Christmas...The Raw Deal!

Dec 12th, 2020
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  1. Is it right or wrong to celebrate Christmas?
  2. If you ask the average persons about Christmas,
  3. Their response would surprise you.
  4. You would undoubtedly get an incorrect answer.
  6. Many people celebrate Christmas because they see others do it.
  7. And some observe Christmas because they grew up in a false tradition.
  8. How many people know the roots of Christmas?
  9. Where and when did it begin?
  11. Do you know what sort of persons originated Christmas?
  12. Were they honest worshipers of the true God?
  13. Far from it!
  14. In fact, they had no integrity.
  15. They certainly were sorcerers and idolaters!
  17. The supporters of Christmas love pleasure rather than spirituality.
  18. Most religious organizations continue to misguide their flock by spreading senseless rumour about Christmas.
  20. Some theologians argue that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
  21. Is there any truth to this claim?
  22. Jesus Christ was definitely not born on the 25th of December.
  23. The proof is right there in the scripture at Luke 2: 8-20.
  24. Shepherds did not live outdoors with their sheep in winter conditions.
  25. Historical information agrees with this point.
  27. The Apostles of the first century CE never observed Jesus’ birth.
  28. Christmas is not even mentioned in the Bible.
  29. Jesus commanded his followers to commemorate his death.
  30. At no time did he mention anything about his birth.
  31. If Jesus wanted people to observe his birthday,
  32. Why did he not tell them to do so?
  33. I welcome anyone who wishes to refute my argument.
  35. This is for honest hearted persons who want to know the truth.
  36. Christmas is definitely a pagan concept made into a holiday.
  37. And this is just another means of promoting falsehood.
  38. The ancient Roman Catholic Church started the propaganda.
  39. The teaching of Christmas is a misrepresentation of biblical truths.
  41. Christmas in the Caribbean is partly a heritage of the African Slave Trade.
  42. Slaves were allowed to have jollification at the end of each year.
  43. Our forefathers gave up their lives to end the dreaded conditions of slavery,
  44. Yet many of their descendants today still hold on to a vestige of it.
  45. To participate in Christmas festivities is like a dog returning to its own vomit.
  47. You have contaminated the minds of our children with fictitious stories.
  48. A fat man with a big belly cannot climb up and down a chimney,
  49. Let alone carry a large bag full of gifts.
  50. I would not believe it even if I saw it.
  51. To me the whole thing is like this excerpt from a well-known nursery rhyme:
  52. “The cow jumped over the moon.”
  54. We learn about Jesus Christ in the Bible.
  55. Does the Bible teach about Santa Clause, elves, and reindeer in the sky?
  56. Absolutely not!
  57. These are mythical characters.
  58. And they use the Christmas tree to decorate the deception.
  60. A line from a well-known Christmas choral says,
  61. “Give love on Christmas day.”
  62. Nonetheless, God did not make a special day for us to love.
  63. We should love our fellow humans every day.
  65. The people who have a high regard for Christmas waste money on unnecessaries.
  66. No wonder the private sector capitalizes from their ignorance.
  67. These are unpopular expressions.
  68. Likewise, the truth about Christmas is unpopular.
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