Love, not Tolerance

Jul 16th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >become resistant to pon-E.
  3. >can't overdose.
  4. >each pill lasts progressively less and less time.
  5. ----------
  6. >>35614330
  7. ...what happens when it fails to work? partial transformations? grotesque deformities?
  9. >Anon mixes strong Pon-E cocktails just to despair over the life he's living while in a pony body for only 4 hours at a time these days.
  10. >Where did it go wrong?
  11. >He did everything "right". He was careful to always have.
  12. >While in this state, everybody just knows him as "the pony"... The life of the party. Bringing your dog was always so obnoxious. Bringing a rabbit was cute, but odd... Being the pony? Golden.
  13. >He was never alone; always only a pony at the parties. He couldn't imagine going pony without anyone to share the experience with.
  14. >Always ready for skritches, belly rubs, and consensual booping, though he craved pony sexual activity out of sheer curiosity, he avoided it. He was known as "the pony", he didn't want to be known as "the fucking pony" or "the masturbating pony."
  15. >No drugs, not even alcohol. No smoking, not even vaping. He even avoided contact highs. Not even so much as an aspirin or allergy relief.
  16. >
  17. >Only one pill at a time. One party at a time.
  18. >Shit was expensive. The party lifestyle had its tolls. To live this life, he had to have a life; a job, a home, a family to visit. He was one of the few that was raised to keep it all in perfect balance. He could avoid a hangover like a pro. He knew his limits, and only carefully pushed them to grow and set them further away.
  19. >
  20. >Then one day, the party ended early. His pony self ending early with it.
  21. "This can't be right. How long has it been? Was the batch diluted? No. Bro took one with me at the same time. He's still a pony."
  22. >
  23. >Tollerance. Immunity.
  24. >Were his pony days over? He tried abstaining for a while. First a week. Still, his pony time was short.
  25. >He tried a month. Nope.
  26. >Two months. It seemed his pony time was still getting shorter.
  27. >
  28. >He had a grip on reality. He knew who he was. But he also knew who he wanted to be.
  29. >...What he wanted to be.
  31. >>35614330
  32. >He wasn't normally a gambling man, but what did he have to lose?
  33. >Everything.
  34. >Still, he went for it. His buddies missed their favorite party attraction. He missed being it too.
  35. >
  36. >Two pills.
  37. >
  38. He propped himself up on the bathroom sink, staring into the mirror.
  39. "Well, here goes..."
  40. >Pill one. Even after all this time, he still never liked the taste of spaghetti.
  41. >Pill two.
  42. >He stared at it for a long time. He could feel the familiar tinglings of transformation beginning to start, which forced him to take it while he still had fingers to hold it with.
  43. >
  44. >The pony was back.
  45. >He trotted out of the bathroom, presenting and posing as if at a dog and pony show.
  46. >The crowd cheered as they gathered around him to show their love and affection.
  47. >The party went on.
  48. >The party finally ended.
  49. >His usual 'spotter' friend stayed behind to help clean up while he laid in the middle of the floor, motionless, as if in the afterglow of an orgasm of a thousand suns.
  50. >"You ok, bro?"
  51. "...yeah. I'm just fine."
  52. >Said Anon, exhausted and at rest.
  53. "How long has it been?"
  54. >Bro check his phone, swiping over to the stopwatch app. "..."
  55. "Bro?"
  56. >Anon muscled the energy to lift his head off of the floor to look at him.
  57. >"14 hours. Almost 15."
  58. >Anon's pony heart stopped.
  59. >He gambled and lost.
  60. "...I, ...I have work in the morning."
  61. >"Dude... work isn't your biggest problem, right now."
  62. "..."
  63. >Bro sat on the floor next to Anon, stroking his mane. "Are you ok?"
  64. "...No. I'm a pony."
  65. >"We'll figure something out."
  66. "Ponies don't work. They can't pay the bills."
  67. >"It's ok. I'll help you. We'll figure it out!"
  68. >Anon just plopped his head back on the floor and cried silently, flicking his tail while Bro gave him comforting rubs and scritches.
  69. "Stop."
  70. >"Anon..."
  71. "Just stop, please."
  72. >Bro stood up. "I'm just... I'm just going to finish picking up the place. We're not animals, after all."
