AEB Present 1.5 Log 51

DNA-zama Aug 22nd, 2015 153 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Avara has connected.
  5. Trulhammaren has connected.
  6. Kaorin Sakura:  So, Rob has stated he'll be late.
  7. Avara:  yup
  8. Kaorin Sakura:  All in favour of beginning on Thursday?
  9. Avara:  fine with it if everyone else is
  10. DNA:    No objections, Your Honour.
  11. Trulhammaren:   just wants a door
  12. Trulhammaren:   my leave time is 9 mst tonight
  13. DNA:    I will give a courtesy notice at that time
  14. DNA:    er, not at. A little before then.
  15. DNA:    That is currently 2.5 hours from now.
  16. Kaorin Sakura:  I also haven't finished typing up Door. I have had a terrible week.
  17. Trulhammaren:   correct
  18. Trulhammaren:   all I really need is the base function
  19. Trulhammaren:   everything else can wait as it won't have any xp to put into it till after session anyway
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  I have that. I'll type that here. Let me go get my---fuckit. I'll grab the whole backpack of notes.
  21. DNA:    The Ultimate Backpack of Notes?
  22. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay so, a few things before I drop stuff for Rob and Trul.
  23. Kaorin Sakura:  Character Alignment is a thing. Its not something you have to be actively aware of and it doesn't show if you're Evil or Good.
  24. Kaorin Sakura:  What it does show, however, is if your actions tend to be about yourself or be about other people.
  25. DNA:    Now I look just like Vegeta! Paragon till Death!
  26. Kaorin Sakura:  You ruined it.
  27. Kaorin Sakura:  You ruined it and I'm leaving.
  28. DNA:    Hehehehe~
  29. Kaorin Sakura:  The actual thing is called Character Tendency.
  30. Avara:  alright
  31. Avara:  i'm dreading the eventual Smite Tendency feats.
  32. Avara:  and Detect Tendency, etc.
  33. Kaorin Sakura:  Character Tendency
  34. Sometimes seen as character alignment or a characters moral representation, character tendency reflects a characters moral actions - not a characters moral values, beliefs, code or any other form of mental standard.
  35. Character tendency does not follow anything but character action. What a character does during the campaign will directly affect their character tendency, pushing them toward Paragon or Renegade.
  36. Generally, actions that puts oneself before others will push character tendency toward Renegade while putting others before oneself will push character tendency toward Paragon.
  37. There are no inherent benefits or penalties for being Neutral, Paragon or Renegade.
  38. Kaorin Sakura:  Now, base effect of Door.
  39. DNA:    If GIRL is any indication, then DOOR should be similarly amazing.
  40. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright. I'm going to give you its HP and DR - for this will one day come in handy.
  41. Kaorin Sakura:  It is a 10-inch thick Enchanted Stone Door.
  42. It has a HP score of: 300 and a DR of: 20.
  43. Kaorin Sakura:  Wait, Enchanted. Right. HP: 400. DR: 30.
  44. DNA:    ...As I want to see if I can get a sense of scope for how totally big that thing is, can you tell me how much HP and DR that The Ultimate Backpack has? My kneejerk guess is 150 and 10 respectively.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  Terrain has a different HP and DR system than equipment. Walls, Floors and Doors count as terrain. In which those things have HP and DR based on their material and per inch (or foot for weaker materials). This is stone and is 10-inches thick. Enhanced by Enchantments.
  46. Chloe has connected.
  47. Chloe:  test
  48. DNA:    Test acknowledged.
  49. Kaorin Sakura:  Base Effect: Two-Handed Weapon made of Solid Enchanted Stone. The Door has an inherent +5 Enchantment Bonus to Damage Rolls.
  50. The Door requires a Power score of 22 to be able to wield as a weapon or of 16 if you bind with it. (you need to be able to carry at least 450 lbs. max weight before binding or at least 200 after binding.)
  51. If a creature is hit with Door, as a free action, the user can release Door to "drop" it on the hit creature. The creature makes an opposed Combat Check to resist being pinned (against the Door, not the user). The Door has a Combat of 3d6+2. If Door rolls higher, it pins the creature instantly (apply pin/grapple as normal) and at the end of each round the creature remains pinned, it loses Hit Points equal to a DB4 roll. Otherwise, Door is discarded to an adjacent square.
  52. DNA:    lol, dropping doors on people
  53. Kaorin Sakura:  Door Novice Combat Moves are: Heat Crash and Heavy Slam.
  54. DNA:    Only downside to this is that it's two-handed a-WAIT IT GRANTS WHAT MOVES
  55. * DNA drools quietly.
  56. Kaorin Sakura:  All weapons do.
  57. Avara:  you skipped a word, kao
  58. Avara:  didn't say IT GRANTS MOVES, but IT GRANTS WHAT MOVES
  59. DNA:    I'm sorry. I didn't use emphasis and punctuation enough.
  60. DNA:    "It grants what moves!?"
  61. Kaorin Sakura:  I skipped a word?
  62. Chloe:  Heat Crash and Heavy Slam
  63. Avara:  in reading DNA's response
  64. Kaorin Sakura:  I did, yes.
  65. DNA:    which are 2 moves I really really like.
  66. Trulhammaren:   guess I better go calculate Val's power using the new system real quick then
  67. DNA:    it's...
  68. DNA:    1 + athl + comb + fort + body
  69. DNA:    I'm 95% sure it's those 3 skills
  70. Trulhammaren:   plus all my whatever bonuses
  71. DNA:    Yep, that's the formula for Power
  72. DNA:    I think that's all the particulars we need before we begin. Is a recap needed?
  73. Avara:  ... fuck. i can't figure out what-all to do for roleplaying the concert
  74. DNA:    A ballad?
  75. Trulhammaren:   there power 29
  76. Avara:  kept trying to figure out what-all to do, but i feel very... under-prepared. and couldn't focus on it. and augh.
  77. DNA:    ...It caps at 30. How the HELL did you pull that off?
  78. Trulhammaren:   items
  79. DNA:    Then again you can naturally get it up to 25, so I guess that isn't that much of a stretch...
  80. Trulhammaren:   +3 from havels, +2 from edge, +1 from gloves
  81. DNA:    Ava, as it's supposed to be a concert about singing, you could either bring song ideas from elsewhere, or put a spin on an existing folk song, or make a song up as you go along...
  82. DNA:    Also is it going to be just Jennifer, or is she going to have backup singers?
  83. DNA:    ogawd i just said 'backup singers' I feel dirty
  84. Kaorin Sakura:  For Rob: If you're writing an Article you'll need to start with deciding if you want to try to write a quality article or a quick article. This will determine if your overqualified skill will bleed into the works quality or reduce the time needed to write it.
  85. Chloe:  I will want to start with a quality article, it will take longer but she doesn't want to be embarassed by it later.
  86. Kaorin Sakura:  Once you do, roll the following for the skill requirement of the book: 1d4 for Untrained, 1d6 for Novice, 1d8 for Expert per rank you have above the requirement skill rank. If you decide quick, subtract the result from the books average number of pages or if quality, add.
  87. Kaorin Sakura:  An Article can use any skill and has an Untrained prerequisite of the skill used (though it'll need to be relevent to the article). It has an aveage weekly royalties of 1 (assuming you have a publisher) and an average number of pages of 40.
  88. To see how much progress you make on a book, as an Extended Action (6 hours) or during an Extended Rest of at least 6 hours, roll the skill used for the book. The result halved is the progress you've made on the book that day. Don't forget to title it!
