12 Hour Challenge #13: October 15-17, 2021

Oct 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #13
  2. Halloween Spooktacular
  3. October 15-17, 2021
  5. BOO! Did I scare you? The element of surprise is key in a good spook. If you saw the spook coming, you wouldn't exactly consider it spooky, right? Then it's only fitting that this 12 Hour Challenge is the spookiest yet. You didn't think it was going to happen, and then all of a sudden when you least expected it, it jumped out and caught you by surprise.
  7. I formally welcome you to a most cursed 12 Hour Challenge. The 13th one. A cursed number for a most horrifying event. So scary, in fact, that it's only fitting it be dubbed the Halloween Spooktacular!
  9. The 12 Hour Challenge has claimed many victims over the past six years. Though some have lived to tell the tale, that is far from the norm. Many have entered her haunted grounds only to find themselves unable to escape. Some have even seen the exit but decided to stay, bound by the curse to challenge a new game twice a year. Some are so hypnotized by her spell that they've fallen into a trance, trying to improve beyond their initial spooky endeavor, all in pursuit of the ghostly world record. Isn't that positively terrifying?
  11. And yet, you read on. You think I'm exaggerating the level of terror. Your overconfidence may be your downfall, or you may find yourself ruling these haunted grounds someday. Which will it be? I'm delighted to find out...
  13. In order to kick off this most cursed event, an explanation is in order. On the weekend of October 15-17, I want you to learn a speedrun in twelve hours or less. It sounds simple enough, but there is horror in its simplicity. Don't let it lull you into a false sense of security. Practice hard during that time, for when the clock strikes twelve, if you have not finished your first run, it may very well BE YOUR LAST! Perhaps you'll travel the grounds with a friend, tackling the same obstacles and strategizing together. The choices - and their consequences - are ultimately yours.
  15. What fun would a spooky challenge such as this be without recruiting more foolish participants? To that end, I must enlist your services before our fiendish game begins. I need your help spreading the news, so please retweet the tweet, upvote on Reddit, and use the hashtag #12HourChallenge on social media. Dare your friends to participate. Mwahahahahaaaaaaa!
  17. --------
  18. Theme:
  19. --------
  20. "Halloween Spooktacular"
  22. Learn a spooky game with a Halloween vibe.
  24. Note: The theme is OPTIONAL and you can still do the challenge even if you aren't doing the theme. Just be on the lookout for monsters at night if you say no...
  26. --------
  27. Twitch Tags
  28. --------
  29. On the day of your challenge, be sure to set your Twitch stream tags to include BOTH "12 Hour Challenge" and "Speedrun".
  31. If you followed my directions above, during the 12 Hour Challenge, my minions will be able to observe your stream here:
  32. http://bombch.us/DAuN
  34. This is a great site to bookmark if you want to watch other victims... I mean challengers. ;)
  36. Don't forget to remove the tags from your stream when you are finished with your challenge, lest you be cursed forever!
  38. --------
  40. --------
  41. Enter if you dare: https://discord.gg/yaSYafu
  43. --------
  44. Ready to play?
  45. --------
  46. You haven't been scared away, have you? There's no turning back now. As the evil warlock who runs this wicked game, I've maintained records of all prior victims, as well as information that may prove useful to your death-defying quest. Most importantly, if you want to play my game, you need to sign the contract:
  48. https://www.go1den.com/12-hour-challenge
  50. --------
  51. Rules
  52. --------
  53. There are no rules. How positively TERRIFYING.
  55. Good luck! And may we meet again, whether in this life or the afterlife. Hahahahahaha!
  56. -Golden
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