Short - Vinyl Thread - Vinyl and Anon

Mar 16th, 2016
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  1. >It's a chilly winter day
  2. >You sit relaxing on the couch
  3. >Ponyville television is pretty shitty but it's better than nothing
  4. >You work at the bakery making all sorts of wonderful pastries for the kind (HA!) citizens of ponyville
  5. >Mrs. Cake is like a fucking slave driver
  6. >All kind on the outside but a demon when she's out of sight
  7. >At least you scored a few days off
  8. >Your room mate's a Dj for some of the local clubs
  9. >DJ Ponthree or some shit like that
  10. >Always was more of a rock person yourself
  11. >Not that you hate electronic...
  12. >Just not your style
  13. >You hear the door unlocking
  14. >That'd be her
  15. "Hey Scratch!"
  16. >She walks in shacking off the snow covering her coat
  17. >"What are you doing home? I thought Mrs. Cake had your ass in a cage in the back of her shop."
  18. "I got some time off."
  19. >"Rad."
  20. >She takes a seat next to you and throws a blanket over herself
  21. >"I don't know how you watch this crap."
  22. >She points her hoof at the television
  23. >"I mean, sometimes there's good programs on during the morning. But that's just cartoons for the kids."
  24. "I don't really know what I want to do... After working for so long I just feel drained you know?"
  25. >She seems to shiver under the blanket
  26. >"Yeah I get you, Sometimes you just need to mellow out and relax."
  27. >You glance over to her
  28. >You swear she shivers from the cold
  29. "I don't get how you ponies are always cold when you're covered in fur."
  30. >She rolls her eyes
  31. >"Feel free to share some of that body heat..."
  32. "And get my ass all wet and cold?"
  33. >"Anon...."
  34. >She practically growls at you
  35. >Fucking moody ass horse...
  36. >You get up and start walking towards her room
  37. >"Wai- Where are you going?"
  38. >Grabbing the blankets off of her bed you return to the couch
  39. >"Anon what are yo-"
  40. >You bury her in cloth
  42. >Her electric blue man pops out from the pile of blankets that's now taking up most of the couch
  43. >You chuckle to yourself before sitting back down
  44. >The scrunch level is off the charts
  45. >"Jackass."
  46. "Hey, You're warm now right?
  47. >You pat her head
  48. >She pulls herself free of the cloth sarcophagus
  49. >Normally after said situation you could expect to get slapped across the face
  50. >This is not the case
  51. "Scratch?"
  52. >"Anon..."
  53. >"Tell you what... It's around dinner time right? Wanna get a meal together?"
  54. "Are you... Are you asking me on a date after I assaulted you with every blanket you own?"
  55. >"I'm doing this wrong aren't I? I'm sorry I've never done this before. I have no idea what I'-"
  56. "Relax."
  57. >"It's just that, Everypony sees me as a charismatic talkative pony... But it's all just a stage act. Off stage I'm really awkward when it comes to things like this."
  59. "Well let's work on that. Come on and get ready, we'll be leaving in ten."
  60. >She gives you a small smile and trots into her room
  61. >You head to the shower to get cleaned up
  62. >Might as well try and look your best...
  63. >Not that you think Vinyl would care either way
  64. >With a shrug you hop in
  66. -Vinyl-
  67. >You trot to your room and scramble to get ready
  68. "He said yes!"
  69. >You feel your heart jump with joy
  70. >You were so sure he was just going to laugh it off and think you were kidding around
  71. >Looking inside your closet you try to find an outfit
  72. "What would he like..."
  73. >Thinking back on it he never really commented on your clothing much
  74. >Which is good because you have no idea what to wear
  75. >You close the closet with a sigh
  76. >No dressing up
  77. >Just gonna go with the flow
  78. >Grabbing your headphones in your magic you slide them over your ears
  79. >Floating your brush over you begin getting your mane under control
  81. -Anon-
  82. >You step out of the shower and get yourself dried off
  83. >Much better
  84. >Getting dressed you walk back out into the living room and wait for your date
  85. >...
  86. >After about 5 minutes Vinyl trots out of her room with her mane tied back into a ponytail
  87. "Heh."
  88. >She looks at you nervously
  89. "I like your mane."
  90. >"T-thanks... Decided to try something different."
  91. "Well let's get to it."
  92. >You toss a coat on and head out the door
  93. >"Where we going?"
  94. "I was thinking about how funny it would be to make Mrs. Cake serve us... But then I realized she would probably throw me in the back and tell me to cook it myself."
  95. >She smiles at the thought
  96. >"Knowing her dark side I could see that."
  97. "So keeping that in mind I decided on a small coffee shop near the edge of town, It opened about a week ago and I've been meaning to check it out anyways."
  98. >"Sounds good."
  99. >You glance down at her
  100. "Don't you think you should have grabbed a coat?"
  101. >"I'll be fine. Don't worry."
  102. "Alright... It's a bit of a walk so..."
  103. >"Anon, I'll be fine."
  104. >You see her try to hide a shiver
  105. >This'll be just great...