  89. Chloe:  I'm using Education Nature. "A Traveler's Guide to Lum Berry Care."
  90. Kaorin Sakura:  And your Edu. Nat. rank is? :D
  91. Chloe:  Adept
  92. Kaorin Sakura:  So, roll 2d4.
  93. Chloe:  GM it?
  94. Kaorin Sakura:  Nah, you'll need to know.
  95. Chloe:  7
  96. Chloe:  nice
  97. DNA:    7 on a 2d4 is VERY good.
  98. Kaorin Sakura:  So, you must accumulate 47 pages of work on A Traveler's Guide to Lum Berry Care. These 7 additional pages will improve the quality of the book.
  99. Chloe:  Great!
  100. * Avara glares at GMail while thinking on stuff
  101. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright, I believe everything has been dealt with. Would anyone like to recap?
  102. Avara:  rules relevant to concert stuff?
  103. Kaorin Sakura:  "Concert" is surprisingly broad.
  104. Kaorin Sakura:  What exactly are you doing?
  105. DNA:    Yesterday, Wednesday, we spent our time CRAFTING THINGS! A lot of the previous day was merely logistics and preparing for our next eventual journey, since due to the large snowstorm around Snowmeadow, it's not really expedient to go out and leave, especially with the concert looming so close. But now the new day is here, and with it comes a whole new adventure.
  106. Chloe:  (So is this a new day that I *haven't* made a berry roll on? Which should give me time to write as well.)
  107. Avara:  wanting to hurt myself for not being able to come up with anything better... Lessee. Singing and dancing, with a local band for backup if available; else acapella because i don't have instruments, unless someone with a good charm check wants to play on stage? planning to start with a slow-but-warm song to help ease people into it after the snowstormy weather, building up energy across the concert. was trying to think of a good stage entrance, but... underequipped for that. i miss crystal's team.
  108. DNA:    @Rob: Appears to be, yeah. I think we decided to start on Thursday, and skip over the remainder of Wednesday.
  109. DNA:    Rob's 1d3: 3 ; Rob's 1d4-1: 1
  110. Chloe is disconnected.
  111. Chloe has connected.
  112. Chloe:  Chloe will spend 6 hours writing before going to sleep before the new day
  113. Kaorin Sakura:  So, you were given permission to perform on Thursday. There's no local band in Snowmeadow nor specialized equipment. There are a few instruments sold at The Essentials if you want to purchase them for the concert.
  114. Avara:  I'll swing by there for a look at what they've got.
  115. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay. Next time I'm going to use a simpler generator. x.x
  116. Kaorin Sakura:  When I have to look up wtf an instrument is - it gets odd.
  117. * Chloe hugs Kaorin Sakura
  118. DNA:    "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"
  119. Kaorin Sakura:  Agung a tamlang
  120. Chloe:  It is an instrument.... OF DESTRUCTION!
  121. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm like, wtf is that? *looks it up* It's a FLUTE.
  122. DNA:    "Do instruments of torture count?"
  123. Kaorin Sakura:  Why not just say, iunno, FLUTE.
  124. Trulhammaren:   tis what I was gonna say
  125. Trulhammaren:   it was eitehr a flute or a bongo
  126. Avara:  aaactually
  127. Avara:  according to wikipedia? it's a type of drum
  128. Kaorin Sakura:  According to images I have, its a flute. :/
  129. Avara:  it's a pipe drum
  130. Avara:  The Agung a Tamlang is a type of Philippine slit drum made of hollowed out bamboo in imitation of the real agung.
  131. Kaorin Sakura:  ....Well then.
  132. Kaorin Sakura:  It uhh, that's for uhm. Sale.
  133. Avara:  pass
  134. Kaorin Sakura:  Have fun with that.
  135. Avara:  if we cannot comprehend its true form, pass.
  136. Avara:  anything esle?
  137. Avara:  *else
  138. Kaorin Sakura:  Well, this was oddly specific.
  139. Kaorin Sakura:  Piccolo Clarinet.
  140. Avara:  better question, what sort of craft check is it to make a guitar?
  141. Avara:  wind instruments are a no because she's a songstress. she needs to be able to... sing.
  142. Kaorin Sakura:  General.
  143. DNA:    That just reminds me of when I was looking up what a 'Jupiter piccolo' was
  144. DNA:    Wait.
  145. Kaorin Sakura:  While she may not like wind instruments, perhaps others in the party may. As that 'backup band' thing that was discussed.
  146. Kaorin Sakura:  Or did I imagine it.
  147. DNA:    Saturn still has a harp lying around. Would that work?
  148. Avara:  i recalled harps being a thing, yar. does anyone want to be part of the said back-up band
  149. Kaorin Sakura:  They have a Huluhu for sale.
  150. DNA:    If there is some kind of check required to play a musical instrument, this may not end well for me.
  151. * Trulhammaren has no one above untrained in charm
  152. Kaorin Sakura:  It is char---thanks trul.
  153. * Natasha can play it, then! Her charm is at MAX.
  154. Kaorin Sakura:  They also have a laser harp.
  155. Requires an electric Pokemon or someone with some sort of electrical attack.
  156. Avara:  ... that sounds so badass. i *wish* i could use that.
  157. Kaorin Sakura:  Or...just a place with ready access to electricity. But the town square lacks that.
  158. DNA:    ...Dammit, I don't have Fusion Bolt yet.
  159. DNA:    Although, I think the Olaf Harp should be fine enough. I hope.
  160. Kaorin Sakura:  Any harps you guys have is a yes.
  161. Avara:  okay. chloe, you interested?
  162. Avara:  or any of your team?
  163. Chloe:  Chloe doesn't like being the center of attention in that way, so she'll stay in the crowd cheering you on.
  164. Avara:  can i have made an instrument over the time skipped in wednesday?
  165. DNA:    Making one is General, and I know we had enough time for that...
  166.         Ruby:   Ruby is healed and gains 81 hit points.
  167. Avara:  okay. so we have natasha on harp, um... what pairs good with a harp?
  168. DNA:    A lot of things, I'd think. Harps are quiet background instruments.
  169. Kaorin Sakura:  ....huh
  170. Kaorin Sakura:  So I checked my notes on song performances.
  171. Kaorin Sakura:  Aaaaaaaaand I apparently only have rules for heavy metal.
  172. DNA:    pfffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha
  173. Kaorin Sakura:  But I can wing it off of this.
  174. Trulhammaren:   anything not a brass istrument will work just fine, and even then there are exceptions
  175. Avara:  makin' an electric guitar.
  176. DNA:    Suddenly, the laser harp sounds interesting. DEATH METAL HARP
  177. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh right, prices.
  178. DNA:    \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
  179. Trulhammaren:   seen it
  180. Trulhammaren:   or rather heard it
  181. Avara:  can we buy a portable generator, battery pack, or etc for the laser harp?
  182. Avara:  or craft one?
  183. DNA:    Couldn't Zapper capability charge the thing?
  184. Trulhammaren:   well there is an electric type mon
  185. Kaorin Sakura:  No. Struggle adjusting capabilities don'tdo anything other than that.
  186. Kaorin Sakura:  Adjust struggle.
  187. DNA:    ...Electric-type move, then?
  188. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes, that could.
