Blaianaia (NPC design contest entry)

Jun 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. >>> >>> >>> FLUFF <<< <<< <<<
  3. Blaianaia is the resident boss monster of the 4th floor of the Forbidden Grotto of RAVE.
  5. >>>Abilities<<<
  7. Blaianaia’s most distinguishing ability comes from her advanced class, Parasitoid Broodmother. Like certain insects that once existed on Earth, Broodmothers possess an ovipositor that injects their young into a target host. These larvae slowly eat their victim from the inside out, inflicting an agonising death. Spiderlings are birthed upon the expiry of the victim, already able to fight and defend themselves.
  9. As an arthropod, Blaianaia possesses powerful natural weapons and light natural armour, and in particular she has an especially potent dexterity venom that can immobilise foes quickly. She specialises in outmanoeuvring foes and weakening them from range with silken weapons, before closing in and finishing them off via oviposition and poison.
  10. Given the location and nature of the 4th floor next to the antimagic laden 5th floor, invading threats that linger here are most likely spell casters. The broodmother’s item choices, therefore, are heavily anti caster in nature.
  12. >>>Personality<<<
  14. In keeping with her creator’s strange morbid ideas on life through sacrifice and death, Blaianaia is a single-minded creature obsessed with fixated on making other creatures into incubators. The only thing that means more to Blaianaia than spawning new children is serving RAVE. Unfortunately this does not stop Blaianaia from setting her sights on lower ranked members of the guild, thinking that the potential to reinforce the guild with more young justifies parasitising her weaker allies. Blaianaia basically only sees other creatures as either of use to RAVE, or as hosts to spawn that can serve RAVE. Other NPCs avoid entering the floor where they can, as it is not unknown for those that stray into Blaianaia’s territory to disappear without a trace. Apotheosis, in his usual manner, is mostly aloof to these goings-on.
  16. >>>Background<<<
  18. Since the original leadership departed, RAVE has billed itself as a ‘home for the lost’, where those players that were outcast from the server population at large could gather and revel together. Still, though all were welcome to join the guild and gained some unity, the fractious nature of the guildmembers meant they would further segregate. And those that were especially vile congregated to Terror Marsh, the 4th floor of the forbidden grotto.
  20. Blaianaia’s creator was a player called Melcina, who played a fallen angel antipaladin that specialised in both tanking and recovery. Melcina possessed something of a dark and warped headspace, and associated suffering with helping others- whether her own suffering, or her opposition’s. Despite her dedication and skill, she was removed from her prior group for being too weird, which eventually led to her joining RAVE. Her ruthless martyrdom impressed the guildmaster enough to be granted a large portion of the NPC levels allocated to Terror Marsh. These levels were used to create Blaianaia, who embodies her ideals of grim gain through dark sacrifice.
  22. Eventually, Melcina would disappear from Yggdrasil without a trace, suddenly logging off forever without any sort of good bye or explanation. Rumours within the guild hold that she found a way to satiate her desire for suffering in the real world, and that she got embroiled with one of the criminal cartels- though whether she was involved as a new recruit or willing victim is debated. Like most of the membership of the now lonely guild of RAVE, Melcina is presumed not to have been transported to the New World.
  24. >>>Role<<<
  26. Now having been actualised in the New World, Blaianaia is treated as something of a pet of Apotheosis. Meanwhile, Woshou, who resides on the neighbouring fifth floor, is wary of Blaianaia due to his arachnophobia. Beyond being the overlord of the 4th floor, she also serves as a member of the Oracion Seis, an all female group of NPCs within RAVE that serve as the Guildmaster’s generals in the New World. Perhaps Unsurprisingly, the others within the Seis are wary of having such a monster within their midst, and for her part Blaianaia would rather work with just her children and so rarely cooperates with them.
  28. The broodmother already threatens the NPCs within RAVE, but should Blaianaia ever escape the confines the guild’s confines she could pose an existential threat to people of the New World. Her rapidly spreading brood could multiply and spread across the continent like wildfire, turning the unprepared denizens into spiderling-incubators. If the other guilds knew of Blaianaia, it is likely they would be even more wary of RAVE then they already are.
