[S] Jakob: Pass More Time

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  1. -- technoBabbler [TB] started pestering artisticStitchings [AS] --
  2. [TB]: Hey, how've you held up in this bizarre game so far?
  3. [TB]: I'm dreaming and I ended in some place constructed entirely from what looks like Jade or a similar green material. Similar to Prospit and Derse where the others have ended up.
  4. [TB]: The people here are entirely red in color, and I can fly.
  5. [TB]: Found a crowd of protestors surrounding some businesswoman who seemingly made a hostile takeover of some local business(es) and I've been trailing her for a bit out of curiosity.
  6. [TB]: I'm currently stashed away in a dark corner of an office building of hers waiting for her to leave her personal office so I can slip inside and dig up some more info.
  7. [TB]: How's business on your end?
  8. Mariahla03/10/2019
  9. [AS]: [] did you know ThaT hoofbeasTs wiThouT an upper body exisT, and They also Talk
  10. [AS]: [] because i'm hoping im noT slowly going crazy
  11. [AS]: [] im also apparenTly a maid, aT leasT, ThaT's whaT a whiTe lady wiTh a carapace told me in ThaT golden planeT, gail mighT have Told you abouT it.
  12. [AS]: [] oh, and you won'T believe whaT i managed To do wiTh some of This game's sTuff
  13. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/10/2019
  14. [TB]: I doubt you're going any crazier than you already are.
  15. [TB]: Gail didn't tell me about any titles or roles. I wonder if the people here might know something about that.
  16. [TB]: Is what you did with this game's stuff any crazier than an actual flaming leotard and knives combo? Surprise me.
  17. Mariahla03/11/2019
  18. [AS]: [] yes
  19. [AS]: [] i did The impossible, fixed the unfixable
  20. [AS]: [] do you remember The broken puppet i Told you about ThaT i've been Trying To fix buT couldn'T?
  21. [AS]: [] well one of The game's machines can do someThing ThaT leT me fix iT, and now i have The same arsenal as my ancesTor
  22. [AS]: [] i'm honesTly kind of amazed iT ended up being as simple as 'nearly die and geT TransporTed To anoTher world wiTh Talking hoofbeasts'
  23. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/11/2019
  24. [TB]: Sounds pretty phenomenal, I suppose.
  25. [TB]: Remind me why is was so impossible to fix that puppet?
  26. Mariahla03/11/2019
  27. [AS]: [] someThing To do wiTh The parTs being magical in some way?
  28. [AS]: [] ThaT's The leasT bullshiT answer i've goTTen, aT leasT
  29. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/11/2019
  30. [TB]: Can't say I'd be surprised at that by this point
  31. Mariahla03/11/2019
  32. [AS]: [] whaT was ThaT abouT a flaming leoTard?
  33. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/11/2019
  34. [TB]: Gail found a literally flaming leotard and knives combo
  35. [TB]: They are genuinely on fire.
  36. --technoBabbler has sent imonfire.png--
  37. [TB]: Took this from her memo.
  38. [TB]: Honestly, if I were to hazard a guess, chances are that we'll be diving deep into quite a few rabbit holes
  39. Mariahla03/11/2019
  40. [AS]: [] jegus chrisT
  41. [AS]: [] are you sure she's noT a purpleblood in disguise
  42. [AS]: [] i also killed some weird creaTures, They had a black carapace buT They didn'T look like The ones from The golden planeT.
  43. [AS]: [] They also dropped gushers ThaT cannoT be puT in your invenTory when killed, which is The most curious Thing
  44. [AS]: [] seen one of Those before?
  45. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/11/2019
  46. [TB]: Can't say I have. I fell asleep almost right after finishing my entry, and here I've been ever since.
  47. Mariahla03/11/2019
  48. [AS]: [] you're sTill sleeping?
  49. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/11/2019
  50. [TB]: Yeah. Can't really risk waking up and letting my dreaming self fall out of thin air into an office complex.
  51. Mariahla03/20/2019
  52. [AS]: [] True enough, don'T you sTill have your Tower, Though?
  53. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/20/2019
  54. [TB]: I do, but why would I suddenly abandon this venture of mine after having come this far? I'm literally in the belly of the beast right now and leaving will mean losing out on important information that could very well be important in the future.
  55. Mariahla03/20/2019
  56. [AS]: [] righT, your info.
  57. [AS]: [] wouldn'T iT be easier To barge in her office, confronT her direcTly?
  58. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/20/2019
  59. [TB]: You forget that we work in very different environments with very different methods
  60. [TB]: Subtlety is important
  61. Mariahla03/20/2019
  62. [AS]: [] waiT, you're noT going To inTimidaTe her inTo Talking?
  63. [AS]: [] no
  64. [AS]: [] you're noT, yeah
  65. [AS]: [] i never goT your way of doing business
  66. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/20/2019
  67. [TB]: Such things as decency and dignity exist. Intimidation mostly lacks both.
