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Dec 3rd, 2019
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  1. The need to overcome- to prove one’s self was a desire Espa knew all too well. She had been in service to the Duran household for awhile now, and while she was active in helping with completing the more mundane tasks that the houses needed done. There was a lack of fulfilment. She felt useful- but undeniably disposable.
  3. This self-imposed threat drove the girl.
  5. She needed to prove herself as viable in combat situations. That she could defend the house she worked for, but her physic limited her strength.
  7. Only magika could help her. At Least that's what she believed.
  9. Opportunity was given to her through the young lad Zeikel. He was practicing the same doctrine of magic as herself:: Energy. The ability to master and manipulate mana- converting it into raw energy. While Zeikel was a student himself, and in no way master of the skill. He had far more training than her.
  11. This all concluded with Espa’s next set of actions as she returned to the scene where she had first taken her steps into mastering her own energy.
  13. Her feet would grace the sand as she walked to the shoreline- the night air blowing over her visage. Espa’s eyes would rest upon the night-sea. Moonlight danced upon the sea, scattering with each motion of the water’s surface. It was a pretty sight to behold.
  15. A wave would break- spreading across the sand and meeting Espa’s feet. She’d walk further into the calm water, each wave impacting her and causing a gentle splash. Once knee high in the water, she’d drop into it. Closing her eyes as she focused in on herself
  17. The last time she dominated her own mana flow, she was here- and so it was here she’d practice it, With the water as it embraced her. The sea, while phsycaly there was also a metaphor for her magicka, and more specifically the currents was her circuitry. With this as her mindset she’d focus her currents to push forward rather than moving about uncontrollably. The key was to bring about a sense of control and stability to her mana. To hone it in and concentrate it into a more pure form, which could be used to more easily transfer into energy.
  19. With the sea as her companion Espa was at peace. Her whole focus upon her mind and her circuitry . It was at this moment she’d make her move. Focing her energy from the unified current, and through her circuitry all at once. Energy sums used her condition as a blue- a very gentle and light blue presented itself around the girl.
  21. She felt energy, she felt alive- and full of action. Her mana pulled about her in an even flow through her circuity. A control explosion of her own mana.
  23. But, it was anything from prefect. She’d hold the stance for awhile- but eventually she lost control, an influx of her mana balancing unevenly through her figure causing a complete crash. It was painful- as though her mcelses themselves were burning. She embraced the risk so the pain was expected.. Clenching her feet she’d try her best to pull through it.
  25. She was suffering.
  26. (Espa Morenno)
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