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the history of sandbagging in esea tf2 open

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Jul 29th, 2015
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  1. Tool Academy Grads (pyyour's stacked team) stomped open going 16-0 and 4-1 in playoffs. They were beatable and lost the first map of finals 3-5 to Harmonic. Maybe if flame wasn't wet cardboard Harmonic could have pulled it off and won the second map.
  6. season 5
  7. Team Helix picked up Platinum before rosters locked so I would consider them to be the sandbaggers. Tyrone's team ended up winning and that roster never left invite until it died.
  9. season 6
  10. Nexil Gaming went 16-0 and 5-0 as an invite caliber team in open. There was no intermediate back which made things worse.
  12. season 7
  13. First season of esea tf2 with the intermediate division. teams actually wanted to play in intermediate so open was very competitive. Team Explosion won open with a fairly fresh roster. Only denial had a decent amount of esea exp.
  15. season 8
  16. Avoided won open with a roster of players new to esea. Leviathan gaming, the team with invite sandbaggers, placed 7th.
  18. season 9
  19. This was a season of open sandbaggers vs open sandbaggers. Team bad ended up beating shade's team in open finals. I believe this was the last season esea was willing to move up new rosters to intermediate. Neither of the top two teams had any interest in playing in im tho.
  21. season 10
  22. SS's team won open this season with a roster of fairly new players. They beat an open caliber team in pixel smashers (ft killing) to win open finals.
  24. season 11
  25. Ultimate killing machine (doggles+ukm's team) dunked on open fairly uncontested. The sandbaggers won this season pretty easily. r5 was probably most deserving of the open win with all the new players they had.
  27. season 12
  28. probably one of the most interesting seasons of open in terms of parity. there weren't any sandbaggers this season and open was won by a team playing their second season of open (dheroes).
  30. season 13
  31. Won by the crunchy bunch who had mostly players in their first or second season of open. Playground tactics, the runners up, had a similar roster composition. Tonight's entertained could be called sandbaggers with Mausy hard carrying but they ended up 3rd.
  33. season 14
  34. won by pot's team and consisted of fairly unknown players at the time. they asked for an im roster and got told they belong in open(though that was partly due to their low social iq and trash talk). Street hoops came in second place with players new to 6v6. blew tried and failed miserably to stack a roster with washed up im/invite players.
  36. season 15
  37. budsquad and blinky's team lol
  38. both say they would have preferred playing in IM but couldn't make arrangements for a roster. Meat market was more deserving.
  40. season 16
  41. ROFL game dead
  42. Arizona iced boys sandbag their way to victory with the cover that they were saving esea tf2. Mr slin's squad of shitlords had an im roster but opted for open so they were sandbagging too. cafe monster is probably best new team in what was a pathetic season of open.
  44. Season 17
  45. dango, luc, eli and javaB, arguably dingo was the only true invite caliber player.
  47. Season 18
  48. Muffin Men win team of mostly new blood/open players well deserving of the win.
  50. Season 19
  51. 6cuties wins in a tense 5-0 against Tri's team of invite rejects and players who don't give a shit.
  53. seasons of open ruined by sandbagging/where a more deserving team got shafted:
  54. season 4, season 6, season 9, season 11, season 15, season 16, season 17, Season 19
  56. 8/16 seasons of tf2. thought it would be worse.
  58. I think sandbagging in intermediate was far worse over the years.
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