Fire Emblem Heroes 02-27-17 update "Strongest" messages.

Feb 27th, 2017
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  1. MID_ELTSHAN_STRONGEST: After I was summoned into this realm,\nI had a strange revelation.$k$pWhere I came from, I placed my\nabsolute loyalty in my lord. But\nhere, that lord is you.$k$pA knight of my caliber must serve\nhis lord—no matter what the\ncut of that lord.$k$pSo I have always believed. But I will\nconfess this, now that I have\nspent so much time with you.$k$pI am honored to pledge my sword\nto a master of your qualities.$k$pStill, a knight cannot choose his\nmaster, and so I count myself most\nfortunate to have met you.$k$pAgain and always—I forever pledge\nmy sword and my loyalty to you.
  3. MID_KLEIN_STRONGEST: Thanks to my noble birth, I've had\nthe fortune to meet many different\npeople during my life.$k$pI feel it's made me a good\njudge of character.$k$pFor example, those who talk\nthe talk rarely walk the walk.\nAnd they often run away.$k$pThen there are those who hardly\nsay a word and never boast,\nyet are quick to help others.$k$pSuch a person saved me when I\nwas a child. That's how I know\nthat I can trust you fully.$k$pAnd I devote my skills to your\ncause and will continue to do so.\nIt's an honor to serve you.
  5. MID_OLWEN_STRONGEST: My brother is a remarkable person.\nHe always helped and guided me.\nWhen I was with him, I felt safe.$k$pBut the day came when I was\noutside of his protection, and then\nI had to find my own way in life.$k$pIt wasn't easy to take full responsibility\nfor myself. There were times when\nthe burden was too much for me.$k$pAfter joining you, I have seen how\nyou somehow find your answers,\neven in the most uncertain of hours.$k$pYou inspire me. So I would be\nhonored to walk this path with you\nfor as long as you'll have me.
  7. MID_RACKESIS_STRONGEST: In my world, my dear brother gave all,\nstruggling to serve the highest of\nknightly ideals.$k$pHow I tried to keep him from being\nconsumed by his situation.\nTried—and failed.$k$pMy heart has been torn to ribbons,\nand those ribbons, to tatters.$k$pDearest, darling Eldie—I mean,\nBrother—how I miss you and\nyour noble bearing.$k$pThough one longs to walk through\nlife with as superlative a person,\none must carry on.$k$pYou have proven that you, like he,\nfight to preserve the hope of\nothers who depend on you.$k$pOne hopes—that is, I hope—that you\nwill take great care and let me battle\nwith you. I can't stand any more loss.
  9. MID_REINHARDT_STRONGEST: When I was young, my young sister,\nOlwen, followed me everywhere.$k$pAs her elder brother, I felt it my\nduty to guide her path in life,\nhelping her at every turn.$k$pBut I now realize I wasn't doing it\njust for Olwen, nor was I even\nleading as much as I thought.$k$pIt was more like she and I each\nhad our own path, though\nequally high standards.$k$pYou have helped me understand\nthat at last. You and I—different,\nyet fully committed.$k$pWhat an ideal way to grow—neither\nleading nor following, but walking\ntogether. I thank you.
  11. MID_SANAKI_STRONGEST: Hmpf. I seem to have grown while\nhere in this world. Have you\nnoticed any differences?$k$pI mean, avert your eyes! You gaze\nupon the Empress of Begnion!\nI am a privilege to behold!$k$pAnd yet, you don't give a fig for all\nthat, do you? You stand in my\npresence without fear.$k$pMost would beg my permission to\napproach. But not you. I must say\nthat I find it...refreshing.$k$pStill, I am not a commoner, and\nthough I seem to be a girl like\nany other, I am not.$k$pI don't have the luxury of acting\njuvenile. But when I'm with\nyou, I wish I did.$k$pI think you might be a bad\ninfluence on me. How curious.\nI wonder what it means...$k$pStill, never forget who I am—the\nEmpress of Begnion!
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