Element Gang: Monster's Life! Book 1: Everyday Life Prologue

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  1. Who said there was no such things as monsters?
  3. Yeah, things are quite the same after you become a host.
  5. Hey, my name is Ben Frank. Yes, Frank. Like Axel Frank, who everyone in the world knows as the leader of the Element Gang, hero of Ronan, and savior of Paris El Dragon. And, yes, the founder of Hotel Liminal, a place where all Liminals could find their host families and a place to call home. What is a Liminal? Liminals are what we call the monsters in our world. Like the mythical creatures such as centaurs, mermaids, harpies, minotaurs, and lamias. Yeah, turned out they were real. Why do we call them that? Well, let me start from the beginning. Well, for years, the government had been keeping these creatures a secret from humanity, these monsters hiding within the shadows of society, trying to survive. That is until now. One day, the world government decided to pass on new laws that allowed these creatures to live among humans as a part of a cohabitation program. This new movement was called the "Interspecies Exchange Bill". This is a way of seeing how well these creatures get along with humans and vice versa. To astray from offending them, they are no longer designated as monsters, hence why we call them Liminals. The way it works is sort of like an exchange student program. For each Liminal that goes to a human city or town as part of the program, they are assigned a human host family to live with along with having the home of that host family remodeled to house to the Liminal's standards. With this, whenever they explore the outside world, they must be accompanied by a member of their host family.
  7. As this being an act of peace, the bill states that no human can harm a Liminal or vice versa. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, and financial harm. Another law states that, if there is any romantic behavior between some humans and Liminals, there can only be platonic relationships between humans and Liminals. Any acts of passion, relationships involving marriage, and…well, you know, sexual interactions are prohibited. The reason for that is because it is all part of protecting Liminals from sexual abuse of humans who don't exactly respect them. I know it's a bit strict, but we all have to take caution, no matter how hardly enduring it is. Anyway, any violation with the bill will have the accused faced with punishment. Humans who violate the law will be met with financial fines, community service, revoking homestay or host family privileges, criminal charges, and imprisonment. Liminals are also sentenced to the same ways of punishment with violating the law, but will also face deportation, where they will be sent back to their homelands and stay there until they're allowed to come back. This was a sort of situation that led to a new change in the world. 2 years after the bill my father, Axel Frank, saw how some Liminals were not able to keep their host families or run away from them from disliking them, he decided to make a place where all the Liminals can be able to live and find the right host families for them. This place became known as Hotel Liminal. After getting the approval from the government, Hotel Liminal was made into a Coordinator business, one that takes responsibility for the Liminals residing there.
  9. Oh, I almost forgot that part. You see, a Coordinator is a person who is responsible for assigning Liminals to host families. The way Hotel Liminal worked was that Coordinators would bring in Liminals who have trouble finding proper host families or had been brought in illegally and need a place to reside until they can be returned to their proper homes. Another thing about Hotel Liminal was that the host families who take a Liminal under their care have the choice of either having the Liminal residing in their household or living with the Liminal in Hotel Liminal. The second choice was a way of spare the host family from any financial costs with housing a Liminal. Basically, Hotel Liminal is made to be a home for anyone, human and Liminal alike. Doesn't matter if you walk, swim, slither, fly, or crawl; whether you're big or small; you have one eye, two eyes, three eyes, different skin, no skin, claws, hands, tentacles, tails, sharp teeth, no teeth, horns, or wings; whether you're prickly, slimy, or furry; no matter if you're normal or have any kind of freaky feature, Hotel Liminal is a home for everyone. In 20 years since that day, Hotel Liminal had become a huge success and there was now all kinds of Liminals living there. There were even ones that had host families living with them. At first, we started in the U.S., but after such good business for about 2 years, my father decided it was time for Hotel Liminal to go worldwide. To see how the business will do outside of the country, he decided to start by making a Hotel Liminal in Japan. An old friend of his over there said that there are tons of Liminals that would need help finding host families.
  11. As part of the expansion, my father sent some of the U.S. residents to the new Hotel Liminal as a way of for any new comer Liminals to find comfort amongst other Liminals. As part of it and seeing how responsible I've become, my father had put me in charge of the Hotel Liminal in Japan. It's been 3 years since then and I'm still trying to keep the business afloat. My team and my friends do help out, but even this work takes a lot out of them. Yeah, some of these Liminals don't really make it easy on us, but we try to push through the rough of having them. Though things would be easier if our Coordinator Kuruko Smith had been taking her time before sending most of the Liminals she assigned to find host families for to us. Even though she acts like she's taking things seriously, I swear that woman's lazier than a rock. Anyway, me and the others have managed to keep Hotel Liminal going here in Japan and the laws are still the same. But, like the laws that came before it, there's gonna be a new change. What change it will be, you'll find out later. Right now, I'm gonna let a couple of old friends take it from here. Why I'm letting them tell the story? Well, things are too chaotic over here at Hotel Liminal that would just overload ya if I tried to retell every day of that. The stories of my friends are much less complicated and are not half bad. Plus, their story is what will cross over with mine. How exactly? You'll find out. Anyway, the first on the list is actually the latest host for a Liminal. He'll be the first to start things off. He's a little strange, but he's good people.
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