?" Science was never really your strong subject.
  359. "That means you're a carbon-based life form, correct? The problem with that is the land of Equestria isn't carbon-based, but instead magic-based."
  361. You don't really understand where this is going, and it must show on your face as Twilight continues.
  363. "Think of it this way. You're a carbon-based life form in a magic-based land. You don't belong here."
  365. "Well that much is obvious" you sneer rather harshly. Twilight ignores the tone and continues.
  367. "This might sound a bit silly, but it explains your symptoms. I think our world - that is to say, Equestria - is... digesting you."
  369. There's a silence.
  371. "D-digesting him, Twilight?" Dash speaks up, voicing your response for you.
  373. "Yes, digesting him. Mr. Poster is being broken down by our world. It's trying to make him into something that can logically exist here. It's... transforming him."
  375. Transforming?
  377. Shit. It makes sense. Your clothes weren't stretching, you were shrinking. Celestia wasn't standing tall that time, you were shorter. Your hair wasn't messy, it was growing. Were those aches related?
  379. "...And the emotions?" you voice up feebly.
  381. Twilight looks at you with sad eyes.
  383. "...That's likely because you're transforming into a female."
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