  189. Avara:  she said that would work, yes.
  190.         Torren:         Got ya covered.
  191. Kaorin Sakura:  You could also craft a generator.
  192. Kaorin Sakura:  Portable generator.
  193. Kaorin Sakura:  That's tech.
  194. Avara:  i believe we have a super tech-crafter mon here?
  195.         Finch:  hi
  196. Trulhammaren:   you have maya
  197.         Finch:  I have 6d6+4; I don't know what Maya has
  198. Chloe:  How do the article writing rolls work? That's what Chloe does in the evening.
  199. Avara:  Craft: Electric Guitar w/amp built in, if possible.
  200. Trulhammaren:   only expert, but has skill points to spend I'm pretty certain
  201. Avara:  i... screw it. *shakes trul until maya's sheet falls out*
  202. Kaorin Sakura:  So...uh...
  203. As for the song goes - its...surprisingly similar to the skill contest thing Mike had setup. In that there's a scaling threshold you want to reach.
  204. Trulhammaren:   you know you can copy to another file right?
  205. Kaorin Sakura:  Roll your skill for the article. Half it. That equals pages written. You need a total of 47 to complete the Article.
  206. Avara:  guess what i don't have the link to
  207. Trulhammaren:   why you no bookmark :P
  208. Chloe:  Chloe writes~ 7.5 Pages
  209. Kaorin Sakura:  But there's several "sections" to a song. There's the opening, the body and the closing. Those are the basic cores of it. However, (thanks heavy metal!) there can also be 'solo's' found within the body. These can either liven up the song or kill it - depending on the quality of the solo.
  210. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I'm remaining quiet for now, but as it's Thursday that means the mail arrived. I'd like that to pop in/be mentioned sometime after the concert and these logistics are wrapped up.
  211. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Sure thing. Give me a friendly reminder.
  212. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Will do.
  213. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Just so I don't forget it.
  214. Avara:  alright. will we be doing one song's worth of checks for the concert?
  215. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  216. Kaorin Sakura:  The checks are the performance of the concert as a whole, not individual songs or performances.
  217. Trulhammaren: have to thank hm for solos? that was the land of jazz for ages before they got their hands on it!
  218. Trulhammaren:   >.>
  219. Kaorin Sakura:  But I only researched hm apparently.
  220. Trulhammaren:   ah
  221. Eclipse:        Hush, Trul. The particulars don't matter at this point.
  222. Avara:  okay
  223. Avara:  so... yeah. um. money spent on buying laser harp, crafting electric guitar? and if there's time, a drum set.
  224. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh right. Cost.
  225. Kaorin Sakura:  So, an instrument is typically 500. It has no bonuses or anything.
  226. Kaorin Sakura:  A High Quality instrument is 10,000. It grants a +3 Competence Bonus when used. (hell of a difference in price there)
  227. Kaorin Sakura:  As I didn't roll quality, I'll let you decide when you purchase it.
  228.         Finch:  Is this 'high quality' the thing that happens when you exceed the crafting DC by 2.5x, or is this something else entirely?
  229. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  230. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh wait, former.
  231. Avara:  okay. i gm'd the craft: guitar check
  232.         Finch:  Neat! So what is the base crafting DC?
  233.         Finch:  I'm going to guess something like 15...
  234. Kaorin Sakura:  Percussion instruments are DC12.
  235. Wind instruments are DC14
  236. String instruments are DC14
  237. Electronic instruments are DC18
  238. DNA:    All right, so that means it'd be 14 in this case...which means it takes a 35 on the roll for it to be high quality. Unlikely, though possible.
  239. Kaorin Sakura:  DC16 for electronic. godsdammit
  240. Avara:  i... think we can manage without a drum for now, if we don't have enough time to make a good drum set to go with the rest.
  241. * Trulhammaren will not bring up the craziness of labeling certain instruments
  242. DNA:    Ahahah, I just realized what this means. Making a piano is DC12.
  243. Eclipse:        The piano is a cheater at classification and you know it. Shut up.
  244. Trulhammaren:   cept it is also a string
  245. Kaorin Sakura:  Its how I have my list setup.
  246. Avara:  should i just roll again for craft: guitar?
  247. Kaorin Sakura:  Its normal quality.
  248. Avara:  okay
  249. Kaorin Sakura:  Sorry I didn't say.
  250.         Finch:  Do I need to make a check for a guitar charger, or does it come pre-packaged?
  251. Kaorin Sakura:  It is not prepackaged.
  252. Avara:  can't afford the laser harp at 10k, so i guess a regular-quality one.
  253. Kaorin Sakura:  You can always dismantle is later for the schematic.
  254. Kaorin Sakura:  And make an HQ one at a lower DC.
  255. Avara:  *nod*
  256. Kaorin Sakura:  Because Schematic
  257.         Finch:  Tech Edu 6d6+4 vs something!
  258. Nick has connected.
  259. Chloe:  ohey
  260. Kaorin Sakura:  So, Finch made a portable generator that has the following stats:
  261. 2000 surge watts, 1,600 rated watts, 120 Volts
  262. Runs up to 10 straight hours on a single charge
  263. Can charge via sunlight or electric attack/pokemon charging (1 hour extended rest)
  264. Overload auto-shut off
  265. Avara:  can it work for both instruments at once?
  266. DNA:    I have no idea what the watt and voltage values will mean for that, but: baller.
  267. Kaorin Sakura:  It can, but halves the hour usage.
  268. Kaorin Sakura:  @DNA, I don't either.
  269. Avara:  well, i don't really expect a 5 hour concert so... sounds good?
  270. Kaorin Sakura:  They look like enough to power a car.
  271. DNA:    ...This does not bode well.
  272.         Torren:         And we can always recharge it easily after the fact. No big deal.
  273. DNA:    Getting some training sessions in for Wednesday...
  274. Trulhammaren:   unless we REALLLLLY get into it, specific wattage and voltage beyond a certain point isn't super relevant
  275. Avara:  23 drums.
  276. DNA:    And done. That was okay.
  277. Kaorin Sakura:  Uh, apparently it has 240 kilowatt power. Whatever that means.
  278. Kaorin Sakura:  Success on drums, Ava. Normal quality.
  279. Avara:  cool stuff. paid for all the instruments.
  280. Avara:  a guitar, drums, and the laser harp.
  281. Avara:  which is lasers.
  282. Kaorin Sakura:  Also DNA I checked. The generator you made is enough to power a car for 9.4 hours straight without charge
  283. DNA:    Neat.
  284. DNA:    The laser harp may be rendered unusable unless Torren is right there next to the player, as I don't know if anyone else in the party has Electric attacks.
  285. Chloe:  so if it is exposed on a sunny day...
  286. Avara:  ... is it bad that i think of torren as little thor?
  287. DNA:    I don't think so, no.
  288. Avara:  Natasha, drums or harp?
  289. DNA:    His personality hasn't really been solidified yet, so anything is possible.
  290. Kaorin Sakura:  Hasn't Torren criticaled EVERY attack its done so far?
  291.         Natasha:        Harp, please! I'll be using my own.
  292. DNA:    Not all, but most
  293. Avara:  ... but laser harp.
  294. DNA:    Come to think of it, would a concert check count as 'a check to improve the disposition of creatures'?
  295. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  296.         Natasha:        Oh yeah, then I'm definitely using my own for this one~
  297. Avara:  if natasha's not taking the laser harp, i'll keep it for future concerts. >> on stage will be Jen (singer, guitar), Ruby (drums), Natasha (harp), and little thor (mascot / power)
  298. Chloe:  "Killing the lich was nice, but that Concert man!"
  299. DNA:    ^Ahahaha!
  300. Avara:  little thor can help by doing special effects lightning.
  301.         Torren:         Ore ni makasero!
  302. Avara:  no idea what that is
  303.         Torren:         (Leave it to me)
  304. Avara:  okay
  305. Avara:  so i think that's everything set up?
  306. Avara:  Jen's singing and playing guitar, Ruby's on drums, Natasha's on harp, Little Thor's our band mascot.
  307. Kaorin Sakura:  omg my name generator.
  308. * Torren sheen.
