Tarrant letter to Russia

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  1. Thank you very much for the letter, probably it cost you a lot to send it here from Russia. In the future, if you want to write or somehow contact me, just write an email to prison. It is much faster and cheaper. Although I still have to answer you with a regular letter and it will take a lot of time
  3. Thanks also for the postage stamps, they are the only colored things in my gray camera. I will have to hide them from the guard. It looks like I recognize landscapes on stamps. At one of them is the Moscow Kremlin. Oh, I just realized that the name of the place is written in Cyrillic stamp. I'm such an idiot haha. Sometimes I forget how to read the Cyrillic alphabet, almost 4 years have passed since I was in Russia and I have a bad memory.
  5. Let's talk a little about Russia, as this is one of my favorite countries. I visited Russia in September 2015 and stayed there a month. I think you can still find my photos that I posted on Facebook, though you have to look for them in Google or in the archive, since my facebook was deleted by moderators.
  7. I traveled from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and also stopped half way in a small town with a fortress with red walls and a golden monument in the center of the fortress, but I can’t remember the name of the city
  9. The Russians I met were great and when they learned that I was a tourist from Australia, they became very hospitable. But still the grandmothers in museums still scare me, one of them saw me photographing a picture and [I can’t make out] on Russian that I am still ashamed.
  11. My three favorite places are: -
  12. 1) St. Petersburg since it is the most beautiful city in Europe, even more beautiful than Porto (?) In Portugal or Prague in the Czech Republic
  13. 2) View from the church from a slope in Moscow to a new business center, great view, very “cyberpunk” if you understand what I mean
  14. 3) The monastery is about three kilometers walk from the small town, the beautiful design and the walk was very [I can’t make out] past the cottages, lakes, ponds and farms. Very idealistic.
  16. My three favorite Russian songs are “Katyusha”, a Cossack song “when we were at war”, there is a very good version of this song that is popular on the Internet, there a Russian soldier girl sings it in class, I think you saw it. The last song is completely different and a little crazy, especially the clip. It is called “Dirty Ramirez-Toxin.” I think it is spelled “toxin” in Russian. I hope you're old enough to watch it.
  17. I would like to visit Russia again, but, you see, life is not for travel.
  19. My views on politics and society are based on a mixture of Plato’s “The Republic” ideas, Dawkins’s ideas on the cultural revolution, Jungs’s views on racial identity, and belief in nature (I don’t understand here)
  21. My views are almost like those of Sir Oswald Mosley, the historical leader. To understand my views on races googled “haplogroups” and “human instincts and behavior”. It will give you some understanding.
  23. I’m not very well right now, mostly I speak with lawyers and prepare for the next trial. I can’t talk about regrets or feelings since the guards confiscate this and can use it as evidence. But I will say that I’m not at all worried about myself, but about the future of Europe.
  24. I believe that a big conflict is growing and unfortunately there will be a lot of bloodshed. But Russia was already experiencing all this, right? Hehe.
  25. I just hope that our people can survive in the future demographic decline.
  27. I hope this letter helped you and that you enjoy Russia and its beauty.
  29. Rejoice at life, but do not forget the duty to your people
  31. Brenton Tarrant
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