  68. Mariahla03/20/2019
  69. [AS]: [] legislaceraTion never really needed eiTher of Those Things
  70. [AS]: [] well neiTher do mosT Troll professions
  71. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/20/2019
  72. [TB]: Hence why I said we work in/with different environments and methods
  73. [TB]: Your brand of business is all muscle from what you've told me
  74. [TB]: Meanwhile our brand of business is closer to a battle of gathering information and utilizing it to its fullest extent.
  75. Mariahla03/20/2019
  76. [AS]: [] always sounded very odd To me
  77. [AS]: [] noT always knowing 100% wheTher you're winning or losing
  78. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/20/2019
  79. [TB]: Hearing that always makes me wonder what kinda of wacked-out systems of operation are used to run your entire civilization if various contextual matters of "winning" and "losing" are always in stark black and white
  80. Mariahla03/22/2019
  81. [AS]: [] you never really asked
  82. [AS]: [] buT iT mosTly involves hunTing oThers down and legislaceraTing Them
  83. [AS]: [] i suppose you could call iT bounTy hunTing
  84. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/22/2019
  85. [TB]: I've known as much about your field of business. I was more referring to whatever else counts as a job occupation where you came from.
  86. Mariahla03/22/2019
  87. [AS]: [] normally you're eiTher a soldier or for some reason a merchanT of sorTs
  88. [AS]: [] merchanTs are Tricky To explain so mosT people defaulT to being a soldier, since ThaT's whaT you'll end up as regardless of carreer choice anyway
  89. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)03/22/2019
  90. [TB]: Okay but why is soldier the predominant career option? Have I even asked this before?
  91. Mariahla03/22/2019
  92. [AS]: [] probably noT
  93. [AS]: [] The 'governmenT' needs soldiers to fighT Their inTergalacTic wars, so They Trick oThers To sTarT fighTing early on
  94. [AS]: [] iT's kind of like sopor, They geT you when you're young and vulnerable
  95. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/01/2019
  96. [TB]: So it's forced indoctrination into endless military service, then. Can't say I'm surprised after all this time.
  97. Mariahla04/01/2019
  98. [AS]: [] preTTy much
  99. [AS]: [] There isn'T anyThing To do abouT iT aside from give in
  100. [AS]: [] some assholes Tried rebelling but that didn'T work
  101. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/01/2019
  102. [TB]: Did you technically count as a soldier of any kind?
  103. Mariahla04/02/2019
  104. [AS]: [] bounTy hunTer.
  105. [AS]: [] i find legal cases To pursue, and i legislaceraTe whoever The TargeT is.
  106. [AS]: [] or are.
  107. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/02/2019
  108. [TB]: So I'm guessing bounty hunter is another fringe case of job occupation?
  109. Mariahla04/02/2019
  110. [AS]: [] preTTy much.
  111. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/02/2019
  112. [TB]: Well, I can say with certainty that I understand why the application of subtlety and other such principles to business is/was so foreign to you.
  113. Mariahla04/05/2019
  114. [AS]: [] normally we jusT kill who we wanT
  115. [AS]: [] or ThreaTen Them To if we need Them alive
  116. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/05/2019
  117. [TB]: Yeah, I definitely see that now. I could almost say I relate to it with recent events in my life.
  118. Mariahla04/05/2019
  119. [AS]: [] mighT i suggesT Trying iT yourself someTime?
  120. [AS]: [] iT's worked well for us
  121. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/05/2019
  122. [TB]: No thanks. Under no circumstance do I want to go through that again.
  123. Mariahla04/05/2019
  124. [AS]: [] Through whaT?
  125. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/05/2019
  126. [TB]: Taking the life of someone else for wanton reasons. I already double-tapped some suicidal girl strapped with magic blood-bombs and it still leaves me sick to my stomach remembering it and how almost casually I did it.
  127. Mariahla04/06/2019
  128. [AS]: [] whaT? you never Told me abouT ThaT.
  129. [AS]: [] hm. leT's sTop Talking abouT This, Then.
  130. [AS]: [] i guess a planeT of warriors is more accosTumed To casual killing.
  131. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/06/2019
  132. [TB]: Yes, they would be.
  133. Mariahla04/11/2019
  134. [[i think mariah wouldn't actually respond to that]]
  135. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/11/2019
  136. [TB]: Moving on from that unpleasantry, where have you ended up since entering?
  137. Mariahla04/11/2019
  138. [AS]: [] hoofbeasT land
  139. [AS]: [] for some reason They have sTeam pumps and machines all over Their ciTy
  140. [AS]: [] even Though They don'T have hands
  141. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/12/2019
  142. [TB]: So a steampunk world inhabited by anthropomorphic horse-people without humanoid hands?
  143. [TB]: Sounds about right after learning about Gail's new habitat
  144. Mariahla04/12/2019
  145. [AS]: [] and ThaT is?