  309. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh, sorry. So, there's 3 people.
  310. Kaorin Sakura:  ...Miracle Walker.....ahahahaha
  311. DNA:    Wait, this is Battle of the Bands?
  312. Avara:  miracle walker sounds like a really cool class name
  313. Avara:  or a really scary monster
  314. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright, the concert will be happpening in the town square. The whole town has been invited with the exception of soldiers on-duty.
  315. Kaorin Sakura:  Sergeant Amundine Tande will be on-duty and thus won't be able to attend.
  316. Kaorin Sakura:  Major Magnus Redlich may or may not attend. No one can say for sure.
  317. Kaorin Sakura:  But Sergeant Major Carolin Crassl and Captain Mareike Schaab will be attending.
  318. Kaorin Sakura:  The Kolbergs will be attending, offering pastries and drinks.
  319. DNA:    ...And now I'm even hungrier.
  320. Kaorin Sakura:  The Flatens will be attending to see how you do with your instruments.
  321. Avara:  sweet, we got catering.
  322. Avara:  also reviewers.
  323. Kaorin Sakura:  The Koldens (who I don't think you met yet) will be attending as well.
  324. Kaorin Sakura:  Anastasia and Svea will also be attending. Several families will be there as well.
  325. Avara:  sounds like... yeah, almost the whole town.
  326. Kaorin Sakura:  Micaela is kind enough to point them out to you. The family of six is the Walker family. The family of 3 is the Nillis family.
  327. Kaorin Sakura:  The family of 2 is the Wayne family.
  328.         Chloe:  Chloe is also attending, spending her time off to the side people watching.
  329. Avara:  bruce and thomas?
  330. Avara:  ... wait, no. bruce hates rock and roll.
  331. Kaorin Sakura:  Smith Wayne and Nicole Wayne.
  332. Avara:  it'd be thomas and martha.
  333. Kaorin Sakura:  I have all their names.
  334.         Natasha:        "Hmm, moeilijke menigte. We zullen hun sokken te verwijderen!"
  335. Kaorin Sakura:  Muwahahaha - this is why you love me as a GM. Isn't it? I hope! D:
  336. You whisper to Chloe: "Hmm, tough crowd. We will take their socks off!"
  337. Avara:  *hugs Kaorin*
  338.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn is sitting very quietly, trying to be out of the way, but remaining near the front, eyes locked on Natasha. There's no way she'd let her best friend out of her sight.
  339. Kaorin Sakura:  You expect the town square to be filled with snow after the snowstorm subsided. But no. The whole town doesn't appear to have snow of any kind anywhere. Nor is the town even wet to signify there was ever a snowstorm to begin with.
  340. Chronicler: (( Better impersonate ))
  341. DNA:    The level of detail is, indeed, stupendous.
  342.         Chloe:  "Hm... it was really deep just the other day, I wonder how that cleared that out so quickly."
  343.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I bet a lot of it was shoveled away. There are a lot of guards around."
  344.         Barak Kolberg:  "Ah? That? Well, we're careful of our crops here when sudden weather surges threaten it. Or livestock."
  345.         Barak Kolberg:  "Miss Stenberg handles the care of the town in times of unexpected or significant weather changes."
  346.         Chloe:  "Someone who can tame weather?"
  347.         Barak Kolberg:  Barak Kolberg gently rubs his beard as if lost in thought, "Though I think she may have been tutoring Miss Nordvik in this area to focus on her job as a merchant."
  348.         Torren:         Torren had been beckoned into this plane, and was ready near the back of the stage. A steady hum emanated from his body, as if he was warming up for something.
  349.         Barak Kolberg:  Barak Kolberg laughs almost uncontrollably, "Oh goodness no! She merely removes any lasting weather affects. Melting snow and removing water. Or watering the town after a heatwave."
  350. Jennifer Attaway: (( waiting for cue to start ))
  351. Barak Kolberg: (( Feel free to! Be descriptive if you like to be. This can be a roleplay and interactive event or just dice rolling. Up to you guys. ))
  352. * Jennifer Attaway watches the crowd filter in quietly, smiling as the seats are filled. Stepping onto the stage, she takes her electric guitar in both hands. Ruby and Natasha's spots are a few feet back and away, so everyone can have a clear view--but Jen is center-stage. She tests the mic to make sure it's working. "Greetings, people of Snowmeadow. I hope you're all ready... after that dreadful storm, I thought you all might appreciate a warm-up before the main show. Are you all ready?!"
  353.         Chloe:  "Oh. That makes sense. I thought it was getting deep yesterday when I went out shopping."
  354.         Natasha:        "Hallooooooooooooo Snoumeddow! Ben je klaar om te rocken?"
  355. You whisper to Chloe: Hellooooooooo Snowmeadow! Are you ready to rock?
  356. Barak Kolberg: (( Oh gawd Natasha is adorable ))
  357. * Jennifer Attaway is on stage with her Guitar, Sunglasses, and Fancy Clothes (Beauty) equipped.
  358. DNA:    I'll let her know you said that ;P
  359. Jennifer Attaway: (( dunno if Fancy Clothes would have any effect on a concert ))
  360.         Chronicler:     The people of snowmeadow all look around briefly before looking back to Jennifer. Most seem to have forgotten what real music or what a concert is - or if it had rules. Most nodded and some clapped for the group. The enthusiasm was there but there was an air of uncertainty.
  361. Chronicler: (( Does fancy clothes apply bonus to charm? If it does, yes. ))
  362. Chronicler: (( ITEM bonus. 3 ))
  363. Jennifer Attaway: (( dice roll to generate contest dice ))
  364. Nick is disconnected.
  365. DNA:    I bet that was supposed to be a heart, and it didn't work.
  366. Chronicler: (( Nope. D: ))
  367. Chronicler: (( Ah, then no sadly. ))
  368. Jennifer Attaway: (( then they'll just be for fluff ))
  369.         Chloe:  ((needs a Distracting Swimsuit))
  370. Eclipse:        ...No, Rob.
  371.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright then," Jen says with more enthusiasm than the crowd has, trying to inspire the same energy with them. She starts with a warm song, slow at the begining but building in energy and tension as they go on. (Skill Stunt: Singing)
  372.         Natasha:        Natasha was keeping tempo with Jen, not being too loud as to overshadow her, but not being too soft as to be ignored - in short, exactly the volume you'd expect a harp to be. With the way her fingers moved so smoothly, people would have assumed she was a natural.
  373. Chronicler: (( Roll for the other two as well. This is a combined effort. ))
  374.         Natasha:        Oh, me too?
  375.         Ruby:   Ruby set a steady tempo of percussion throughout, doing her best to make a good show of her drumming, as you do when you're a rock drummer.
  376. Chronicler: (( Yup! Singular rolls are only on solos. ))
  377.         Natasha:        Charm 6d6+8 . No, that's not a mistake.
  378. Avara:  ... jelly.
  379.         Natasha:        Hehehehe~
  380.         Chronicler:     You here some gasps from the crowd - like they're heard music for the first time. Then there's laughter and giggling among the people and once the tempo and beat are set some even begin to bop or nod with it. There's a collective smile among the people.
