Cuddle Concubine Anon (/cozy/)

Apr 26th, 2016
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  1. >You are Anonymous.
  2. >And you are one of Princess Celestia's servants.
  3. >Specifically, her closest servant meant to serve her closest and most intimate needs.
  4. >As the moon rises through the sky and the sun does the opposite, you wait in her private bedchambers for when the time shall come.
  5. >With the time you have to wait for her to come and make use of your services, you prepare yourself for another long night of intimacy ahead of you.
  6. >More time passes, more than normal.
  7. >Oh dear, this is a bit concerning.
  8. >Her work must be keeping her, so you'll have to give it 110% tonight to properly serve her in the special manner you do.
  9. >But eventually the door creeks open and a tired Celestia makes her way inside.
  10. >Your suspicion proved true, she looks quite worn out.
  11. "Long day, Princess?"
  12. >She gives you a small nod in response, too tired to even bother with speech for such an obvious question.
  13. "So I'm going to hazard a guess that you want to just get right to the 'happy ending', yes?"
  14. >Normally there would be quite a bit more preamble before the big finish, but it is clear she probably isn't in the mood for all of that.
  15. >Maybe tomorrow, but not now.
  16. >The princess, in a fit of splendid regality, simply tosses herself onto her massive, luxurious bed.
  17. >That's a yes, then.
  18. >Alas, she's lying on top of the blanketing, less than ideal conditions for your line of work, what with all the exposure to the dastardly elements of this quite grand but ultimately quite poorly insulated room.
  19. >But wait! You prepared for this possibility and had the blanketing displaced to allow direct access to the layer upon which the mare lies.
  20. >Quite the clever clogs, aren't you?
  21. >After all, you're a professional.
  22. >A professional....
  23. >[spoiler]Cuddle[/spoiler] concubine!
  25. >Of course, the cuddling can not commence quite yet, you have to let your liege be until you must be involved.
  26. >Princess Celestia removed the pieces pf regalia she had not let fall off of her on her arduous journey to her bedchambers and then therafter to her bed, and set them out neatly on the nearest available patch of floor.
  27. "Princess, you want me to go and put your finery in the usual place?"
  28. >For this question, the princess does speak, allowing you to hear her sagely voice.
  29. >"Don't pay it any mind, Anonymous, it can wait until tomorrow."
  30. >Okay, not so much sagely as tired and mumbly, but it's still the words of a princess regardless.
  31. >"Just get in here."
  32. >A golden aura surrounds you as you are dragged from where you were near the bed into the bed itself, and thereafter into the embrace of the sun.
  33. >One single shot of magic is all she uses to haphazardly toss the covers over herself, and by extension you as her glorified human teddy bear.
  34. >She pulls you tighter to her as you reciprocate by wrapping your arms around the base of your neck, placing yourself so that her head is atop yours, allowing you a vantage point from which to pleasure her.
  35. >And so you start to relax her and please her by slowly stroking her neck rhythmically and comfortingly.
  36. >Eventually you let up on the stroking as she falls into a deep sleep, still hugging you tightly, though less so.
  37. >Though this was mostly for her sake, it would be foolish of you to not admit that this was quite a pleasant experience for you as well.
  38. >Sure, you're getting paid peanuts and have to remain on site almost all of the time, but you're being paid peanuts to hug and pet demigods while hanging around an opulent castle.
  39. >Talk about a dream job, huh?
  40. >[spoiler]And then Celestia started snoring.[/spoiler]
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