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  2. 24 March 2013
  3. catbug-marty: so when you have copie of the teraria can you gift it too me please
  4. happyzombie707: I don't tend to buy games I already have
  5. catbug-marty: ok k ok o ko
  6. catbug-marty: bye
  7. happyzombie707: hm, cya
  8. catbug-marty: cya
  9. catbug-marty: hi
  10. happyzombie707: hello
  11. catbug-marty: do you have copies of games
  12. happyzombie707: no
  13. catbug-marty: coz today my birtday
  14. happyzombie707: yeah wooo
  15. happyzombie707: my religion forbids me from celerbrating birthdays
  16. catbug-marty: yeah so can you gift me a game
  17. happyzombie707: my god will reject me from the 144,000
  18. catbug-marty: so can you
  19. catbug-marty: any game
  20. happyzombie707: but my Jehovah will reject me from the afterlife
  21. catbug-marty: please
  22. catbug-marty: can you gift me any game todays my birthday
  23. happyzombie707: would you rather have matirial possessions or an eternal life with the almighty
  24. catbug-marty: no
  25. catbug-marty: can you giftt t
  26. catbug-marty: so can you gift me ace of spades
  27. happyzombie707: no, if I do dearest god will hate my soul
  28. catbug-marty: im not hating your soul
  29. catbug-marty: so can you
  30. happyzombie707: but you aren't god
  31. catbug-marty: what
  32. catbug-marty: you too
  33. catbug-marty: so gifting or nor coz i want taht game very very much
  34. catbug-marty: please
  35. happyzombie707: my religion does not allow me to celebrate birthdays, gifting people stuff on their birthdays is against my religion
  36. catbug-marty: today my birtday
  37. catbug-marty: yeah but when elmers birthday was you gifted him gmod
  38. catbug-marty: i will igft you 19 dota copies
  39. happyzombie707: that's not worth it
  40. catbug-marty: yes it does i really worked hard to get those dota 2 coies
  41. catbug-marty: copies
  42. happyzombie707: it costs like... 4 pence on the steam market, ace of spades is 600 pence
  43. catbug-marty: yes its cost just 4 dollars
  44. catbug-marty: please
  45. catbug-marty: man
  46. happyzombie707: the dollar is the currency of the devil
  48. catbug-marty: yeah so why when was elmers birthday you gifted him garrys mod
  49. catbug-marty: and other games
  50. happyzombie707: because elmer is not a serpent
  51. catbug-marty: me too ok
  52. catbug-marty: im not serpent
  53. catbug-marty: i just want that game
  54. happyzombie707: that's what a serpent would say
  55. catbug-marty: no im not ok
  56. catbug-marty: coz i dont have money
  57. catbug-marty: and you are my frined
  58. catbug-marty: friend
  59. catbug-marty: please dude
  60. happyzombie707: my religion forbids me from having friends
  62. friends are the work of the serpent
  63. catbug-marty: yeah right
  64. catbug-marty: but please
  65. catbug-marty: i want that game soo much so much much much
  66. happyzombie707: you must resist the forbiden apple of eden
  67. catbug-marty: ok
  68. catbug-marty: so you gift me this game
  69. catbug-marty: is the elmer your best friend
  70. catbug-marty: please dude cmon
  71. catbug-marty: just thois game
  72. happyzombie707: ace of spades is the work of the devil
  73. catbug-marty: no he isnt
  74. catbug-marty: its really good game you just shoot people in the head or in the balls
  75. happyzombie707: 'balls' are the work of the devil
  76. catbug-marty: no he isnt
  77. catbug-marty: please
  78. catbug-marty: dude just his one game
  79. catbug-marty: todays my birthday
  80. catbug-marty: i just have on steam 0 games
  81. happyzombie707: good
  82. the lass games you have the less the devil wants your soul
  83. catbug-marty: cmon dude
  84. catbug-marty: please
  85. catbug-marty: be friend
  86. catbug-marty: ok ihave justy 2 games
  87. happyzombie707: friends are the work of the devil
  88. just like 'balls'
  89. catbug-marty: what are toking about
  90. catbug-marty: balls devils
  91. catbug-marty: please
  92. happyzombie707: the devil has many balls
  93. catbug-marty: dude just his game dude cmon
  94. catbug-marty: friends friends
  95. catbug-marty: cmon
  96. catbug-marty: please
  97. catbug-marty: just ace of spades
  98. happyzombie707: 'ace of spades' is the fruit of the serpent
  99. catbug-marty: then other game
  100. catbug-marty: not he ace of spades
  101. catbug-marty: just waht game d you want
  102. catbug-marty: gift me please
  103. catbug-marty: like brutal legend
  104. catbug-marty: do you have special codes
  105. happyzombie707: codes are the work of the devil
  106. catbug-marty: plase
  107. catbug-marty: stop toking about the devils
  108. catbug-marty: jsut gift me ace of spades please dude cmon be frined
  109. happyzombie707: ace of spades is like the 'balls of the serpent'
  110. it is the work of the devil
  111. catbug-marty: ok then other
  112. catbug-marty: waht you have please
  113. catbug-marty: game
  114. catbug-marty: what game do you want jsut one  game
  115. happyzombie707: I have the love of jehovah in my heart
  116. and so can you
  117. happyzombie707: if you reject 'balls' and ace of serpents
  118. catbug-marty: ok im rejecting it
  119. catbug-marty: sorry ok
  120. happyzombie707: will you let the love of jehovah into your heart?
  121. catbug-marty: yes
  122. happyzombie707: will you let the love of the serpent into your 'balls'?
  123. catbug-marty: no
  124. happyzombie707: ABANDON SHIP
  126. catbug-marty is now Offline.
  127. catbug-marty: no im not please just gift me what game do you want
  128. catbug-marty: im not serpent you are coz asking lol questions
  129. happyzombie707: no no, i have-a no moneys
  130. happyzombie707: no no, i have a no serpents
  131. catbug-marty: please
  132. catbug-marty: you dont have 4 dollars
  133. catbug-marty is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
  134. happyzombie707: no no, I have-a no 'balls' they are the monies of of the serpent devil
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