  381. * Jennifer Attaway segues from this warming song to one burning hot with energy and excitement, a battle anthem of victory against those who would destroy civilization as a whole.
  382.         Torren:         Torren decides to get a bit inventive with the lighting at this point, going for brighter colors like red and yellow, rather than the more subdued blue and green he was using for the entry point. The crescendo was here; he had to match the mood from backstage.
  383. * Ruby is able to go more wild on this track, attempting to hammer out a stunning display of skill.
  384. * Natasha has her song follow more of a beat-wise pattern, rather than being one long slur of notes gently dancing, they come in short bursts, going loud at each tick of the metronome, and softening in between.
  385. Chronicler: (( Roll again for Natasha please. ))
  386.         Natasha:        Charm 6d6+8 !
  387. Chloe:  Chloe watches the audience as much as the show, enjoying the reactions of everyone around. Her eyes continue to find Saturn, wanting to see how she reacts to Natasha enjoying her time in the spotlight.
  388.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yay...!" Saturn whispered so quietly that her voice was nearly swallowed by the crowd. Her eyes lit up, seeing her little wonder-girl rocking out like a pro.
  389.         Chronicler:     The crowd goes right with the change fluidly having become immersed in the music and gathering. It was obvious that people had managed to briefly forget the loss that occured eight years ago and as little as a week ago to the mausoleum. Their was an air of activeness, happiness and defiance.
  390.         Chloe:  Chloe stiffled a laugh, holding a hand to her mouth.
  391.         Carolin Grassl:         Carolin Grassl was actively dancing with Mareike Schaab at this point.
  392.         Jennifer Attaway:       The concert maintains that air for a time, a few songs in similar vein describing the proud endurance of the people and the unity found in the darkest times. Jen ends the concert on a calmer tune--slightly. Attempting to convey the majesty of the region, growing back in spite of (and spitting in the face of) every tragedy that's come before it.
  393.         Ruby:   Ruby settles down in her performance for the last song, keeping a hearty beat but trying to help the crowd ease into the ending gently.
  394.         Torren:         Time to get serious! Torren tried his toughest challenge for lighting yet - trying to arrange the spotlights into the color and shape of a lotus - or at least as close to one as he could approximate. He felt like he really wanted to hammer the point home - this is why they were.
  395.         Natasha:        Calming down from her more aggressive performance from before, Natasha slowed down to the more melodious pattern of slurring the notes together in one continuous string. Her transition was gradual, as if she wanted to retain the joyous exuberant mood from before, while also shifting the atmosphere to one less loud.
  396.         Natasha:        Charm 6d6+8 ! (if necessary)
  397. Trulhammaren:   whelp off I go!
  398. DNA:    o/
  399. DNA:    damn I can't believe how late it got already
  400. Avara:  hope you enjoyed, trul!
  401. DNA:    At least you didn't miss the climax!
  402. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  403.         Chronicler:     The town by this point was mostly dancing to the tunes and clapping once the lighting changed. As the song eased into its end - so did the people. Some of the townsfolk were in tears, but not sobbing, from being able to relive such a simple pleasure from a time long since past. Once the music was officially over, there was cheering that erupted from the town square loud enough to send up the local bird-life.
  404. * Jennifer Attaway and Ruby bowed to the cheers.
  405.         Natasha:        "Dank u, van ons hart en ziel!" Natasha bowed along with her two band-mates.
  406. You whisper to Chloe: "Thank you, from our heart and soul!"
  407.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Thank you all for coming," Jen starts once the cheers quiet down enough to be heard. "I hope you all enjoyed this reminder of who we are. Not just the Winter Lotus, but all of Kanto. We endure, we fight, we adapt and live on--but never will we lose ourselves along the way!"
  408.         Chronicler:     The performance was a resounding success.
  409. * Jennifer Attaway bids the town a good night, and the band disassembles before departing the stage.
  410.         Torren:         Being the unsung hero isn't that bad, Torren thought to himself. He could only peek from his position at the back, but he could tell the crowd enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
  411.         Chronicler:     8520 moneys is added to the Winter Lotus coffers for the performance. Split as desired.
  412.         Torren:         2130
  413.         Torren:         Is a 4-way even split acceptable?
  414. Avara:  that's two shares to saturn in the end
  415. Avara:  ... and two to me
  416. Eclipse:        I meant Saturn - Chloe - Jen - Valerie
  417. Eclipse:        I should have been clearer; my apologise.
  418. Eclipse:        *apologies.
  419. Avara:  okay. yes, splitting it among the WL trainers sounds good
  420.         Chloe:  Chloe would suggest being left out, as she didn't participate
  421.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' turns to Chloe and quickly wipes her face clean of tears, "Blanchet. I'm sorry you caught me so unaware."
  422.         Chloe:  "Did you enjoy the show, Miss Nobody?" Chloe asked, smiling.
  423. Jennifer Attaway: (( is it cool to have everyone there with chloe for this, or is this more a for-chloe-only thing?) ))
  424.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn wasted no time at all running up to the stage, and giving her two little troopers (Natasha and Torren) big hugs for their awesome work. She was genuinely proud of them, smiling broadly.
  425. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( This is after the show, in the crowd. ))
  426.         Chloe:  ((chloe saw her in the crowd and walked over))
  427. Jennifer Attaway: (( ah ))
  428.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods to Chloe, "It reminded me of why I became a hero in the first place. What I was fighting for and to protect." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks down to the side, "I...I think I forgot that somewhere along the way amidst all the drama."
  429. * Jennifer Attaway approaches Chloe, letting Saturn hug with her friends. "Oh, uh. Hello. Am I interrupting?"
  430.         Chloe:  "It can be hard sometimes, I'm sure. And if it ever is you can reach out to us, okay? We all have to help each other." Chloe smiled again, before turning ot Jennifer, "Oh! Miss Nobody, this is Jennifer, the newest member of Winter Lotus."
  431.         Chloe:  "Jen, this is Miss Nobody. I think." Chloe laughed.
  432. Jennifer Attaway: (( jen's a native of cerulean. would she recognize inbee? ))
  433.         Chloe:  "I think you have a fan."
  434.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods, "Miss Attaway I believe?" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' grins, "What happened to your other member?"
  435. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Inbee isn't from Cerulean. ))
  436.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Nobody. Jennifer Attaway, yeah."
  437. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I guess after Nobody's talk, Saturn's package would arrive. thing at a time.
  438. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Remind me, what bird did we agree on?
  439.         Chloe:  "Rochette was interested in solo work, as far as I know. She seemed to grow distant over time, maybe adventuring like this wasn't for her."
  440. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Gentleman Starly. I have the image if you can drop a sprite in my box, if that's okay by you
  441.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the music so much. I had to adapt it for the instruments available, but I've been working on that set for a long time. Kanto's been through a lot, and... well, sometimes you need to be reminded of it all in the right perspective."
  442. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Dropped.
  443.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods to Jennifer, "It has. And its had many heroes. And lost many as well." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looked off to the side again, "Even those who played hero until they became the villain."
  444.         Chloe:  "That sounded a little personal..."
  445.         Chronicler:     Suddenly, a Starly flutters down from the sky beside Saturn. It lands on the stage, obviously ready for quite a rest, and drops something beside her.