  74. >>35614330
  75. >Anon slowly rose to his hooves, and sulked on back to his room, closing the door behind him.
  76. >Loud neighs and whinnies could be heard as well as an assortment of muffled poundings on the mattress.
  77. >Bro waited until it was quiet for a while before slowly opening the door to check on Anon.
  78. >Anon was passed out. His pony tongue hanging out as he snored softly.
  79. >Bro covered him up and turned out the light.
  80. >
  81. >Anon opened his eyes to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door.
  82. >"Anon?"
  83. >It was Bro, his voice muffled from the other side of the door.
  84. >"Anon? I'm coming in."
  85. "Go away!"
  86. >But it was too late.
  87. >Bro brought in a glass of water with him.
  88. >"You've been asleep for like 12 hours. How are you feeling?"
  89. "How should I be feeling?"
  90. >"I called your boss. I told him you were too busy throwing up to tell him you weren't coming in today. I told him I tried making sushi surprise for you, and he said to take all the time you need."
  91. "Thanks, bro."
  92. >"Looks like there's some good news, though."
  93. "What could possibly be good about my current situation?"
  94. >"Here, drink this."
  95. >Bro handed the glass of water to Anon.
  96. >Anon took the glass and began to drink.
  97. >He had almost finished the glass when he spit a mouthful of water back out all over his covers.
  98. "What?!"
  99. >Anon gave the glass back and pulled the covers off of him, exposing his naked human self.
  100. >He was human again!
  101. "I'm... I'm..."
  102. >"You're naked, dude. ...And you have a pony cock." Pointed out, Bro.
  103. >Anon lifted his cock by the flare with his human fingers.
  104. "What? That's not right. Stop looking!"
  106. ----------
  107. Wait, no. That's not the story I set out to write here.
  108. ----------
  109. ok, let's see if we can get it back on track.
  111. >>35615172
  112. >Bro reached out and touched it.
  113. >Anon slapped his hand away,
  114. "Dude, what the hay?"
  115. >"I just wanted to see..."
  116. >Anon grabbed the covers and wrapped them around himself again.
  117. "No! Bad touch!!"
  118. >He looked at his hands on the front and the back.
  119. "I don't understand."
  120. >"You're back to yourself, now. Except you have a pony cock," pointed Bro.
  121. "Dude, stop it with my cock."
  122. >"I'm just saying..."
  123. "Well stop saying!"
  124. >"What now?"
  125. "Now you leave, so I can get dressed."
  126. >"What's the difference? I already saw your co--"
  127. "Just go!!"
  128. >"Alright! Sheesh..."
  129. "And close the door!" shouted after Bro.
  130. >
  131. >Moments later, Anon stepped out in his post-party casual wear.
  132. >"So, what's it like?" asked Bro.
  133. "...It's interesting. I wasn't sure where to hold it while I was pissing."
  134. >"More than you're used to?"
  135. "No! Why are still talking about it?!"
  136. >"It's interesting." Anon plopped himself on the couch next to Bro."
  137. "I need a drink.">>35657923
  138. "...I'm sorry."
  139. >"I know. We just need to be careful about this."
  140. "I know. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time now."
  141. >"Time to quit?"
  142. "I'm gonna miss it."
  143. >"Well, there will always be a part of you that's pony."
  144. >Anon turned his head to glare at Bro once again.
  145. "Seriously?"
  146. >Bro hit Anon in the arm, lightly. "Come on, you know that was funny."
  147. >Anon rolled his eyes with a sigh.
  148. >"Just take a break. A little one. Let's go to the source, and see if he knows anything about your... little flare-up."
  149. "Ha-ha."
  150. >"I'm just sayin! Any info we could get would be helpful. Even the smallest tip."
  151. "Bro..."
  152. >"I mean... if you're not careful, your next trip could leave you shafted."
  153. >Anon pushed himself up off of the couch, killing the last of his beer as he headed to the kitchen.
  154. >"Come on! Don't get all cocky on me now!"
  155. "Ignoring you!" Anon deposited his empty bottle into the trash can and headed back to his room. "I'm getting my shoes on. Call and see if he's there."
  156. >"Ok, ok... no need to get testy."
  157. >Anon closed his door, loudly.