  30. >>> >>> >>> CRUNCH <<< <<< <<<
  31. >>>Unique Classes<<<
  33. >Broodmother (requires Arthropod, Venomous Sting, Female, Level 50+) [ML +10/V +13]
  34. [Parasistic Oviposition]
  35. Can perform a stamina intensive physical action to inject young inside a living creature; implanted creature takes low frequency CON damage over time, spawning Spiderlings upon death ((Adapted from the Gloomwing’s ‘implant’ ability (Pathfinder Bestiary 2))
  36. ^While implanted, the young can be destroyed by a cure disease effect, but Oviposition is not treated as a disease for the purposes of what creatures are immune to this effect.
  37. ^Spiderlings are 40% the Broodmother’s level, made up of parents racial levels where possible.
  38. ^Number of spiderlings that emerge scales is based target’s size, max HP total, and number of times injected.
  39. [Aculeatoid Sting]
  40. Natural Weapons additionally inflict a Sap DOT, and it’s 50% easier to grapple targets (Sourced from Wasp)
  41. [Mother’s Guidance]
  42. Can issue complex commands to Spawned creatures (Adapted from Summoner)
  45. >Virulent Matriach (Requires Broodmother, level 80+)[ML +10/V +13]
  46. [Spawned Plague]
  47. Spawned young are spawned at 60% their progenitor’s level, and Oviposition action speed increased by +50% and stamina cost decreased by -50% (Improved version of Parasitic Oviposition)
  48. [Host Immobilisiation]
  49. Natural Weapon’s Sap dot now increased by 50%, and it is now an additional 50% easier to grapple targets (Sourced from Wasp, upgraded)
  50. [Mother’s Love]
  51. Can emit an Aura that increases the Attributes or Resistances of spawned young (Adapted from Summoner)
  53. >>>Other classes<<<
  55. 15 Arthropod
  56. ML 20 CL Vit: 33
  57. 10 Arachnid
  58. ML 10 CL 0 Vit: 10
  59. 5 Ariadne
  60. ML 5 CL 5 Vit: 4
  61. 15 Weapon thrower
  62. ML 15 CL 0 Vit 24
  63. 15 Rogue
  64. ML 10 CL 5 Vit 18
  65. 10 Grenadier
  66. ML 10 CL Vit 14
  67. 10 Sniper
  68. ML 10 CL Vit 14
  69. 10 Assassin
  70. ML 10 CL 5 Vit 14
  72. >>>Derived Stats<<<
  73. Total Level: 100
  74. Martial Level: 110
  75. Caster Level: 15
  76. Vitality: 157
  78. Racial Level: 40
  79. Job Level: 60
  82. >>> Items <<<
  84. Main Hand:
  85. [Orchid Malevolence] (Legacy Item)
  86. Idiocy (3), Disrupting Spell (2), Snake’s Swiftness (3)
  87. A short rod wielded in the main hand, made of black stone with a rose-like decoration on the end. Each time the weapon strikes a target, their magical attack and mental stats are both reduced, which significantly reduces spellcasting. It also has an enhanced attack speed, letting it drop enemy stats as quickly as possible in the shortest amount of time. An anti-caster weapon used at point-blank range.
  90. Off Hand:
  91. *Various garrotes, nets, bolas and grenades*
  92. As a weapon throwing ariadne, Blaianaia is able to produce a range of weapons from silk. These are used to immobilise the limbs of targets, to choke them to prevent spellcasting, or even as containers for poisons with various effects. Blaianaia uses these at range to weaken foes for spiderlings. Being lightweight, Blaianaia can carry a number of premade weapons.
  95. Head:
  96. [Crown of the Dominator] (Legacy Item)
  97. Charm Monster (5), Prayer (4)
  98. This crown can be used to improve relations with NPCs. In addition, all allied characters gain a small boost to their defences and their physical attack, while enemies within a radius recieve a small penalty to their defences and physical attack. Used to trick prey into becoming allies and incubators, and to enhance the power of spawned spiderlings.
  101. Body:
  102. [Pythaeros Armour] (Legacy Item)
  103. Shuffle (8), Resistance (1)
  104. Allow the user to teleport themselves and everything they are carrying to another location within line of sight, at will. As a spider, Blaianaia can use this to teleport to walls and ceilings, attacking enemies from surprise angles. Also provides a bonus to physical defence, magical defence, and resistance. Cusotm moulded to fit a spider body.
  107. Ring:
  108. [Ring of Mind-Blank] (Legacy Item)
  109. Mind Blank (9)
  110. A ring that prevents the target from having their mind read, their mind controlled, or their presence detected magically. Used by Blaianaia to better stalk and confront magic users.
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