  146. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/12/2019
  147. [TB]: She's in some sort of gargantuan metallic tree with candles on its branches, covered with fog or something like it, with a sea of books below from what I understood.
  148. [TB]: Said tree is inhabited by rooster-people
  149. Mariahla04/13/2019
  150. [AS]: [] i would say her place is a biT more bizarre Than mine
  151. [AS]: [] whaT abouT you? Taken a look yeT?
  152. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/13/2019
  153. [TB]: All I've seen so far is that I and everyone I brought with me ended up in a courtyard of sorts.
  154. Mariahla04/13/2019
  155. [AS]: [] a courTyard? like, a casTle one?
  156. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/13/2019
  157. [TB]: Can't even say for sure about that.
  158. [TB]: It's just a courtyard of sorts
  159. [TB]: I crashed asleep as soon as I made sure everyone was okay and I've been in greenland ever since.
  160. Mariahla04/13/2019
  161. [AT]: [] i see
  162. [AT]: [] i wonder whaT The differences beTween The golden dream place and yours is
  163. [AT]: [] They're obviously connecTed
  164. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/15/2019
  165. [TB]: Hell if I know.
  166. [TB]: I barely know anything about this place, let alone the others
  167. Mariahla04/18/2019
  168. [AS]: gold place is a monarchy
  169. [AS]: ThaT's all i remember from iT
  170. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/18/2019
  171. [TB]: I'll keep that in mind while I'm here, however long that will be. If everything takes as long as this lady is taking in her office, I'll have plenty of time to learn.
  172. Mariahla04/18/2019
  173. [AS]: [] how long have you even been There
  174. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/18/2019
  175. [TB]: Haven't really kept track. Maybe an hour or a few.
  176. Mariahla04/19/2019
  177. [AS]: [] well i can definiTely see why you're messaging me now
  178. [AS]: [] do you know anyThing about a ghosT Thing That's supposed To help you ouT or whaTever
  179. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/20/2019
  180. [TB]: Care to explain further?
  181. Mariahla04/23/2019
  182. [AS]: [] iT came ouT of The ToTem creaTor Thing
  183. [AS]: [] you puT sTuff in iT and iT fuses wiTh The sTuff
  184. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/23/2019
  185. [TB]: Oh, you mean the Sprite.
  186. [TB]: Can't give you any more info than anyone else, seeing as I've barely been awake long enough just to see where I ended up.
  187. Mariahla04/23/2019
  188. [AS]: [] ThaT's iT's name?
  189. [AS]: [] sounds like a soda brand
  190. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/23/2019
  191. [TB]: In a sense, you're not wrong.
  192. [TB]: In this case, the term refers more to mythological or video game sprites, I'm guessing
  193. Mariahla04/24/2019
  194. [AS]: [] well
  195. [AS]: [] whaT did you puT in yours
  196. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/24/2019
  197. [TB]: Threw a wrench into mine.
  198. [TB]: I'll probably see what else can be done with it after I finally finish my business here in dreamland.
  199. [TB]: Gail wants to try something with it and the psycho I... disposed of. She's got a strong sense of empathy.
  200. Mariahla04/28/2019
  201. [AS]: [] won'T ThaT just give you a dead body
  202. [AS]: [] or
  203. [AS]: [] will iT?
  204. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/29/2019
  205. [TB]: Don't know, really. Won't know until Gail tries it or I wake up to see that she already has.
  206. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)04/29/2019
  207. [TB]: Have you done anything else with your sprite?
  208. Mariahla05/02/2019
  209. [AS]: [] aside from puTTing in one of The mosT dangerous puppeTeers in iT?
  210. [AS]: [] noT really
  211. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)05/03/2019
  212. [TB]: Try seeing what else there is to do. We'd be smart to try getting every advantage we can in this twisted game.
  213. Mariahla05/11/2019
  214. [AS]: [] currenTly in a library so i can'T
  215. [AS] [] also i don'T know how To go back To my hive
  216. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)05/11/2019
  217. [TB]: That's unfortunate. What kind of library are you stuck in that's keeping you from getting back home?
  218. Mariahla05/15/2019
  219. [AS]: [] uh
  220. [AS]: [] a book one
  221. [AS]: [] whaT i mean is i sTepped Through a porTal and iT TeleporTed me away somewhere and now i don'T know where my hive is
  222. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)05/15/2019
  223. [TB]: I see. Guess I'll have to keep that in mind for when I eventually wake up.
  224. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)Last Saturday at 6:19 PM
  225. [TB]: Anything else to report on or talk about?
  226. MariahlaToday at 11:13 AM
  227. [AS]: [] noT aT The momenT, no.
  228. Jakob Princeton [TB] (tzivos)Today at 11:16 AM
  229. [TB]: Keep me and the others updated in Gail's memo, then. Talk to you later.
  230. -- technoBabbler [TB] stopped pestering artisticStitchings [AS] --
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