  158. >"It's not even noon yet, Dude."
  159. >Anon just galred at Bro.
  160. >"Right..." said Bro, getting up to the kitchen. "Let's see what the party left behind this time, shall we?"
  161. >Anon adjusted himself through his shorts.
  162. >Bro came back with two beers, handing one to Anon as he rejoined him on the couch.
  163. >"So what are we gonna do today?"
  164. "Get more Pon-E."
  165. >"Really?"
  166. "That was my last two. Looks like it's two at a time for me."
  167. >"Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean... Going pony is great. I love being your pony bro, but it's going to cost you twice as much, and we don't even know what's going on here. What if it was a fluke?"
  168. >Anon sat silently, staring at the blank TV as he considered Bro's words.
  169. "I..."
  170. >Anon closed his mouth.
  171. >"Yeah?"
  172. >Anon shifted his gaze to the window.
  173. >"I'm your spotter, dude. You know it's my job... I have to tell you... That line we talked about..."
  174. "I know." Anon chugged his beer.
  175. >"I think you just need to be careful, is all..."
  176. "I know!" shouted Anon.
  177. >Bro sat silently, watching his friend through the reflection of the blank screen.
  179. >>35657923
  180. "...I'm sorry."
  181. >"I know. We just need to be careful about this."
  182. "I know. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time now."
  183. >"Time to quit?"
  184. "I'm gonna miss it."
  185. >"Well, there will always be a part of you that's pony."
  186. >Anon turned his head to glare at Bro once again.
  187. "Seriously?"
  188. >Bro hit Anon in the arm, lightly. "Come on, you know that was funny."
  189. >Anon rolled his eyes with a sigh.
  190. >"Just take a break. A little one. Let's go to the source, and see if he knows anything about your... little flare-up."
  191. "Ha-ha."
  192. >"I'm just sayin! Any info we could get would be helpful. Even the smallest tip."
  193. "Bro..."
  194. >"I mean... if you're not careful, your next trip could leave you shafted."
  195. >Anon pushed himself up off of the couch, killing the last of his beer as he headed to the kitchen.
  196. >"Come on! Don't get all cocky on me now!"
  197. "Ignoring you!" Anon deposited his empty bottle into the trash can and headed back to his room. "I'm getting my shoes on. Call and see if he's there."
  198. >"Ok, ok... no need to get testy."
  199. >Anon closed his door, loudly.
  201. >>35657929
  202. >Anon and Bro stood on the porch. It was a normal-looking house in a nice looking neighborhood. Nobody would ever think a drug dealer lived here, especially one that dealt in such specific oddities.
  203. >Bro knocked.
  204. >They waited.
  205. >Seconds later, the door opened, revealing the lone occupant. "Guys! What's up?! Come on in!!"
  206. >He stepped back making room as both Anon and Bro stepped inside.
  207. >"So, what can I do for my two best customers today?" He motioned them to get comfortable in the living room while he went to the fridge to grab some beers.
  208. >Anon sat at the end of the couch while Bro opted for the recliner.
  209. "The usual, John" said Anon.
  210. >"Already?" asked John.
  211. >"Well, actually..." started Bro. "There's been a development."
  212. >"Really, now?" asked John, returning to the living room, handing-off a beer to each.
  213. >"Dude?" asked Bro.
  214. "It's wearing off faster and faster."
  215. >"You don't think I'm cheating you, selling some bunk stuff, do you?" John tried to hide his offense at Anon's non-accusation.
  216. >"No, nothing like that." Bro was quick to speak up. "I take one at the same time he does, both from what we bought from you. I'm fine, but him..." Bro gestured to Anon.
  217. "Well... So I tried taking two and..."
  218. >"You took two?" asked John.
  219. >Anon nodded.
  220. >"At the same time..."
  221. "...Yeah."
  222. >John sat at the other end of the couch, leaning back, and rubbed his goatee, "Interesting."
  223. >"That's not the only interesting thing that happened," piped up Bro.
  224. "Bro, shut up!"
  225. >"What's this about?" asked John.
  226. >"Dude, show him."
  227. >"See, well now I'm interested too. What do you have there?"
  228. "I'm not showing him my..." started Anon.
  229. >"It's ok, we're all adults here!" assured Bro.