  446. * Saturn Rosewell had quietly hopped down to join the rest, but...wait, what was this?
  447.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait, is this a package? ...Where did you come from, little one?"
  448.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Just something I heard about a boy named Matthew Octavius from my parents, may they rest in peace. Someone who tried to play hero and ended up giving this world a lot of hurt." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' sniffed for a moment, "Was a lot of my inspiration to rise up as a hero myself. Be something people needed. I kind of wish I did it way sooner. Maybe I could've saved lives in Kanto's time of need."
  449.         Natasha:        "Hei Saturn, kijk naar de terugkeer adres! Het is een pakje van...!"
  450. You whisper to Chloe: "Hey Saturn, look at the return address! It's a package from...!"
  451.         Gentleman Starly:       Gentleman Starly gently pokes the package closer to Saturn, "Kotahi te tuku ki te Saturn i te Hupita."
  452.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn's eyes suddenly went really wide. She found herself a clear work area and set to opening up the small little box dropped by the Starly who was unusually well-dressed.
  453.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Kanto's time of need is now, as much as it was back then. We may not be facing invasion, but... you saw the people here at the start of the concert. Half of them didn't even know what a concert was; we need to inspire people. Rebuilding is happening, but it's mostly physical. We need to help people pick themselves up off the ground in emotional ways too, and that's what a hero can do--inspire people."
  454. Gentleman Starly whispers: One delivery to a Saturn from a Jupiter.
  455.         Chloe:  "The hero's paradox, to save someone there needs to be danger. We should be happy we're no longer in such a dangerous time. But... there's still so much good to do! It might not be as galmourous, but we can barely walk a mile without finding a group of people who can use our help. It's all those little incidents, helping people one at a time that really makes a difference."
  456. Gentleman Starly: (( Let's give Rob a chance to restart. ))
  457. Jennifer Attaway: (( 'kay! ))
  458. DNA:    Acceptable.
  459. Chloe is disconnected.
  460. Chloe has connected.
  461. Chloe:  you will never keep me away!
  462. DNA:    Is that the cue?
  463. Gentleman Starly: (( indeed ))
  464.         Natasha:        "Ko ia Saturn! Mauruuru koutou nui atu, mita Starly! Ki te noho koe mo te wahi, e nehenehe ta tatou e tuhituhi e koe he pukapuka ki te tuku hoki ki a Hupita!"
  465. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: "She's Saturn! Thank you very much, mister Starly! If you stay for a bit, we can write you a letter to send back to Jupiter!"
  466. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Maori has some interesting phonetics to render it as 'Hupita', but at least no meaning is lost.
  467. DNA:    Now to open my own notes...
  468.         Gentleman Starly:       "E kia e whakaponohia. I taea e ahau te whakamahi i te breather i mua i rere hoki. Tangohia tou wa, e toku wahine."
  469. Gentleman Starly whispers: That would be incredible. I could use the breather before flying back. Take your time, my lady.
  470.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn reached into the package and pulled out a letter that appeared to be bound with some cord. Taking it in both hands, she started reading.
  471.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hey Saturn, it's really great to hear from you again! I know as a Trainer you'll be traveling around a lot on the road..." Her voice started trailing off the more she read, and before long her eyes started watering up, though no tears fell.
  472.         Chloe:  "Who is it from...?"
  473.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's from...... It's from...... him. The one who saved me twice." She struggled to speak, as if it was difficult to say.
  474.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...And...he actually baked us all cookies. All four of us..."
  475. * Jennifer Attaway watches Saturn, not really sure who she's talking about but curious.
  476. * Saturn Rosewell quietly unpacked a small plastic-wrapped bundle from the package. She was right. There were several cookies for each of them, enough so that they could each have 2.
  477.         Chloe:  "Wow... that was nice of him!"
  478.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Please send him my thanks. Not just for the cookies, but for looking out for you."
  479.         Chloe:  "I should send something back to Cerulean.
  480.         Chloe:  "That reminds me! I had a good batch of Lum Berries, and I wanted you to have some Jennifer." Chloe gave Jennifer 5 Lum Berries, "Be sure to tell me when you run out, but I want you to use these how YOU see fit, rather than everyone letting me hoard them out of a misplaced sense of generosity."
  481.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Thanks, Chloe." She pockets the berries.
  482.         Chloe:  "So..." Chloe turned back to Inbee, "What brought you down this road?"
  483. * Saturn Rosewell took a few more things out of the box, but they were more personal affects - a new white rose to replace the one currently in her hat, and a book for Natasha. Apparently it was about fictional superheroes.
  484.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh, um...okay. I'll thank him. I'll probably write a letter to send back to him sometime today... Is there anything you guys wanted to ask him?"
  485.         Chloe:  "I want you to thank him for me, because of his help I was able to make such a wonderful friend and companion."
  486.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shuffled a bit, "I've been getting a strange sense of dread from the south. The Great Wake or Petrified Forest? I'm not sure. But it was a strong feeling. So I've been heading south to investigate. I don't want a repeat of a world reset anymore so I've been going to places I fear rather than ignore it or run away."
  487.         Chloe:  "I... I've been feeling like that toward the north," Chloe looked down, afraid of the memories that might resurface from her comments, "I've been thinking about the void pockets more and more. We had a job to investigate them but we didn't get very far. At first I didn't mind, we were still new at this, we'd just do a couple jobs and go our own way. But Winter Lotus has continued to grow... I have the nagging feeling that the void pocket job will come back to haunt us."
  488.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Huh.... I don't think I've heard about that one yet, but maybe we should go back?"
  489.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn quietly blushed a bit at the mention of Chloe's comment about thanking her friend, but at the mention of the void pockets, her face instantly went pale.
  490.         Chloe:  "It was our first job, and it was really scary at the time. But... I think we've seen worse now." Chloe sounded uncertain about it. "Have you ever looked into those, Miss Nobody?"
  491.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I don't know what to do with the Void Pockets. I can't punch that issue - or protect anyone from them to study them." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' clenched her fist, "...Just another area where one is weak."
  492.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Well..." she looks over. "Saturn, are you okay?"
  493.         Natasha:        "Weet u zeker dat het een verstandig idee, Chloe? We konden niets voor te doen, en ..." Natasha was about to say more, but she suddenly went silent.
  494.         Jennifer Attaway:       "You're as pale as I am. And that's not a color humans should be."
  495. You whisper to Chloe: "Are you sure that's a wise idea, Chloe? We couldn't do anything before, and..."
  496.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can't..." Saturn mumbled. Then, her volume suddenly increasing, "I can't go back there!"
  497.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's not safe...I'm not safe...not after what happened..."
  498.         Jennifer Attaway:       "What happened? Saturn?"
  499. * Saturn Rosewell knelt down and tugged her hat a bit more over her head. She looked too terrified to even speak.
  500.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If it wasn't for Rochette, I... I...!"
  501. * Jennifer Attaway gives Saturn a slow, gentle hug. +1 Hug.
  502.         Natasha:        "Ze was bijna aangevallen door een aantal wezens in de buurt daar. Ze waren erg agressief."
  503.         Chloe:  Chloe looked back and forth, her face panicked, "I-it's okay Saturn! You're right here, you're safe!"
  504. DNA:    (She was almost attacked by some creatures there. They were very aggressive.)
  505.         Chloe:  "She was...?" Chloe asked, surprised she didn't remember this.
  506. * Jennifer Attaway keeps hugging Saturn. "We won't let anything happen to you."
