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Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. >You are Anonymous.
  2. >"Come on, Anon! We have to get you to the hospital!"
  3. >And at the moment, you're being dragged against your will by one of your friends to the horsepital.
  4. "Look, Twilight, it's just a cut. There's literally nothing to be worried about."
  5. >"Anon, you don't need to try to act tough and cool for me. You're already super cool!"
  6. "Thanks, but--"
  7. >"Plus, it might get worse! You need somepony to fix it up and make it all better."
  8. >Seeing how this pony was dead-set on getting you to the hospital, you decided to drop the matter and let the little pony feel like a hero.
  9. >Luckily for you, today was a nice day to be outside for a walk, even if it was against your will.
  10. >Plenty of ponies were outside. A few of them came up to you to ask how you were doing.
  11. >Whenever they did, Twilight would tell them that you had a 'booboo', and they'd suddenly get spooked and start neighing in concern.
  12. >A good head pat and some ear scritches usually calmed them down.
  13. >After a bit more walking, you reach the Ponyville Hospital.
  14. >"We're here! You'll be all better soon, Anon."
  15. >Giving Twilight a smile for her "courageous deed," you follow her inside, where you're immediately greeted by a young white mare wearing a nurse's cap.
  16. >You and Purple Smart walk up to the front counter to sign in.
  17. >"Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is my friend, Anon. He has a bad boo-boo, can we get somepony to take care of it?"
  18. >The nurse frowns in concern upon hearing about your minor scrape.
  19. >"Oh dear, that doesn't sound good! I'll get you down so somepony can help you shortly."
  20. >"Umm, can I get a form to fill out for this please?"
  21. >"Oh… You don't have to fill anything out, Ms. Sparkle."
  22. >"Pleeeease?"
  23. >The nurse ducks behind the counter for a moment, and brings up a piece of paper on a clipboard, and a crayon.
  24. >Twilight happily grabs the document and trots over to some seats that were in front of a small table with beads on metal wires on it.
  25. >As she begins filling out the form with a smile on her face, you turn back to the nurse sitting at her desk.
  26. >She looks up from the coloring book she was working on.
  27. "Sorry about her, she can get a bit… 'eccentric.'"
  28. >She giggles. "It's fine, Mr. Anon. It's just that most ponies don't like filling out boring paperwork."
  29. "Well, she's not exactly 'most ponies.'"
  30. >As if on cue, the clacking of wooden beads catches both your attentions, and turn around to find Twilight trying to use the beads on the metal wires as a make-shift abacus to solve some unknown math problem on your medical papers.
  31. "Hey, I don't think I got your name before, Ms…?"
  32. >"Redheart. Nurse Redheart."
  33. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Redheart."
  34. >"And it's nice to meet you, too!"
  35. >Just then, another pony in a nurse uniform walked in from another room.
  36. >"Hey, Red? I heard there was a new patient that needed some help. All the doctors are on break right now, do you think you could help the patient?"
  37. >Redheart looked at her fellow nurse in confusion.
  38. >"ALL of them?"
  39. >"Yea, they're having a Go-Fish tournament right now. OH! I was supposed to tell you about that earlier! Sorry."
  40. >And with that, she left the waiting room and returned to the bowels of the medical facility.
  41. >The front-desk pony sighed at her co-worker's revelation.
  42. >"Well then, let's get you fixed up then."
  43. >The tiny horsie gets up out of her seat, and motions for you to follow her through the doorway the other nurse had gone through.
  44. >You look back at Twilight and see her blissfully scribbling answers onto the paperwork she asked for.
  45. "Hey Twilight, I'm heading off to get that cut looked at, okay?"
  46. >"Okay, Anon! I'll be here filling out the super-important paperwork if you need me!"
  47. >Closing the door to the waiting room, you follow Redheart through the corridor with walls covered in murals of comic-book characters.
  48. "So, what was that about back there?"
  49. >"What? Oh, umm… I-it was nothing…"
  50. >This pony clearly had something on her mind that was weighing her down.
  51. >"So, we're here!"
  52. >You both stopped infront of a room that looked like any other. Nurse Redheart opened the door and you both walk in.
  53. >"Just sit down on the table over there and I'll get you all fixed up!"
  54. >You sit down on the little plastic chair that was far too small for you to comfortably sit on.
  55. >Redheart rummages around in a medical cabinet for a bit, before pulling out a polka-dot band-aid.
  56. >"Okay, so where is the boo-boo?"
  57. "It's on my knee."
  58. >You pull up one of your pant-legs to show her the cut.
  59. >"Ooh, that doesn't look good! Lucky for you, I have just the thing!"
  60. >With all renewed vigour, Redheart peels the bandage with a smile and covers your cut.
  61. >"One last step."