  230. >"What is it?" asked John.
  231. "ugh... Ok. But you asked for it."
  232. >John lifted a brow as Anon unzipped his pants, reaching in and digging around.
  233. "There."
  234. >Anon pulled his cock out through his fly, tugging at it at different angles to make sure it was all out and let it go. It fell limp to the side.
  236. >>35712089
  237. >"Your dick..." said John, leaning forward.
  238. "Yeah. Notice anything strange?" Anon kept his eyes focused on Johns the whole time.
  239. >"Did it shrink or something? I gotta tell you, I've seen better."
  240. "Wha... No, look!"
  241. >Anon finally looked down at himself.
  242. "Wait. No. It's back to normal now."
  243. >"I'm sorry, then," snickered John.
  244. >"Dude, I think you were better off before."
  245. "Shut up!"
  246. >Anon pulled on himself, briefly inspecting it before hastily putting it away.
  247. "No! It was different! I swear."
  248. >"Different how? You know... Sometimes they get all hard and stiff. They go like this:" John stuck his finger out straight, and up at a slight angle.
  249. "No, that's not what I mean."
  250. >"Well, sometimes they go like this too..." John bent his finger downard a little bit. "Frankly I don't care. Dicks aren't my thing."
  251. "No, it's not like that!"
  252. >Bro held up two fingers together out straight, "Mine's like this. Wanna see?"
  253. >"Mine too, that's normal."
  254. "Guys, no! Get serious for a minute."
  255. >"Trust me, mine is no joke."
  256. >Anon ignored the comment and continued:
  257. "I took two Pon-E last night for the party. It lasted longer than 12 hours, and I woke up as a human."
  258. >"With a pony cock, don't forget," added Bro.
  259. "With a pony cock. I wish I could forget."
  260. >John leaned back onto the couch again. "Well that is interesting indeed."
  261. "Right. So... Have you heard anything about this? What's going on?" asked Anon.
  262. >John sat quietly for a moment as he thought.
  263. >"Anything at all?" asked Bro.
  264. >John finally shrugged. "Nope. It's a first for me. Can't say I could help you there."
  265. "Right... I didn't think so."
  266. >"You've built up some kind of tolerance. That's why one's not enough. But that part is obvious. We all know that. As for not fully turning back..." John finished with another shrug.
  267. "Ok... So, I guess the only other thing I'm here for is more Pon-E, then," said Anon.
  268. >"Yeah," added Bro.
  270. >>35712097
  271. >"Now that, I can do." John stood up and walked up to an oversized framed oil painting of himself on the wall. The brass tag on the bottom read "John Q.", engraved in the fanciest mix of Old English and script.
  272. >He pulled on the edge of the frame, causing it to swing away from the wall on hinges, revealing a comically small safe. "How much are we talking today?"
  273. "That depends on the going price. What can I afford?"
  274. >"Well now..." said John. He turned the dial on the safe to the number 3 and gave the handle a crank. It clicked open, revealing yet another small safe. "This new development has me rather intrigued if I do say so myself. Enough to even support further research, might I add."
  275. >"You'll... Sponsor us?"
  276. >"No. Him," said John, pointing at Anon. John pressed the number 3 on the dial-pad on the second, smaller safe. It clicked open to reveal a third, even smaller safe.
  277. >Bro watched on in curiosity.
  278. "You mean... Free, right?"
  279. >"For research purposes," said John. He put his face up to a microphone built into the door of the third safe. "Three," he said, loud and clear. It popped open, revealing a small cavity only big enough to hold a box of tic-tacs.
  280. >He removed it from the safe, and proceeded to close each one in order, and covering it back up with the oil painting.
  281. "What's the catch?"
  282. >John turned to face his two guests, "Oh, the usual. You didn't get it from me. Take at your own risk. Report back your findings and um... if you overdose you come live in my world forever." He said that last part very quietly and quickly.
  283. >"What was that at the end?"
  284. >"Oh, nothing. I'm sure you'll be just fine." John tossed the box of candy to Anon.
  285. >Anon caught it like a pro, bringing it up to his face to look at the label carefully.
  286. "Spaghetti flavored mints?"
  287. >John shrugged. "You know what it is. I know what it is. That's all that matters. Keep out of reach of children, now!"