  507.         Saturn Rosewell:        " can you be so sure?"
  508.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' tilts her head, "Where were these creatures? Where did this happen?"
  509.         Chloe:  "We found the void pocket, and that was scary. We met the servants of Fate, we talked for a while and then decided not to go with them..."
  510.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Because we're a party, a crew. We're a band of adventurers, and that means watching out for each other."
  511.         Natasha:        "Wat gebeurd is, is dat ze leek een onnatuurlijke interesse in Saturn tonen. Geen van de anderen. Alleen haar."
  512.         Natasha:        (What happened is that they seemed to show an unnatural interest in Saturn. None of the others. Just her.)
  513.         Mareike Schaab:         Mareike Schaab was watching to the side, arms crossed, "Now this I'm interested in."
  514.         Natasha:        Human Hoenn: ((And because of that, she...and by extension I...can't go back into that forest.))
  515.         Chloe:  "The creatures we were talking to offered to give Saturn an ability, to locate something or communicate, probably both. Because of her unique compatabiltiy with the ability. But, we have Jennifer and she is half pokemon. She might be able to have that ability."
  516.         Natasha:        Human Hoenn: ((But Saturn is a human, so why should Jennifer's heritage be a factor? If the ability had to do with Pokemon heritage, they would not have picked Saturn.))
  517.         Mareike Schaab:         "The fabled Winter Lotus. The band of would-be adventurers whom braved the mausoleum, fought through the undead, creatures of shadow and hatred, encountered mutant and experimental creatures, laid waste to a Necromancer and his minions, awakened the life within a guardian statue, single-handedly brought Xeron, a chronomancer, to just and survived being just feet away from a temporal vortex."
  518.         Chloe:  "Oh, and this happened outside the forest of fate," Chloe clarified to MIss Nobody.
  519. * Jennifer Attaway can't understand anything natasha is saying.
  520.         Mareike Schaab:         "Just what could you have encountered that actually has you frightened?"
  521. DNA:    Oh, I thought Jennifer could speak Human Hoenn. I must be thinking of something else...
  522. Mareike Schaab: (( justice not just ))
  523. Avara:  sinnoh, kalos
  524.         Chloe:  Chloe turned to to Mareike, "Something we met very early on, before we were used to all of this."
  525. DNA:    Ah, she speaks German, not Dutch
  526.         Mareike Schaab:         "And by accounts of growth and experience this doesn't make your early experience dwindle in comparison?"
  527. * Saturn Rosewell was stuck repeating "I can't go back there" and utterly stunned by her fear.
  528.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "The Forest of Fate and its Fringes are not natural. I wouldn't call anything encountered there...comparible experiences to even Xeron."
  529.         Mareike Schaab:         "Not now, maybe. It used to be beautiful. The Void Pockets have really taken hold of that place." Mareike Schaab placed her hands on her hips, "And the late Fate refuses to abandon that homeland still. If rumors are to be believed."
  530.         Chloe:  "Yes, we were offered a meeting with him to discuss the void pockets. The ones who offered it, well..." Chloe looked uncomfortably to Saturn, "They left an impression on some of us."
  531.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... I'll go meet with them. We can leave Saturn and someone else outside the forest; if there IS a chance that they'll pick me for their... whatever. I'll hear them out."
  532.         Chloe:  Chloe couched down near Saturn. "Saturn...? I want you to repeat something for me. Say, 'I am in control'."
  533.         Saturn Rosewell:        "In control? In control of what?"
  534.         Chloe:  Charm check, 12 to sound soothing.
  535.         Chloe:  "Please, just say it..."
  536.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...but it's not even true... I'm not in control of anything...not even myself."
  537.         Chloe:  "Even if you don't mean it..." Chloe said, "Think of it like breathing, meditation... tell yourself that you are in control."
  538.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I' control? Of what? What am I in control of?"
  539.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' stepped over beside Chloe and looked down at Saturn and stared at her. Unblinking, unsmiling, "...You remind me of...something."
  540.         Chloe:  "Right now, you are in control of yourself. You are in control of your breathing. You can stand, or you can sit. You can smile, you can see. You are in control right now. Even if it is just this second."
  541.         Saturn Rosewell:        "In control...of my breathing? ...for how long? Knowing me...I could lose that too. ...I remind you of something? Remind you of what?"
  542.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looked away, "...Of myself when I first awakened my...abilities." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looked down at her hand, "You recall when we first met?"
  543.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You were...near a truck, right?"
  544.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I was near radio waves. And uncontrollably speaking. I knew things I shouldn't. I still get that feed."
  545.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "The words - they still come at times. And I struggle with them. The stream, the chatter, it never stops. There is no silence for me."
  546.         Chloe:  "It was a little scary for us too." Chloe blushed with embarassment. "I- I offered to fix you. I feel so silly about it now."
  547.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But...what do the radio waves have to do with anything?"
  548.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "But I don't let my...abilities own me. I am my own person. I make my own decisions and I am in control of my own actions." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looked back to Saturn, "But I have been where you are. I have felt many times where I never thought I could be normal. Where I never thought I could be in control of myself."
  549.         Saturn Rosewell:        "To be to be in control?"
  550.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' knelt down to Saturn, "I've seen you. Your former self is a shell of what you are now. You, too, have awakened something from within so I understand. I've been there."
  551.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "So tell me, Saturn, what is your radio waves? What is your constant chatter that holds you back? What keeps you from being in control?" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' tilted her head as she asked, "If you don't have one then you have nothing to fear - for you are already in control. But if you do have something holding you back, you need to face it head on and tame it. Make it yours and regain your sense of self and security."
  552.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What keeps me...from being in control? What's...holding me back?"
  553.         Chloe:  Chloe let Inbee take over, worried she had started to cause more harm than help.
  554.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Exactly, what's holding you back. What has a grip on you?" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' paused for a moment, "Tell me, Miss Rosewell. Are you scared?"
  555.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Am I scared? Am I scared? ...That doesn't even begin to describe what I feel like!"
  556.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Something that scared me so much, enough that I never want to think about or see it again... I thought I was going to die!"
  557.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Hey, its okay to be scared. Nothing wrong with scared."
  558.         Saturn Rosewell:        "'re not going to tell me anything as cliche as 'face your fears', right?"
  559.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "It causes your heart to beat harder than ever in your life, pumping blood and oxygen directly into your brain."
  560.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "At that moment you can run faster, jump higher and fight harder than you ever could before in your life."
  561.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You become so alert its as if you're slowing down time."
  562.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Its basically a superpower. When you become that scared there is danger in the area and guess what? It's you. Not anything else."
  563.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Are you saying I'm...scared of myself?"
  564.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You might be. You might be what's holding you back. Keeping you from your wishes." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' reached out to touch Saturn's shoulder but stops mid-way and doesn't touch her, "Maybe you should just be yourself. Hiding all your life won't make you or anyone else happy. And you can't get control without first taking on that's keeping you from it. When you're in control, you're you after all, right?"
  565.         Chloe:  ".. Being yourself means being what you want to be. It doesn't always mean being what you think you have to be." Chloe added, "We have the power to invent ourselves like that."
  566.         Saturn Rosewell:        "When I'm in control...I'm me? And when I'm me...I'm who I want to be? Is that what it is?"
  567.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "That sounds pretty accurate, yeah."
  568.         Natasha:        "U bent meer dan alleen een gezicht in de menigte. U bent meer dan de meeste mensen, zelfs zou kunnen dromen. U bent Saturn Rosewell - en niets ooit kan nemen dat van u!"