  107. >10 minutes later you walk into the front of the shop with Vinyl curled up in your arms
  108. "Fine huh?"
  109. >"S-Shut up..."
  110. >The coffee shop is fairly quiet given the time
  111. >Scents of baked goods and sandwiches fill your nose
  112. >It's a cozy looking establishment that's somewhere between a normal coffee shop and a restaurant
  113. >A kind looking earthpony comes up to you
  114. >"Seat for two today?"
  115. "Yup."
  116. >"Right this way."
  117. >He leads you over to one of the seats near the windows
  118. >Looking outside you see light snow falling around the dim street lights
  119. >You let Vinyl take the window seat
  120. >"I'll be right back with the menus. In the meantime would you like anything to drink this evening?"
  121. >Vinyl speaks up first
  122. >"Do you guys have Lemon Balm tea?"
  123. >"Absolutely, and for you sir?"
  124. "Just water will do for me."
  125. >"Very well, I'll be back with your drinks and the menus."
  126. >He walks away
  127. >You glance over to Vinyl
  128. "Tea?"
  129. >"What? I like tea..."
  130. "Just isn't what I thought you'd order."
  131. >A twinge of red appears on her face and she fidgets with her front hooves
  132. >You wrap an arm around her and pull her close
  133. >"I-I... Anon..."
  134. "It's a date. You're supposed to be having some sort of fun."
  135. >"Is it n-normal to be this nervous?"
  136. "Far as I know. Let me put it another way, would you rather be home alone?"
  137. >"No! I mean... No."
  138. >You chuckle
  139. "Then you must be having some sort of fun."
  140. >The waiter comes back and hands you both the menu
  141. >"I'll swing by in a few more moments to take your orders. Let me know if there's anything you two need."
  142. >With a smile he leaves again
  143. >Opening the menu you see the many dishes this place has to offer
  144. >Sandwiches, soups, pastries and salads
  145. >For Ponyville It's got quite the variety
  146. "Whatcha going to get?"
  147. >"Thinking a toasted tomato sandwich and some of this."
  148. >She points to the menu
  149. "Creamy Tomato soup with grilled cheese 'croutons'. That actually sounds really good."
  150. >She grins
  151. >"Yeah it does!"
  152. "Guess we'll make it two."
  153. >The waiter comes back around and takes your orders before leaving you to chat some more
  154. >Vinyl's staring out the window at the falling snow
  155. >"I love it when it snows like this..."
  156. "Really peaceful huh?"
  157. >"Yeah. It's nice and calming."
  158. >She leans into you and takes a sip of her tea
  159. >"Mmmhhh..."
  161. >The waiter comes back with your food and a warm smile on his face
  162. >"Enjoying the view are we? Well here's your dishes, feel free to call me over if you need anything."
  163. >He deposits the meals onto the table and you dig in
  164. >The food's really good
  165. >You make a mental note to come back to this place once and a while
  166. >Vinyl seems to enjoy her meal as she goes back and forth between talking about her gigs and eating
  167. >After about 10 minutes you wrap up the meal
  168. "That's what I call a dish."
  169. >"Thanks's for listening to all that boring crap about my shows."
  170. "You kidding me? Your job sounds way more fun the the crap I have to put up with all day."
  171. >"I do meet some pretty interesting ponies I guess..."
  172. "Ponies and...?"
  173. >You slowly pull her towards you while waggling your eyebrows
  174. >"And you."
  175. "Oh I thought you forgot!"
  176. >"Of course I didn't! You wouldn't stop harassing me over not playing any rock!"
  177. "Well someone had to say it..."
  178. >"The posters outside told you what I'd be playing you jackass."
  179. >You bring your face close to hers
  180. "There were 4 week old posters out there, how was I supposed to know that those ones were new?"
  181. >Your face is inches from hers
  182. >"I-I..."
  183. >Her eyes dart all over your face as she stammers from the sudden closeness
  184. >You pull back a bit
  185. "Guess it worked out in the end huh?"
  186. >"Her face goes red and she nods"
  187. "Want to head home?"
  188. >"Sure."
  189. >She finishes off her tea as you walk to the front and pay
  190. >It's cheaper then you thought it was going to be
  191. >Definitely coming back here at some point
  192. >You meet Vinyl at the front door
  193. "You're not going to make me carry you again are you?"
  194. >"Was kinda nice..."
  195. "Scratch..."
  196. >"Please? you wouldn't let your date freeze on her first time out would you?"
  198. >20 minutes later
  199. >You barge in the door with the white pony in your arms once again
  200. >She's still shivering despite your best efforts
  201. >looking down at her she's giving you the puppy eyes
  202. "No, I'm not carrying you to your bed."
  203. >She snickers to herself before wiggling out of your arms and shaking the snow off her coat
  204. "Hey."
  205. >"Hrrrm?"
  206. >You get down on one knee and pull her into a proper hug
  207. "You have fun?"
  208. >She responds by wrapping her hooves around you
  209. >"C-can we do this again sometime?"
  210. >You pull back a bit and plant a small kiss on her forehead
  211. >You hear a small gasp come from her and see stares at you
  212. "I look forward to it."
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