  288. "Thanks."
  289. >Anon pocketed the tiny plastic box.
  290. >"...What about me?" asked Bro.
  292. >>35712108
  293. >"Same price," said John as he sat back down on the far end of the couch from Anon. "The market's been real steady."
  294. >"Wasn't that all of it, though?" asked Bro, pointing to the rectangle-shaped bulge in Anon's pocket.
  295. >"There's always more," assured John. "You gotta pony up before you Pon-E up, though," he said, rubbing his thumb to his index and middle finger, gesturing the universal sign for money.
  296. >"Yeah, yeah..." said Bro, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. After counting it, he reached it out to John.
  297. >"Very good," said John as he stood back up, taking the money from Bro. He pocketed it as he went back up to the oil painting.
  298. >Bro watched in curiosity as John pulled the edge of the painting. It slid to the side revealing a safe with a dial-pad.
  299. >John pressed the number 3 and it popped open, revealing a safe with a microphone on the door. "Three," he whispered.
  300. >The second safe opened up to reveal the third, smaller safe, with a dial on it. John put his hand on it to give it a turn and looked back at Bro.
  301. >"Three?" Bro asked.
  302. >"Four!" said John, turning the dial to the number 4. "Gotta keep potential thieves on their toes, after all."
  303. >The safe door clicked open to reveal a form-fitted hole with just enough room for John to get his fingers in and pull out a single box of tic-tacs.
  304. >"For you!" said John, as he tossed the box to Bro.
  305. >Bro fumbled for a moment with it before finally taking hold of it and promptly pocketing it. "Th... Thanks."
  306. >John closed the safes and covered them back up. "Well, as fun as it's been, I've got tea with a dear friend in a few and I mustn't be late.
  307. >Anon and Bro took their cue to leave and stood up, heading for the door.
  308. >"I do enjoy our little visit," said John. "Be sure to keep me informed on any more ...developments, will you?"
  309. "Right. Yeah. Thanks..."
  310. >John opened the door for them and watched from the door as they went to the car. He smiled and waved and closed the door.
  312. >>35712115
  313. >Anon and Bro sat in the car in the driveway for a moment.
  314. "Wasn't that kind of odd?"
  315. >"I know, right? Your dick turning back to normal. Didn't you feel it changing or anything?"
  316. "Bro, no. Get help. I'm talking about John."
  317. >"John's always odd. But he's got the stuff. He's friendly... And he just hooked you up with a mega load of Pon-E for free!"
  318. "Yeah. But it's like... He goes out of his way to be... abnormal. Strange, chaotic maybe."
  319. >Bro just shrugged.
  320. >They looked at the window of the house. John pulled back a curtain and looked at them with a big smile and waved.
  321. >Anon and Bro waved back.
  322. >"We should probably go, now."
  323. "Yeah. Let's go, now."
  324. >Bro started the car and they backed out of the driveway and headed off.
  325. >"Where to?"
  326. "The bowling alley."
  328. >>35712130
  329. >Bro leaned back, his elbows on the counter next to Anon who faced it, addressing the less-than-enthused teen working behind it.
  330. "Party of two."
  331. >The teen touched a few areas of the screen in front of him. "Shoe rental is $5.00 each unless of course, you've brought your own. Would you like a lane near the center or end?"
  332. >Anon flashed his "VIP[one]" membership card.
  333. "We want the one in the back."
  334. >The teen took the card and turned around to push some buttons on the console behind him, muttering something about "freaks gonna freaky" under his breath.
  335. >"You know it!" laughed Bro.
  336. >The teen turned back to face them, returning the card to Anon. "Michelle at shoe rental will be your guide. She is waiting for you now." sighed the teen.
  337. >"You should try it sometime!" urged Bro. "You might like it."
  338. >"No thanks."
  339. >Anon pocketed his membership card.
  340. "Come on. let's try this stuff out."
  341. >As they walked to the shoe rental counter, before Michelle could see them, Anon took a pill out and quickly tucked it behind his ear.
  342. >
  343. >"Goodmorning, gentlemen! What sizes?"
  344. "Smol."
  345. >"Me too," said Bro.
  346. >"I see. This way, please."
