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  1. Honor Guard Essay
  2.     I'm just a normal high school student and not in any way special.  Throughout my life,  I always saw myself as ordinary and average.  I was never a leader, never a charismatic person, never the popular kid, never the academic genius everyone looked up to even though I yearned to be each and every one of these.  This continued into high school in the academic and social aspect.  I get A's, but my transcript is also blemished with some B's so I'm just an average student.  I am in many clubs, but I'm not  in cabinet or an officer in any of them.  I'm in waterpolo and swim, but I only ride the bench on JV.  I keep telling myself that I'm special because I try hard, but there's always someone else who tries harder.  I tell myself I'm committed with all my extracurricular activities, but there's always someone else who's more committed.  I tell myself that I'm smart, but of course there's always someone else who has a 4.0 and scores almost perfect on the SAT.  How can I feel special if everything I do is done a million times better by not just one person, but by many others?  I want this to change.  I want to at least excel in one area, to be recognized for something I did, not just be treated as another "average Asian student".
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