  62. >She leans forward and plants a kiss atop the band-aid.
  63. >You had a hard time containing your smile.
  64. >"Okay Mr. Anon, let's get you signed out."
  65. "Hey, wait a second."
  66. >The mare barely has time to stop and look behind her before you pick her up and hug her.
  67. >You might not be the most social person on earth, but you could tell when someone was having a bad day.
  68. "Thank you, nurse. You did an amazing job."
  69. >She tries stammering out a thank-you.
  70. >"O-oh, umm, y-you're welcome!"
  71. >You put down the flustered mare, and signal for her to lead the way.
  72. >She tries to hide her blush, but it's so deep and wide that even with her back to you it's visible.
  73. >"S-so, Mr. Anon, to keep tabs on your healing progress, I'll need to um… To g-get your home address…?"
  74. >You pretend to think for a moment. Nurse Redheart starts to sweat more than she had been before, and looked like she was dying from anticipation.
  75. "Sure."
  76. >"YES! I mean-- okay, I'll grab something so you can write it down."
  77. >Recovering from her momentary outburst of joy, she gallops ahead of you to open the doors to the waiting room.
  78. >When you get there, you see Redheart with a big smile at her desk. She grabs one off the pages from her coloring book and tears it out, as well as grabbing a red crayon, and putting them both on the counter.
  79. "Are you sure you want me writing in your coloring book?"
  80. >"It's fine. This is WAY more important than this silly old coloring book anyway!"
  81. >Accepting her answer, you write down your home address, and slip the crayon and paper back to her.
  82. >"Thank you, and have a nice day!"
  83. "You too."
  84. >With that, you take your leave, purple unicorn in tow.
  85. >"But AnooOOOn! I was almost done with the questions about your insurance!"
  86. "Twilight, you have tax forms at the Treebury that you can fill out."
  87. >"Okay…"
  90. >The last man on Earth sits alone in a room.
  91. >There's a knock on the door.
  92. >You get out of your comfy chair to see who could be knocking at this hour.
  93. >It's Nurse Redheart!
  94. >"Oh, um, hello Anon…"
  95. "Hey there! What are you doing out this late? It's almost--"
  96. >You look at the clock on your wall.
  97. "--7:00 at night! It's almost bedtime for you little ponies."
  98. >"I know, I just want to, um, check up on you! Yea…"
  99. >The blush on her face tells you otherwise.
  100. "Alright, why don't you come inside then? It's getting dark out."
  101. >"Good idea."
  102. >The off-duty nurse walked into your living room, and stood waiting for… Something.
  103. "What's the /real/ reason you're here, Redheart?
  104. >"Is it really that obvious?"
  105. "Yes."
  106. >"Oh… Well, back at the hospital, that hug… It was so nice! And you weren't crying about your cut, which made you look super cool! And the other ponies at the hospital don't really play with me, so I get lonely… Can I please be your friend, Anon?"
  107. >Deeply moved by the equine equivalent of a heartfelt and brilliant speech, you decided to grant the mare her one wish.
  108. >"Really?! Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!"
  109. >She jumps up into your arms and hugs you with all her horsie might.
  110. "Woah woah woah!"
  111. >The force of her hug nearly made you fall backwards.
  112. >Realizing what she just did, Nurse Redheart let go of you, and blushed deeply.
  113. >"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do that! That was so unprofessional of me I don't know what came over me, maybe it was just because it was cold out and you're really warm and--"
  114. >As the medicine pone started rambling on, you had a brilliant idea.
  115. >Letting her be in her own little world, you went to the kitchen to put your plan into action.
  116. >You had a hypothesis that needed testing.
  117. >Finding the second half of your experiment, you headed back to the living room to find your test subject still distracted.
  118. >"And then I said 'Cider? I hardly knew her!' But I don't think anypony else heard because nopony really laug--"
  119. >She's cut off as you place a carrot into her mouth.
  120. >"..."
  121. "..."
  122. >"..."
  123. >"*monch monch monch monCH MONCH MONCH*"
  124. >Your theory is correct. Carrot + (Pony × Stress) = Calm Pony.
  125. >As she finishes her carrot, you offered her a seat in your living room.
  126. >"Umm, I guess I just wanted to say thank you for saying you'll be my friend. I don't really have many friends… I don't know why."
  127. "Sometimes, people-- or ponies-- can simply be mean without reason."
  128. >"B-but not you! You're really nice! A-and cool, too! The way you totally didn't cry when you came in with that booboo! I wish I could be like that… Maybe then I'd have more friends…"
  129. "You've got me, and I don't think you need to change. I like you how you are now!"
  130. >"That's very sweet, Anon. Maybe you're just the friend I needed."
  131. >It was an "Anonistrator doesn't know how to end his stories" kind of day.
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