  347. >Michelle led them to the back through a door labeled "Lane Mantainence: Employees Only".
  348. >It was a stretch of halway that opened up into a larger room, where the backs of all 24 lanes could be seen, some were busy setting pins and returning bowling balls automatically, others sat quiet and idle, waiting for players to arrive.
  349. >They stopped at a row of lockers.
  350. >"Please empty all of your pockets here, leave any belongings, including your shoes. Please keep your clothes on until you enter the dressing rooms."
  351. >Anon and Bro did as they were told without question. They had the routine memorized and moved with efficiency. They had learned how to best pack their EDC for the occasion.
  352. >Michelle was not impressed. She's seen it all, day in and day out. None of this was new to her.
  354. >>35729882
  355. >She held out two tiny paper cups. "Leave your dosage with me. One pill only. I will provide them to you through a slot once you are ready."
  356. >Bro opened up his container of tic tacs, dropping one pill into the paper cup and putting the tiny box in the locker.
  357. >Anon did the same. Bro gave him a knowing look that Michelle didn't manage to catch.
  358. >She pointed to Bro, "You're in room 1." She then pointed to Anon "You'll have room 2." She then led them to the appropriately marked doors.
  359. >"Before we begin, I need to go over with you, the rules. I'm sure you've heard them before, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't."
  360. "We understand," said Anon, scratching his ear.
  361. >At least, he looked like he was scratching his ear. He was really just making sure he didn't lose the pill from earlier.
  362. >"Rule 1! Don't name yourself. That also means not accepting a name for yourself. We are not responsible for the loss of your humanity and identity."
  363. >"Got it!" said Bro.
  364. >"Rule 2! No combination with other drugs. The last thing we need is a complication that ends with an expensive ambulance ride for you, and a lot of questions and paperwork for us. We will kick you out and you will be on your own, pony or not!"
  365. "Yes, ma'am"
  366. >"Rule 3! No sex, guys. There will be other ponies, some mares, some stallions. I think I've even seen some colts and fillies. We're all here for a good, fun and CLEAN time. If you feel you're getting a little too excited, stop and run some laps, we've installed a miniature treadmill just for this purpose. Nobody wants to sit and watch ponies do it. Well, maybe some do, but this is not that kind of place. again, we will kick you out!"
  367. "Understood."
  368. >"Let's see... uh, no still means no." She read off of an old worn-out card she pulled out of her pocket, "You must take exactly one dose, no more, no less. Any partial transformations where say you're still human-shaped, with a pony face, hooves for feet but still have hands, you will be banned!"
  370. >>35729886
  371. >"Wouldn't dream of it!" said Bro. Again, he glanced over at Anon.
  372. >"What happens in the petting room, stays in the petting room... Who you are out here stays out here. Once you go through those doors, everything you know, anyone you know that you might see on the inside be it friend or foe, none of that matters. Do you understand?"
  373. "Sure do."
  374. >"That means no rivalries, no grudges, no dirt to be used later... We're all here for 12 hours of forget-the-world outside. Are we clear?"
  375. >"Yes ma'am" they both answered.
  376. >"Alright! Then go on in, leave your clothes on the hangers provided and push the green button when you're ready and I'll slot your pills to you. Enjoy your trip."
  377. "We will. Thanks," said Anon.
  378. >
  379. >The dressing room was small, cozy. There was a dull amber glow of a single Edison-bulb recessed in the ceiling. Anon quickly undressed, taking the pill from behind his ear into his hand. He looked at his naked self in the full sized mirror.
  380. "That's me..." he said.
  381. >He gave his dick a couple of strong tugs.
  382. "That's all me. Just like I'm used to. Let's hope I get it back..."
  383. >He pushed the green button, and a moment later a pill dropped down a tiny chute next to a water fountain.
  384. >A tinny voice spoke to him through a small speaker on the wall, "we give you 15 minutes to transform. If you don't emerge through the door, in that time frame, someone will be in to check on you. Happy scritching!"
  385. "Happy scritching..." said Anon to himself.
  386. >He put both pills in his mouth and swallowed them both down with a gulp of refreshing water from the fountain.
  387. >He laid on his side on the floor, and waited, staring into his own eyes through the mirror.
  388. "Pony me. Here I come."
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