Help please for Tier 2 and tier 3 for french site

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Help please for Tier 2 and tier 3 for french site
  2. My last french site was penalized because i use cheap PBN links as tier 2 , i changed the domain name without 301 and create other backlinks from only guest-post , after 2 months my keyword ranked in the page 1.
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  14. My tier 1 is:
  15. Youtube videos
  16. Guest-Post
  17. Social Signals and shares(G+,Pinterest , twitter)
  19. Now i'm planning to try this :
  21. Tier 2 :
  22. Expired web 2
  23. Web 2
  24. Social bookmarking (Manuel)
  25. Social signals (From Marketplace)
  26. Relevent comments (french)
  28. tier 3:
  29. Cheap Pbn links to -> web 2
  30. cheap web 2.0 guest post -> social bookmark and social signals
  32. any suggestion?
  33. How do you know that you were penalized because of the tier 2's? Did they get deindexed or what?
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  36. While some don’t charge a cent, you might have to pay a hefty rental commission to others – so you will have to price your stuff accordingly.
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  44. You don’t need to be an English-language expert to accomplish this. All you need is a passion for writing, a quirky sense of humor and a love for digging out unusual and/or interesting facts.
  46. 75. Get Into Web-Designing
  48. It’s one of the most sought-after talents these days and why not since websites today are a must for every business.
  50. So if you know your way around technology and computers and also possess a keen eye for design – you could easily make $1,000-plus per month by building websites for small and medium businesses.
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  56. “Stick on your style. Don’t change, rather improve.”
  58. Keep your content precise. You can get more ideas from following various forms of articles over the web. For an instant, the writing style of an academic writer would be different from magazine writers. Writers will prefer using Q&A sections, quotes, illustrations to deliver the views they have in mind. Find more transitional words, trigger words, refer dictionary and know its usage and meanings to use it properly. Attention-Grabbing style may also depend on word syllable, sentence length. While reading other pages, make a note of that too.
  60. #8. Draft an Outline Before Writing Anything
  62. The following slide expresses Google's views on premium content
  64. No surprise the Content Creators Coalition called for Congressional Investigation into Google's Distortion of Public Policy Debates:
  65. Google's efforts to monopolize civil society in support of the company's balance-sheet-driven agenda is as dangerous as it is wrong. For years, we have watched as Google used its monopoly powers to hurt artists and music creators while profiting off stolen content. For years, we have warned about Google's actions that stifle the views of anyone who disagrees with its business practices, while claiming to champion free speech.
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  71. hosting for wordpress
  72. ssl.gs
  73. bigscoots.com
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