Occupy Boston defender takes issue with PAX article

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  1. Dear Officer Carnell,
  2. 18 May, 2012
  3. A friend of mine showed me the January/
  4. February issue of the Pax Centurion and I was
  5. horrified, disgusted, and utterly confused with
  6. the things you had to say about Occupy Boston.
  7. I don’t see how you could say what you said
  8. if you spent any time at Dewey Square. I spoke
  9. with officers regularly and I got a lot of support.
  10. Most of them understood why we were there,
  11. even if they didn’t agree with our tactics.
  12. If you were there, you would have seen us
  13. struggle with building a fair, working society,
  14. while dealing with people who were... “less than
  15. politically motivated.”
  16. You would have seen me, personally, sitting
  17. there while drunken, distraught fathers of dead
  18. soldiers screamed at me that I was a fascist pig
  19. because I would not let them pour out their grief
  20. when they wanted to, but they had to wait their
  21. turn like everybody else.
  22. You would have seen us standing in the rain,
  23. listening to people who didn’t always make the
  24. most sense, because we believe that Democracy
  25. is more important than our own comfort.
  26. And you’re a union! I saw your protests on
  27. YouTube. You’re fighting for the same things
  28. we’re fighting for! OB exists because the system
  29. has become egregiously unfair to the vast
  30. majority of citizens. You’re getting squeezed by
  31. the 1% just as much as we are.
  32. As a small businessman a few years ago, I
  33. paid a 45% marginal tax rate on about $80,000
  34. (31% Federal, 12% SSI, 2.13% Medicare).
  35. Mitt Romney reported paying 11% on $27
  36. million. Warren Buffett reported paying 16%
  37. on $100 million. If they paid the same tax rates
  38. you and I pay, there would be no deficit. You
  39. know that’s wrong.
  40. We cut school budgets to supply a $400 billion
  41. tax cut for the wealthy.
  42. You know that’s wrong.
  43. Like many of my peers, I took an oath to
  44. “uphold and defend the constitution of the
  45. United States against all enemies, foreign and
  46. domestic.” I believe you took the same oath. So
  47. why aren’t you living up to it? It is your sacred
  48. duty to protect the rights of all citizens, even
  49. those of us who are being irritating and noisy
  50. and uncooperative.
  51. As a teacher, I don’t get to choose my students,
  52. but I have to do my best for them, even
  53. the ones I don’t like.
  54. I cannot believe that a Boston Police Officer
  55. could actually so discount the constitution, so
  56. disrespect his fellow citizens, and so blindly
  57. worship authority. So I assume that we pissed
  58. you off real bad and we triggered a bunch of
  59. long-seated, irrational prejudices and you said
  60. a bunch of stupid stuff.
  61. Therefore I would like to come down and
  62. talk to you. I believe that Supt. Evans will vouch
  63. for my integrity.
  64. Sincerely,
  65. Bil Lewis,
  66. Citizen of the Commonwealth
  67. of Massachusetts
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