  569. You whisper to Chloe: "You are more than just a face in the crowd. You are more than most people could ever dream of. You are Saturn Rosewell - and nothing can ever take that away from you!"
  570.         Chloe:  "But that doesn't mean giving up, just because you feel like you're losing control."
  571.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Even if you feel as if you're losing control and you're scared just remember. Fear is a superpower and it only makes it easier to take it back. Never not be afraid." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods sagely, "Saturn. You're pretty much golden. You just need to realize it."
  572.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm...golden? What do you mean...golden?"
  573.         Chloe:  "She means you're incredible." Chloe smiled.
  574.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' almost laughs, "I mean you have everything you need to do what you want. Its just a matter of you using those tools."
  575.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' reaches down and pulls Saturn to her feet by her hands, "So go on girl! Show the world who you are and that you're in control."
  576.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' turns around before looking over her shoulder, "Oh my. Who's this?" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' turns fully back to face Saturn, "Have we met? Why I don't believe we have!"
  577. * Saturn Rosewell is abruptly pulled to her feet! She doesn't resist, either because she didn't expect it or she was too weak to do so.
  578.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' holds out her hand to Saturn, "Hello! I'm Miss Nobody. Inbee for short. I'm a superhero, formallyexpelledfromsaffronbutletsnottalkaboutthat, and my goal is to help people and do hero stuff! Everywhere!"
  579.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    " are miss...?"
  580.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Miss Inbee, you...wait..."
  581.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I... I'm..."
  582.         Saturn Rosewell:        Almost without warning, Saturn reached out her hand and grabbed Inbee's to shake it. " Saturn Rosewell! I am the protégé of the Lightning Hero, and a member of Winter Lotus!"
  583. * Natasha was suddenly an odd mixture of happy, surprised, but most of all, thoroughly confused.
  584.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shook Saturn's hand with a grin and nodded, "Oh my. The Saturn Rosewell? Of the Winter Lotus? Why, if I wasn't a superhero I'd want your autograph!"
  585.         Natasha:        Seriously, what just happened? How did Saturn go from an empty shell eaten by terror, to someone who looked like she just came back from the dead?
  586.         Saturn Rosewell:        "M-M-M-M-My a-a-autograph? W-Why me? I'm not that important...I'm kind of a nobody..."
  587.         Natasha:        "Pun alert!"
  588.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shook her head, "Oh ho ho ho, now. You can't take my name. I mean, I know its cool and all..."
  589.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' clasps both of Saturns hands in her own, "Now, Miss Rosewell, you are important. Think about who you are and what you are to people. Hm?"
  590.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "What did you do this week? Let's see..."
  591.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I...You're right. If the Hero gave me this name, I...I need to honor it."
  592.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You're part of Winter Lotus. Which, not that long ago didn't mean anything, right? But why?"
  593.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Oh, that's right. Because you didn't do anything."
  594.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "But now? Now what does it mean?'
  595.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Just in the short time you've been in this town, what did you do? How many people did you help?"
  596.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I... I... I went to the mausoleum and we fought off a lot of undead creatures and beasts of shadow together... We found our way through all the passages... and then we socked it to the chronomancer Xeron."
  597.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't know how many people I helped, but--wait a minute! That's what the concert was for!? I helped that many people!?"
  598.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Well now, all that sounds mighty important business to me. And not the kind just anybody can do, either. So you sound rather special. Rare and special."
  599.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Rare...and special?"
  600. * Jennifer Attaway smiles proudly on the concert bit.
  601. DNA:    hi ava
  602. Avara:  hi. mostly being quiet 'cause your moment. background smile event.
  603.         Chloe:  (we're letting Saturn have her moment. If we break it we might not get another. >.>)
  604.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "So, don't you forget who you are, Miss Rosewell. And what you're a part of. Because you are important." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' released Saturn's hands, "And always introduce yourself by your name, no matter what. Because you are important and everyone, the people you help-the people you meet-and the people you fight-deserves to know whose gracing their presence."
  605. Eclipse: not quite what I had in mind, nor what I thought would happen...but it seems like everything is going to plan. And splendidly so.
  606.         Chloe:  (we confronted the problem directly, for the first time. Before we spent a lot of time running away and making it 'feel better' for short term gains. Mental health wise)
  607.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Don't forget who I am...and what I'm a part of...and always introduce myself by my full name...because I'm important." She said it mostly to herself, as a kind of mantra.
  608.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Miss Inbee... Does the name 'Jupiter' ring any bells for you?"
  609.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nodded, "One of the members of Team Oak. The ones who opposed the second coming directly."
  610.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...he was the one who gave me this name. And if he could see you right now...saying the things you've said to me...he'd be really proud."
  611.         Chloe:  "You've met a member of Team Oak...?" Chloe asked in awe. She knew the team, and the trainer names, but Jupiter alone wasn't enough to click in her head.
  612. * Saturn Rosewell took a deep breath; she was smiling, finally.
  613.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Yeah... I owe a lot to him. I wouldn't even be alive right now were it not for him. Jupiter...isn't the trainer, though."
  614.         Natasha:        Human Hoenn: ((He was the trainer's Ace, a Magnezone with nearly unparalleled bravery!))
  615.         Natasha:        ((He actually introduced me to Saturn. That's how we met!))
  616.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' smiles, happy to see Saturn and the rest of the group in better spirits, "So, what's the agenda for today?" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' grinned as she placed her hands in her pockets, "Rousing an entire town into merry and causing everyone to recall the finer good things of a past life, and getting them to realize they can still enjoy these things, is small stuff to you all, ain't it? Surely this is just the 'brunch' of your day?"
  617. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( And there I think we can call it. ))
  618. Jennifer Attaway: (( sounds good ))
  619. DNA:    I have no objections!
  620. Avara:  heh. that really is what-all happened with this concert. so proud.
  621. DNA:    At this point, I think Saturn will actually be okay with backtracking to the Forest of Fate if the rest of the team wants to.
  622.         Chronicler:     This game ended on a lot of smiles. Its a good thing.
  623. Avara:  next time: onward to smite the void pocket? or are we gonna try to do the enchanted harp thing first?
  624.         Chloe:  I think the enchanted harp is here, but I am very happy that a void pocket might be on the agenda. Plus, I think Saturn might need some time to let the positive feels sink in and take root before we march back into that issue.
  625.         Chloe:  So I say harp first, pocket second
  626.         Chronicler:     Inbee will second that second - if invited.
  627. Avara:  sounds like a good plan
  628. DNA:    That may be more expedient, since the harp is closer by anyway.
  629.         Chloe:  I would love to have Inbee guests! : D
  630. Avara:  also keeping inbee around for a while sounds good too, since she can help anchor saturn in positivity
  631. Avara:  also because inbee is inbee.
  632. Avara:  also also i'm really also proud of the effect the concert had on her. >>
  633. Avara:  really proud in general
  634. DNA:    Her being Inbee, or her being Saturn?
  635. Avara:  yes.
  636. Avara:  both.
  637. DNA:    ...heh.
  638. Avara:  meant inbee, but also saturn.
  639.         Chronicler:     TXP: 4.
  640. PXP: 40.
  641.         Chloe:  Inbee could easily be an honorary Winter Lotus
  642.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  643. DNA:    TL 17.2
  644. Avara is disconnected.
  645. Eclipse is disconnected.
  646. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  647. You have disconnected.
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