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May 26th, 2022
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  1. They all felt a shiver at the terrifying nature of Tiger Bite—Touka and Kanata, who were watching the broadcast together, as well as Ikki's companions on-site.
  3. Ikki thought differently. More so than the technique—it was the person called Yuudai Moroboshi who caused him to tremble.
  5. What a terrifying person…!
  7. Tiger Bite was indeed a formidable ability. Even if he only possessed that ability, he would be able to dominate the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival.
  9. But this knight he was fighting did not do so. He did not revel in that overwhelming power, but instead planned intricately, reeling Ikki in. From the first Sanrensei, all of his actions had been but foreshadowing. First had he used Sanrensei to lure Ikki into range, and then use the weakness of the thrust as bait before retaliating with Houkiboshi.
  11. Of course Ikki would feel that he had been had, realizing that Sanrensei had merely been a bait for the real trap to be the sprung in the form of Houkiboshi, the real killing move. And then he, as a fellow Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival representative, had been able to quickly see through the fact that Houkiboshi was a physical technique that needn't be dodged but rather parried—and he would attack thusly, entering Moroboshi's guard.
  13. But this was all according to Moroboshi's scenario.
  15. Houkiboshi was not the killing blow. Indeed, it had never been meant to be the finishing blow, but rather bait to coax Ikki into the situation where Intetsu would meet Tora-Ou head on… all so he could drive Tiger Bite into the Blazer's critical weak point—their Device!
  17. One would think that with such an ability, he would be more rough.
  19. But instead he planned meticulously and efficiently, striking at the gaps in his opponent's thought process. If he had not doubted himself in that instant—thinking "If he can destroy Noble Arts, he could destroy Devices as well"—and thus delayed his attack, Intetsu would surely have been shattered and he would have been defeated.
  21. "Man, what a pity. Jus' a little more and I could've devoured that dull blade whole."
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