Childhood Friend - 03

Oct 6th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

소꿉친구 --- Publisher Link --- By Abyo4 & Bolp

Childhood Friend ~ Thanks to 'The Professor'

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun Ho (MC) [N/A] Single
Sujin (FMC) [N/A] Single
Hyun Ah Do (Sis) [N/A] Single
[N/A] (Mom) [N/A] Divorced

Chapter - 03

MC's Bedroom MC x FMC

He stares at her, afraid of her next reaction.. She tells him how she's feeling hot right now.. She leaves the bed and stands up in front of him still naked. She apologizes saying how she fell asleep in his bed because of the alcohol and wonders how they can be so drunk without drinking that much. MC is panicking when he sees her walking around in his room, he tries to tell her how she's still naked but can't find the right words..

She asks him if he's okay because he looks sick and MC tells her to dress up because she's naked.. She lowers her gaze then finally understands that she's standing in front of him in her birthday suit and blushes out of shame..
He tells her to stop looking around and to quickly dress up, she doesn't care about his stare anymore and take a pose, asking him if she's looking plenty feminine now. He tells her how she's stupid and it's not the right time to talk about this..

She bends over asking him to take a better look at her body, he yells at her saying how she should stop and asks her for what reason he would like to take a closer look at her childish body.
She's getting upset saying how last night he looked pretty happy to be with a kid like her. He denies this saying how there is no proof because they don't remember so it's better to forget about this. FMC says how she remembers something but not all the night, he tells her how it's good like this..

She asks him what he would do if she remembered what happened last night and if he would act differently.. They start to bicker each other for a moment then they get stopped by someone knocking on the door..

It's Mom telling them how the breakfast is ready and asks them if they're eating with them. Both MC and FMC answer at the same time saying how they're coming..


MC's Bedroom FMC x MC

After having a meal with Mom and Sis, they're siting next to each other on MC's bed.. She asks him what happened with her mother and the strange atmosphere during the meal, how it looked like a strange ceremony..
(Mom is shown telling to both of them how she'll bring Sis out with her after the lunch so they'll at ease this afternoon..)

MC tells her how he's more worried about Sis.. He says how she looked tired and angry.. FMC tells him how the good image she built as a good elder sister was broken in only one night..

He asks her what will happen with her parents and if they're not worried about her because she didn't come back last night.. (Dude.. You're both 25+ lol..)
She says how they should not be that worried and put it at her being to drunk to come back home.

After MC mustered enough courage, he looks at her and asks her to date him, deeply surprising her. She asks him why he's saying something like this out of nowhere. He tells her how whether they were in their right mind or not, they already had sex together. He says how his family already know about what they did last night so he can't act like nothing happened, furthermore he doesn't dislike her. This sudden revelation makes her blushes..

He rubs his cheek saying how he can't help it if she doesn't like him.. She's still lost in her thought and mutters to herself if it's his response.. How he doesn't dislike her.. MC calls her name waking her up from her disillusion.. She yells at him asking him what he's doing.. He asks her again what she thinks about the idea of dating him.. She sweats a lot and bits her lips.. She rejects him saying how she's afraid it would be too hard and how anyway last night event was only an accident..

She says how she doesn't want him to feel responsible for what happened between them and says with a resolute tone how she doesn't want to be a burden in his life. She says how anyway he just told her how she was an annoying woman with a childlike body, she asks him if he really thinks she can still date someone who said those horrible things about her.
After being rendered speechless by FMC's brilliant pleading.. He can only agree with her statement..

She pus her arms on his shoulder and asks him if it's not a bit of a waste.. He turns his head to look at her and asks her what she's meaning by that. She asks him if it's okay for him to not remember his first time, he panics a bit asking her if it wasn't her first time too. She denies being a virgin saying how she already told him everything last night.

He suddenly looks away a bit disappointed about not being FMC's first man.. She sees his disappointment and confesses how it was her first time too and she just joked earlier.. He yells at her asking if was really her first time too.
She nods a couple of times before saying how she never thought about having sex and never had sexual fantasies (LIAR!) and she's angry because now she did it but have no memories of the whole act.. She makes a playful expression while saying how it's a little sad for her and asks him what's his thought about it.

He lowers his head saying how, yeah it's a bit of a shame to not remember his first time.. She cuts him off saying how he's like her and they should do it one more time to make memory of it. He's surprised by her proposal and looks at her worrying she's once again making fun of him. He asks her if she's really proposing him to have sex with her a second time, she asks him if it's really a bad proposal and says how she thought about this because they're in the same situation.

She bends a bit over the bed and says playfully how if he wants he can put it inside just to test the feeling and stop afterward.. MC has a flushed face and can't look straight at her and mutters how no matter how you look at it.. She bends a bit more revealing her bra.. His eyes are glued on the cute FMC and he tries to explain himself saying how it's still a difficult proposition..

Suddenly Mom's voice sounds in his room, she telling him to watch the house because she's leaving with Sis and how she left him a present behind his door, so he musts check it later on..

He leaves his room to take a look at the 'gift' her Mom left.. After returning in his room, he shows it to FMC making a shy expression. She looks at him with flushed face and smiles at him.
It's a condom..

To be continued..
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